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We're a community of pc/console gamers and friends! - we've got lots of amazing people around here so come join us to play some games, watch movies or participate in events (づ◕o◕)づ
Join the Apex Console Discord today! We provide a nice space for discussion about all things Apex Legends, where you can share your clips, content and streaming channels as well as LFG channels that are console specific to help you squad up and find players to help you out. Legend Mastery and Level roles are also available!
The Bronze Tacos is a community for all ranks within Overwatch, it's an opportunity to pair up and stack with other players who are mature and not toxic. We believe in grouping up and helping each other climb ranks, having fun, and participating in competitive matches without the risk of losing SR. We have our own in-house Bronze Tacos Nerfed League, so come join us to get in on the action for Season 3! Our community is managed by a group of volunteer moderators (or Shells) and we are passionate about bringing players together to have fun and compete in a safe environment for everyone.
We do not tolerate any forms of racism, sexism, bigotry, if it's hateful or distasteful of any kind we do not accept that behavior. If you'd like to come and check out our wonderful community please join up if you are 18+ and want to meet new people in a thriving gaming community!
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➤Welcome to The Gaming Lounge!♡

:rose: — Description:
•❥ A small yet friendly server with lots of open minded people.
•❥ Join today to help us expand our community!

:rose: — Features:
•❥ 30+ users;
•❥ 50+ Channels
•❥ 40+ Roles
•❥ Count chat, 3 Word Stories, Seflies ect;
•❥ 35 self assignable roles;
•❥ Kind and understanding staff.
•❥ Channels for PC Gamers
•❥ Channel for Console Gamers
•❥ Has a hidden NSFW Channel :wink:
•❥ ***Giveaways Everyday***

:rose: — Extras:
•❥ Owner: Victoria#8129
•❥ Pings: Server Owner, Admin, Moderator and Everyone
•❥ Links:

➤Join Now!♡
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We are a Fortnite Scrims server, and we do scrims for EVERY platform!
Du suchst eine freundliche, aktive und leicht verrückte Gemeinschaft, die dein Gamerherz höher schlagen lässt? Dann tritt der slayMASSIVE Community bei. Gegründet vom Streamer und Youtuber, LetsPlayOnkel. Ob Forza, RainbowSix oder Minecraft. Hier kannst du dich mit Gleichgesinnten austauschen.
i am building a fortnite/scrim and promote community come join and have fun! i do custom game almost everyday anyone can join to play and be host NA west and east so come join to have fun. i am trying to get this discord popping!!!!

Мы - SpaceGamers™, этот сервер был создан для людей, которым нравиться играть в игры, разные игры...

Наше название? Хммм...Давайте разберём)

Space - или пустота, это то, что было сначала. Бездна...

Gamers - это люди, пришедшие сюда, чтобы создать мир, из себе подобных...
Мы надеемся, что наше с Вами творение принесёт радость людям, а вместе с ними, и нам...

Я хочу пожелать Вам сил, чтобы пройти этот путь, и даровать людям что-то бесценное - время, проведённое вместе...

The most epic Minecraft server for Ps4
Welcome to GamerHub!

