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Devious delights is a growing roleplay server! filled with fun kinky members. Feel free to join and make some friends!

Are you alone and need a woman or man to comfort you? Come on over to the Coven of E-thots it's a server for everyone!
» Find the one you have been searching for a great new friend
» Hang out with many of our bots!
» Check out the erp/rp channels!
» Different Roles
» Shitposting
» Many NSFW Channels
» And much, much more!!
Welcome to "Kinky Cunts"! ♡ We are a new 18+ server that provides a safe and friendly place to express your kinky-ness. We offer many things in this server including:
♡ Friendly staff/users
♡ Self-assignable roles
♡ Gaming chats and VCs
♡ Dating channels
♡ NSFW channels
We look forward to meeting you!
Come join us at the Lewd Roleplay Hotel!
We're a community focused on casual roleplay with NSFW content, we welcome all kinds and are open to suggestions for improvement!
Please note, new accounts will need to at least upload a profile picture!
GOLD TOGETHER is a friendly, peer support server for adults 18 and over to make friends.

We are still a bit under construction and looking for staff at the moment, however, we are welcome to new members.
Hello and welcome to the server! We have our server set up so that you only see what you want to see!

@Gamer This tag will let you see #gaming-general and a bunch of other gaming channels and gaming vcs!

@Roleplayer This tag will let you see #rp-discussion #general-rp and a bunch of other SFW roleplaying channels. Once verified you can unlock the NSFW Roleplaying area.

After getting @Verified! You'll be able to select @BDSM and BDSM roles! You will also unlock #nsfw-gen #nudes-comments and the rest of the NSFW area. As well as a Verified only VC channel!

Being able to customize your tag profile is important to us! So there for we have made a bunch of #buyable-roles . To learn how to get theses roles check out #how-to-buy-roles If you come up with your own role idea that you think others would like feel free to drop it into #suggestions

If you ever see problems arising in the server feel free to ping @Chat Moderator If you see someone in need of emotional support feel free to ping @Emotional Support Staff If non of theses people are on feel free to ping @Admin

If you ever have issues with a staff action that has been taken please feel free to dm a higher up staff member or the staff member themselves to explain the issue. Please do not argue in the chat over a staff action. You are more then welcome to send in a staff complaint to @Mu5ic or @♡Mae♡
We are sfw/nsfw server that offers a welcoming community, amazing staff, daily topic of the nights. We also are on the smaller side and are still growing as a server.
Dead server dedicated to hosting Riley Reid emotes for nitro users. No chats are enabled, it's sole purpose is to host Riley emotes.
New server looking for people. You can join and try getting a relationship or just to find new friends. Or if you're just bored and wanna chat with people. Have to be 18+. You can get verified in the server so everyone knows for sure you are who you are. So come join the server and have a great time.
A newish 18+ furry server for adults furries to talk about whatever. The only limits to conversation are that we don't violate ToS or harass members (including being deliberately irritating/driving people away from the server). User-assignable role colors, music bot, and more features being added every day!
Praise be unto booty, in all it's forms.

An 18+ NSFW Community with active admins and mods who aren't afraid to ban kids, trolls, pedos, and fücbois alike. Our goal is to not be like your standard nsfw server full of guys who will send you loads of unsolicited dick pics via your DMs. We're all just here to appreciate booty.

We use a handy leveling bot to automatically establish who has contributed to the server and who's just lurking. Once you contribute to the server from your porn stash and become an established member of the server you get more channels, permissions, and roles.

Bots: Mee6, Rythm, Dynobot, Pollbot, RP Bot

Fücbois, horndogs, and trolls will not be tolerated.
✞ 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓮 𝓼𝓪𝔂𝓼 𝓲𝓽 𝓪𝓵𝓵. ✞

Feel free to join if you are feeling exceptionally patient with the growth of the server. As the name implies- it is a place for 18+ erotic role-play.

- Anime tiddies.

- More anime tiddies.

- I don't know, man, just join.
This is Oblivion Walker roleplay. An ambitious project managed by myself and friends. This server aims to mix an MMORPG with the table top rpg D&D. The game each person plays can be as connected or disconnected to other players as they wish, in the large map with its deep lore and rich cultures. So come join us if you think you'e ready for a whole new experience never before seen in any other server based in 5e D&D
**__Welcome on the Erotic World [ERP] server__**
We are a growing community that’s mostly about roleplaying, gaming, anime and sharing hentai. Everyone is welcome here and we ask everyone to be friendly with one another so the experience is as pleasant as possible for all. 🌸

🌸Self assigned role
🌸Erp room
🌸 Many more coming soon.
🌸Fun Bot
🌸Active members
🌸Self-assign role
🌸Friendly people
USS-SL336: Dandelion
WANTED: Crew members
Accepting any and all races and skill levels. The USS Dandelion is a large vessel that has many openings! Our mission is to explore new galaxies and forge relations with alien species. On the side to sustain our ship we perform trade deals, transport, and even military support.
USS Dandelion is a Earthborn ship with the mission to explore the galaxy and forge positive relations with foreign species. This RP has taken ideas from star trek and other space stories but it’s not set in any of those universes. This is its own universe with its own rules, species, and story.
This RP is 18+, but explicit violence and sexual themes will be hidden with a warning attached at the beginning.
┍━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┑
Kirby's Lewd Lounge
┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙

(>'-')> ★ 18+
(>'-')> ★ Bots/Games
(>'-')> ★ Adult Content
(>'-')> ★ Custom Name Colors
(>'-')> ★ Self Roles
(>'-')> ★ Roleplay
(>'-')> ★ Member Lewds

Our members and staff want to welcome you to a growing community of kinksters!
(18+ server) love nintendo but dont love playing with kids? frustrated with those large cliquey servers that dont give new members a chance? well look no more! we are the server for you.

this server is for adult nintendo players to meet & play together & to also just be in a fun community. we arent very big as of now & would love to have you join & be a part of our squad. we have chill staff & chill members that love nintendo games & regularly play. games we regularly play are splatoon (1&2), super smash bros, mario kart, mario tennis, super mario party & more!

additionally, all members are free to invite friends as long as they are at least 18. <3
Welcome to Ivoree Boarding School. Here you’re required to meet all the expectations to better your knowledge or maybe the school is just the opposite of what you think. You'll find that the school and teachers are pretty laid back, you are welcome to explore with other students even the teachers. But be warned the teachers won’t hesitate to punish you or offer some special lessons if you seem to fall behind.

This server is a peaceful place. We’re accepting of everyone. So don’t hesitate to join. As well as this is not just an erp server you can just do plain romance rp if you’d like.

There aren't many students or staff in this server quite yet but maybe we could expand this school with you.
The Book Cryptids is basically a chill place to talk about books. The staff wanted a place where we could talk about books with our fellow book lovers. We are 18+ to prevent any issues and we are also LGBT+ friendly!
Tired of all of those boring rp/erp servers? Need something different, more story based? Come to the Voli-Tex Station then!
On the station, we have everything you may desire, the command deck, multiple kinds of domes, and for those more private times, personal quarters~
Interested? Welcome aboard! We accept everyone above the age of 18!
💗JOIN NOW! Social-Platform Dating Server! 💗
» D A T I N G - And forming bonds beyond
» S E L F - R O L E S - With a simple click
» L G B T - D A T I N G - Supported at ease
The most stunning, realistic and entertaining events yet to come for you to experience

Let yourself be amazed and JOIN TODAY !
18+ adult social server with artistic and NSFW facets. We pride ourselves in our easy-going and pleasant voice chat routine.