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Note: It is recommended to have watched the Code Geass anime and movies to understand the lore.

This RP is set in Ashford Academy which is in the Tokyo settlement of Area 11. Area 11 is the name of the Imperial Province of the former nation of Japan which was conquered by the Holy Britannian Empire within a month. This is before the events of Code Geass R1.

Submit your character applications and become a student today!
Welcome to owozone! Originally a server for memeing everything, now something we actually want to build into a community. Join us for occasional events,anime talk, gaming, role play and role playing games (like magic the gathering) and more! We'd love to have you!
Hello all my fellow tabletop RPGers and welcome to summer!

Have free time you need to spend this summer, or just looking for an active campaign? Boredom eating your insides, or need your 5e fix? Well I've got a solution for you! Join a very fun and exciting Westmarches campaign! Enter the world of Brando's Westmarches Campaign and explore the many continents and countries we have written in depth for player enjoyment. Adventure to find mythical objects, aid other organizations; enter tournaments to win food, or loan yourself out as a mercenary! In this campaign, the adventuring life is covered in all aspects, from sitting around the guild spots to chat and drink, and going out to slay liches and dragons. The game is yours to play the character you've always wanted to go in-depth with, building a great story on the adventures you go on with friends. We have a lot to offer including very active text RP channels, arc based long term adventures or casual short adventures for when you're bored, casual conversations, memes, lots of love, and so much more. We are always looking to add more active players!

We are based around the globe now with two DMs in the GMT area, one in the Eastern Asia region, and DMs spanning the American time zones. There is almost always an adventure or small scene to play out in the text channels for anyone and we do our best to have a voiced adventure every so often as well! Due to the campaign size you never have to worry about making every adventure, and on your free time you can roleplay with other players in the roleplay channels!
Here you will explore the world of Xel; an advanced universe where magic, science, and advanced technology live along side one another. Step into a life and live your story; be a wage slave for one of the massive MegaCorps who rule the world, join an organization, live a life of crime, become someone, or die forgotten. Here your choices are your own…or at least that’s what they tell you. Dive in because this life is only what your masters make it.
A brand new server for creative adults. Come to create, have fun and make friends.

We offer:
- Community activity (Events, networking, challenges)
- Safe place for adults, has confirmations
- Diverse creativity from many fields
- Help to grow as a creative person
- Place to chill and spend freetime
- Friendly environment to LGBTQIA+, disabled and POC
- Easy role system and music
《Bienvenue petit terrestre✌》

• ¿Envie de rp? ¿De rencontrer de nouvelles personnes? Tu es au bon endroit!😊
Ici, tu pourras enfin sortir de la réalité et t'amuser à travers un (ou plusieurs) personnages de ton choix!😌
Il existe pas mal de particularités, qui sont plutôt cool, alors on espère que tu trouveras ton bonheur! ^^'

• Bien-sûr, il n'y a pas que le rôle-play, il y a aussi des salons vocaux, de discussions mais aussi de partage!😇

• Petit truc en plus, il y a même des salons pour nos chers écrivains, photographes ou encore dessinateurs qui cherchent des avis ou de la visibilité!🎉

• Nous, staff gentil et accueillant, cherchons de bons éléments, des personnes actives et impliquées! :)

• Rejoinds-nous et tu verras, tu ne seras pas déçu!😉
We're a new server dedicated to being the first server to have a Roleplay based off the classic RPG Series, Golden Sun. We're still fairly new, but here's what's to expect.
-Very Active Owner
-Decent Staff
-Friendly, NSFW free environment
-Channels dedicated solely to roleplay, bots, memes, or anything you want added, we can add it.
[ The Story ]
Some time after the events of Dark Dawn and the Grave Eclipse, Weyard has lived in peaceful times. Though, the Militia known as the Tuaparang are becoming bigger and posing more threats to the peace, and an ancient weapon known as the Corruption Spawner is on the brink of being unsealed. Only a sword known as the Corruption Channeler can break the seal. The Sword was taken long ago, and is in the hands of the Tuaparang. Darkness looms on the horizon...
Welcome to Day R survival!

