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Hey! Welcome to the Animal Lovers Club! This server is for everyone who either loves or owns animals of any kind! We accept everyone and we are a very friendly community with friendly staff! We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Game Of Throws! We're a small community server centered around League Of Legends, K-Pop, and lots of Dog Pictures (Cat's too!). We're a small new server looking for some members! We're a very active and tight-knit community, and we'd love it for you to join!
What are you waiting for? When you play the Game Of Throws you either win... or you throw the game. GG.
We are a friendly community of animal lovers/owners. Come join if you like animals or need some animal advice. We hope you enjoy your time st the hyacinth!
the pet appreciation discord is a small group of people to share picturesque of our pets, and if your animal isn’t listed yet we are more than glad to add a channel for the pets we’d forgotten about! no nsfw stuff or whatever its just. appreciating other people’s pets and sharing your pets so they can also be appreciated thanks for coming to my ted talk

Meet more animal lovers!
Have fun!
a server for people who LOVE shibes. shibe appreciation club owo. we have multiple channels dedicated to music, shibes, memes, dog pics, anime, and nsfw (for the sinners out there).
Come over and join the Bluey server! This server is a fan community for the new Aussie children's cartoon, Bluey! If you like and/or are interested in the show, join us! 💙🐶
This is just a fun lil server!
What we have:

Roleplay chats
NSFW chats
SFW chats
Fun bots
Role picking
And more!

If you join have fun. ^^

Woof, BORK! Are you a dog/puppy lover? Well this server is the best place for you! What features do we have exactly?


🐶 Daily Dose of Doggy!
💸 PuppyDollars Economy!
💯 Active 24/7 (almost :p)
🤝 Partner with us!
🐺 Wulf your time away with a channel for wulfing! #wolf
⭐ Doggy promos!
🆙 Interesting roles with dog breeds!


What are you waiting for? Join the ultimate puppy and dog server now! Woof you there!
We have all things Doggo here!! Many many emotes to use, but sadly they're nitro only!
Hey! If you are reading this.. Well thanks for reading this is my new community server where you can talk about animals and other stuff like memes,games and a anything channel for anything!
Critter Keepers is a public server dedicated to animals of all kinds as well as other nature topics. We are a family friendly community with knowledgeable people ranging from invertebrates to reptiles/amphibians, cats and dogs, fish, and so much more that's ready to help you out if you have questions, or if you want to actively help others yourself!
Woof! Welcome to our server! You can talk and share photos about dogs, or any other animal! Make sure to follow our rules and discord TOS while here! Hopefully you’ll join💖
This server is for dog lovers, big dogs, little dogs . . all dogs are allowed! this is a fairly new server so please bare with the lack of people who are there if/when you join. we have a 18+ chat, polls, a bot that allows you to adopt a pet and care for it all yourself! AKC registered dogs are also welcome. :)

channels you can share pictures and things about your dog, ask advice about dog training,health (in some cases, if its something serious speak to your vet immediately) , as well as upcoming events! such as:

having a picture of your dog as the servers logo, AND getting your own custom role with whatever you want on it. :)

(more to come.)

Welcome to the land of good boys
We would like to welcome everyone to good boys, we do not discriminate or hate. We are an accepting community and would like to grow! we are currently looking for partnership managers, this is a way into the staff team!

In this discord server we have:
- Lots of channels
- Active members
- Staff Applications
- Giveaways
- VIP Chats
- Lots of bots
- Level system and more!
Enjoy your stay in good boys

We are on the road to 200 members! come help us out :)
Welcome to Kingdom Animalia! A server meant for zoology, people, and anyone who is interested in learning about animals- as a group!

We are passionate about animals, furry, scaly, feathery, even hairless! Any animal fits right into this little home. (Bugs included!)

Here are some things we are proud of:
- lgbq friendly
- no political convosations
- a growing community
- active mods
- friendly demeanor
- friendly debates on theories
- facts on animals
- a growing number of interesting people with their favorite animals!

Please join if you feel youd fit right in! we welcome any who are passionate about animals, any kind!
We like all kinds of dogs here! (Mostly Pomeranians as you could tell) If you do too, why not join today! A nice small community of Pomeranians!
ASC (Animal Support Crew!)is an animal loving server established on 12/28/2018! Here we love all sorts of animals and support them! Our goal is to have a friendly, chill, and layed back community! This is NOT a furry discord server, although furrys will always be accepted and never looked down upon! You can post pictures of your pets or any other animal! We have absolutely no NSFW so we are basically kid friendly. We have friendly, and kind staff that will help you if there is a problem. Also, we are growing extremely fast and have a awesome community of friendly, and good hearted people!
The Baneful is a open server to any person who loves roleplaying with Wolves, Humans, Dogs and Cats. There's ranks to Pack and Clan leader's up for grabs plus second in command as well and always people to interact with! We are always happy to have anyone to come and have fun with us!
Hello! I see you have decided to check out my server eh? Doggyverse is a community server for dog lovers and a very new server! I have created this because there are no other servers like this and I feel there should be. All dogs, no matter what size or breed are welcome here.
What we offer:
Separate category for most breeds(You can request more).
One main chat for all dog breeds, including images.
Art category(including but not limited to photography, Drawings, Paintings, and Sculpture).
Kind and respectful community.
A warm welcome(Might be a little bit late).
Helpful community.
Shiro Lovers, Do you truly love a good boy?

1) Working bots
2) Working Staff
3) Multi-purpose bots
4) NSFW Category
5) Chatting Category
6) Great Friends
7) A good boy
8) Emotional Support

Why don't you join and try?
Have you ever wanted to have a bit as the center of attention? Or to be staff on a community server? Without doing it yourself? This is the answer as we are always looking for staff and admins to help! Just come down now!
Under the Moon is a dog RP group that is set between four dog packs along a mountainside; the Dionaea, the Osnor, the Cherryvale, and the Travelers. It's a world that fits according to how each members RPs their character!

In this world, the dogs must survive in this ever changing home. Years ago the land of the ancients - better known as wolves - was taken from the dog pack Dionaea. Upon hearing of this sacred place, the Travelers had sought out to live on the land. When a war broke out, the Travelers and Dionaea had crumbled to a tie and settled with one another to share the land. Upon this grand folktale, two more packs arrived to the land. Thriving onward, a new tale is set in motion... which pack will you join?
Wild Dog Pack is a family friendly Survivor Dog roleplay following the action of one pack and even and Loners or even stray dogs.

⥽ Wild Dog Pack: first known pack whom lives in the forest, however upon first roleplay that we are building up for shall take place in the streets of a long paws city.

⥽ Semi-Advanced, paragraph style 
⥽ Easy for beginners to pick up
⥽ LGBT+ Friendly
⥽ Tabletop-roleplay style hunting mechanics!

⥽ Open High Ranks
⥽ A growing, welcoming and friendly community
⥽ Active new roleplays

The long paws are missing and the loners and street dogs are slowly starving as food has become harder and harder to find. They are forced to make a choice between finding a new home or starving to death where they lay.