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This server gives you the power to do anything you'd like. This is a new anarchy server, started in September 2018 with the purest players. With no rules means no set backs, and with no set backs makes your mind the only limit.
Ok Boomer is a growing *Xbox/Win10 cluster. ⇩⇩Read below⇩⇩

50 Slot Rag
32 Slot Extinction
32 Slot Center
20 Slot Abb
32 Slot Valguero
32 slot Island
20 slot Scorched Earth
50 slot Genesis

Servername: OK Boomer
~ 20x stats
~ 8 map cluster (adding genesis on release)
~ Xbox/Win10 crossplay
~ Balanced player stats
~ Infinite player weight
~ Very close official dino stats (boosted stam/weight)
~ Wild 150s (tek 180s)
~ Player 105 (before ascension)
~ Custom drops
~ Boosted beaver dams (For more paste)
~ Infinite structure pickup
~ Half food/water drain
~ Gas lasts 2x longer
~ 6 man (No allies)
~ Full PvP server
~ In-game shop (Uses berrybush seeds)
~ 1000x stacking
~ White drops starters

And much much more listed in the discord ⇩⇩
TGN is the community to join, with varying game nights to enjoy and play our favourite games. If you're interested in Minecraft, we also have our own semi-vanilla survival server. Our Minecraft population has grown with 16,000 unique players from January 2019 to January 2020!
We have 2 servers Livonia and chernaraus
Livonia is mainly PVP 52 slots
Chernaraus is only PVE/RP 52 slots
(-NO KOS unless in military zones)
We have mods!!!
-well kinda we changed the following items
One spawn (easy to find each other!)
More food!!!!!
Cars have all parts working! Fill with gas and water and go!
We can see who raids you and they WILL be removed from server!
Base raiding in Chernaraus is illegal! No KOS
Livonia is PVP Base Built server where every is up in economy we so come try both of our server !!
Astral Network, an Arena KitPvP Minecraft Server.

The ip to connect is:
Recommended Game Version: 1.7.10 - 1.8.9 (for pvp), 1.14.4 (for skyblock beta)

Main Rules:
Be respectful and don't cheat.

Notable Features:
- Crate Rewards
- Player Vaults
- Good Knockback
- Vanilla Pots
- AC Autobans
- Shop
- Plots

Soon adding more games such Factions, Survival and Practice.
⇨NEW Ark Cluster. Opened Feb 21! ⇦
Have you ever wanted to play an actual dinosaur game, without all the sci-fi stuff?
We feature a unique system that stimulates venturing into different parts of the game aside from the regular grinding resources and raiding.

⊸ No ORP
⊸ No Tek
⊸ Low Boosted 5x
⊸ Custom Drops
⊸ Harvesting varies between 5-10x
⊸ 6 Person Tribes - 1 Ally
⊸ Explosives found in Alphas and Bossfights (not craftable)
⊸ Berry Bush Seeds as an alternative in-game currency
⊸ Slightly boosted character stats (decently boosted weight)
⊸ Faster breeding and maturation
⊸ Custom Recipes
⊸ Pokecord


At launch:
➻ Ragnarok
➻ Aberration
➻ Valguero
➻ Genesis (when available)

Adding later:
➻ The Island
➻ The Center
➻ Scorched Earth

With the Extinction dinos added to Valguero and Ragnarok, we have decided that Extinction will NOT be a part of the cluster.
Like what you see? Then this is the place for you!
Come join our discord for all the server information and be part of a long term, growing community!
Nous venons d'ouvrir le serveur discord pour notre futur serveur Minecraft : "Cristalium". Nous venons de le créer voici la pub :

Bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux de Cristalium !

Ici vous pourrez vous amuser sur notre serveur (quand il ouvrira) mais ne vous inquiétez pas car sur le serveur en attendant l'ouverture nous vous proposons des animations drôles et divertissantes !

Les recrutements sont-ils ouverts ?

Oui, ils sont ouverts, nous recrutons des :

-Community Manager
-Responsables Partenariats
-Animateurs Discord

Lien d'invitation :
Welcome to The Calico, sailor! We are a Sea of Thieves discord of mostly higher skilled players. Open to Xbox and PC players. We are a ruthless and bloodthirsty bunch of men and women that thrive on PvP, and stealing other peoples stuff. Come and enjoy yourself, meet great people join the crew, and be more pirate! See you on deck! Age 16+ (Experienced players recommended)

