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Largest Youporn Community on Discord! (400+ users)
Dicks, Vagina, Blowjobs, POV, Smallow, Lesbian, Anal, Fetish and lot more!
Share and watch your favourite pictures and vids in the specific categories!!
Meet new people! Hope you will have a great time to us.
Now avaiable the CHATURBATE section to link your favourite web pornstars!
(ONLY 18+) <-- Join now!
2 hours ago
Community 24
We are a new 18+ Discord community about everything kink-related. We have both SFW and NSFW channels, voice chat, bots, music, events and a warm and welcoming community.
8 hours ago
Its a nsfw server, Hentai and Reality.
9 hours ago
Anime and Manga 6
This is the group your mother would be proud to find you in.
10 hours ago
All Games 17
Welcome to the Grandest Place in Earth, Welcome to The Club! Here in the club We focus on a mass variety of activities such as Gaming, Anime, Wrestling and much more. Join The Club and experience an adventure. Have ideas pitch them to our lovely staff. We seek to improve The Club.18+
13 hours ago
Community 34
Just a casual fun server for lewd roleplay. join if you want.. baka! its not like I like being lewd with others or anything... OwO
13 hours ago
We are a growing ERP/NSFW server, which focuses mainly around roleplay.
Hentai art, music, memes or a "happy channel" can also be found on the server and are frequently used by everyone. Characters from all universes or OC's are accepeted on the server.
The community has grown together nicely but new faces are always welcome on the server and we would be happy to meet you.
20 hours ago
Anime and Manga 10
A new yuri roleplay server. Are you a fan of yuri? Come on in. We have sfw channels as well as nsfw channels for yuri. This server is 18+ as well, so please be cautious.
20 hours ago
This is a discord for people who are into fart/scat fetishes

18+ to enter
1 days ago
An erotic roleplay server with a variety of channels, hentai, fun events and many characters! Non erotic roleplayers are welcome too!
2 days ago
Hey there, fans of the Borderlands universe! We’re currently welcoming members to join our roleplay server focused on Borderlands!

This is an 18+ only and LGBT+ friendly Discord server, and thus will have a large focus on smut roleplay between characters, (though plot-based roleplay is also encouraged!). It is important to note that you will need to apply once you join. However, if you wish to lurk, simply tell us when you join and you will be assigned the lurker role.
3 days ago
Community 6
BorthelHUB is an free porn Server for 18+, where porn fans can meet and trade videos and images (No Child Porn).

If you wnat, there is some Roleplay too. Server the Royal Sex-Family and become they're Servant, Slave etc.

More Questions? Write a Message at our Support: [email protected]
3 days ago
Discord français de la luxure, de la détente, du sexe et du partage coquin. Apprenez à vous aimer et à vous dévoiler au autres. Tout les sujet sont abordé en termes de NSFW. Rejoignez et faites vivre et évoluer ce discord magnifique ^^.
3 days ago
uhhh, can i get a number 18+ server?
4 days ago
Full 18 + NSFW Free posting.
9 days ago
The Snake pit is a new NSFW server for all of your porn/hentai needs. Anyone is welcome here, and you will surely find many friends once we have grown more. THESE KINKS ARE **BANNED**: Vore, gore, lolicon/shotacon, watersports, scat, necrophilia, or other various extreme kinks. We offer:
- Various NSFW channels to satisfy your porn/hentai cravings.
- Special channels for artists & writers.
- Special channels for posting nudes (You **MUST** be confirmed by staff to be 18+ by means of ID with **ALL** personal info **BLACKED OUT** except for **DATE OF BIRTH & PORTRAIT**, you must **ALSO** send a picture of you holding your ID next to face as well as a piece of paper with your Discord name **WITH** your 4 digit code!!!)
- Furry & non-furry hentai channels
- Music channels for listening, along with a music discussion text-channel to go with it.
16 days ago
Other 11
Another hentai discord? Yep, and a small one at that.

Share your hentai pics and chat!
20 days ago
Community 8
welcome to every kinksters dream world, with cute little and lolis at every corner. open minds, and open legs. so, come join us. please do not join, then leave, it is highly annoying, and we do not like seeing it. every server starts somewhere, and we would love it, if you could stick around, and help.
30 days ago
Music 15
18+ chill server/ growing
35 days ago
Pokefur Heaven is a lewd server for anyone looking for new friends (and/or lewding partners), or finding/sharing porn. Please do not join if you're under 18..
37 days ago
Horror Freaks n' Geeks.~ NSFW

We welcome those who love horror, gore, creepypasta and many more.
If you're interested in anything horror based we'd love to have you! :heart:
Authors, Artists, Narrators, you name it, you're welcomed.
We are strictly BDSM/Horror based!
We include;
Fun bots
Friendly Mods
Leveling system
Self-assigned roles
NSFW areas

I hope to see you around.
38 days ago
Anime and Manga 30
We're a growing ERP/Hentai/Gaming/Anime hangout server that accepts anyone who joins. We're currently open to server suggestions and we'd love to see more people join and grow the server with their influence~! No fetish shall be shamed in our server.
42 days ago
Anime and Manga 7
The Lewd Lounge is a place where you can join and stay to share hentai or porn, make new friends, talk to other friendly people and have fun. We have our own level system, special roles for members that follow the owner on Twitter, a good choice of hentai or porn channels to share content in. Must be 18+. Our main language is English but other languages are welcome in the global chat. I hope you join our community and enjoy your stay in the Lewd Lounge!
44 days ago
Community 2
Hell's Torment is a roleplay server set in the dante's version of hell, you are a demon (or fallen angel) who is trying to become all powerful or just trying to survive all the tortures hell has to offer.
54 days ago