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A small but very open community that has something for everyone, and if we don't; we'll listen to your suggestion and make sure we do ^v^
We offer:
-A veteran role for those who are active enough ovo.
-A nice place to talk with many channels for any of your interests.
-Open community and admins willing to listen to what you say.
-NSFW channels for all your naughty needs.
-A music channel with a dedicated watch2gether in case you want to listen to it with friends at any time.
-A friendly atmosphere.
★Fallen Lands★

You appear in a world of creatures that possess powers, And man who have seem to revert back in time, Yet move on to the future.... You stumble across what seems to be a dimension, but in itself is a wold hiding under the surface, What will you do?

Welcome to the Fallen Lands! We are a fantasy roleplay server containing 13 species, What we offer:

— Jobs
— Items
— Values
— Closed Species Giveaways
—Corruption Levels
—Species you can obtain and roleplay as!

It'd be greatly appreciated for critisism and Suggestions, We started off to be just a dragon and human roleplay server, but we branched off to 10 more species since then.

Please be aware before joining that this is a small server and it will go dead alot of times, So we are desperately trying to revive the server.
The Exotics Vibe Zone is a ||16+|| server for people who own or are interested in exotic pets. Apart from our off topic channels, we have specific channels for advice, care, and more that include:

and Arachnids!
Just a small server looking to grow; we are 16+

- Anime
- Food
- Gaming
- Coding
- Wholesome, and more!

Staff: Easy going, and friendly

Moderation: Little to none, just common sense required~

-Good suggestions are put up for a vote, majority rules!
-The server runs on Reputation points, which are given out by all members
-Custom colors/roles for leveled members!
-Rpg bot for adventuring fun!

We are small now, but I hope we can grow into a community of diverse people! Thanks. (:
just a chill vibe server, most of us play roblox, minecraft, etc
we dont like furries lol fuck them
a lot of us love lil peep, some dont pls respect there opinion
animals lol
The best and pawsome cat server, Kitty Kafé!
Come chat about your favorite furry friends! NO DOGS ALLOWED! Created: 6/30
🐾 Variety of channels
➮ Talk and melt over your favorite cats! Some of the channels are dedicated to picture sharing, creating stories with cats, drawings, and specific characteristics of cats!

🐾 Community-based
➮ We strive to be the best server at listening to our people's ideas. We take in account of everyone's opinions and improve on our flaws.

🐾 Fun events
➮ We host many events to keep you entertained! Two ideas we have in mind are a cat photography/fashion show called "Purrrrfect Pictures" and rapid questions gameshow called "Cat Got Your Tongue?". We also have server-related prizes for the winners.

🐾 Giveaways
➮ We will have giveaways that will earn you some a-meow-zing items from our café menu and other games like Pokémon.
We are looking for STAFF and ACTIVE members. We are a new server and hope you consider joining us along this pawsitive journey!
Hello to all you amazing and incredible people and animal lovers and welcome to the Tala’s Castle🏰🐺.
Tala’s Castle🏰🐺 is animal and human RP server (full breed so no mix nor hybrids). This server is like Narnia with animals and people living in and around the castle, but it’s a different version of Narnia. It’s all OC characters. There is a list that show what animals you can be or can’t be.
It will have special side note activities like trivia, pokemon and other different types of fun games. I will also be having special celebrations and days that will be apart of the special city progression talk. There are a few that can be royalty but only admins can be royalty. There are packs or you can go rogue. Come one come all to the Tala’s Castle🏰🐺.

**Tala’s Castle🏰🐺 Lore**
The beautiful kingdom houses a home for all animals and humans to live along side each other, giving peace towards all of the lands. Tala’s Castle is the longest living Castle in Aîrano and the most common place you could find the beautiful animals and people working along side each other. There are a few dark souls that want to change this world, with a powerful and chaotic leader; Maleek, leader of Deval (bad creatures), was once a brother and leader knight to Queen Aryll; Queen of Creations. Maleek and Aryll are always on continuous war with each other. They battle for the leadership of Aîrano; wanting the best for their beliefs.
During Medieval times
🛋 This is a server where people may chill and discuss the essence of nature and how it collaborates to create a serene Earth. 🌎

🐺 There are channels where you may share your wildlife experiences, encounters, or sceneries, as well as your domestic pet animals. 🐶

🌱 A learning category will be stocked with fun facts and thrilling animal videos to keep your brain flowing with zoological knowledge. 🧠

🐅 This is not a server for a young audience or for people who are disturbed by natural events that occur in the wild. 🦈

🕊 𝐸𝑛𝑗𝑜𝑦 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑠𝑡𝑎𝑦! 💚
ReptiHaven is a Animal keeping discord server with a focus on Herpetological activities, though other types of animals are more than welcome. We fully encourage individuals new to pet keeping to ask questions, and we have many members who can provide useful advice to such new people. We encourage the free flow of information of pet keeping to ensure that all our members have access to the best information on animal care that can be provided. Our community is both active, and kind, and always willing to help new people out.
Created a discord server with some friends are are looking for people that like otters to join. We have a youtube and twitter feed set up to post the up to date videos and tweets about all your favorite otters. We are also adding our own otter themed emotes if you are a nitro user
You want a place to hang out with people and talk about life? 😘😘😘

Join now and see what you've been missing 😚
We are a animal care and nature discussion server proud to be born and raised on 4chan. Founded in April 2017, /an/cord is an established community dedicated to animal husbandry, botany, ecology, and other nature-related discussion. We value both free speech and your desire to achieve quality care for your pets and plants.

