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🌸Do you love dogs (especially corgis), cute animals, lofi hip hop music, and memes? Then The Best Server Ever is the right place for you!🌸

We are a new server and welcome everyone who loves to chill, talk, and make new friends. We have:
🌸Friendly staff and members
🌸Custom roles
🌸Channels to share your art, selfies, pets, and memes
🌸Fun bots to play around with, including lmao bot, Doge bot, UB3R-B0T, and MEE6
🌸Music bots, including Rythm and a 24/7 lofi bot that can play chillhop music in the voice channel 24/7 (literally!)
🌸A Kast group where everyone can watch anime and other shows together
🌸Cute and wholesome pictures of doggos and other animals that will brighten up your day

Join us today and you'll see why we think it's the best server ever!
This is Paws of Possibility, a friendly furry Discord community that is always growing! Please consider checking the server out, as we have wonderful members and lots of fun in store for you!

PoP's features include:
🦋 100% sfw
🦋 Roleplay channels with specialized lore and location-based roleplay, along with general roleplay for whatever topics you like!
🦋 Yes, we have a meme chat.
🦋 LGBT+ friendly!
🦋 Rythm bot for playing music!
🦋 An accepting and friendly community, against drama.
~Welcome To Wolf Lovers~

Wolf Lovers is a community of people who all share one common interest, a love for wolves!
(This is NOT a roleplay server, although you may roleplay in dms!)

The Wolf Lovers server focuses on wolves and nature and is themed accordingly, we accept people from all backgrounds (and fandoms).

We are a SFW server for people who want to meet others who enjoy wolves in a friendly community of fellow wolf lovers.

We have channels for chatting as well as posting pictures of nature, wolves and many other channels for various things (Wolf and nature related)!
[A Warrior Cats roleplay server.]

A very, very long time ago..there were five cats. Sky, Thunder, Wind, Shadow, and River.
These five cats traveled alongside one another, fighting past all known obstacles that no other cat alone could fight, they sought a permanent place to stay, to lead their kin to prosperity, but as their journey went along..the five cats gained more and more followers, the once close cats drifted apart as they kept leading their own groups..creating their own rules, fighting abilities and skills. But yet they had found what they were looking for. A land rich with prey, a land all the cats could call their own..or so they thought.

Riptide is a roleplay server featuring Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, Shadowclan, and Skyclan. Simple, right? - There are many twists within the story and lore itself, including Pact-Animals; playable non-cat animals which allied themselves with the clans. An interesting server with a kind userbase and many high ranks still available, Riptide is looking to grow in members.
Do you want to come see pictures of cute sugar gliders? Do you want to learn how to take care of them? Do you want to learn tips and tricks? Come on over to The Glider Pouch!
We offer helpful advice for sugar gliders owners experienced or new to the craft of rearing sugar gliders!
Come on over and share all the picture you have of your gliders we cant wait to see them!
This is a wolf roleplay with many fun realistic and unrealistic aspects that make it engaging for anyone!
The setting starts off near the great lakes where a Native American tribe called Ojibwe, has been living side by side with the Honi wolf pack for decades.
The tribe still holds great respect for the wolves because of the oral tale that has been passed down in their tribe for generations. But peace is as predictable as the wind, here one moment and gone the next.
Come join us, make a wolf of your own and dive into this world of Tatanka and find out what happens next!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

All aboard, next stop is Sleepytown!
Sleepytown is a wee community server to just make friends!
We are very inclusive, have some nice fun roles, and have lots of cute dogs.
There are a nice selection of bots, and we're always open to suggestions!
This is a nice and wholesome little town, so come here for some good times,
and most importantly new friends.

To sum it all up, we have;
❀ Friendly staff
✦ Active members
❀ Fun roles
✦ Cool bots
❀ Loving community!

So come on down, we'd love to have you become a villager at our cozy town!

«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Discord server for pet keepers and plant keepers alike. Also for those who are just interested in animals and/or plants!
This server is full of adorable animals, pets, and plants for everyone to see and share. The server provides care guides, events, giveaways, creative channels, social media, special roles, a friendly + helpful staff and much much more! Join now, we don't bite!
Hello, and welcome to Strawberry Pocky! Here we are a roleplaying community who will be active from time to time.

This server was originally created from when most of my servers became inactive because of the staff all deciding to talk in other servers disincluding other staff and me, or just become inactive.

We roleplay normal people in highschool, well not exactly. These "people" have powers such as fire manipulation, shape shifting etc. and are training to help save the city from a dark aura coming over the school and over them. I swear, this isn't MHA.

Once you join the server it is required to read the rules to understand how to verify. You will go use the verification format which is located in pinned messages of the verify channel. After so, a staff will approve and you are now opened up to our server! :D
Hello! Welcome to the Interstellar Saloon! We are a diverse band of friends who game via game nights, interact via third party platforms (for example, iFunny), and *sometimes* enjoy a good debate, whether it be politics, philosophy, or whatever your heart desires to argue over!

If you are looking for a server that is easy to get inducted into, then you have come to the right place! One of our goals is hyperactivity, and to get that means that members have to feel included. We have an introduction channel specifically for getting members acquainted with other members.

If promotion sounds enticing to you, then the Interstellar Saloon might be the place for you! We have a Twitch and Youtube chat for notifying members when certain users are live or have uploaded a video! Keep in mind that this privilege will not be free. There will be events for earning this privilege, so keep your eyes open!

