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Brand new 18+ kink friendly server with active VC, events, and giveaways. Age verification for lewd content.
【 This server is 18+ ONLY, minors will be banned. 】

Welcome to Darkwood Mansion, the spookiest dating server on Discord!

❥ Reliable verification system - no need to worry about kids or catfish!
❥ Dating and matchmaking!
❥ Non-toxic social server, you don't have to date to enjoy it here!
❥ Lots of roles to fully express yourself!
❥ Accommodating towards any sexuality and very transgender friendly!
❥ NSFW - nudes, teases, lewd art, kink roles, and porn bots for age verified users!
❥ Seller friendly! We have a selection of beautiful women for you to buy lewd content from.
❥ All of the above provided with a spooky / occult-themed atmosphere!

*· Enter at your own risk ;) ·*
A kindly chilled server, that welcomes all kinds of people. We're dedicated to those who are interested in friendly, general chatting further more of being unbiased and uninhibited to keep and maintain cordial relations within the server's fraternity.

-16+ Only
Welcome all In Long Distance Relationships to our LDR support server! We welcome you with open arms as you come to ask for advice, to gush, or even to just make some new friends going through the same things as you! The place you've been looking for had arrived so please stop by!
Welcome to Lewds R Us 3.0 Old server got deleted


- NO S2R
the rules for now
~An afterlife split in two, one side corrupt but free, and the other pure, but restrictive.

~An active and responsible owner

~A kind community that accepts people from all walks of life.

~No judgement of kinks, or anything else.

~No unnecessary ooc drama. (I’ll make sure of that 😉 —Owner, Zenn)

~A living server that is always being added onto.

~Staff are always open to suggestions from the members on events, lore, additions, etc.

~Anyone is allowed—Furries, non-furries, bdsm-lovers, and just general RP’ers (and non-RP’ers just looking for a community!) are all welcome!
Kinky Kingdom
Just past the swell of the moon and the blue violet of the clouds, you will find the Kinky Kingdom! A warm and inviting home for those that find their way, the Kinky Kingdom is a safe haven for all manners of hedonistic delights. Come on in, take a seat and stay awhile!

- All users verified and 18+
-Three catergories of RP channels
-Educational channels for learning more
-Pet and Primal play channels
-All kinds of fun roles
-Color roles!
-LGBTQIA+ Friendly
-Art and Photography Channels
-Voice Channels, including a brand new Karaoke channel!
-Gaming channels!
Devil’s Castle: An 18+ server that is welcoming, active, and a variety of channels for everyone to suit your interests!!!

QOTD channel
Movie Night pings
Level 2 Nitro
Leveled roles
Welcoming to everyone
Free Nudes (18+)
Love u Guys
Join discord server
Have you ever wanted to learn more about High Protocol BDSM? The Academy is the best server dedicated to High Protocol role-play and we would like to invite anyone who wants to learn more or already participates in this formal and ritualistic form of kink.

Our server is 18+ and has an age verification system so that you know you are conversing with consenting adults. We also offer the following-

• 450+ emotes
• Games
• Contests
• Plenty of rooms for role play
• Self-assignable roles
• Ability to purchase your own channels with server currency
• Education on the High Protocol life style
• Thorough verification system that eliminates the possibility of interacting with minors
• Fully operational auction house to buy/sell submissives and Dominants
• Cross Verification with 6 Trusted Partners

We look forward to seeing you there soon!
A server for people who love body inflation, weight gain, breast expansion, giantess, vore, etc. We have lovely voice actresses that read fetish audio books and even dub some sexy animations! 18+
Over a millennia ago, the hubris, greed, and decadence of humanity spelled the doom of Earth, and with it, the inevitable destruction of humankind. In a desperate bid for survival, numerous attempts were made to create faster than light drives and terraforming technology that could perhaps save humanity. However, it proved insufficient and time was running out. The great artificial intelligence, ALMANAC, managed to create a prototype drive that, in theory, would allow humans to travel to the stars.

But, the world was dying too fast to save mankind. The device was activated, and it tore apart space and time, creating rifts across the globe. Among these rifts was the Widow's Lyre, a rift that would save humanity. The Widow's Lyre led the remaining humans to another dimension, an alternate Earth, or so it seemed.

Humanity had to start over, and had to do a better job. Over a thousand years later, humanity has again achieved greatness. In the lands of Newerth, they have built a mighty civilization, but Newerth is not the Earth of old, and it seems, as time passes and mankind learns more of its secrets, that there was far more to it than they ever imagined.

Something intelligent. Something, perhaps, a little sinister...

