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This is a minecraft discord for my minecraft server please join we need members! it means a lot if you join and play i love you all also we will be needing youtubers!
Server for overwatch pugs (pick up games) which is basically better Comp, and also a server to find people to play comp with. Basically PC only, but if we get more people maybe we could expand to Console.

1. Must join voice chat
2. Must cooperate with your team
3. No toxicity
4. Two heroes will be banned for each game, both teams pick one hero each to ban
5. The map gets chosen so we don’t get shitty maps like horizon LUL colony
6. Have fun and don’t be a dick
7. Don’t leave mid game
8. There is a draft: I flip a coin to decide who picks first, it goes 1-2-2-2-2-2-1 so it is 6 on each team, the first two people who want to be captains will be captains and will pick their team members
Dark Souls Switch Discord is a large community of people playing Dark Souls Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. We encourage Coop, PvP and item trading/transferring. We also host events that you will likely have seen on Reddit.
A growing Minecraft server. Starting with Survival then evolving into more! Come join is on our adventure!
Hi guys!
Cryptocrowns is a crypto coinflipping website where players can player PVP games versus each other where the winner takes all!
Join our discord server for free codes!
Unitæ est un serveur qui repose sur le concept de teams. A votre arrivée sur le serveur, vous devrez trouver les coéquipiers avec qui vous vivrez cette aventure. 3 à 6 membres par équipe. Choisissez bien ! Vous aurez une semaine pour choisir les mates qui vous correspondront en discutant dans le channel qui vous est destiné à faire connaissance : #recherche_équpiers ; après quoi, si vous n’avez pas trouvé, vous serez automatiquement assigné à une team. Si, au contraire, vous avez senti le courant passer entre vous et au moins 2 autres membres, il est temps de créer votre team et de s’engager dans l’aventure avec eux. Contactez moi : @Léa#8432, @emil00j#7379 ou @Yuu#0010 en mp en listant les membres de la team, ainsi que son nom, que vous aurez préalablement choisi.

Erlebt mit uns auf unserem MCPE Server ein schönes Abenteuer wir bitten CB, Factions, verschiedene Minigames sowie auch skyblock an wir sind momentan noch im Aufbau und freuen uns über jede Unterstützung Na neugierig Dan join doch einfach mal unserer discord Community!
Mfg. Die Teamleitung
RektStrafe also known as pvpdojo is a fairly new Minecraft server and, its purpose is to bring you the best Minecraft Practice PvP experience. The things that differentiate it from its competitors are the anticheat and outstanding hit detection.
√ Gaming guild
√ In-game teaming
√ Giveaway
√ Trade
√ Friend-making
For fortnite.(Global)
━━━━━━━━━( 🌀 )━━━━━━━━━━
StormP is a newly made minecraftserver.
This is Cyclize's Official discord/minecraft server.

• Looking for Staff.
• Looking for discord members.
━━━━━━━━━( 🌀 )━━━━━━━━━━
Email: [email protected]
20 years ago a massive battle occurred that wiped out most life on the planet, leaving only millions left to rebuild and to Conquer their former lands. What is this battle? Well it is named “Battle of the ages” and what happened? Well after Korea had declared war on South Korea and invaded them NATO and America hoped to their aid but Korea was backed by China and for some reason Russia... all nations decided that they must choose sides to take down this mega threat and eventually sides were picked, war raged on for 12 years and finally Russia decided to bomb everyone including themselves... this left the planet and shambles and now all that’s left is the remnants of what was. How will you survive this new earth?

Note: This server has multiple quests that you and your friends can partake in and discover secrets and get rewards, battle still does rage on so shall I say... have fun and remember... at least die trying.
this is a discord server full of kind and helpful rust players looking to have more people to join this awesome discord server. There are giveaways occasionally and, everyone is willing to help you or your friends out if you are new.
The server discord for the ARK Xbox server pvp kings we have maps on our cluster those being Extinction and Ragnarok come join today!
Funo Network... The newest audition to the Minecraft bedrock family. Hop in and join in on the fun!

The more Funo, the more fun!
Welcome to Energin, We Own a KitPvP Minecraft server with Tons of Custom features. We have very friendly staff And a Active Community.

Anyone is Welcome to Join.
Over 800 members strong! If your looking for a chill spot to talk anime games etc then this is the place for you. We have about 8 bots for music, pokemon, and anime. We host ARK: Survival Evolved Servers! We host servers for other various games as well. Join us today!
Within The Culling Discord, Contestants will find a place to socialize with other people who share your interest for the game with all things Culling and Non-Culling related. When The Culling: Origins is released to the public, The Cullmunity will host Money Matches. Money Matches allow Contestants to win cash prizes by competing in intense Custom Games.
If your looking for a place to gossip and play games, share memes and play in-server games then this is the server for you
This is a wonderful server under the RGN network which hopes to create a good intrigueing experience where players can PVP but also do non PVP oriented tasks such as maybe becoming farmers. Establishing townships etc.