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Замечательный сервер. Познакомься с новыми друзьями, адекватные админы, ламповая атмосфера, небольшой список эмоций, NSFW, система уровней и свой бот! Заходи у нас тут очень весело!
This is a new ERP server with a school theme anyone is welcome we are wanting to build a fun community for all
Relaxed trans server where we mostly hang out, make friends, shitpost and worship frogs. We really like a comfy atmosphere but that isn't to say we are a safe space
🌎Mainly English Server!🌎
🎉Self Assignable and Customizable Roles🎉
😈NSFW Section😈
🔒18+ Only Channels🔒
👶15-17 Allowed!👶
👀Friendly Staff (Unless you violate the rules, of course!)👀

Hello, friends! We want to welcome you to join Ignition, where you have the highest chance of igniting the fire of a great friendship! We have lots of things to offer the new adventurer, including a Dating Channel and a Verification section for 18+. Channels also include Karaoke Night, Game Night for streaming, a Story Time/Poetry Slam where anyone can come and tell a handwritten story/poems or read from their favorite publication, and a Riddle of the Day channel where you can try your luck at answering riddles! We are quickly growing server, and have many active members! Don't be shy, or hesitate to drop by and hang out for a while! We're more than happy to have you here! We're all really supportive and will help you with whatever you may need! Hope to see you soon!

romance -: ✧ :-゜・.

- Join our friendly community! We welcome anyone and everyone!

⊰ low moderation
⊰ aesthetic
⊰ friendly members
⊰ self assignable roles
Free to join chill respectful server looking to populate a server we have music bots and vc for anyone to enjoy.

Wholesome, LGBT+ friendly and SFW environment looking for tight knit members! ❤️✨

Rules are basic human decency! 💖✨

Hope to see you here!
Tranquility is a close gated community, meaning it's a community
that you need to be invited from within or apply to get inside.
we value and put our members at the top of our minds so that
means when you are in, you are one of us.
✢ Brand new server! ✢

Los Angeles, California, is a city of opportunity. Beneath that layer of passion and success, however, lies the seedy underbelly riddled with drugs, bums, prostitutes——and freaks. There are those that climb their way to the top with hardly a gasp for breath, and those that claw their way through six feet of dirt each time they rest their head, having forgotten years ago how to fill their lungs with air. These lives, these fleeting memories, are destined to collide. The man, the success, that sits pretty atop his golden throne and dismisses the infatuated in droves——the boy, the outcast, that befriends the shadows painting alleyways. In LA, you're invisible until you benefit another. To these men, the benefit of company is imperative to their continued survival in their dog-eat-dog home.

✢ A somewhat casual city life RP with a handful of supernatural thrown in!
✢ Character freedom -- Get creative!
✢ Semi-Literate to Literate roleplay!
✢ RL or Animanga faceclaims!
✢ We just really like to RP, please indulge us!
Welcome to the Harem.
Master's Harem is a 18+ server which focuses on you girls being my IRL sex slaves. Simple enough, don't you think?
18+ Verification is required.
I'm only accepting girls. Guys will be immediately kicked.
Into hypnosis and BDSM and looking for somewhere to chill out and chat ?
What a community with nice and friendly owners and admins ?
Well look no further hypno and BDSM folks i own a server with the help of my best friend it's a friendly server with friendly admins
An 18+ server focused on bringing the kinky and non-kinky together!
We have: movie nights, roles, girls/boys only chat, and even a place for nerds!
Minor's don't get access to NSFW, and are on strict watch
Hello from the staff of this wonderful server, The Inappropriety Realm, we wish to welcome you to our little slice of Paradise.

A strictly 18+ server for people to join and to have a little fun away from judgement and children. Made for erp and having a fun time with inappropriate comments.

You're probably looking now and thinking, "What makes this any different from any other erp server." I'll be honest and tell you were no different, but we would love to have your company.

+Fair staff
+Simple Rules

I do hope you read this all as we do have our lewds/hentai locked behind verification/trust roles.

I do hope to see you all soon.
-From the staff team
Oswin, the owner
Drew and Tanya, the Admins
🏳️‍🌈🍓Welcome to Frisky Ferrets!🍓🏳️‍🌈
We have:
⭐NSFW content

⭐Advertising (to promote your Minecraft youtube channel, or something)
⭐Dank memer? Yes.
⭐A music bot (for vibin')

There is also a special ⭐Golden ⭐ role you can earn to flex on other members. You like that, little man?