** The Widow's Lyre **
This server is a dedicated roleplaying server with countless hours of effort poured into it to create a unique and unparalleled experience. It features:
- A post-modern society with dystopian elements
- Aspects of human immortality and the effects it has on civilization and individuals
- Metahumanity - Moving to Newerth has caused much to change. Mankind is evolving, though the reason why remains a mystery.
- Philosophical exploration - The Widow's Lyre is a deep setting featuring numerous aspects to explore what it means to be human.
- Technological probability and possibilities - a focus on what could be, what might be, and already is. Technology reflects what is theoretically possible, not fantastical alterations.
- An immense lore for character creation, story writing, and more.
- A friendly, welcoming, and inclusive community and staff to help you along your journey
- Literate writers and storytellers who have all gone through a proving process
- 18+ content including darker themes and those unsuited for the work environment
╔═══════ ೋღ ღೋ ═══════╗


──────── ೋღ ღೋ────────

ღ Must be 18+, ID Verification required
ღ Many self assignable roles
ღ LGBTQ+ Friendly
ღ Weekly events, including movies, CaH, Scribblio etc
ღ NSFW & SFW Chats
ღ BDSM & Kink Education
ღ Friendly welcoming staff and members
ღ Active Voice and Video Chats
ღ Custom VC bot with Personal Channels
ღ Giveaways
ღ Boosting Perks & Custom Roles
ღ Cross Verification with 7 other servers
ღ Partnerships available
ღ Staff Positions open

ღ Are you ready to RELINQUISH CONTROL? ღ


╚═══════ ೋღ ღೋ ═══════╝
Attention adults of Discord!
Introducing a place where you can meet other people of a similar age demographic without fear of the kiddies running about. Whether you're looking for love or just friends to hang out with we've got you covered, join up and check it out.

What we have to offer:
-An environment that promotes privacy and safety of our users
-A great community full of cool guys and girls
-Active selfie chat where you can share images when you're feeling yourself
-Staff of people with diverse interests and backgrounds so rest assured you'll fit in with someone
-Considerably active voice chats
Hey you! Yes I see you out there, flipping through every sub-par RP partner Omegle has to offer. You're tired off all these bots and asl zombies on omegle, aren't you? You just want to have lewd, quality roleplays, don't you? Lewd roleplays with actual good roleplayers? Well look no further! You see, for I have come to you with a solution! For only the price of a couple mouse clicks and a paragraph about yourself you can join: The Phoenix! This awesome discord server will suit your wildest dreams and lewd fantasies, with people differing between all shapes, sizes and sexualities. Come join us! [18+ only, ageplay is allowed.]
Welcome to the Forbidden Garden! Peruse at your own pace and feel free to stop and chat to any of those you see around the path!
We have:
❀ | An 18+ Verified Section
❀ | An active mod team that responds to any and all concerns!
❀ | Various kink and non-kink roles!
❀ | Various SFW and NSFW art sections!
❀ | A selection of lewd images that you can see upon agreeing to our rules!
❀ | Several NSFW feeds and bots!
❀ | CGL and DDLG friendly areas!
Welcome to the Dark Ages... of Monster Girl Encyclopedia. The Demons of Chaos have awoken from their prison beneath the sea and cursed the world with a terrible spell. Monsters prowl the land, mankind is fading into obscurity, Mamono teeter on the edge of extinction, and the Dark Gods cackle from their thrones in the abyss. Will you survive in this inhospitable new world, or will you give in and accept the new rule of Monsters?
Hey ! Just a small little server to meet people, make friends, and have fun and meaningful conversations to make your day just a little more interesting ! You need to be 18+ to join. There is a couple optional NSFW channels when you reach a high enough level, besides those the server is completely SFW.

Few other things in the serveur
- Colour roles
- Daily question of the day
- Custom bot to play with
- Points system used to buy custom roles
- Staff that is on top of things
- Easy to understand server design
- & most of all some fun people !
Hullow Island is an island where dragons and people can coexist. Come and be an explorer, rider, breeder, or a civilian on this bustling island full of probability!
❈ 3X ❈
Welcome to 3X! a porn server with several different types of porn channels, Each channel has its own specific need.

Plenty of porn channels!

18+ chats!

Nudes! (18+)

Meme channels, bots!

** Fully automated NSFW section 24/7 flow of nsfw content. **

New stuff all the time!

A bit of hentai

Roles to fit your needs!

Awesome community

A laid back discord server with some nsfw channels for verified 18+ members. Most of us are gamers, nerds, etc, but we're all pretty cool people and looking to get some new names in chat.
This is a hentai server meant for all of your horny needs we have all types of hentai and are open to suggestions we have:
Anime porn
Doujins but it's not
More hentai
Even more hentai
And much more

💖:---------------------~+✯.꒰ ❤️ CyprusCyber ❤️ ꒱˚✧+~---------------------- 💖
CyprusCyber is an adult community centered around meeting new people, NSFW-content, and a relaxed environment for people all interests to unwind and have a good time.

You must be 18 years or older to participate in most activities of this server.

- Thank you for understanding and we hope you enjoy your stay.

• Judgement free zone!
• Tons of roles you choose from along with colors!
• NSFW Roles for 18+
•Role play
• Tons of channels for participate in including: Gaming, Fashion, Art, Pets, and many more!
•20+ Bots to play with
•Tons of EMOTES!
• Active Voice chats
•Meme channels
•Anime channels
•NSFW Channels

And much more!
Hope to see you there!