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We are the New Appalachian Gunners a PVP based faction where we are a private army for the other factions to hire as well as players we profit off of war encourage the PVP community and accept them we don’t care what you do in game raiding bases fighting players all accepted we are the the Appalachian Gunners
A high fantasy roleplay community on the Xbox one with friendly and responsive admins. With an original, every branching story it is the best way to experience the conan lore.

Hosted events

Light on rules

Roleplay and fun are the main priority

Join now and take what's owed in the savage lands.
You play Fortnite and you are looking for an Clan?
: We are a friendly group and we are looking for members.
: We have some good players, but you musn't be the best player to join us.

Our only two requirments are :
Must be older then 14 years to join
must be able to speak German or/and English.

If you want to support us you can also use the Support a Creater code el2-clan in the item shop.
Welcome to Hall of Honor! This is a For Honor server, here you can connect with other For Honor players and talk and play with them. We also have a general tab decked out with text channels for: memes, pokemon, music, anime, and other games. Every Faction has its role and text and voice chats. The server will change like any other during time and we hope you enjoy your stay here!
Hey! Welcome to Vexation Network, a network dedicated to minecraft. With plenty of features, cheap ranks and a great, funny community, what isn't there to love?
Legends of middle earth! [PVP / RP] [Lotr Mod!]

Legends of middle earth is an Lord Of the Rings based Minecraft PvP and RP server. We strive to create the ultimate Lotr mod experience in Minecraft.

We offer:

- Good staff.

- Good builds and lore builds .

- Good plugins.
- Lagg free
- Lovely Community
- Quality Roleplay
- Good Wars
- The option to make custom characters
- And much more!



IP -
Rules -
Site - UpComing
Wiki -
Discord -
Welcome to the HitHubMC Disboard description! You are probably here to see what we have to offer and how it is relatable to you!

We strive to be one of the best kitpvp servers out there with seasonal updates depending on special events happening in real life OR just genuine server events such as birthdays, anniversaries e.t.c

What we have so far:
We are currently developing a KitPVP server with custom kits and maps for you all to enjoy! We hope to expand this kitpvp into Factions some point into the future with raiding tactics and OP WEAPONS like no other!

What roles do we have in store?
Well we are a BRAND SPANKING NEW server and we are looking for:
> Members of our staff team to lead the community and help out throughout it all
> Developers! To develop... Duh
> Builders. To build.... again.... Duh..

Anyways drop on down and see if you fancy it! If you want to get into contact with me directly my discord username is > BrexitHasHappened#3669

Welcome to our server! Here is our discord I'm looking to build a community that will work together and have fun oh and how could i forget kill eachother! The server has plenty of pluggins and room for improvement, I will listen to any ideas to make this one of the best rust servers! Have fun !
Ark Ps4 unofficial server. 5x gathering, 15x breeding & maturation, 5x exp. A fun mix of pve and pvp with admin hosted events every Friday. Weekend color events as well. Join our discord for more information.
Join my discord server!
apply for staff
This is a community server to find other gamers!
Game servers:
minecraft- in development. apply for staff if!
unturned- not out yet
Hypixel- (community server for now)

Games to play:
io games

giveaway when we reach 100 players!
This is a factions server for ps3 minecraft players to have fun and vanquish your needs for pvp and raiding bases. We will be having many factilns with a maximum of 6 players ti a faction. Come and invite your friends to start of with a faction. There is a store, un-raidable vaults and a hang out area in spawn. Also check oit the warps. So far we have warp nether and warp end. So bring your friends and have some fun pvping, raiding, and lots more in minecraft ps3 edition! Now you dont have to get a pc to play one of the best minecraft mini games!
Going to make this real short and simple: A server based on tournaments, casual duels, any sort of PVP, or anything you could possibly want.
This discord is for all fortnite players looking for a good time and looking to find new people with a lot of very active admins, we all know the struggle of playing solos so why not come along and play some SQUADS!!
BLACKHEART is a souls-like progression based combat roleplay server centered around the ongoing war between Humans & Monsters; fighting to reclaim a fraction of their former lives. The roleplay is considered PVPVE, meaning while players may be engaged with combat with one another? There is always something lurking around the corner. Players must be aware of their surroundings at all times; one’s awareness being the deciding factor between life and death. This roleplay is PG14. Gore, Violence, and Drug Usage may be present — however, nothing beyond that is acceptable. Players will be immersed in a brutal and unforgiving environment; given nothing but wooden weapons and the clothes on their backs to ensure their survival or certain ( and rather hasty ) deaths. From there, it is up to you to decide how you shall forge your destiny. Will you rise to the top or fall beneath another’s feet, no more than a mere stepping stone to their glory; the choice is yours, Traveler.
Looking for new recruits for an upcoming hytale server I am creating. Everything will be funded for when hytale fully releases. If you would like to join and help the brand new community feel free to come by our discord. First members will be given staff positions and perks after full release.
Welcome To ZenithPE
What We Have
🔰- Survival!
⚔ - KitPVP!
☁- Skyblock!
⚒ - Creative!
🤵- Excellent support!
⬆ - Free ranking system!
🌐 - Supports 1.11.0
🛡 - Claim sections of land to protect your base from griefers!

**This Server Is Still In Development Stage
HexteriaMc is a server that was made by players of the community coming together to bring back the factions that they love. Not only just bringing back factions but they had brought with them experience and expertise to work with the playerbase to make sure everyone is able to enjoy their time.
HexteriaMc has a 1500 ftop rewards this isn't even talking about the giveaways and youtubers that will be able to giveaway items to fans!!!
We are a survival Minecraft server and use the LOTR Mod to bring Middle-earth to Minecraft.

Travel Middle-earth, fight enemies and learn the extensive LOTR Mod at your own pace!
Hello! And welcome to Twilight, here at Twilight we look for players with more than 500 kills. You must be at least 6+ to join, you must be active everyday, Inactive players will be kicked. If you have a reason to be inactive head to our <#588872282844299264>. If you would like to leave, please contact me or any of the other Hr's, Because if you leave without any of us noticing, we will have to look for you, and we don't have time to look for you, by the time we look for you is the time we host a training, if you do not have 500+ wins ok! you can watch and be a spectator! And you can hangout! We accept any member here! Thanks for joining Twilight! And since your done reading here go check out <#588870234623180820> to get you started!
an RP server that takes place in an enormous coliseum in the middle of space, everyone is welcome! just follow the rules
se serveur et un serveur pvp faction avec un but qui change selon les version et nouveautés apporter par les admin,le staff et serieux mais simpa se serveur et super bien fait
We are a fortnite clan looking for members. If you where in a server called Vortex it was hacked. (My old clan)
We Have a nontoxic community
Turtle Wars
Clan Wars
And Amazing Staff!
This soon to be popular server is thriving on its smart staff and its experienced developers. We are always looking for staff and we need a higher player base. This is a discord for a Minecraft server.
Welcome to Woofwoof server. Join me in the game, SCUM, for PvP, PvE and RPG.