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Come and join to meet up with new people on your favorite games! We have a wide verity of different franchised games that we support within the discord and are looking to expand that scope of mind. We are a new server looking to expand and gather all fellow gamers to make one big happy family! We hope to be able to get you guys in with your new friends and help those lonely ones find the right group for them! Our staff team are always willing to assist with anything that maybe wrong with your stay here in Alpha Realms! Hope to see you in the galaxy!
Hey wir sind eine Community die ausschließlich nur Dead by Daylight und Deceit spielt :) falls ihr die Lust habt beizutreten könnt ihr es gerne tun ^^
Heyo! This is just a general server for fans of Dead by Daylight. Very LGBT friendly and will most likely talk about it often. If you're easily offended by ships or pairings, don't join. Join to meet others that are also into the game!
Join on his adventures as he finds all the best people in all the best games.
Hello and welcome to DBD Roleplay!

Now while this server is mainly for RPing it is also open to people just talking about and enjoying the game as a whole. So we really welcome anyone here!

Please remember to check the rules when you first enter and all that fun stuff! Anyways I hope you enjoy our server!

🔸 Slightly strict server
🔸 Roleplay server
🔸 Dead by Daylight
🔸 Be nice and we’ll be nice back!
This is the server from DEAD BY DAYLIGHT RP1 for custom maps and characters. We aren't that strict, but do have deadlines for making/getting a character. But just DM the owner for more time. But, most importantly for this kind of server, have fun. Hope to see you soon!
This is a server for anyone who wants to RP and enjoy Dead By Daylight with others in general. Also, we allow characters that you might not want into our server so if you don’t want it, you can just give ‘em to someone else. We allow NSFW and any offensive memes you want. Hopefully you join us and we can have some fun!
A Discord Community for people who play Dead By Daylight and various other games! Come here to find Survive With Friends groups, and to join our Facebook Community!
We are a small community looking for more members and we have codenames for ex: P-90 and so on. We are looking forward to having you in the server and playing games and talking with us! New self assigned roles!
Hello everyone if youre looking to join a newly formed server and see it grow then come on in and join me on this adventure.
Server is 18+
Average age is 20-25.
Don't be a asshat.
Don't get easily offended.
Have fun.
Join my new server. We talk about..everything. We're just another gaming community needing more members to chill and play with.
This is a Dead by Daylight server, it's primary purpose is to serve as a way to look for others to play with, find new friends, and possibly enjoy a bit of role-play on the side.
League of Gaymers is a tight-knit, LGBT-friendly community of gamers who enjoy friendly, non-toxic gaming. Our goal is to make this server a fun, comfortable, and relaxing place for both old and new members.
Dead by daylight Discord server for asians(japanese, korean, any asians)
if you are playing dead by daylight then u're welcome, if u just considering to buy dead by daylight
then just come join :")
데드 바이 데이라이트 디스코드
dead by daylightディスコードルーム , 日本人も歓迎します.
Newer Semi-Realism Isle server. All types of gamming. Just a growing community with great people and staff to have a good time playing the games we love.
The Hitmen Community is a friend-founded gaming group, that originates from Rainbow Six Siege. This is a place to meet new people to game with. Have fun with the numerous bots, level up to get rewards, and more!
We're all losers down here Georgie. Just a band of nerds looking to chat, chill, and play games. Anyone and everyone is welcome and we hope to make the server a little less dead. Other than that were pretty chill and always looking for new members.
OSIO is a PS4-only gaming clan that combines a love for the game itself and skill at that game to join. Right now, we will take anyone with skill, since we have just been founded! We are serious about competitive play.

We are currently looking for a Fortnite Leader and an H1Z1 Leader. This is someone who will lead every member in that particular game and will have to be willing to train and play with them.
Join the fog and rp as canon and original survivors and killers! All are welcome to participate in trial rps, campfire chilling, and original character creation and discussion.
Welcome to Guildhearts! This server is basically used for gaming, discussing latest anime episodes with fellow members, and we even host events for the members. It's a welcoming community and will be more than happy to have you apart of it! Join us if you would like to!