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Overwatch Server with a ton of friendly people, we talk about everything, not just Overwatch and gaming!
8 minutes ago
Ein kleiner deutschsprachiger Server im Aufbau.
Wir suchen so ziemlich jede/n der/die für faires und freundliches miteinander ist.
Auf dem Server: reden und schreiben wir über viele Themen, und spielen Spiele wie Hearthstone, Overwatch und mehr...
40 minutes ago
This is NOT JUST a BTS server! It is available for ANYTHING you enjoy! Art, K-Pop, History or just chatting with everyone with YOUR interests. I would NOT like to consider my server JUST a K-Pop server just because it has a K-Pop icon but it is available for ANYONE for ANY interest. But we do NOT want any raids, vore, foot fetishes, etc. I am not shitting on anyone who likes it, I just won't accept it her. That's all. But everything else, feel free!
1 hours ago
Justa buncha nerds in a server.
If you like games, music,movies n are in need of friends? We gotchu.
Though prepare for irritating memes n bot spams
1 hours ago
Hang out with Rose and her group of friends! We play Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and Warframe on Xbox. We are also open to PC players. We tend to troll a lot, so beware!
2 hours ago
The gears of war were starting to turn. The Omnic Crisis seemed out of hand in several countries and with more mayhem constantly impending, Talon had a plan. A simple movement into Watchpoint Gibraltar and the hacking and unknown corruption of the AI's computer systems. It only took a small push to get the wheels going the way they wanted. And soon, the call was made.

_Initiate Recall._

With a message sent out to Overwatch members both old and new, their numbers seemed to be climbing. Who will heed the call? What could Talon possibly be planning next? What next is in-store for this world? Only you can decide. Join the ranks of Overwatch or Talon. Explore the cities as civilians and get involved with something far greater than anyone could have imagined.

Where will your path lead you?

√ Currently in a **soft open**
√ Super friendly staff
√ Tons of roleplay channels
√ Plenty of **canons available**
√ **Original characters** allowed
√ *Are you with me?*
3 hours ago
Hey there! I made a small server to support my twitch stream. It's very organized with self roles to unlock hidden categorys like Overwatch, Fortnite, and Destiny. [Also meme and nsfw channels] More events and channels will come as the server grows! Come join and invite your friends!
3 hours ago
Would you like to join a server with a gaming focus but also anime, history, and quality memes? Come down to KampfGruppe Autismus, We would love to welcome you. While tryimg to keep our general clean but in a common sense way and if you are more on the edgier side we have channels for that too. Are you a content creator? well you're in luck We would also like to have you. All of our services are free. We also have a discord bot we are working called yukari so once that goes public follow the development there too. Come on down today.
3 hours ago
Currently working to build this small server into something big. Join to find new partners to game with and a calm community to chill and talk to.
Join and sip on this cup of tea.
3 hours ago
A cool and fun Overwatch RP server!
Most canon characters are available but OCs are welcome as well!
5 hours ago

About us

Hi ! everyone! 💦People of the OwOwatch 💦
100+ members | Overwatch gaming + chill hangout server | Join us in playing games or banter. We're a gaming server that's just starting out so any love & attention is kindly appreciated xo


__**About us**__

Hi everyone! Welcome to the 💦 People of the OwOwatch 💦
100+ members | Overwatch gaming + chill hangout server | Join us in playing games or banter. This baby community that currently needs loving support from new & active members to help grow the server. If this sounds like you, please come and join us ❤️


Are you interested?
🌸 Join a fun and healthy community
💦 Rapidly growing community with lots of activity.
🎮 Active and hardworking staff.
🍰 A clean organized environment.
💌 A small group of people right now that's looking for others to join us.
🤝 Trusted partnerships.
❤️ Cool emotes.


・Currently looking for; Partner Managers, Moderators.
・DM Yumi#6969 if you're interested.

Owner: Yumi#6969


6 hours ago
NeetWorks is an easy going place for most people! Games║Anime║MMOs║Coding║Art║Tech║Active Voice Chat!! ˙͜ >˙

This is just a simple fun place to chill out. There are channels for art, tech, anime, touhou, and tons more! Be sure to join and say hi, also don't forget to join voice chat too !!!!
FFXIV Server= Gilgamesh
FFXI Server = Nasomi
PSO2 Server = Ship 2
9 hours ago
Welcome to Definitely Not A Discord Server! A brand new gaming community built for gamers anywhere. Feel free to join to play some games or just to chat and have a good time!
13 hours ago
This is a small server that is all about the community. It offers a hotel-esque system with a focus on BTS. ARMYs are always encouraged to join! We also discuss other music groups. This server has channels about things like MBTI, technology, serious topics, language/international topics, Overwatch and general gaming, NSFW, and more! We are very accepting and would love more members willing to contribute. Check us out and enjoy your stay at the Bednover Hotel!
15 hours ago
we have friendly staff and bots like pokecord!
we’re all into gaming and can post a lot of offensive jokes, so try your hardest to not be offended by them please
we have a leveling system along with roles and a chance to join staff!
come and check out our server today!
17 hours ago
16 + gamer server! We play games like league of legends, overwatch, and fortnite across all platforms. We're all generally nice people who tend to joke around a lot so if you get easily triggered this is not the sever for you. The server's environment is pretty relaxed so feel free to drop in and say hi
21 hours ago
Show your friends!!!!!! 😉 Find new people😉
🔓 Role System🔓
👥 Growing Community👥
🤖 good bots🤖
🗒 Overwatch News🗒
📻 Music📻(bearbeitet)
🔥 join now:
22 hours ago
Wir sind ein Deutschprachiger Community Server mit vielen Möglichkeiten, mit Leiten zu quatschen
1 days ago
Welcome to our server!
This server is based on the award-winning shooter game Overwatch!
In this server, we ask you represent a character, and a few are already taken by admins. These rules will be explained once entering!
❤ Create new stories!
❤ Be your favorite hero!
❤ New and Amazing people!
❤ Tonnes of roleplay rooms!
❤ Some NSFW Rooms!
We are looking for more people for our small community!! <3
We hope to see you there!
1 days ago
This server mainly focuses on Overwatch, Overwatch Esports (OverwatchLeague), Anime, Fortnite, Programming/Design discussions, Japanese/language learning, and memes! Join the community today!
1 days ago
Salut marin d'eaux douces!
Je t'invite a venir nous rejoindre pour faire des parties de League of Legends (ou autre) dans une bonne ambiance.
On est un groupe d'amis (entre 20 et 35 ans) et on se retrouve en général en soirée pour s'amuser tous ensemble.
Tu es le bienvenu parmis nous si tu le souhaites!

tag : fr french francais français lol wow overwatch fortnite
1 days ago
Just a server where a bunch of people can chill and have fun playing different games
1 days ago
Nous sommes un groupe de personnes qui aime les jeux vidéo et l'animation japonaise, nous avons envie de te partagé tout celà alors n'hésite pas viens et partage ce que tu aime.
PS: Nous sommes sur PS4
1 days ago