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We are a Java specific programming server where you can learn Java or teach it to others in classroom chats, we also have specific channels and help for understanding how google play, app store and steam works if you ever want to or are trying to publish something. We have advice for game engines to use and professional programmers to ask questions. If you have made a game or app, no matter how shitty it is, we will place it in our game promotions channel, such that your downloads may be boosted. Join if you believe Java is the superior programming language.
Doge Land Gaming is a server ran by YourFriendDoge for casual gaming, Minecraft, but mostly just to chill and make new friends!
We are a company that produces software, we're also a community for company owners and programmers to get together and talk. We have public chats for hanging out and it's an overall chill place.
Just a basic coding & hacking server that features custom bots, giveaways, etc. We have very experienced devs that are very helpful!
This is a new CS-focused server, aiming to build a community where people with similar mindsets can meet.
Whether you're a Hacker, a designer, a regular programmer, or just a person who wants to socialize this is the right server for you! Here you can ask for someone to help debugging your code, post and see memes from other people or even hangout with the community!
Wanna learn to code?
Want to learn how to make your own discord bot?
Something that can speak and talk?
Hello! I'm looking for players that want to learn to code!
Please note that it may not be as simple.
If you would like to apply, please join and make a ticket
we now have 72 members
And 95% came from a random online zone coming to ACTUALLY learn
so please, Join me!

Apply for a job
- page designer. Make channels that help support the community
- web designer. Help make my website! Must know javascript and HTML
- Partnership. Dm me for info
- if you know any scripting knowledge

- 1 on 1 private tutors
- Special Videos on demand
- VC open
- community

All languages
- python
- java
- html
- javascript
- and more to come!

What you achieve?
*perfection in scripting. Whether it be a discord bot or a small little game*
WE are new but growing fast!

We do weekly giveaways to promote players to act as profession al discord coders, at the end, you will be a master in javascript and making your own bot!
if your interested in all purpose programming or otherkinds of development including Bot testing feel free to join the server
Join our NEW Minigames server SPIRITMC ( in development)
LOOKING FOR Builders, Devs, Players, and Staff!
1.8.9 - 1.14.4 Java!
Massive variety of Minigames!
A server for programmers! Come and enjoy the unique theme of the server! Learn new things! Believe me or not, it's not anything as what you may expect! Unless you've a creative mind and good imagination!
Der Server ist für Programmieren gemacht. Neue Leute im Programmieren kennenzulernen und Projekte zusammen machen!! Es kommen auch verschiedene Challenge's und Tutorials für Anfänger mit verschiedenen Sprachen!!
The Dragon's Den

The Dragon's Den is a Discord Server where Programmers in the Discord platform Discuss about their project they working on or to get help from other developers for your Project

What does it have to offer:

• Community Driven/ Managed

• Great Place to Learn how to program with Free Lessons provided by us on How to develop in programming languages such as JavaScript, Java Python, Discord.JS

• Receive Announcements Providing News, Highlights Related to STEM

• We Accept Everyone if don't know how to program we still going to accept you and you can still have fun with channels for casual conversation, games, and memes

• Server vs Server Competition where you compete against other server on Programming to see which server is good when it comes to measuring quality of code and how well it works

• Events to keep Everyone engaged in our Server ranging from Weekly Programming Challenges to Minecraft Events

• Many Dragon Emojis
Hey guys join this new nice coding server with friendly staff and people that want to help you code stuff :).
A Minecraft based community discord server. This is a place where you can find and talk to people and play with them or just chill.
Hey Welcome, we are a hosting and service team. We provide people with custom coded plugins and we setup your server just as you want it to be. We also provide you with high performance servers. Come and join if you are interested.
Hello! We currently have a minecraft server open awaiting on people to join. Please feel free to come along and join us! The server is very friendly and active. Cant wait to see you!
"Programmieren" ist ein neuer Discord-Server, bei dem es sich halt um das Programmieren dreht :D Ihr könnt hier Fragen stellen und euch von mir bereit gestellte Lehrmaterialien holen. Zudem könnt ihr mich privat anschreiben und euch "private" Aufgaben mit Musterlösungen holen
Whether you've written 10 lines of code or have been writing code for 10 years, you're welcome here! The Programmer's Hangout (TPH) is an extremely active community and a great place to get a solid footing in programming.
Howdy! We're just a small community of gamers who like playing modded Java Minecraft on our own private server! Sound interesting to you? Join us!
Planet: Code is a planet full of programmers that are willing to help you with whatever language you're programming in! We have loads of beginners, intermediates and even experts! Do you need help with your homework, discord bot, fun program, or anything else? Then this is the perfect place to be! ❤️

✔️ Welcoming server!
✔️ Competitions for rewards!
✔️ Personal help for anything you need!
✔️ Friendly programmers
✔️ Chill
This server is a geopolitic server with a 1:553 earth map, focused on the time period from 1700 through the 1800s. It centers around factions and creating nations, however, to become powerful one must develop their nation, carefully spreading their influence across the globe. This game is one of strategy, survival, war and building though is meant to be a fun and fair experience for all, as long as one follows the rules.
A Mineverse of Minecraft Server
SmojoPURE (Vanilla Survival)
SmojoPURE+ (Modded Quality Of Life)
SmojoRAVAGE (Modded Adventure PVP)
This server will walk you through all types of IT stuff such as coding. No we will not do your homework there's videos for this. We will help but not do