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Welcome if you're reading this message then you're interested in this rp which is fairly new.

This rp takes place in the winter setting of the uncharted part of North Dakota as settlers and colonists are arriving and there are major factions at this time period and is fighting over the land of this fair but harsh winter land. You can be whoever you wish to be within reason of course. The british has come as has many other major countries taking part in this struggle, while others decided to be independant and colonize the rough land trying to survive the winter to get to the summer time.

So who will you be! will you survive the winter!

-There is dice-rolling and a fairly new crafting system

-Active staff team

-A good community.
It all started with a few people who had a lust for power and money, they had very little but cuz of thier greed they didn't care. They brought in people form other parts to work for them and build up everything. (call them slaves if you'd like) and it was fairly small when it started. Slowly more people with lust for power and money came and started building as well and soon it was divided by the biggest landlords. People started settling in and so was the money and power. Eventually it all fell due to poor leadership. And the ones ruling or taking care of the city and villages where the own people and a few rich folks. Of course that didn't go so well. Not having someone to give them sence of direction everything was getting worst and worst for the people of clockwork.
After the original landlords lost power due to poor leader ship. 5 came out of no where which to thier luck they had both money and power to make it to the top and rule thier own lands. But one had Supreme power over the other 4 which became the Supreme leader of the city of clockwork. Everyone did thier parts on ruling thier districts to thier own will while helping other districts as well. Some wanted the well being of thier people and advance in technology for the better of society while others wanted to gain more power so they also advanced in technology as well but only for thier own gain. Most lived in peace others liked drama but over all every district was known for one thing or another.
The great creators of the world Zafista has casted among their first goddess, their first born being that walked among the land. For she was the child of them, and she had became the founder of all lands, the creator of man and creature, as well as the mother of all Gods and Goddesses. Yet in time, all of the children of that goddess were raised in a different perspective. Made in purpose of violence, balance, peace and more.. her children rose to an occasion of shaping the world the way it is in the current time. From wars to murders to rightful events that may cause either the cursed winter fate or the great spring life of the world.. and to death of those of importance. Though thousands of years earlier did one of her children cause ruin and chaos among kingdoms, seas, and more... and despite her efforts she had no choice but to seal her away into an abyss. Ever since that day has the world gone to peace, but what is a world without destruction and madness?

- Memes :3
- Come along to chat with the owner about the lore and more
- OOC Rp
- ERP being limited only twice a week
- Yes, NSFW channel for NSFW pics. (No erp in there please!)
- Upcoming updates for the events at time, as well as new additions
- Free ideas from you guys
- Possible custom roles?
The world of King's Call was a large land mass, with everyone living together as one. However, a massive disaster caused 90% of the world to be submerged, lost to the depths below. Technology was ruined, and the world became shrouded in darkness.

Yet even in rough times, innovation survives, and the light of creativity shines through the dark. New technology and ways to travel and live were developed, and the world, though divided by the seas, was together once more.

And you're the next innovator, whoever you are. Whether your a humble archivist or chef, an aristocrat or swashbuckler. You are the next to traverse the world, meet new people, fight off the horrors, and uncover secrets that no one has ever seen!

What are you waiting for? Assemble your crew, and set sail!

L'espèce humaine a bien évolué. Des vaisseaux interstellaires, du renouveau génétique, un empire intergalactique bien rodé et contrôlé... On en viendra jamais à regretter notre vieille Terre, ce pauvre caillou maintenant carbonisé orbitant autour du premier prototype de Sphère. Les Conseillers sont là pour nous, ils contrôlent tout et ils sont justes. La paix n'a jamais été aussi présente... enfin, c'est ce qu'on voit.
Fidèle aux Conseillers ou Mercenaire Rebelle , prenez place dans votre vaisseau pour explorer ce monde gigantesque

4 Races qui sont des humains génétiquement modifiés disponibles, des systèmes stellaires à découvrir et explorer (4 de base, chacun avec des planètes différentes), des combats à faire avec des armes et des commandes informatiques en temps réel géré par le bot de ma conception ^^