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Real Life Porn, Hentai, Fetishes & Nudes.
11 minutes ago
We are a low moderation, 18+ discord server that would like to welcome all shit lords and lowlifes!
We like to keep it loose having few rules that let you be who you want to have the best possible discord experience.
20 minutes ago
A small no-bullshit 18+ only furry community without drama, kids, or gimmicks. We've been around for a decade. Join us and see why.
34 minutes ago
ATTENTION- Experienced Roleplayers.

Imagine, You awaken on an alien world, naked and alone. There are others here. Factions are quickly forming. Can you outlive and outrun the cults and cannibals? Will you forge your existence and name onto this alien soil, starting from nothing? Will you die or will you survive?
35 minutes ago
Come join my sparkly new 18+ kink server Daddies Dollhouse, whilst being mainly ddlg themed there is something for every kink in this dollhouse~

*:✼✿The Living Room - For general chatter ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Hallway - To check out artwork and selfie portraits ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Play Area - For littles and Caregivers to chill ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Basement - For your deepest desires ✿✼:*゚
*:✼✿The Bedroom - To peak at members own lewd photos ✿✼:*゚

*・゚:*゚:*:✼✿ aaaaaaand so much more! ✿✼:*゚:*・゚・*

So come along and play in Daddies Dollhouse ~
43 minutes ago
The wank bank is a place to look at or deposit your porn and talk dirty to others
Lgbt friendly
Lots of porn
*must be 18 to access the porn
54 minutes ago
We offer a wide variety of adult friendly channels for all your Porn or Hentai needs. We also offer general-discussion channels for those of you interested in just meeting new friends!
55 minutes ago
I found myself in a strange realm, a world of a powerful demon lord. I roamed the forests, searching for a way out when his silhouette appeared to me and whisked my away to his glorious kingdom. He explained that I would be his wife forever and do everything he told me and I couldn't resist but accept, it was like he hypnotized me. . . And now I'm in a realm of dominant demon knights and my master, the true demon lord and the submissive females who serve their every whim. And I'm happy. . .
1 hours ago
Welcome, to the Ultimate Smut Roleplay.

This server is newly created, however with an ambitious goal. To give a variety of different areas for people to Roleplay smut-like fantasies. The USR currently has three different groups for one to RP in, that will be dumbed down with three words below:

Master/Slave, Non-human, Fantasy
**Lewd Academy**
Smut School, Straight(for now), Human
Gay Nightclub, Omegaverse(with differences), Human

New areas may open eventually but for now, those are the only ones available. There is also two lewd channels and a good variety of OOC chats available.

Join now!!
3 hours ago
Welcome to Kinky Galaxy (18+)!
We are a SFW/NSFW server, we have experienced staff, we also offer a lot of self assignable roles, bot leveling system, and of course lots of NSFW channels once you get verified!
Keep in mind, 18+ only!
3 hours ago
Largest Youporn Community on Discord! (1500+ users)
Girls wanna meet Men and Men wanna meet Girls.
Categories to share and watch pictures and vids.

Meet new people! Hope you will have a great time to us.
Once in, please type in the #server-updates section if you're M or F to be confirmed on the discord. Reccommend to be online!
(ONLY 18+) <-- Join now!
3 hours ago
In the Land of El'veria there is a coastal metropolis where all sorts gather around. Claristein, the Kingdom of Opportunities! Ages ago a young man took on a mountain, Nicholas Claristein, and built the largest city in the world! He made his home near the peak and many came and the city grew into a cascading overflow all the way to the western docks of the mountain on the ocean. On the eastern side of the mountain were a few towns and villages at the edge of the dense forest. Many gathered here travelling to and fro the large city. Many new beginnings and plenty of endings take place here... What shall yours be?
3 hours ago
Little Angels Kingdom! (13+) DDLG!

This server is for people who are either, daddies, littles, doms and caregivers+.
Here you can meet new friends, hangout with others and just be chill and humble with everyone. This server was created on the 28/06/18 and I hope one day it will grow as big as it can! Please don't be nervous to meet new friends as I am sure everyone is super friendly and will accept you! :
3 hours ago
Kink Nation, Where its ok to bring your kinkyness out and not be judged. So come join us.
3 hours ago
Welcome to Devilish Saints. Where you can be both innocent and devilish at the same time. We are a new NSFW 18+ lewd server. We have members own content, giveaways, tons of lewd chats, and fun bots. Come join us and have a Devilish and innocent time!
4 hours ago
Active, enthusiastic and ambitious staff.
Lvling system.
Friendly and supportive members.
Roles to unlock hidden channels.
Self-assigned roles.
18+ members only.
[Optional] NSFW channels.
[Optional] Self-NSFW content.
Cool emojis for geeky Nitro users.
LGBTQ+ Friendly
Gaming channels.
Animē channels.
K-related channels.
Content creator channels.
5 hours ago
A 18+ server which you will enjoy :)

Here is:

- NSFW and 18+ Content (Which include hentai, porn, sexy pics :O, feeds of most popular subreddits which is too 18+)

- Adult Communty (There isn't Toxic and kid members, of the analysis, there's of 13+ to 20+ old members)

- Server Rules (This server rules applies for all members and for staff. That's mean you are 100% protected. There's banned 2 staff members for breaking the rules.)

- Pings and Anncoumments (Expect that there woun't be so many pings with @everyone and @here tags, beacuse it's disabled and nobody couldn't distrub you, but in DMs we are not sure. You will recive anncouments only about some changes on server)

We're think this is good privilages. It's on you to join :)
6 hours ago
Interested in a 18+ NSFW server only? Lewd Madness is a total NSFW based server with over 25+ nsfw channels and over 60+ custom roles!
7 hours ago
Set in the distant future, The World of Totallity is a hostile Alien planet that was once home to a mighty human civilization. Their Civilization flourished on the green grass and comfortable ocean sides before a total war broke out, The civilization used mighty mechs to combat each other in the terrible war. but all was lost to either sides as their bickering led to a massive climate change, molding the Eden like planet into a ferocious and deep swamp and marsh-land.
This is a server primarily focused on the lewd interactions between characters. not your typical rp.
7 hours ago
Total Eros is an Awesome place to chill and have fun with other lewd people. we feature a rebuilt server fully optimized for maximum enjoyment. We'd love to host your erp and discuss our awesome views with you!
7 hours ago
We are a new 18+ Discord community about everything kink-related. We have both SFW and NSFW channels, voice chat, bots, music, events and a warm and welcoming community.
15 hours ago
We are a growing ERP/NSFW server, which focuses mainly around roleplay.
Hentai art, music, memes or a "happy channel" can also be found on the server and are frequently used by everyone. Characters from all universes or OC's are accepeted on the server.
The community has grown together nicely but new faces are always welcome on the server and we would be happy to meet you.
19 hours ago
Welcome to the Grandest Place in Earth, Welcome to The Club! Here in the club We focus on a mass variety of activities such as Gaming, Anime, Wrestling and much more. Join The Club and experience an adventure. Have ideas pitch them to our lovely staff. We seek to improve The Club.18+
23 hours ago
An 18+ nudes server with verification - for if you want regularly-posted, verified nudes with no questions asked.
1 days ago