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We are a small community hoping to grow fast! We have a variety of themed chats, and a very accepting community! We do hope to enlarge our sever, so please join us!
2 hours ago
The Gentleman's Club is an extremely active server with a welcoming community. We have channels for gamers, musicians, and people coming to socialize. The server does have a large NSFW~Porn section that members have the option to hide if they do not wish to view any NSFW content.
2 hours ago
FPS Games 359
Atreo Esports is a discord server focused around competitive teams. We host and provide resources(dedicated coaches, gfx) for 22 teams and counting, as well as weekly tournaments/tryouts(streamed on twitch) . We also have an extremely strong community that works simultaneously to provide members with fun activities such as weekly PUGS, community nights, community tournaments, and homework help from vetted tutors and our dedicated staff. We also have general coaches to help non team members by reviewing vods and by giving advice on strategy and game-play. We hope you find a place on our server!
3 hours ago
Community 13
If you'd like to be anywhere but here, Another World welcomes you! A newly formed world with very little population, so how about you come fix that? Our small group of friends enjoys playing games together and watching obscure anime! We'd love for you to join us!
3 hours ago
Hi everyone, so we're looking for some more people to join. We're a chill server and just kinda join up whenever we have the time cause we're all working or still going to school. Just join us and either you like us and stay or you don't xD
7 hours ago
All Games 21
GymNerds is a community cross-pollination of GYM ENTHUSIASTS, GAMER/ANIME GEEKS, and PORN LOVERS. We have channels for everybody!
9 hours ago
Welcome to the hub of freaks! If you're fucking weird n' shit join us. We accept any and all gamers with plenty of neat roles and not that many bots lmao. GET IN HERE.
10 hours ago
►What is this server about? Just a chill server for friends to hang out in and watch rabbit and do other things together like a Hunger Games Simulator, watching movies, and other fun things.
►This is not a roleplay server it's a server that is themed for entertainment purposes only. The theme will change every few months.
1 days ago
All Games 22
We are a community dedicated to bringing fans of Blizzard Games
together. Here you will find chatrooms and text channels dedicated
to all Blizzard Games! IIt's a great place to make friends, find a group to play, talk to others of your favorite games, whatever! Come join us!
1 days ago
Here you can chat with friends while gaming. Talk about anything you want. People off all ages are welcome to this server. 20+ users. This server is for people of all ages. Friendly Staff, and Daily updates. Updated every week. Updates vary. Keep in mind that this server is vastly growing. This server is also a chill place to hang out for late night gamers. We are partnered with Chill Lounge, A Small Brach Off Of LFG Site, Lives of The werewolfs, and Dangerous Devils. We also sponsor Lives of Werewolfs, and A Small Branch Off Of LFG Site.
3 days ago
The largest community for people interested in the Overwatch hero, Brigitte. You don't even have to play Brigitte. Anyone who's interested in the character is welcome to join! It is the server for the /r/BrigitteMains/ subreddit.
5 days ago
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A small, quaint sever for making friends! We all have vastly different interests so you can definitely find your niche here! A chill place.
5 days ago
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Looking for a discord gaming server? then come join the Rebel Empire we're a multi-gaming community that plays games like Overwatch, PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite and more we also have active voice/text chats :D come stop by for a fun time!!.
7 days ago
All Games 8
A new gaming server just trying to get started! All gamers are welcome, and if you have a request for a new game to be added to the channels, let me know!
9 days ago
The ADK Gaming Community is one of the largest online gaming communities in the world. Whether you're looking for someone to play a game with or just want to hang out and chat we've got plenty of people to hang out with. Come join us today! 1k+ Members, Trivia Bot, Music Bot
9 days ago
FPS Games 9
This is a Community Server where u can meet new people!
If youre interested just join!
10 days ago
All Games 30
Welcome to gamers united! A server for people to talk, challenge each other, and just have fun. We love to have fun with you, by creating giveaways, new channels for games, and guess what? You can request a gaming channel too! We have 11 Bots, Friendly staff that love to joke, giveaways, a NSFW chat for those that want to... y'know what i mean, self-assignable roles and most importantly, Gaming channels! So, enough explaining. What are you waiting for? Join gamers united!
10 days ago
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Join Colossal Network, a network of gamers who play Overwatch, Leauge of Legends, Brawlhalla, and tons more games. Play with other people in a community where you will be accepted no matter who you are. You don't even have to game to join, just come and talk to others about anything at all.
13 days ago
A 16+ multi-gaming community where we play many games such as Paladins, PUBG, Warframe, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, etc. on NA, EU, Asia and Oceania servers. There's also music bots, anime/ movie nights, and giveaways on the server. Active and over 1k people!
14 days ago
Anime and Manga 4
14 days ago
All Games 15
Check Out Our Website:
We Have A Channel For All Games
We Also Have Ranks And A Point/Currency System
We Also Have Sponsors That Will GiveAway Free Things On Occasions
15 days ago
All Games 9
C'est un serveur pour tout le monde, essentiellement les joueurs de Fornite.

Staff à l'écoute, si vous avez des idées ou amélioration du discord.
17 days ago
All Games 7
Hello and welcome to GBH! The new gaming community! You can pick your own role's: Fortnite, Pubg, Rocket League, Black Ops and Overwatch! Have fun with freinds. You can make teams and play against each other and have a all out fun time!
20 days ago
A growing social community for gamers, streamers, youtubers, programmers and basically everyone.
20 days ago