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18+ Gaming server

• Custom bots
• Self assignable roles
• Competent staff
• More

• Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
• Dungeons and Dragons
• Final Fantasy
• Fortnite
• Grand Theft Auto V
• Guild Wars 2
• League of Legends
• More
Welcome to Oni. If you’re looking for people who will actually recognize you and appreciate your presence, Welcome to Oni. Tired of incompetent teammates? Welcome to Oni. Looking for funny people who don’t get butt hurt over the slightest things? Welcome to Oni. Looking to kick ass and put your name into the mouth of your obliterated foe, and be feared around the land? Welcome to Monty python ( jk welcome to Oni )
Heyo welcome to the ps4 queeries come chat and play games hehe with us hehe 😜 be a fellow gaymer with us and hang out! ❤️
New NA Overwatch PS4 team looking for any Platinum to Diamond level players to tryout for the team. Currently in Overwatch League PS4
As said in the title this is Overwatch the Roleplay! Chose your side Talon or Overwath. Rp as a Canon Character or your OC.
My server is all about Gaming. Anyone that plays games will find new people to connect with. You can even make new friends here.
Journey to a world where universes collide! Characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Overwatch, and more all co-exist alongside one another. Epic stories will unfold! Anything is possible - Deathstroke could duke it out with Iron Man, Superman could go fisticuffs with Thor - You name it, it could happen. We're also taking suggestions for additional universes to include!

Another amazing part of this server is the fact that it's all one single roleplay universe. There's multiple roleplaying channels for organization, but it all takes place in the same plot.

What do you say? Will you venture into Godfall?

*Disclaimer:* Original characters are permitted, but must be approved by the server's staff.
✧Welcome to Overwatch Comp Finder✧
Here is a List of the following features we have:
✔ - Voice channels for all platforms
✔ - Active members
✔ - Self Roles for displaying what you play
✔ - Vast range of SR and Ranks
✔ - Reliable Staff
✔ - Fun Bot Commands
✔ - New Hero Guesses
✔ - Polls for Events and skins Regularly
✔ - Updates on Recent Overwatch News
✔ - Highlight and Potg channel
✔ - Reminders of when Overwatch streamers go live
Here is what we DO NOT have:
✖-Uncertified Bots
✖-Toxic Players
Bots We Have Currently:
◈Simple Poll
✧Invite all those who have the game!✧
-Join here in case the other link does not work-

👌 ★Engaging Community★ 👌
🤖 ★Fun Bots★ 🤖
🤔 ★Voice & Text Channels for Different Topics (Ex. Games, News, Education, etc.)★ 🤔
🛡️ Security (Active & Attentive Mods) 🛡️
🧠 Unique and Special Nitro Emotes 🧠
Allover, a server open to everyone 😄
Permanente Invite Link: 👇
This is a primarily Overwatch server but other games are welcomed, we are smol and trying to grow our server!
Looking for a great place to meet others and play the latest pc games? Well you have come to the right place! FPS ASYLUM is a growing pc gaming community that plays the following multiplayer games:

2. Battlefield V
3. Rainbow Six Siege
4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
5. Hunt: Showdown
7. Destiny 2
8. Fortnite
9. Overwatch
10. Team Fortress 2
11. Street Fighter 5
12. Tekken 7
13. Injustice 2
14. Marvel vs. Capcom
15. Mortal Kombat XL
16. Fallout 76

• Active Staff Members
• Active Community
• Custom Roles
• PC Building Guides
• Latest Gaming News/Updates
• Voice Chats
• Accepting Partner
There's not a lot to say about this server, but here we just hang out and talk about things. Mainly anime, hentai and games.

List of games: osu!, Overwatch, Rocket League
List of anime: Literally anything tbh
List of hentai: Again, just anything
~Rules aren't strict! Join for chatting, fucking around, and shit posting! Socialize and meet new people!
~Play games with the staff/people in the community, be apart of it! It will be fun playing with you!
~Rank up by being active, and get rewarded with mod powers at the highest rank!
~Both V C and General chat are usually active and you'll be rewarded for being active and starting conversations!
~We have anime related chats aswell!
Welcome to Ailo City
We are a chill server that offers...
a fun & friendly community
events & giveaways
and much more!
permanent invite link:
owners: Kyla & Lilly
A server for hardcore Fans. Come have fun at our salad bar.
Nortle Tortles is a server where people can come together and have fun. Everyone is open to having discussions, as well as dating. We are a new server that is just starting up, So join to be a Tortle <3
A cool and fun Overwatch RP server!
Most canon characters are available but OCs are welcome as well!
Welcome too Overwatch Lads!!! We hope you'll enjoy your stay!
We are a great and Friendly Comunity, we play Overwatch and other games!
Play Overwatch with us, and chat, talk in the voice chat, and ect.
We also have Free game giveaways, Hundle Bundle deals, Overwatch Highlights, Player of the week, Team of the Month,
ect, and more will come!
We currently have 7 teams, we're just beginning!
We are trying to make a free for everyone League, where anyone can join!
We will be able to stream it on Twitch, Youtube, ect!
Please help us make our gouls, and we can help you make yours!
The server is brand new and we are looking for Overwatch players to come join!!!! [EU]

Relaxed atmosphere.
Self assign roles to yourself for overwatch
Team finders to help you find players that you need
NSFW channels! (but not too NSFW)
server shop to buy premium roles
Music bot/Lounge

Server is mainly Overwatch dominated but new stuff is developing each day! so come in and join us!
Owner: @ImWoody
An active and fun furry server with quite a laid-back, friendly staff team and a lot of weird conversations.
Welcome to Overwatch: Reborn. We are a brand new server with friendly dedicated staff. We hope to get more members that will help us build up this server.
Winston has initiated the Overwatch: Recall to gather his old friends back. Some joined, others didn't. Dead or Alive? They're status is unknown. Yet they wasn't the only ones to get Winston's call, other heroes (or villains) joined, even civilians. What is gonna happen next? Join and find out!
What we offer
➤ Active & Dedicated Staff
➤ Personalized Lore (we made our own lore, starting from the original one)
➤ Bots (Pollux, MEE6)
➤ Self-assignable roles (Colours, Custom roles, Teams, etc.)
➤ Custom Emojis (Overwtach sprays)
➤ Private rooms for each and every cannon character
➤ NSFW and SFW channels (ERP allowed)
➤ We are Semi-Lit to Advanced Lit
➤ 9 in game locations and over 20+ places to rp
➤ LGBT+ friendly (including your gayest Overwtach ships)
➤ RP as whatever you like (OC and Cannons)
➤ We also have a D&D guide to help you create your OC
➤ Plenty of Cannons Characters available
➤ Open to ideas
➤ Brand New!
La Moonlight community, accoglie qualsiasi persona voglia divertirsi con i propri amici o persone che si trovano all'interno del server discord, ci sono un sacco di canali vocali dedicati a vari videogiochi. Cosa aspettati, entra nel server discord dei Moonlight e divertiti.
Big community with over 2500 members and growing steadily daily. Join to meet friends join in on community fun or conversation. Find players to team up with.