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Story- The city of Valhalla. In mythology it was a place where great warriors go to after dying in battle to become great Valkyries ruled by the almighty Odin. In reality it's a... High school? Having just died, you were rejected by heaven and hell so you were automatically enrolled in Valhalla High. Here at Valhalla High mythological creatures of all kinds come together to learn about the greatest beings of all time. With Odin as the principle, and the other gods as teachers, who knows what crazy stuff will happen. Either way, Welcome to Valhalla High!
hello humans, prepare to fall in the depths of hell.
- we prefer people that don't get easily offended since this server is a total mess.
- we listen to a lot of spanish songs lol
- we have some self assignable roles
- art chat. we love art!
- anime
- venting channel
- memes & play video games from time to time
- cool and dank emojis
- music vc
- horror stories channel and vc
don't take anything we say seriously! we love to bully people :)
join and don't get too offended.
The year is 1930.

Still recovering from the first World War, with a second on the horizon, the world was ravaged by the discovery of a powerful, eldrich force: demonology. Daemons, the occult, and all sorts of supernatural forces becoming more deadly weapons of war than anything man could ever hope to match, it quickly established itself as a prevalent force that wasn't going to go anywhere, any time soon.

You're a resident of the newly established Poland, living among demons in its capital, Mournstead. It's your job to shape this blossoming country as you wish and to bend it to your will, whether it may be for good or evil.

We have things anyone can enjoy, including:
• Multiple factions on all ranges of the spectrum
• A fleshed out power system meant to reward activity and quality, keeping things fair and fun for everyone
• Daily events, letting even the laziest roleplayers keep up with everyone else
• Complete freedom of your character, whether you make a human, a real/existing daemon, or something entirely different
• A fun and open community who are more than willing to help you with anything you might have trouble with

So join today, and become part of one of the highest quality servers on Discord!
In Nonime Satanas!! Conglomerate fellow metalheads, headbangers, and sinners, join like minded folk that are completely mental about metal.
We are The Veil! Enter a would full of fantastic people where there are channels galore. We have most things here, including rubies, which you can purchase items and even channels with! Come in, agree to our rules and have fun!
Demons exists, and have done so for millennia. They toy with humans, corrupt them, spread misery all over the globe, and they feed on it. But where there is darkness there is light. The Order of Demon Slayers exists to destroy these beings of darkness and protect humanity from them. A duty they have carried out for centuries. Which side will you choose? Demons or Slayers?
Azazel's War

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Friendly People!
Looking for: Moderators, Roleplayers, Partners

Once, in Stratosphere, and in the Underworld, there had been peace. The skies above and under Texas had been fine.The Demons ignored the Angels and their peaceful ways, the Angels ignored the Demons and their hateful ways. They kept to their own and did as they wished... Until... The Riots. That day would forever be called Peace Day, to honor the three angels to fell by cause of the Demons. The Demo, specifically their Leader, had been waiting for a day where Fallen Angels rised up for their rights, united in themselves. They took and stole and killed all for the fun of it, and they provoked the Angels. Now, stuck in the coils of war, who is to win? The Humans? The Angels? The Demons? The Fallen Angels? And what side are you even on?
Angels and Demons. This is where all the magic happens. We have lots of different things you can do. Fun games you can play and lots of friendly members. This isn't just a roleplay server. Join and have a fun time!
Just a normal cult of Satan nothing weriod here
There was a country called Misako, which was home to the humans. 7 powerful supernatural beings had invaded Misako and later on took over it leaving the humans as slaves or having them leave the country. The year is 100x and the war between humans and supernatural beings just might begin. (Sorry for the sucky lore I’m really bad at writing them)
Mafela, a medieval RP world in which demons, angels and humans are at war with one another. Will you fight for your beliefs, rebel against your demon rulers or control the mortal world against angels? Or instead, in this world you can find unlikely romance and a long term rp for character development. Mafela awaits your arrival.