Do you want to talk to people that like this game too, Then join us!!!
We organise game nights and more

1. You can rank up in this server to show your dominance
2. A warm and welcoming group!!
3. We have great bots!!!
4. You can have fun jobs here
*Quit the biching and join us..
Looking for a fun role play scene and love Dragon Age? Look no further! Brand new server with writer friendly admins. Canon continuity so you know what to expect and lots of room to develop your characters without being micro-managed. We are accepting OCs as well so jump in, see how it works and have a good time with good people. Happy RP-ing.
≈≈≈❅ Ein meowsches Willkommen zu den Pussycats! ❅≈≈≈

Dies ist ein Server der noch in Aufbau ist, aber dennoch vieles zu bieten hat wie z.B
➸ Self Roles + Vorstellung

➸ Levelsystem

➸ NSFW Channel

➸ Werbung

>> & noch vieles mehr!
» Wir freuen uns auf jeden der dem Server Beitritt & hoffen, dass wir einestages ein größeren deutschen Server haben können!  «
💛Friendly Kingdom💛 is a community server for people who would like to meet new people and make new friends! So if you like what the server is about join.

So what does this server have?

🌸 Friendly moderators

🌸 Fair rules

🌸 Games

🌸 Leveling system

🌸 Events

🌸 Self assignable roles

🌸 Other things for you to find out

We hope that we will see you here!
-💛Friendly Kingdom💛 Team
Online D&D community based (also includes a few other game systems but mainly D&D) on Discord. Live chat/voice with over 2500 members about everything D&D related with members from across the globe.
From beginners to seasoned veterans, if you're interested in:
• A place to seek players for your campaigns
• Looking to get started at DMing
• Looking for a group to play with
• Simply looking for tips and info
Du magst Tokyo Ghoul und RPGs?
Dann bist du hier genau richtig!

Hier gibt es Server eigene Emojis, viele rp möglichkeiten, verschiedene Bots und vieles mehr!

Das RP spielt 20 Jahre nach den Ereignissen des Animes. Es herrschte 10 Jahre Frieden doch aufeinmal fingen verrückte Ghule an wahrlos unschuldige Menschen zu töten. Dies konnte vom CCG auf keinen Fall toleriert werden und somit gingen diese wieder auf Ghuljagd. Doch dabei tötete das CCG auch wieder unschuldige Ghule und so fand wieder Krieg zwischen den Menschen und Ghulen statt. Ehemahlige Organisationen, wie der Phönixbaum um Goat sind auch wieder zurückgekehrt und noch viele andere Sachen.
Mensch, CCG Agent oder Ghul hier kannst du dich entscheiden wer du sein willst!
Into Role Playing Games? How about Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack On Titan)? Then this server is for you. We update and add mechanics almost daily, the only thing we're lacking is a playerbase to populate the server. If you're interested in complex and intuitive gameplay coupled with a leveling system and roles, then this is the server for you. We also have less strenuous gameplay options. In all honesty, you'll just have to check us out c:<

We've also been described as D&D but in Attack On Titan world.. so if that's your fancy cx
Join Outward Discord.

Hello adventurers,
We are enthusiastic and share this game server with you.

Outward is an open-world RPG where the cold of the night or an infected wound can be as dangerous as a predator lurking in the dark. Explore the vast world of Aurai, embark on memorable adventures alone or with your friends.
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑

▷Action RolePlay!
▷Active Staff!

**▼ Current Theme: ▼**

🎮 Final Fantasy VIII: SeeD Academy!

*-Balamb Garden is a major location in Final Fantasy VIII, situated east of the town of Balamb. Students (usually orphans) attend school in hopes of becoming SeeDs. Balamb Garden is one of the three Gardens in the world.*
*-Squall Leonhart, Zell Dincht, Seifer Almasy and Selphie Tilmitt live and train at Balamb Garden, and Quistis Trepe works as an instructor.*
*-The Garden works both as a location, and as a method of transportation around the world map. Using the Garden is made redundant by the game's end as the player obtains an airship that can be used to move around the map more efficiently.*


**▼Join us here!▼**

《 <> 》
《 <> 》
《 <> 》

**Banners** 🖼 《 》

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here

๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑
This a Pokémon and café themed server! Make friends to play pokemon and POTCG with here!!

