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A growing Minecraft server. Starting with Survival then evolving into more! Come join is on our adventure!


-> Free For All
-> Brawl
-> PvP
-> Leveling
-> Prestige
-> Coins
-> Shop
-> Voting Rewards

Make Sure to join the DISCORD:

FFA Discord is not just a server dedicated to the FFA Minecraft server, we are an open community that allows people to chat amongst other members , it is a place for people to find new friends with similar interest and we're growing everyday. We strive to give our members an active environment for them to participate in.
We are a role-play sever about controlling any country or terrorist group in a WW3 setting. Bring your friends to team up as one country or to face each other to prove who is better. Develop new weapons, recruit a army, fight other countries, and have fun. We are always accepting new recommendations, and we are looking for more editors (staff) to help support the sever. Even if you don't want to strategist, and just want to watch you can. Come have a great time and, beat your enemy JOIN TODAY!
*New Server*
Custom bot (bèta)
Friendly staff
Donk factions is a Minecraft server with a discord, we have factions, economy, raiding, skyblock, and parkour. Server is amazing, so are the staff here!
We have a minecraft server factions skyblock survival kitpvp prison
We support every platform from Mobile to Pc.

A community that supports others.

If you want to play with others join and come talk and play.
We have lot's of events and giveaways
for the most part some people will play if you Dm them or you just msg them
in the chat(Note:first 15 people to join get OG rank)
[NEEDING DEVELOPER & STAFF]! We are a new WoW private server. We will be opening soon! Until then, join us, and introduce yourselves. Meet the most active & friendly members & members of staff!
This is server for one of million roblox games Booga Booga u can invite ur friends an all of us can play like 1 big gang.
We have vip servers we have full gods we got best gang ever.
Looking for a new server to play? Looking for a server different from factions and peaceful towny? Look no further, ConquestCraft is here. We have a unique take on the towny gamemode with plenty to do if you are a peaceful player or PvP player. Join on our custom map, use custom items, and forge your legacy today!
Agent HQ is a small PC Division1/2 server, We are mostly mature EU gamers who PVE/PVP regularly. We discuss the Division daily and take the p*ss out of each other all in good humor. So if you have a good sense of humor and have a passion for the Division or are new but want to really get in to the game join us!

WickedPvP - A factions server hop on in to start a faction with /f create and /f help. WickedPvP is a Minecraft Factions server.

-WickedPvP Staff Team.
welcome to leenMC

leenMC is a Minecraft server where you can be yourself in minetopia. where you can get a criminal or a rich guy, and you can be show your building skills in Sky Block. where you can create an island. we have 5 game mode and 1 or them is switching monthly it’s the LTM game mode and it is officially called limited time mode. and we have last but not least bread party. bread party is the game mode where you can be a good player it’s a game mode as bingo but then it is with bread only. you must get all sorts of bread.

we hope you get excited to join us server

-the leenMC team

-owners: LuukPlaysNL#3566 and jassiecraft#6832
-the best helpers ever: jarnick#4757 progamertygo#1757
RevolutionMC Factions Releasing: TBC

1000 F-Top Prize
Flawless Cannoning
No Lag
Custom Enchants
Unique Builds and Spawn
Custom Bosses and Loot
PvP Warps
Unique Faction Commands
Constant Updates
Gen Buckets
Trench Pickaxes
Faction Permissions
Custom Sets
IP: @everyone
Unitæ est un serveur qui repose sur le concept de teams. A votre arrivée sur le serveur, vous devrez trouver les coéquipiers avec qui vous vivrez cette aventure. 3 à 6 membres par équipe. Choisissez bien ! Vous aurez une semaine pour choisir les mates qui vous correspondront en discutant dans le channel qui vous est destiné à faire connaissance : #recherche_équpiers ; après quoi, si vous n’avez pas trouvé, vous serez automatiquement assigné à une team. Si, au contraire, vous avez senti le courant passer entre vous et au moins 2 autres membres, il est temps de créer votre team et de s’engager dans l’aventure avec eux. Contactez moi : @Léa#8432, @emil00j#7379 ou @Yuu#0010 en mp en listant les membres de la team, ainsi que son nom, que vous aurez préalablement choisi.
Dark Souls Switch Discord is a large community of people playing Dark Souls Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. We encourage Coop, PvP and item trading/transferring. We also host events that you will likely have seen on Reddit.
This server is based on Minecraft bedrock PVP. If this server grows i'll make a little tourney.
Here are the rules

1 Dont spam or flood
2 Dont send anything related to NSFW (+18)
3 To enter the tournament you need to own Minecraft bedrock (xbox one, switch, mobile or windows 10)
4 Respect the owner (me)
5 No talking about politic
6 Dont be dumb
7 No trash talk or bad words
8 No offending
9 If you lose, dont go insulting everyone
10 Have fun!
Tazzy Factions 1.12.2 (1.8-1.13 compatible)
Small factions community hope to grow!
added new /F top and others like sellwands and genbuckets
We have lots of cool features, and even a creative building world added soon will be linked apart a bungee server with our minigames one!
Helpful starting commands: /information /help /rtp /kits
For the 30th-Feb 1st we will be giving free vip to certain members randomly for playing!
More information can also be found on our site located at
-Rewards for referring friends/family to the server
A Minecraft Factions Server where you can play with your friends to become the biggest faction on the server. On the discord we make giveaways and you can earn money and giftcodes by inviting your friends.
We also have an own bumping bot (free version available)!
Join Now!

Erlebt mit uns auf unserem MCPE Server ein schönes Abenteuer wir bitten CB, Factions, verschiedene Minigames sowie auch skyblock an wir sind momentan noch im Aufbau und freuen uns über jede Unterstützung Na neugierig Dan join doch einfach mal unserer discord Community!
Mfg. Die Teamleitung
This server is about Minecraft Mostly and Its discord for this server named Xotix is a PotPvPBased Minecraft server with practice and lots of fun you can do in it you can even listen to MUSIC! and chat even if you don't have Minecraft!
—Currently Open for Beta Testing—

Welcome to Perdition, a Fantasy/Cyberpunk roleplay with original world concepts that focus on the schism between Man and that which is not. This is a custom world in which fantasy creatures, everything from elves to nightmarish monsters, live in a world at war with humans. This server aims to combine free form roleplay with some tabletop elements borrowed and simplified from Apocalypse World/Monster of the Week for realism and fairness as PvP is heavily encouraged. This is also an erp supported server, which is an optional trait that does require our members to be 18+.

The roleplay is set in a place called the Valley of Perdition, where two settlements of each faction have been forced into an armistice by an intervening force hoping to foster peace in a place of war and hatred. Though forced to stand down, tensions have never been higher and bounty hunting, assassination, kidnapping and tracking have surged in popularity, allowing war to continue in the silence of night and shadows. A person can either try to live a peaceful, hard working life in the protected walls of one of three settlements in the Valley, or they can venture forth and join the fight.
• Withering is an RPG-style bot with a main focus of PvP. You can open chests for exotic gear, destroy your friends in PvP, Or team-up in an alliance! You can also collect rare artifacts, unique gems, or even grind to new and mysterious ranks!

- Withering offers a bunch of neat features! -
• Lots of bots to use and mess around with!
• A fun and chill community!
• Self-roles!
• Tournaments! (Eventually)
• Very active staff!