There are very few rules in the server. Most of the rules are rather basic, such as no gore, no pornography, and the contents of the Discord Community Guidelines. We wish for the server to be a safe place to open without the fear of seeing something that would make your friend next to you start asking questions.

We hope that you'll choose to join our server!
A discord server dedicated to pretty much all related to invertebrates. Any insects, arthropods you can think of. Real or fantasy, from any game or movie etc. Both anthro and original animal forms. Discuss bugs and their habits, where they live, if you like their carapace or not...
Will be expanded upon with demand and probably request.
Entemophobic people will probably not enjoy this.

Enter the land of Primordia, a fictional landmass based in the pacific northwest of North America. We are a brand-new pack residing within the North territories, with plans and setup to expand the server and allow for multiple packs to coexist together in harmony or war. We have few rules both in-character and out-of-character; we ask for little besides realism, respect, and detailed writing. The Pack is currently recruiting wolves to fill its ranks, though we may consider bids for entire packs to join in as well!

✪ Verification system installed to ensure safety of members
✪ An LGBTQ+ friendly community
✪ Multi-paragraph expected; but we favor quality over quantity
✪ Advanced literacy rating
✪ Unique, customized ranks
✪ Custom currency & shop system
✪ Dedicated and friendly staff who keep the community toxic-free
✪ Intense community-driven plots!
✪ Realistic roleplaying time with additional pack scheduling so you're never bored!

.。*゚+.*.。   ゚+..。*゚+

Note: This is a 16+ server. Thank you for your time, we hope to see you around. <3
Long Ago When The World Was Nothing But Open Lands And War And Destruction, Two Rulers Stood, They where both called, Zeus and Gemini. Zeus was mad that the land wasn't their's so they had a battle for it, but the battle turned into a battleground, When the battle was over Gemini was the winner, Zeus's brother who was going to be the ruler next after Zues decided to make peace with the Gemini people and they agreed, but later on they decided to make 3 clans/packs, Their names were.. The Starlight Pack, Zazagi Pack and the Firus Pack, They all went into their own territories, one lived in the Mountains, The Flower Valley And Finally the Dry Land's, They now stand back in battle, slowly creating ranks and people joining in. Half Humans Turning into their animals whenever needed. And Finally The leaders from each pack named their place Almina.
After that many clan members were dying, so they started to make these two places called the Dreams of Wishing and the Dreams Of Death, which of course meant Heaven and Hell, later on they found out that people had little rings around their hands or anywhere around their body which held magic in it and a weapon they could summon at random times, they said that when a person is born with rings around their body anywhere which is very common, they have magic stored in it which means if it is ever broken or taken off.. the wolf will die.. if the weapon is broken they will be very weak.
/an/cord is 4chan's largest animal and plant server. Here, you can enjoy sharing your plants and animals, asking questions about care, competing in contests all while enjoying the unique culture of 4chan.
Join our server for people who love nature and the outdoors - share your photos, videos, and animal sightings, discuss outdoors activities, talk with like-minded people, and learn about the natural world.
Welcome Sirs to the Doge Shelter,
-Fun Bots
-Friendly Community
-Ranking system
-Weekly Events
-Active and Still Growing
Hope to see you there!
╰☆★ 𝐀𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐫𝐚 𝐇𝐨𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐨𝐧 ★☆╮

Psst you! Yes, YOU! The plebby-looking one...

Welcome to Aurora Horizon! We provide an escape from whatever problems you may have and strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible here.

»» What do we offer? ««

ミ★ Friendly, active members
ミ☆ Support channels for people going through hard times
ミ★ Horoscope + anime related roles
ミ☆ Partnerships
ミ★ Events such Cards Against Humanity +
ミ☆ NSFW channels
ミ★ Levelled roles which unlock new channels and permissions
ミ☆ A beautiful collection of memes
ミ★ Frequent giveaways to give back to the community
ミ☆ We also have some pretty sweet emotes

Please note that this is a cat dominated server. Sending pictures of your pets gets you automatic love and affection ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Whether you’re a weeb, a gamer or just want some fresh faces to talk to, come and pay our ever-growing and slightly dysfunctional family a visit! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
Wolf roleplay that includes two packs, The Pack of Whispering Nights and The Pack of Eternal Eclipse. The server is still being modified, but new packs are welcome to join and we are now accepting lone wolves! Come join the family today!
Welcome to the Sad Cat Kingdom. Post sad cats, view sad cats, have fun! Hangout and talk!
🐼Witaj w Zwierzogrodzie🐼

Nasz serwer powstał z myślą utworzenia kameralnej, wyluzowanej społeczności zrzeszającej aktywnych i chętnych do rozmów ludzi.

🎀W skrócie mówiąc:🎀
> Z chęcią przyjmiemy partnerstwa oraz reklamy.
> Nie stawiamy na ilość ludzi tylko na aktywność.
> Cechujemy się prostotą serwera.
> Stopniowo rozwijamy kanały tematyczne oraz for fun.
> Oferujemy przyjazną, otwartą i tolerancyjną społeczność.

🎀Każde słodkie zwierzątko znajdzie u nas swoje miejsce.🎀
Based upon the beloved internet comic series by the same name, the unofficial Housepets!! rp discord server lets you be apart of that world
So come and join us and let the domestic or wild animal inside you go wild