Go to the #role-assignment channel and follow the prompts to gain access to text and voice channels!
We welcome adventurers from all corners of the gaming spectrum who are looking for more out of online gaming. We are dedicated to providing our members with a community that they can be proud of. In doing so, we pride ourselves on promoting a gaming culture that embraces respect, loyalty, and camaraderie above all else. If you are a Black Desert Mobile player, please come visit us.
Bienvenue sur le serveur VenumFaction
VenumFaction est un serveur Minecraft Pvp-Faction en développement accès à tout public !
Avoir Minecraft en version 1.8 à 1.14 pour se connecter au serveur
Nous recherchons aussi des joueurs actifs et motivés impatients de l'ouverture qui feront tout leur possible pour faire VenumFaction soit un grand et beau serveur.
Si vous souhaitez être Partenaire sur notre serveur, vous devrez avoir un serveur comptant au minimum 150 membres.
Si vous souhaitez être Youtubeur, vous devrez avoir au moins 500 abonnés sur votre chaîne YouTube.
Ce serveur Minecraft sera créer pour accueillir toutes les versions. ──────•───────────────✦∗❀∗✦───────────────•──────
VenumFaction c'est quoi ?
VenumFaction c'est un PvP/Factions inédit possédant de nombreuses qualités:
» PvP/Factions FarmToWin
» Système de vote pour gagner des items
» Crack acceptés
» Events inédits et réguliers
» Une machine 100% optimisée pour un GamePlay 100% Nolag
» Des Plugins inédits
» Un Staff présent et à l'écoute des joueurs
Nous recrutons actuellement du staff !
➱ Des Builders
➱ Des Développeurs
➱ Des Modérateurs
➱ Des Helpers
L'ouverture du serveur ce fera le 1er Mars à 15h00 ! Alors qu'attend-tu ? Rejoins nous vite !
Serveur :
The UberMC Minecraft Server Network. Running 8 years strong!
Running the best minecraft gamemodes such as skyblock!

A Minecraft server with a great community that loves to have fun!
Join now to participate in GIVEAWAYS and EVENTS weekly!

Compete as one of three Factions to collect the most Bacti. PvP other players! Discord bot game, no download necessary. Based on BlackBox, A Tamagotchi inspired game with jrpg/pokemon style gameplay! Raise your pet to fight! All pets are unique.
So, you're a Minecraft (Bedrock/Java) player huh? You're in the Cubecraft Leaderboard? If yes (or no), join this server NOW! The server contains Minecraft players that plays on Mobile, Console, Pc and Nintendo Switch. (We also have people from different regions, such as Europe, America, South/West Asia). Noob or Pro you're still welcome! We also give roles to our members, you can check them on #roles. Sometimes we do events like UHCs. So. WHY AREN'T YOU JOINED YET?!?!!? JOIN OR I WILL DELETE UR FORTNIGHT ACCOUNT!!!
Welcome to Quin's Ark Stream Server!

Below are the rules and they are expected to be followed at all times. Failure to follow the rules will result in a ban without warning.

1. Only people with Stream permissions, will be allowed to stream. You can join to watch but if people are doing game callouts, you may be muted.

2. The admin team will be multi-streaming so that you can watch them and see what each person is doing in the game.

3. No hate will be tolerated period.
Welcome to CombatZone x1000000|#1|BATTLEFIELD|KITS|Shop|TPA|Home|CLANS ALOT MORE !!!

**Hi all! This is a minecraft bedrock edition server! It will be released real soon! Join our discord now to get updated!

What we have atm in-game:
*Prisons 🔒
- Crates 🗝️
- Unique mines ⛏️
- Special ranks 🌟
- Custom enchanments 🎩
- Enchanments books 📕
*Skywars (coming soon) ☁️
- Pvp stats ⚔️
- NPC for winners 🗿
- Leaderboard 📋
*TNTrun (coming soon) 🧨

- Fun bots! 🤖
- Special ranks 🌟
- Invite rewards 🎁

Join us now and have fun!**
A factions PvP server for ps4, no kos unless in military zones, whitelist and application protected. Strictly enforced rules
The Conservatory is a Wizard101/Pirate101 server specializing in unique tournaments and PvP opportunities. We plan to launch a roleplay segment for those interested, as well as having a large support team to help people improve at the game.
10 server PvP Ark cluster on PS4
「✦」20x , 12 man
「✦」5,000 members
「✦」300+ emojis
「✦」Color roles
「✦」Idle miner
「✦」Idle RPG
「✦」Box Bot
「✦」Friendly and helpful staff
「✦」In-game giveaways
「✦」Partnered with other Ark clusters
Лучший сервер посвященный майнкрафту! У нас ты найдёшь друзей для игры в различные мини-игры на любых серверах. Также у нас есть: Группа в ВК, Гильдия на сервере Hypixel, свой ресурс пак и множество крутых ботов!
We are an Xbox server and we focus on DayZ right now. We enjoy many other games so if you are curious, feel free to come and ask.
Destiny 2 clan server looking for members, all types of players welcome!
Introducing the very first Minecraft Bedrock Tribes realm! There are 3 different tribes you can choose from. There is PvP and raiding other people. But no griefing allowed whatsoever. It comes with a beautiful castle spawn and a long stretch of farms and a town. Think you can dominate? Do you think you’ll have the strongest tribe? If you think so, join now!
• 4 Man
• 2x Healing
• 15x Harvest
• 15x Tame
• 15x XP
• 20x Breed/Hatch
• 0.5x Food/water
• Balanced
• S+ / AA
• 1 Ally
• Custom Drops