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We are a UK based server that is all about the TRPG Dungeons and Dragons. Whether you're simple looking for a game or want to have a chat we have it all here. Come and join!
The world of Kaizer is a mystical place, filled with wondrous races and rich wildlife. The world may have been ravaged by a war, but it wasn't anything they couldn't recover from. Now the people have peaceful lives and daring adventures....but something lurks in the background, and it may soon rear its ugly head.

Server Features:
*Hunt down monsters and humans that threathen the peace.
*You can be good or evil, your choice!
*You can go on on dungeon raids with other willing explorers.
*Wanna make a race? Creature? Maybe even weapon?Right this way!
*A magic system that is simple enough to learn, yet still plenty enjoyable.
*An economy with shop items.
*A fairly good timezone coverage.
*Fun members, Like for real they are lit.
*Tupperbot for making your characters feel that much more real.
*And so much more!
Join today!
Hey, I’m looking for people to help play test this ttrpg that I’ve been making for about two months. Please give me feedback.
A Minecraft server releasing in June 2020. We are currently developing the network and advertising to build up the hype but in the meantime, have fun with other gamers who play a range of different games.
Welcome to Lynx Guild! Lynx is a Pokecord server who wants to provide a safe, toxic free, and Pokecord Noob Friendly, environment! Here at Lynx we have many things to uphold us and push us toward our said goals such as:

Classes for our apprentices and newcomers

Dungeons to challenge our civilians and prizes for our lucky winners

Occasional Giveaways,

Gambling channels and casinos for those of you with who are feeling lucky,

Plenty of bots to entertain you,

Friendly and helpful Admin and Staff to help in situation,

A rant and support channel for those of you who feel upset and sometimes just want to let out your emotions and for others to maybe give you advice and help you with those problems,

Sponsorship that you can buy for your other servers

And much more! We really hope you decide to join and become a permanent and active member of our server. Tell your friends and enjoy your time here!
A community to play DnD with!

We put together a few groups of D&Ders and pick a campaign to DM! We accept any level of experience and offer support and assistance with making a character! We have a few campaigns going on at once with scheduled times to D&D!
This server aims to be a central point for new and experienced Players and Dungeon Masters to learn, practice and revise various D&D related material and mechanics. We are also a very friendly community who have grand adventures together
D&D Haven is a SFW server for dungeons and dragons! Except for swearing, but, all classes are included! We have RPBOT!
This is a dungeon and dragons server that needs dungeon masters and players. DM’s that wish to start a camp will need to audition. Don’t be shy if you don’t know how to play, we’ll teach you!
Long ago a woman named Rella Dina who ruled over all of Pharli constructed a tome from binding all of the base elements to a book. When she tried to perform magic her body was torn to the bone and the magic she summoned rushed into the corpse. It was animated and she became the first lich. She was cast out of royalty and exiled to the outreaches of the continent. She still lives today, practicing her magic trying to find a way to enter the abyssal realm.

Now people hunt her kind. Clearing dungeons and removing the unholy liches that reside in them. Will you join the fight against this dark corruption?
Join a great community of new and old players alike, Here everyone has one character that they play with in all games!
Greetings Our server has PvP, Survival, Dungeons, Custom mobs, Economy GUI, Shops, Claims, one of the best anticheats and of course a custom BLOOD plugin for a more realistic experience ! No lagg, the server is fully optimized !
Do you want to play D&D but not have a group to play with? Well, look no further than the Argent Crossroads, a D&D 5e one-shot server set in Faerun! With a host of Dungeon Masters, multiple games a week, and total flexibility in your participation, you can start right away! And don't worry if it's your first time playing D&D, playing on a server like this, or if you have any questions: our active staff team is always there to help if you find yourself wondering what to do!