Come join the most controversially welcoming community on the nature discordverse today!
__**Welcome to a world of peace.**__

*Are you ready to enter a domain where animals rule, and humans are no more?*

__**About the server.**__
— — — —
*Current Year: 2500.

Humans population count: Zero.

Humans. The creatures that rule the planet, slaying all other species for their own benefits. Once the top predator, now no more.

It’s been 480 years since Mother Earth had enough of mans destruction. Floods, hurricanes, sand storms, tsunamis, every natural disaster you could think of occurred. But, fear not. She had a plan, a plan to save her greatest beings. The animals.

All co2 levels went to pre human levels and in the Northern hemisphere the cooling fase formed another ice age. She raised lands, giving them shelter until humans were no more, She also brings the continents forming Pangea again. Then, everything stopped. Mans creations fell, leaving ruins behind. The animals returned to their homes, everything was reborn.. endangered animals returned, and peace was restored.*

Credits; <@!458027000876105729>
— — — —
__**What we offer.**__

*- Plenty of roleplay channels to choose from!*

*-Free form Roleplay!*

*-A welcoming and safe community!*

*-Choose from any species of animal!*

__**Come join us, in a world of peace!**__

*We are still growing, so bare with us :)*
This is Paws of Possibility, a friendly furry Discord community that is always growing! Please consider checking the server out, as we have wonderful members and lots of fun in store for you!

PoP's features include:
🦋 100% sfw
🦋 Yes, we have a meme chat.
🦋 LGBT+ friendly!
🦋 Rythm bot for playing music!
🦋 An accepting and friendly community, against drama.
🦋 The option to roleplay is provided, although our server is definitely not roleplay-centered.
Catsly Pets is a unique, active, and kind server. We sincerely made our server about animals, and pets. For example, cats and dogs. Here at Catsly, we also have 💯+ emotes for everyone to use, plus we have lots of bots and games for everyone to play with.
This is a beastars fan server, we are looking for more members and we would be very happy if you could join us!
In a world of magic, PEACE, does not exist

Welcome to the kingdoms.

A relatively peaceful land...until now.

Nobody knows exactly how the war started. Nobody knows the full story behind the bloodshed

But one thing that all can agree on was that a particular group of children recklessly running about.

Trampling over foliage, they turned a harmless activity into an infinite battle.

The Rebirth Chrysanthemum.

A mysterious flower with the ability to bring three things back to life. To change one thing in the past or future.
A source of power within the kingdoms. A protected place.


The kids stomped over it until it was a measly barren stem.

Without the R.C, the once magic-filled forest crumbled. The small creatures who needed to feed on the flower’s seeds and pollen died out. They had no food.

Tensions started left and right.
The lush forests of Ciress teamed with the flora filled meadows of Mira as the icy land of Verglance teamed with a lava filled Cannonade. The kingdom of murky marshes-Quagmire- refused to join. “It's unnecessary,” The king had said. “There is no need for bloodshed”

Is there any way to stop this?

☾ The Forest Of Esmond ☽

In the forest of Esmond, 5 groups of animals live together in.. I suppose you thought I would say harmony. You were wrong. The five groups live in constant fighting, even amount themselves. With animals of different fighting skill, things get messy. The wolves remain on top, rarely challenged unless the lynx decide it’s their time to shine. Under the lynx is the elk, they are large animals, decent at fighting, but run more often than not. The foxes of Esmond fight amongst themselves, leaving them vulnerable, and lastly the small, weak rabbits, they keep in their burrow and are constantly on edge. Although in this server, we make sure nobody has an unfair advantage, with all of the animals having skills ads weaknesses. Step into Esmond, make a character, and fight with your species.

In this server we:

-have active admins
-Allow anyone more matter race, sexuality, religion, gender expression etc.
-have and LGBTQ+ owner
-Do not tolerate bullying in any way.
-take feedback
-and are looking for leaders.

We hope to see you there! ❤︎
A server for effective unapologetic animal liberation activists. We are making an impact and we will create an anti-speciesist world together. We do Online/Street activism. Join to develop better skills and to expand your potential. You can make a change.
hello! our goals in this server is to create a friendly community for people to talk in and we wouldn’t mind if you were able to join :).
We are a safe community trying to spread positivity through pretty stupid convos 😅.

Hey cat and animal lovers of the internet! We are a peaceful cat discord (and other animals as well) and we created a discord that allows us and you to share you love (not in a furry way) for them with many more people. In this chat you can play games with others or share memes about cats (regular memes are okay as well btw).