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Es un grupo divertido para conocer gente y jugar distintos juegos.
Jugamos mucho amoung us hasta hacemos torneo de eso.
Tenemos bots de RPG y Pokemon para que la gente juege y difrute.
Prohibimos cualquier contenido NSFW y Spam sera banneado. UWU
-= Seja bem-vindo ao servidor The Elder Scrolls =-

Aqui o servidor é dedicado a fãs da serie de jogos TES! Skyrim,Oblivion,Morrowind entre outros.

Buscamos criar uma comunidade com o intuito de juntar pessoas para construir uma juntos!

Também procuramos criar um RPG que misture muitos elementos da franquia com raças, deuses e alianças, inclusive dando ao máximo de liberdade na hora da criação de seu personagem, criando um mundo imersivo de fantasia. (EM DESENVOLVIMENTO)

Se você não conhece a franquia não se preocupe estamos aqui para ajudar a conhece-la.

Estamos começando por favor venha fazer parte dessa comunidade.

Venha fazer parte desse universo maravilhoso que vamos construir!
This is a server dedicated to the game "Illusion" by lunarolexler, even though we usually discuss everything except that, we worship Furuta Nimura all the time and the members also have blue nipples so if you join your nipples will become blue rip
Only farm, serveur français basé sur le rpg de Sky, un super bot. Si tu ne connais pas son rpg viens nous voir nous nous ferons un plaisir de te l'expliquer.

sur ce serveur :
des giveaways, des salons de farm et plein d'autres choses.
Come join our community for TTRPGs!
- Active Staff
- LGBTQ+ Inclusive
- Picture Channels
- Open playtesting
- Community-run games
- Memes galore
- Public and private voice chats
D&d roleplay server free for all to join and enjoy! There are always room for more members to come and join us all on our lovely adventures!
Siamo un server totalmente nuovo per poter trovare giocatori per role 18+, tramite i ruoli si potrà inserire facilmente le proprie preferenze e giocare con persone con tag adatti e cercare.

ATTENZIONE: SERVER STRETTAMENTE 18+, non entrare se non si è maturi

≛An advanced RPG bot≛

__What Obelisk has to offer__

♟ A helpful staff
⏳ Daily dungeons
🗃 Personalized stats
🧮 Tons of Unique items
⛓ Customizable profiles
🛡 Fun and challenging quests
🏹 Multiple classes to choose from
⚔ An interactive hunting experience
💸 Upgrades and a shop with all you need

Join us!
『 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔼𝕞𝕖𝕣𝕒𝕝𝕕 𝕊𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕙 』
**Are you looking for a new server to steal memes from? Or socialize with fellow Jojo fans and anime fans? Right here is the server you're gonna wanna join, we are Jojo's Bizarre Adventure themed and offer a variety of cool shit that will catch your interest**

• aren't too strict, but will enforce if need be✦

• We don't tolerate bullying, welcoming to new members✌

• Organized Server with not a lot of chatrooms ✩

• Jojo Stand Collecting and Battling system made by the owners unique to this server ༄༄
•accepting of all groups of people (even non jojo fans) ❤

• We hold **Nitro Giveaways** every milestone 💸

• in need of new members! *ゴゴ*

『 *Stand up, Join us* 』
Welcome to Luna's Corner! This is a brand new growing community, building from my Youtube channel, LunaCyclone. We offer a kind server, full of gaming related channels, media sharing, content discussion, assignable roles, and NSFW channels. Come hang out with us!
Largest Toram Online Guild-Based Discord Server
A Completely Toxic-Free Server for all Toram Players to enjoy and hang out with!

★ Various Voice Zones and Music Zones
★ Full Security by the Verification
★ Market for all sorts of stuff
★ Friendly members to chat with
★ Bulletproof rules to avoid toxicities
★ Reaction Roles! Choose your own roles
★ Trusted Services such as Refinement, Statting and Synthesis

What are you waiting for? Join us Now! :)
Welcome to AFA's Euphorie private academy, thé school die children with abnormal abilities and rare disorders!! Here, we devide our school in two, as the two classes attending AFA's EPA tend to...get in smal arguements. The two classes are 1A (PaCy1) and 1B (MaDy1). Both classes Will follow a modern scedule, tho there Will be some diffrences in certain tasks, tests and scedules. It is reccomended not to get too close to thé other class.
1A: PaCy1 stands for Purity and Clearity year 1. In this year you Will learn how to controll your Powers and how to use them at effective levels against others. Your special schedule Will include: 8 hours of training Every week, 3 hours Purity training and 1 hour clarity hold. At the end of each trimester a fighting Correct usage: color add random thé higher your Points Will be.
1B: MaDy1 stands for maddness and destruction year 1. In this year you Will learn how to drive People to thé Verge of maddness and how to destroy. Your special schedule Will include 9 hours of training, 2 hours of destruction and 1 hour of maddness stabilizing. At the end of each trimester a fighting Correct usage: color add random thé higher your Points Will be.
Aoba! Bem-vindo(a) ao Adaresh RPG!

Nosso servidor foi criado inicialmente com o intuito de ser a casa de nosso cenário de RPG de mesmo nome.
Basicamente, seria um local para que todos pudessem jogar e aproveitar do cenário.