We are a freshly started/new server dedicated to all things videogames!
We offer:
Friendly community 😊
Console and PC discussion 🖥🎮
Friendly admins for the best experience possible 💕
Just a server where you can come and talk about games, therapy, and more.
Just starting so please join and be active.
Welcome to Task Force 150. You have decided to join a server dedicated to finding players to help you across various games and platforms. Here we hope you can find like minded people to maybe do a few zombie hunting rounds in COD, or perhaps you need a squad to help you in Warframe. Possibly you need a team of builders in G-Mod or Minecraft. Maybe there's a pesky Easter Egg that you need help to finish. We hope we can achieve whatever you need.
Just a small community who play a couple of games. We mostly play fortnite since it's cross-play. Our main mobile game is brawlstars and there's a few that play PUBG Mobile. Join if you want to play or meet some random people 🤣
We are a community where we share deals, help and if you just looking for a friend to play with you can get that here too!
We here at "VISIONARY GAMING" have big plans for this community of gamers and them having access to all the information available for the latest and greatest gaming news. We will strive to keep the true gamer inside all of us completely satisfied and geared up for the next big event so from us to you thank you for all your support and we look forward to some great, funny, and crazy moments in game with all of you. I would like to share with you everyone a few things that we will be doing in regards to future events we will be hosting game days and by that i mean we will have co-op days where you, me, and the streamers will get to play together and have a laugh or a good cry because we got a good whipping by the other team but as i said before we will share that moment together lol. I will be making and hosting these events for all to enjoy. So keep your eyes and ears to the discord for updates and events and once again thank you all for being a part of the "VISION".
Hello, I am Dean The Minecrafter, I have a small discord server and I plan on growing it. It is very small, I started it less than a week ago, I am trying to build a small little community devoted to Minecraft. We do not discriminate Robloxers, but if anyone breaks any rules, you will be put in a role Robloxers.
Please do not join to make fun of my server, some of the permissions may not be working, and please don't troll me. If there are any issues, please do notify me, I might try and change it.
I do not have a Minecraft Server yet, but I might get one soon.
Thanks for reading, please do consider joining.
Discord Server Link:
A Fortnite custom scrim server for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and mobile. This server also has personal rooms for recording YouTube videos with friends and streaming calls for Twitch, Mixer and Dlive. All members that join will be given a role for the system they play on and what you record/stream on. To get you're role, you must type in you're system and then we will give you the role. For the YouTube and the streaming roles you must type in or copy and paste a link to your channel with proof that it belongs to you and YOU only.
⚠️‼️Entrare solamente se si ha intenzione di rimanere attivi ⚠️

Pegasus Gaming Beta 2.0 è un server creato dai giocatori per i giocatori nel quale puoi trovare altre persone in cerca di amici!!!

➼❱ Staff attivo

➼❱ Conosci Nuove Persone

➼❱ Partnerships

➼❱ Canali arte/meme

➼❱ Server multipiattaforma

➼❱ Stanze private su richiesta

➼❱ Ruoli privati e/o personalizzati su richiesta

➼❱ Staff disponibile e sempre pronto a portare assistenza a chi ne ha bisogno
Benvenuti PC gamer Console e andate a fanculo voi che vi chiamate mobile gamer
This is a server Dedicated to Playstation and its Consoles! (Games too!) Here are the rules:

Rule one: Cussing is allowed.

Rule two: Please respect other people here. This is supposed to be a chat for Playstation fans and Gamers alike. If you are caught bullying you will get ONE WARNING and after that you will get banned.

Rule three: There is an NSFW chat for a reason, please ask for the @Nsfw Role if you want to be in that chat. If you are caught posting explicit content outside of said chat you will be banned immediately with no further questions.

Rule four: There will be spoilers here! So do not complain to me or anyone else if you see something spoilery!


Rule six: Inappropriate Usernames/Nicknames/Profile Pictures are not allowed and you will be banned if you refuse to remove them.

Rule seven: Please converse with people in English only here!

Rule eight: There will be no Loli content here. I don't give a shit if the character is 3,000 years old. To a passive observer it looks like a young child. You will be banned on sight if found. (This also goes for regular Child and Cub porn! Fuck off if you want to post that blasphemy!)

Rule nein: There is a ban appeal but if you were banned for a severe enough reason, it will not be accepted. All ban appeals go through me.

(These will be updated often within the server so come back regularly!)
Short High Kids! the place where People from different worlds meet up and chat! 💭
⚠️ UPDATE: Looking for server partners.
We support PS4 (PlayStation 4), XBOX,
Mobile and PC!
Any Minecraft, Terraria, cs:go, Fnbr, .io, online, or simulation gamers are welcome!

➖A community of players looking for a friend or looking to play some games!
➖🎶3 Music Bots🎶
➖Custom roles and ranks
➖Gift card Giveaways and mc ranks
➖Seasonal and Special Events 📅
➖Trolling events
and Rank Giveaways

A quick server review is much appreciated. Even if you join and leave the server, I always appreciate feedback. - (Owner and Administration team-The0pDuck)

Just a server where you can come chill and chat about games. You can play games with other people or hype up new games. Please no spamming.
We don't have many members do be one of the first.