We hope to see you there!
Hello! Feel free to join! Always looking for new players! LGBQT+ Friendly
Setting: 2000  years after nuclear fallout, Ukon a continent of Radien has found a new rhythm. Technology nearly completely destroyed the only viable sources hoarded, you find yourself a survivor or maybe someone born to this world. No one call them zombies, but places where the bombs had struck took the most damage, corpses rising with crystalline growths and a hunger to infect, people avoid those areas, people tell you to too.  You wanna find the Spire. A place rumored to have an absolute hoard of riches and tech. And maybe even a cure to all of this. The catch is, no one has been able to find it, and those who do never come back. You are hired to track down the entrance to the spire by an Alchemist. But the real reason why could vary. The cure? Some cool tech? Money?

(more lore is available as well as world maps)

Time: Variable,  Zone = Mountain time

Bring: Character sheet

We play roleplaying games! Great place to find a game to play with people, and to improve your character building, campaign developing, and home brewing skills. We have weekly competitions, server events, and a great admin staff!

We might be a small server now, but we're looking to grow in the future. Come in and say hi!
We are the INEVITABLE DISAPPOINTMENT CLUB! We are a discord server created by a group of friends to promote and facilitate the wonderful world of TableTop Role Playing Games among all skill levels.

We have the Level Grinders. A program to help out new DM's in learning to become a Dungeon Master.

We have the Mythic Heroes. Our trusted band of adventures so seasoned in the art of Dungeons and Dragons, they walk through the deadliest fights without a scratch. With their help we can train any willing adventure seeker, into a true hero of mythic proportion!

We have:
D&D campaigns
World Building discussion channels
Art channels
Ways to earn points to redeem awesome rewards
and people that want to help you learn more about the amazingness that is TTRPGs
We are a D&D 5e Westmarch campaign with several DMs and a growing player base. If you are interested in adventuring in a darker fantasy world where you can pursue your goals with freedom, creating your own missions to carry out, or take on quests put out by our DMs then come join in the fun.

We run games at various times and have dms from around the world. We are primarily centered in the US and EU timezones.

All officially published material is allowed.
Hi please join us and see screenshots channel to know how fun we shall be having.
"Welcome to the World of Arcane, This world is full of adventures and secret hidden dungens! This World is full of life and adventure as you venture from the icey plans to the red moutians of Arcane, in this world the 3 reagons are in chaos, thanks to their dark lords...We need your help to bring order to the land of Arcane! In The Icey Moutians the Evil Drakus and his army of the Undead invade planning to rule this plane of cold and harsh winter. In the grassy planes the evil Witchdoctor Aria expiraments on living things and turns them into mindless slaves to take over the grassy planes of Arcane! deep in the deserts of Arcane a Evil and terrifieing Warlord of Legends threatens the plane of life itself, by commanding orsk and dark elfs to destroy what you used to call home! which adventure will you depart on? and will you sucsessfully save Arcane and return it to its Natural Order?"
We are a primarily D&D discord server we currently have 4-5 active GM's running games, across all time zones.
We currently play primarily a lot of 5th edition D&D. If you are new and saw some videos on youtube about this and are looking to get into it. We can provide you the books and necessary resources to get started!

We have about an average of 1 game a day (more are clustered around the weekends.)

We also offer a world that you can run campaigns in, we also allow GM's to build their own settings in the world, so you can run most traditional campaign in there.

If any of this sounds interesting, then go ahead and join and I look forward to seeing you in there!
Hello this is a fun little campaign set in a homebrew world with gods at war with one another and humans stuck in the middle. Im looking for a few players to take part in this adventure. We do NOT use any program we use theatre of the mind and i will post images and such to give the basic ideas for players. If your interested come on and join. Ill welcome everyone who joins when able. Each player will have a channel dedicated to their backstory which they may edit as they wish. Along with a channel for secrets about their characters.
We are adamant about being a LGBT friendly.

The basic story is these players where killed in their own worlds at the exact same location at exact same time do to the actions of a crazed maniac. They speak to a goddess who offers them new life in exchange for assisting her in destroying another god who she hates more than anything. Even giving a rare item to each person based on their basic idea. Sword. Dagger. Armor. Item ECT... Theres even rare hidden spells similar to shouts from skyrim. But these are located in ruins throughout the land and anyone can learn them but they are taxing on the body unless you attain GodSlayer points which happen when players kill Gods. Even minor gods.