Porém, como ele não está pronto ainda, resolvemos deixar o servidor como uma comunidade de RPG de mesa em geral.

Ainda estamos bem no começo, então aceitamos novos membros para a equipe e sugestões de como melhorar! Mas, tenha em mente que nem todas as sugestões serão aceitas.
Floralia est un serveur RP (role-play) axé sur la ville. Le jeu se déroule dans une ville moderne et en avance sur son temps. La personne qui est actuellement le maire est Mark Foster. Vous pouvez faire un tas de choses sur le serveur : travailler, envoyer des SMS et des mails, aller vous promener, acheter une voiture et encore beaucoup d'autres choses ! Les métiers se comptent par dizaines, il y a un système de faim et de soif ! Ce serveur est certainement le plus réaliste de tous. Sur ce, je vous dis à bientôt sur Floralia !
✅Communauté sympa
✅Staff à l'écoute
✅RPG In-Chat
Serveur avec un staff réactif et présent, un serveur communautaire avec pour l'instant une communauté en construction étant donné que ce serveur est relativement jeune, ainsi qu'une partie gaming avec des jeux tels que Minecraft et d'autres thèmes basés sur d'autres jeux.
Un RPG en chat est aussi présent pour votre distraction.
Le serveur est en constante amélioration, alors donnez vos idées dans le salon dédié.
N'hésitez pas à rejoindre, nous vous attendons.
The Parable Universe is a high fantasy conworld that is currently in-progress. All fans or supporters are welcome.

Du hast die Discord Server satt die immer was neues versprechen und am Ende doch nichts bei rauskommt... Dann bist du in Xanio City genau RICHTIG!!

-📈 Unser einzigartiges System ermöglicht es dir nicht nur an der Wirtschaft Xanios teilzunehmen, Nein!

-🎮 Du hast die Möglichkeit durch echte Spiele wie League of Legends, fortnite und co (Spiele noch in der Programmierung) Quests zu erfüllen und dich so an die Spitze der reichsten Mitglieder zu kämpfen.

-🎠Kaufe, Verkaufe, Spiele und rede über Anime, Games und Co.

-💠 Lust bekommen? Joine unserem kleinen Server wo alles möglich ist!! ❤

Und "Lasst die Spiele beginnen!" 😋

( German / Deutsche Community)
↣ ↣ ↣ ↣ ↣ ↣ Vortua Roleplay [18+] ↢ ↢ ↢ ↢ ↢ ↢

Forget everything you know about written role play.

Journey to the realm of Vortua to where you can explore expansive lands, battle fearsome monstrosities with your guild, and tip the scales between good and evil with every action your character makes. There are several original races that each struggle against an array of problems unique to their region of the world that they must face within their nation, but also strive to keep the balance of their nation’s relationships with the other domains in check or risk toppling over the tense peace felt across the realm. We promote most genres of role play from combat, horror, adventure, to slice of life and more all putting together a complex tapestry of a complete world with a variety of characters to meet. Your actions through your character will be felt across Vortua and could mean the difference between lasting peace and unbridled chaos within this medieval fantasy world.

We are an incredibly warm and accepting community looking for your creativity to add to our collection to give the world more life. The Vortua staff have designed RP friendly mechanics that allow for endless role play potentials without the risk of overpowered characters. There is also a world wide narrator to liven up the world to host events which adhere to a strict unbiased code of conduct to ensure the quality and activity of the world is upheld through a myriad of quests. Experience and time put into the RP is rewarded regularly through growth you control unique to your character and their abilities. We have art giveaways, monthly updates to our lore, our own flora, fauna, regular quests and events, and pride ourselves in the thrills of exploration while maintaining a plot positive environment.

1. We are an 18+ focused role play server on Discord. Those 16-17 years of age may join if clearly marked with an agreement to abstain from sexual content.
2. You must post a casual minimum of at least three sentences per post with proper grammar. (Everyone makes mistakes, but you have to be able to read to stay immersed! Typical average is at least 2 paragraphs, but the point is to enjoy the experience.)
3. You must adhere to rules and complete a character sheet in our character roster.

[16-17 year olds may join with content restrictions applied.]
Salut à tous,

je suis ici pour vous parlez du serveur le monde des shinobi c’est un serveur avec système de rol , qui va reconstituer les 5 villages ninja du monde de naruto
point_right Notre objectif est simple, Créer un serveur avec du fun , de l’amusement et un peu de tryhard xd

Nos promesses :

➤ Un système de combats avec commandes bot
➤ Des évents chaque jour
➤ Des nouveautés chaque semaine
➤ Staff à l’écoute
➤ Serveur DURABLE et de QUALITÉ
➤ Plus de 500 techniques ajouter

small_blue_diamond Un système évolutif , une académie ninja , des alliances entre clans et village , des guerres !

Si vous êtes des shinobi intéressé venez nous rejoindre

The Notebook.
A strange place.
Dead but yet Alive.
A yes but yet a no.
Will you be able to survive it?
Halt! You have stumbled across the realm of Skyrim, come join us in our journey! In the realm of Skyrim, you can:

- Join a hold, army or neutrality.
- Join 2 guilds/cults.
- Roleplay and travel the world of Skyrim.
- Send your very own memes and art!
- And more!

NOTE: You MUST follow the rules in this server, or there will be consequences following your actions.