we mostly have:
-pokemon themed roles
-monthly steam game giveaways
-cafe themed roles
-leveling and shop system
-daily competitions for exclusive roles
In a world of humans and Elves, set in the modern era. Primarily controlled and ran by humans, they had decided to strike a peace treaty with the Elven race. Finally, after countless wars and pointless blood spills, both races have learnt to respect one another, giving them another chance and letting society grow as one.
In the city of Markhelm, awaits a warm welcoming community, filled of driven, strong willed people. In Markhelm, a prestigious school named Portum was built and ran by Jesse Sanchez. Jesse was a world famous retired kick boxer and Ex Army Veteran. He had invested and spent millions upon millions to build the best facilities, and recruit high quality, best fit teachers for the Job.
The school had been dominating over other charter schools, being known as the “Triple A” academy; the A’s all stood for something else.. something each student could separately strive in, Academics, Athletics , and Arts.
Despite all pros about the school and city.. there was dark, horrific rumours circulating about students disappearing and vanishing off the earth. Parents were left devastated, the police left at a lost for words, reporting the unfortunate news. The city earned its new name, along with the school. New rumours appeared, the school gained names such as “The school of the dead.”, “The Cursed Academy.”.. Jesse fell into a great loss, trying to regain the once praised title of a school once loved by all; it was nothing more then a forsaken, feared place. Years passed, the amount of students dropped drastically. Rumours stirred up about the principle himself, ”What did he think of the disappearances?” .. ”Was he the reason for them?”... ”Where was he now?”. Over the years, the principles presence was nearly forgotten; the more students whom vanished, the less people saw of him. The school, being as prestigious as it was, had high standards. Marks bellow B’s were fails. Punishments were served to those who couldn’t reach the expectations.
More and more questions built up as people began to suspect the principle. But one question still stood.. ”Why would he do it? What was his motive?”. Small protest began to occur outside the school, parents were enraged, the community was enraged for the lost of their children, the future of their city, the world. The city was consumed by the anger and frustration from the lack of answers and signs they were longing for. Anything would’ve sufficed for the people who were losing their loved ones. The school had became a bad omen for the city of Markhelm. Everyone avoided the school itself, the students whom remind lived in fear, giving up their humanity to survive; avoiding the chances of being next. The same conflict remained.. parents wanted answers, the community, everyone wanted answers.
And where was Jesse? Gone, just like the students.
Ten years ago, Earth was on the brink of death. The edges of the world were broken beyond repair and as each day passed, the work society had spent centuries creating seemed to be unravelling and being resigned to oblivion. Body bags littered the streets, and the stench of death forced many to lock themselves indoors. Diseases stalked every corner of every land, adding more and more victims to its devastating death toll per day. Food shortage was at its peak, with people witnessing others dying before their very eyes due to starvation. Humanity as a whole was steering directly into the face of extinction.
However, amongst the rubble of destruction, a shining piece of hope revealed itself; Envision.
Envision, the virtual reality system that saved Earth from total collapse. The initial goal behind it was to create a system to reverse, or at least stall, the overwhelming world hunger crisis. See, when you eat a fruit salad or nachos or chicken or whatever it is that you like to eat within the Virtual Reality, you’re actually consuming a substance in the material world which would otherwise be intolerable to your stomach, had you tasted its actual flavours. But, thanks to Envision and the manipulation of the parietal lobe, it tastes like whatever the user is eating in the Virtual Reality.
As time progressed, Envision continued to undo the path to extinction, solving the lack of space and the diseases in the air with further improvements to the gear. At launch, humans could only manage to remain in the Virtual Reality for five hours before being required to take a break, but after the upgrades occurred, Players could remain within Envision for as long as they wanted. There were no longer any risks of catching diseases in the real world, especially since most of the population were protected by the VR.
It looked to be a revival.
Now, all these years later, a new threat has emerged - A monster who goes by the username of ‘Infinitum’ has been slaughtered countless victims within the VR and somehow, it’s been killing the victims in the real world in the process, which was something that was considered to be impossible. Envision is becoming less safe by the day, and there seems to be no end to this user’s trail of blood.
So…Are you up for the challenge?
A community focused Tabletop RPG server! DnD! Genesys! Star Wars! And much more general geekery! All are welcome! Join today!
Just a growing server dedicated to Anime and Gaming.
Friendly staff and people.
A Warhammer 40k RP! (Yes, REALLY!)
-『Easy application, friendly staff! 』
- 『Any Imperial faction! 』
-『Lore light, focused on RP! 』
-『Staff run missions & events or free RP 』
-『Active member base! 』
-『Ńo҉ẁ ̧Wi͡t́h̀ 10%͏ ̶Les͢s ̡H͜ereśy!͠ 』
3 Pokémon bots together in one server!
🏡Original Towns
⚔️Original Gyms
🏅Original Badges
🎊Giveaways & Events
🎮RPG-Like Progression
👾Monstacord (Boosted Server)
💠Pokémon Adventures💠is a server based off of the original
video game franchise. Here you can catch wild Pokémon
throughout our carefully placed channels. We encourage dueling
and using all of the Pokémon bots that we have in our server. Duel
real players to win badges and complete your journey, or
become a gym leader yourself in💠Pokémon Adventures💠!
***(Rules and restrictions apply)***