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Welcome to **Cat Central** This Is Where Cat Owners Share Tips On How To Take Care Of **Our Feline** Friends, Or Just Chill And Look At Cute Cats!

-**Pictures Of Kittens ** And **Puppers!** 🐶🐱

-**meme** channel!👌🏼

-Nice **Staffs**, maybe...

-Bots! 🔧 ❗️❗️❗️ Press this link because the button may not work❗️❗️❗️

**(Server work in progress much more to come)**
A bunch of stray dogs roam a neighborhood street deemed ‘stray avenue’ by humans. Some humans will look here when wanting to adopt a dog, because they would rather get a dog off the streets then adopt one. Some humans even drive here Just to dump their dogs. There are all sorts of dogs here, including wolf hybrids, and the majority of them are mixed with over 3 breeds.
Humans still live here.
Animal Planet is a wonderful community made for animal lovers. It's a place to share and view photos and videos of all types of animals, be it dogs, cats, birds, or reptiles. We love to see everyone's pets and Animal Planet is the perfect place to spread happiness. Love animals? This is the perfect community for you!
Pets Galore is a roleplay about animals (Humans are allowed)! Live your life as a plump pet, a animal that runs free on the roads and wilderness, and even be a human. This roleplay is referenced off of warrior cats in some ways so there might be a lot of cats. I hope you join! Have fun~
Pets Live was an old mobile game that existed from 2009-2015 by Storm8. It was a multiplayer social game similar to Mafia Wars where you can do quests, battle people on a list, socialize with others and more. Our server is dedicated to finding people who played this game and allow players to reunite with old friends, or make new ones in the process. Join us today!
Welcome to the Discord server for, an open community where users can learn, share cute pictures, or ask questions about rabbits! Please note that we are a house rabbit subreddit that discourages breeding and encourages rescue.
A discord centered around the love of reptiles and exotic pets,
We are here to help you learn about reptiles, get help and tips, to advertise reptile sales, and all around meet people who enjoy the herp keeping hobby!
Welcome to Pet Paradise! This is a friendly roleplay server where you can play as a pet! From a small mouse to a dog, this is where you can play as your favorite pet!
This server was based off of a couple other servers made by other people, so kudos to them for the idea!
This is a safespace, and we will have a vent channel if you ever need someone to talk to.
We are LGBTQ+ friendly, and we accept everyone!
A server where you can meet other parrot owners and have a conversation about parrot care or just show off your parrots! We are also building a parrot carr website and would need volunteers! We also host events and giveaways so don't miss out!
CG/L Roleplay

ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
This is a role-play server for CG/L

We are a 16+ server

- Custom Emoji’s
- Lots of self-assignable roles
- An assortment of SFW channels
- Friendly staff and community
For those who love to be eaten or bred by a feral dragon. Or both~ Ein is the dragon in mention, naturally~
ABDL, DDLG, DDLB, MDLB, MDLG, CGL, BDSM, Pet-play, and all related kinkster are welcome!
We also welcome vanillas but you need to be respectful to the kinksters.

We are a 16+ SFW only server
Hihi if your looking for a fun cute pet regression server then here it is!
We have fun channels , assignable roles , activites and people with the same intrest as you! I hope to see you all there little critters 🐾
This Discord is for promoting friendly discussions, enjoying bearded dragon ownership camaraderie, receiving and giving caregiving advice, and relating to other beardie owners.
A mysterious event that caused humans to sudden disappear from the earth leaving their pets to fend for themselves in this harsh world where only the toughest survives. Will you make it?
The Bets Cat Community you will see!

- Xp / Credits
- Profile Cards
- plenty of cats
- Nice Staff
- Staff Applications
- Cat Memes
- Giveaways
- LiveStreams