This is a new and small RP server, of Angels vs Demons, while humans are stuck in between this conflict. We have plenty to help out with character descriptions, questions, etc. and of course, we hope to see you soon!
Long ago, God created several realms. Realms to separate the 3 main races: Humans, Angels and Demons. War had broken out amongst them long ago, and -tired of their pointless fighting- divided them. He created Earth: a lush place full of animals, humans and many more species such as elves or dwarves. In Hell, the demons resided: it was a place full of varying temperatures before falling cold apart from one place. At last, Heaven. A luxurious, more advanced place full of the various angels- and the area God himself resided in. However, some of the barriers between realms were broken apart by powerful beings and chaos ensued. Until, after a series of events, peace and balance was restored to the universe....
But it won't stay that way. Not if people are there to stop the evil lurking in the shadows- or will you join them and destroy everything? It's your choice. Everything is up to you to decide.
You've been sucked into a dream and just washed up on shore. Everything is bizarre and strange, a bit off. There are flowers that grow as tall as the trees and fierce storms that come in all the time. There are pirates sailing ships filled with crews of dark elves , dwarves and skeletons all at once. Peter Pans siblings are always walking in the streets. Gandalf appears in the bar with a shaved head, a red beard, and a spell book full of evil and death.

All sorts of creatures and people are here without explanation. Logic and proportion seem to not exist. Why is there a group of dwarves enslaved by vampires in dark mines built by elves? Why are the paintings in the main bar always melting, the characters crawling out of them? Why are androids trying to create bombs and spaceships?

Welcome to the dream.
Spirit realm is an alternate omniverse, join in to be able to rp in freedom with nice people, make friends and achieve great things together.
several bots to have fun and kill time
two types of rp compains
full Rp with Dnd system or full narrative
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Shire Circus!

On the outskirts of Victorian London, a traveling circus has set up camp. With a reputation for excellent performances, an interesting cast and a variety of acts, it's a great place to be entertained.

But some things are best kept hidden.

What the public and newer members aren't told, is that their ringmaster (and a portion of the cast) are demons and monsters. Murders are mundane to the upper echelons of the circus.

Join the ranks! Learn the secrets of the circus and forge your own path!

Welcome to the Devil's Circus!
A small server based around succubus and incubus speices , please follow the rules, there are also beasts roaming the map and 60% are hostile
Ever since an alien ship crashed in Roswell New Mexico, The I.P.D.A. Has covered up the existence of and protected humanity against Aliens, Demons, and Monsters. The agency has created androids and mutants to fight such things.
We have 3 different "Races" Demons. Vampires. And Humans. Demons take the forms of weapons that are used by Humans. Vampires have normal weapons but gain a Special Power that aids them in combat. Humans are trained with demons and wield them to fend off the vampires. We recently did a Reboot. so join us if you want.
Finally after years and years of bloodshed and horror, the Great War has ended. With the LustBeasts winning, the humans stood no chance until some select humans whom’s DNA altered to give them powers of all kind. Now humans live in fear of another war, they know that the LustBeasts will win so they live in tremendous fear, the kids that have heard stories about these monsters know never to go to Lust forest or near it.

The LustBeasts live off of lust and sex, they need it to live so they will Not look for consent. People know not to anger a beast as great as them.

The humans are careful around people, due to some humans becoming pregnant from the LustBeasts, this caused a different kind of human. A human that has sexual powers and normal powers, They do not have to have sex or lust but their powers are unstable and uncontrollable.
The city of Valhalla. In mythology it was a place where great warriors go to after dying in battle to become great Valkyries ruled by the almighty Odin. In reality it's a... High school? Here at Valhalla High mythological creatures of all kinds come together to learn about the greatest beings of all time. With Odin as the principle, and the other gods as teachers, who knows what crazy stuff will happen. Either way, Welcome to Valhalla High!
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Twenty years ago before the current Satan took reign... a town named Virals city, ater their Mayor Viral, was destroyed under God’s order. With the destruction of this town came the end to the entire Light God race, as well as hundreds of innocent people. The order to destroy the city occurred on the day of a wedding between a member of the light god’s “Deadly 12”, Dextin, and Astraluna, the daughter of the demon commander. They both died during the ceremony, and afterwards... Hell was furious. This has restarted the terrible war between Angels and Demons. The last Satan has been killed, and God hasn’t been seen since the Great Catastrophe. Now, with a new Satan and only two Archangels left on Heaven, will this war soon end? Or will someone else have a say in what happens next. . .?

⋆★⋆ ═══════ ⋆★⋆ ═══════ ⋆★⋆ ═══════ ⋆★⋆

╔══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╗

What do we include?

╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝

✧ Lots of great bots! (Rythm, Discord RPG, Pokécord, etc.) ✧

✧ Pick your own role color with Color-Chan! ✧

✧ Pretty chill staff ~ ✧

✧ A variety of choices of Angel and Demon races ~ ✧

✧ A fun plotline where you could be anyone and create your own life as a human, demon, or angel! ✧

✧ It'll be fun, we swear! ✧

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