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ASC (Animal Support Crew!)is a brand new server established on 12/28/2018! Here we love all sorts of animals and support them! Our goal is to have a friendly, chill, and layed back community! This is NOT a furry discord server, although furrys will always be accepted and never looked down upon! You can post pictures of your pets or any other animal! We have absolutely no NSFW so we are basically kid friendly. We have friendly, and kind staff that will help you if there is a problem. Also, we are growing extremely fast and have a awesome community of friendly, and good hearted people!
We have all things Doggo here!! Many many emotes to use, but sadly they're nitro only!
The Baneful is a open server to any person who loves roleplaying with Wolves, Humans, Dogs and Cats. There's ranks to Pack and Clan leader's up for grabs plus second in command as well and always people to interact with! We are always happy to have anyone to come and have fun with us!
🌱 Welcome to Pet Lovers! 🌱
The place where pet parents can share their adorable children and everyone can gush about how cute they are. We welcome pets of all sorts! Whether you have an adorable buddy for life or not, there's a place for you.
We are a friendly community of animal lovers/owners. Come join if you like animals or need some animal advice. We hope you enjoy your time st the hyacinth!
We post dowgs daily but we also have a very warming community. We also love chonky chonks (cats) so if you got one of those feel free to join. in fact, if you have any pet please stop by and show us <3
Chill out with gophy the gopher in NORTHER ESCAPE. we post DAILY DOGS PICS and ChOnKy CaTs occasionally. We need to have a returning community again. help revive this server <3
『🐾』G’Day! 『🐾』

Come over and join the Bluey server! This server is a fan community for the new Aussie children's cartoon, Bluey!


Our community might be small, but we have lots of stuff to do like:





So come along and chat with us! 💙🐶
a server for people who LOVE shibes. shibe appreciation club owo. we have multiple channels dedicated to music, shibes, memes, dog pics, anime, and nsfw (for the sinners out there).
♥ a small but active social server
♥ self assign roles, emotes, active vc
♥ active weeb channel etc
♥ minimal pings, no rules and little moderation

♥ don’t join if you’re fragile ♥
A place where you can meet new friends. There is an active staff, and members are mostly friendly. We allow all types of humor.
Ever wanted a server like Warrior Cats, but instead with dogs?
Well here you go! Here you can roleplay just like a warrior cat ( none of this Survivors stuff ) but simply as a dog!

We have...
- Fun bots to olay with whenever your not roleplaying
- High ranks, open!
- Cursing is allowed, watch out!
- Three packs, WispyPack, MurkyPack, and WillowPack! Along with House Pets, Rouges and Loners!

So join the fun!!

Woof, BORK! Are you a dog/puppy lover? Well this server is the best place for you! What features do we have exactly?


🐶 Daily Dose of Doggy!
💸 PuppyDollars Economy!
💯 Active 24/7 (almost :p)
🤝 Partner with us!
🐺 Wulf your time away with a channel for wulfing! #wolf
⭐ Doggy promos!
🆙 Interesting roles with dog breeds!


What are you waiting for? Join the ultimate puppy and dog server now! Woof you there!
Hello! Welcome to the First Howl, a roleplay based on domesticated dogs!

Our plot is still very much a work in progress, but we are open to suggestions!


-a roleplay involving different plots!
-a friendly community!
-a semi-literate roleplay!
-lgbtq+ acceptance!
-hardworking staff!
-active roleplay!
-the freedom of 6 different characters!

We are currently accepting staff and whatever suggestions or help one might be able to provide, as we are underdeveloped at the moment and very short on staff!
-the chance to roleplay a hr
hi there. this is shobers server. we like drinccing bepis. also eating nuggs. join for free bepis.
Welcome to Kingdom Animalia! A server meant for zoology, people, and anyone who is interested in learning about animals- as a group!

We are passionate about animals, furry, scaly, feathery, even hairless! Any animal fits right into this little home. (Bugs included!)

Here are some things we are proud of:
- lgbq friendly
- no political convosations
- a growing community
- active mods
- friendly demeanor
- friendly debates on theories
- facts on animals
- a growing number of interesting people with their favorite animals!

Please join if you feel youd fit right in! we welcome any who are passionate about animals, any kind!
You are stuck. This island is full of dogs, and you are now one of them. There's some strange aura floating around this woodland island that you can't put a paw on, but it seems familiar. Maybe it's the boat that has recently crashed by. You were on it. It seems as if those people will turn into dogs just like the rest of us- unless they die, of course. It's a kill or be killed world out here. You can go in a pack and survive as a group or on your own, but be careful! There are dogs out there that aren't too fond of newcomers. . .
Welcome to Dog Island RP, also known as DIRP. This is a fictional world where dogs permitted to live free of humans.
So, kick of your collars and join a pack
Hello! I see you have decided to check out my server eh? Doggyverse is a community server for dog lovers and a very new server! I have created this because there are no other servers like this and I feel there should be. All dogs, no matter what size or breed are welcome here.
What we offer:
Separate category for most breeds(You can request more).
One main chat for all dog breeds, including images.
Art category(including but not limited to photography, Drawings, Paintings, and Sculpture).
Kind and respectful community.
A warm welcome(Might be a little bit late).
Helpful community.
We are a community and respect the full moon. Dog pics and support for cowboys and apple pears
A community of simmers, here you can show off your creations, share videos you edited, and more!
I hope to see you in the server!
In a new territory kittypets have come to the forest seeking new lives and have started 5 new clans with the help of 3 starclan cats.
The clans are: Mudclan, Rainclan, Eagleclan, Sandclan, and Talonclan.
After 5 moons of peace dogs came into the forest, some were living in packs and others just roamed the forest on their own. Cats and dogs have been fighting over territory, no dog will trust cats And likewise no cats will trust dogs. What side will you be on?

*note:* you may have unlimited characters
The world has been running on near-empty for millenniums and has finally run out of natural resources, at least, so the humans thought think. The human race after several years of trying to evolve into a species that could survive, with excellent technology they have managed, but have ultimately caused the human species to go extinct.
Humans, now known as Elans, have built a dome to protect themselves and their beloved pets from the ‘wasteland’ humanity had created.
After several more years Elan’s decided that the world had regained most of its natural resources-though they had changed quite a bit- and the Elan’s scent out a group of dogs to test if the world was habitual, and to help regain the balance of the natural world. Unfortunately, these dogs have not been trained for any of this and have relied heavily on Elan’s their whole lives. With no help for the Elan’s will this group of dogs survive in this harsh, unforgiving environment?
*Year 3080*

**This is a original idea as far as I know, please don’t take it for your own uses**
Doge Social, is a server for pretty much everyone😀. We have a nice and cozy server with plenty of channels to use📚. We currently have 33 channels👏! We welcome everyone to doge social👋. We also currently have a very small community but that will change soon👍.