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Ok Boomer is a growing *Xbox/Win10 cluster. ⇩⇩Read below⇩⇩

32 Slot Rag
32 Slot Extinction
32 Slot Center
20 Slot Abb
32 Slot Valguero

-20x all stats
-100x hatching
-infinite player weight
-infinite structure pickup
-custom drops
-custom engrams
-in-game store
-Great community
-Very Fresh

And much much more listed in the discord ⇩⇩
This is a server where we play pretty much anything related to minecraft, its pretty small at the moment but i hope it will grow, also it my youtube discord where i sometimes record vids.
Goist Hub - Zone Wars is your home to West Coast Fortnite PvP. We host daily Zone Wars, and allow a place for matchmaking and game hosting.
Join our NEW Minigames server SPIRITMC ( in development)
LOOKING FOR Builders, Devs, Players, and Staff!
1.8.9 - 1.14.4 Java!
Massive variety of Minigames!
Discord for an ark server with Custom Drops/ Custom Crafting/ Custom Engrams/ Custom Currency. Join to find out more
Roll up, roll up..... Scum Paradise welcomes one an all to come join our fresh, fun and mostly friendly PVE/PVP server! Come on your own or come as a team and enjoy what we think is the perfect set up for everyone to enjoy, no matter how you like to scum. We have special community events at the weekend with great prizes to be won and many laughs to be had. The loot is high, there's cars everywhere if you know where to look and the admins are active and helpful to those just starting out on their adventure. We also have some very serious players....... so come an have a go if you think your hard enough lol (English Speaking Server with players from UK/Europe and USA)
The Conservatory is a Wizard101/Pirate101 server specializing in unique tournaments and PvP opportunities. We plan to launch a roleplay segment for those interested, as well as having a large support team to help people improve at the game.
Looking for new recruits for an upcoming hytale server I am creating. Everything will be funded for when hytale fully releases. If you would like to join and help the brand new community feel free to come by our discord. First members will be given staff positions and perks after full release.
The Five Point Regulators are recruiting members from all walks of life! Lawmen, Outlaw, Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector, Illegal Moonshiner, PvP, RP, everything with the exclusion of greifers. PvP players don't have to RP and RP players dont have to PvP. We are Anti-Griefer and will always defend our friends and allies. Consider joining today!

So, you're a Minecraft (Bedrock/Java) player huh? You're in the Cubecraft Bedrock Leaderboard? If yes (or no), join this server NOW. The server contains Minecraft player that plays on mobile, console, pc and are the èlite of the èlite. (We also have people from different regions, such as Europe, America, South/West Asia). Noob or Pro you're still welcome. We also give roles to our members, you can check them on #roles. Sometimes we also do events like UHCs and stuff like this. So. WHY AREN'T YOU JOINED YET, JOIN OR I WILL DELETE UR FORTNIGHT ACCOUNT!!!
I make the best resource packs in 2019.
Join and check them out! - #🎯public
(Most are 512x)
A place for Dark Souls players to meet and play with one another, no matter what title. BloodBorne players welcome as well, this server is not only one of connection but one of acceptance. LGBTQ+ supported.
After all was said and done, the Champion of Ash crossed seas to an unknown place to live out the rest of his days in peace and somber quiet, where he found what was left of a place once known as Majula. He found naught but a single shack, and decided to move himself in. He began seeing strange figures wandering around his home, one of them being a hulking man with a beard, with a gruff voice wielding what looked like a Blacksmith's Hammer. He vanquished the Shade and went back to sleep. The following night, he woke to even more Shade, most of them being white in coloration, a select few being gold in coloration. These Phantoms had found out about the Champion of Ash's deeds through the connection that Phantoms have with anything living, and had been attached to him ever since, watching from afar, observing him. Now there is the Phantoms of Dark, a name seemingly opposing their purpose of vanquishing those who would attempt to curse the world once more like King Vendrick did so many ages ago.
We are a group of avid sea of thieves players who enjoy meeting new people even if it means sinking them later on. We love sharing stories between each other, so come join us and we will share stories, sink ship, and steal.
│ NameMC →
│ Twitter →
│ Discord →
│ Youtube →
The Wenja community is a friendly/happy community that is always looking for new members. We also have active admins to help anyone that needs it.

Welcome to Wenja
Server info:-


To connect, follow these simple steps:-
1 Launch Rust and then press F1.
2 Copy and paste the following "client.connect" and then hit enter.

- We are a new UK server with Active Admins.
- Server wipes every 4 weeks on 25th.
- Day 1hour Night 30min.
- Vanilla gather.
- 10k Stack.
- Trade.
- QuickSmelt.
- Clans.
- AutoFuel.
- RemoverTool.
- Kits.

No Vac Bans or Gamebans newer than one year.
No Racial Comments.
Serveur Discord d'un serveur minecraft qui cherche des membres et du staff.
Site internet :
Looking for the best PvP experience but less grind? We have the perfect server for you! boosted rates ease the progression and make the game overall more enjoyable to where you can still enjoy lots of PvP and Grind!

20x Harvest
120x Mature
24/7 PvP
Active and Fair Admins
Starter Griffin

50 Ragnarok (PvP)
10 Extinction (PvP)
32 Valguero (PvP)
10 Aberration (PvP)
20 The Island (PvP)
50 Center (PvP)

Wir sind ein Fortnite Clan der Aktive und Nette Member sucht wir bieten euch eine Altersatmosphäre von 10-18 Jahren. Ein Kritikfähigen Clan mit Netten Member sowie Netten Supportern. Wir suchen Kritikfähige Leute sowie Nette und Aktive Member.
The UberMC Minecraft Server Network. Running 8 years strong!
Running the best minecraft gamemodes such as skyblock!

A Minecraft server with a great community that loves to have fun!
Join now to participate in GIVEAWAYS and EVENTS weekly!

Servidor orientado en armar un equipo competitivo, y participar principalmente en Torneos.GG. Además, podemos disfrutar de diferentes tópicos tales como anime, videojuegos, política, etc. Ven y únete a nosotros, ven a formar parte de nuestra familia; y crezcamos juntos.
Compete as one of three Factions to collect the most Bacti. PvP other players! Discord bot game, no download necessary. Based on BlackBox, A Tamagotchi inspired game with jrpg/pokemon style gameplay! Raise your pet to fight! All pets are unique.
Astral Network, an Arena KitPvP Minecraft Server.

The ip to connect is:
Recommended Game Version: 1.7.10 - 1.8.9 (for pvp), 1.14.4 (for skyblock beta)

Main Rules:
Be respectful and don't cheat.

Notable Features:
- Crate Rewards
- Player Vaults
- Good Knockback
- Vanilla Pots
- AC Autobans
- Shop
- Plots

Soon adding more games such Factions, Survival and Practice.