Oh, and P.S.
Welcome to The Poisoned Apple

Fun, social server that has the perfect mix of safe for work and non safe for work.

Come and join us for :





•Fun and social atmosphere
We are a large dating server, we also are responsible about being so. We have a verification system that will 100% guarantee that no minors are present. We have giveaways, events, dungeons and dragons and even holiday themed events. Come check us out if you're looking for a fun time, but also wanting to be responsible and not on a sketchy discord with minors. XOXO
~An afterlife split in two, one side corrupt but free, and the other pure, but restrictive.

~An active and responsible owner

~A kind community that accepts people from all walks of life.

~No judgement of kinks, or anything else.

~No unnecessary ooc drama. (I’ll make sure of that 😉 —Owner, Zenn)

~A living server that is always being added onto.

~Staff are always open to suggestions from the members on events, lore, additions, etc.

~Anyone is allowed—Furries, non-furries, bdsm-lovers, and just general RP’ers (and non-RP’ers just looking for a community!) are all welcome!
We are a new BDSM server community with a focus on being all-kink inclusive. We push to building a community of people together to explore kinks, make friends, and be educated in the world of kink.
 With over 100 roles to choose from
 Channel specific kinks and fetishes/discussions
 SFW and NSFW photo channels
 Regional Chats
 Chances to level up and win prizes!
 Opportunities to be recognized and become stars of the week!
 Make your own voice channel!
 Venting Channel
 Game bots and moreeee!
︵‿︵‿୨𝓢𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓒𝓪𝓯𝓮୧‿︵‿︵

welcome to a nice and chilled community created by and for adults who want to be apart of a server that's both for adults and not based on porn!
we have a vast number of neat and aesthetic channels for you to explore and get to know new people with!

(the server is still a work in progress, so please be patient. any and all help and advice would be truly appreciated!)
For 18 years or older!!!

A new server dedicated for serious writers and a place to communicate with different authors!

Here you can share your story and receive feedback. This place is aimed for people to support one another and be open minded!

↓ This server offers ↓

• A protection system to keep raiders out.

• Upcoming events!

• An area to post images help inspire you and might inspire others.

More things will be added. If you write often this is might just be the area for you.
This is a server for foot lovers by foot lovers
We have:
#1 Loads of feet pictures
#2 nice NSFW channels
#3 spicy memes
#4 a female owner that sends customs
#5 loose moderation
#6 non toxic environment
#7 cool, chill, people
#8 music channels for music lovers
#9 movie channels for movie seers
#10 overall a good community
( Only 18+)
Welcome to Gatita's PlayPen!

This is a friendly, English speaking 18+ DDLG server that can be a home to anyone that wishes to join. We're a laid back community with a few rules to keep the server a nice and safe place.

We have;

❥ An 18+ only community;
❥ Self assignable roles;
❥ Dedicated channels for littles and doms;
❥ A safeword system, this way you'll always feel safe;
❥ Colouring pages the littles can colour in and share with the server;
❥ Channels to look for roleplay partners;
❥ Kind staff, that keeps the server safe for everyone;
❥ A section for partnerships;
❥ Several fun bots;
❥ Plans for events like movie nights and game nights

Feel free to join us and check us out. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Kind Regards,
Gatita's PlayPen's staff team!
Sinner Sanctuary is a server devoted to BDSM. For people who can discuss kinks in comfort and discuss their experiences with others. We have mods and admins with BDSM experience to help educate and socialise with other members.
Join to find your compatible Master, Slave, Owner, Pet, Brat, Mummy, Daddy, Little or whatever you desire.

Our server offers:
* NSFW Channels
* Slave Shaming
* Channels to show off your owned Submissives and Doms
* BDSM Tests
* Channels to learn more about BDSM or to teach others
* Events
* A safe place to bring out and explore your kinks

This server can become extreme with topics/pictures/videos of torture/pain play. For this reason it is an 18+ only server and will need to verify before unlocking most of the server. If you fail to verify yourself within the time period of 24 hours you will be removed.
Please make sure to read the rules when joining.

We hope to see you soon
~ Bratty Bunny