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This server is made for minecraft players all around the world that love minecraft for what it is. But in the recent updates mojang has removed pigmen and added emotes. Emotes can stay in fortnite for minecraft will not become one of those games that only matters if you have the coolest emotes or skins. On our server we have fun and play minecraft as talk about memes and have fun. We have alot of things to do on our server like:

---{Voice chat}---
---{Minecraft bots}---
---{mod app}---

Our server is for everyone but whoever who supports emotes and skins that are needed to be purchased, those people can think about their life choices.
**Akora Studios**
Tags: Community, Development, Design

Development Dsicord bots
- Akora Bot (Java)
- Chicken Bot (Node JS)
- Shinu Bot (Node JS)

Whether you're a Hacker, a designer, a regular programmer, or just a person who wants to socialize this is the right server for you! Here you can ask for someone to help debugging your code, post and see memes from other people or even hangout with the community!



What we cover? The Server covers the following content.

- Java
- C# (CSharp)
- C++ (C Plus Plus)
- C
- JavaScript
- Python
- Lua
- Game-Development
- Web-Development
- Mobile-Development
- Engineering (Not as much)
- Cyber-security
- Other Technologies

These are just the main categories we have on the Server, so we are able to support you with anything else.
Hello guys this is a minecraft server for medieval roleplaying. Come and join the fantasy of sholay.
This is a PC Minecraft server (Java) this server is not actually a realm.
Join if you want to play in the Minecraft server :D

-----[-Medieval Realm -]-----
🎬 - Minecraft 1.15.2
🆓 - Free Ingame Ranks
🎯 - Per GameMode Ranks
⚔ - Kits for each Rank
📦 - Crates for more Loot
💯 - 100% uptime
🚫 - No Lag
😎 - Friendly Community
⏳ - Easy rollbacks
💽 - Server ranks = Discord ranks
🌎 -Skyblock: Build your empire from scratch
🤺 -SkyPvp: Fight your friends!
🔪 -Survival: -Most popular- Survive against nature with your companions!
🏡 -Creative: The only limit is your imagination!
🏙 -CityBuild: Cities built from the ground up
What you can get with a rank:
⛏ - Custom Kits
📜 - Special commands ( /fly, /enderchest, etc.)
💬 - Original Chat Prefix
Social Programming Group, no specific programming language we talk about everything and anything feel free to join us :) we also play games together sometimes!
This is a Discord server for a Minecraft Java Edition server for 1.15 (maybe 1.16) that has nice and forgiving staff and is a great place to spend time during the pandemic.
Luminous is a PVP Client for minecraft 1.8.9. Client has good FPS Boosting and custom made mods.
A minigame Minecraft server, me and my friends build minigames and you can test them!
(Java 1.16.1)
We are a Java specific programming server where you can learn Java or teach it to others in classroom chats, we also have specific channels and help for understanding how google play, app store and steam works if you ever want to or are trying to publish something. We have advice for game engines to use and professional programmers to ask questions. If you have made a game or app, no matter how shitty it is, we will place it in our game promotions channel, such that your downloads may be boosted. Join if you believe Java is the superior programming language.
We are a Java smp (survival multiplayer) server! We currently have only survival but plan to add more gamemodes in the near future! We have staff applications open!
Welcome to Morbay city! We are here to build our world and start adding civilians. We want to make sure that everyone who joins has a part. We need 10-20 25 ish people who are willing to voice act and rp! We also need 20-40 minecraft java builders who will help make the world! Help build the family! Spread word and populate Morbay City!!!
The official server for the amazing Minecraft server network - The Legion Network. Supports CROSSPLAY WITH BEDROCK AND JAVA. All ages. Family-Friendly, no NSFW.
So hello my friend. Do you love programming? Do you love Python? Do you love Java or JavaScript? Then we have posted it to the right person! Congrats, you are one of the many selected Users who received the invite to the Amazing Server, **_AlphaBet_**. We have daily tasks for you so that your brain never forgets what is coding or how to code. We also have guaranteed answers to all questions you ask. Thanks to our Helpers. The helpers are the selected experts who will ravage their brains to find the correct answers to your questions. Guaranteed Response to your questions within 5 mins. And we also give scores to every person who gives the correct answers to every daily-questions. Be the Best One Over There. Join our server and be an expert programmer.
We support languages like Python, Web development, Java and JavaScript.
Hey, everyone! I wanna invite you to our programming and gaming server, where you can find new friends!
This is the community discord for the vanilla anarchy minecraft server RDS-37 that can be used to communicate with players outside of the server as well as provide voice channels for in-game communication.

Minecraft server description:

RDS-37 [Anarchy] {Vanilla}

RDS-37 is a minecraft anarchy server with the capacity of a 120 players.

The capacity can be increased based on popular demand.

The server address is:

There is a subreddit related to the server:

The server started on June 14th, 2020.

There will be an initial upstart fase in regards to player count. The server is however up and running, and player count is increasing at a constant rate.

There is no verification or whitelisting.

There are no rules

You may use clients, duping, exploits and so on and so forth at your own discretion. The only administration of the server will be done to prevent exploits banning players or severely reducing performance.

The lack of rules creates interesting dynamics where order and structure rises from chaos, which is what makes anarchy servers an interesting concept. The lack of white listing, land claiming and OPs gives the player a freedom to experience multiplayer minecraft the way it was intended.
Planet: Code is a planet full of programmers that are willing to help you with whatever language you're programming in! We have loads of beginners, intermediates and even experts! Do you need help with your homework, discord bot, fun program, or anything else? Then this is the perfect place to be! ❤️

✔️ Welcoming server!
✔️ Competitions for rewards!
✔️ Personal help for anything you need!
✔️ Friendly programmers
✔️ Chill
Hey, join Tomatoeyy and his community to play Minecraft! They usually play Hypixel, but can also play a wider variety such as SMP's. If you follow his twitch when you join, you will be entered into special giveaways!
----------------The Gaming Alliance -------------

Welcome! We are a new, uprising community
helping gamers find fellow mates in their lives
across Discord!

- Survival 1.16.1 Server
- Friendly Bots
- Minecraft
- Giveaways
- Fun Roles
- & More!