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Is a political nations Minecraft server that will be on a earth map and will be based around alternate history, some things to be expected are factions, slimefun, dynmap, vehicles, and guns. We are however currently on development and were set to release in May!

Discord Nations is a role-play/simulation server where you take up the role of the leader of a country and run it to rise to the forefront of the world. Run the economy, military, and political events while interacting with other players. Create alliances and strategize your supremacy at the forefront of your nation.
This is a relatively small server needing some more people. It may not seem active at first, but that's the point of joining and roleplaying, right?

Your time begins as a civilization, in control of one star system, in a massive galaxy. You have a choice; to dominate the galaxy and crush all those who oppose or to become the peacekeeper of all who live. Or, perhaps, you wish to become the richest of the galaxy. Or the most technologically advanced. The options here are as diverse as the grain of sands on every beach.
United Nations RP | Roleplay as a nation on the continent of Europe | By joining you agree to all our rules, listed in the server
The Modern World, a brand new, neat modern Geopolitical server. We are looking for more countries. Join today, and lead your country to great success. This server is all about diplomacy and war. (We also need staff, if you want to be staff pop me a DM) Join now.
Hello all. 👋
This a geopolitical RP server.
The server is set in 1936, after a large plague and economic collapse that wiped out all nations. The world is just now recovered enough for large societies to form.
We welcome all, but please note that this is a literate RP server.
We also assume that anyone joining has at least some knowledge on how countries work and geography.
Aphelion is a casual sci-fi roleplay. Be whoever and whatever you want to be - creating your own nation for the roleplay is easy and we have a close-knit, dedicated community devoted to helping you out. Play as your OCs, and be as creative as you please!
This is the "hub" server for Aphelion - we have a center where all countries meet, discuss current events, give out announcements, etc. We have a category dedicated to an in-roleplay network where your characters can chat with eachother IRP! And now, an entertainment network where your characters and nations can have their own channels! We also have custom roles for country leaders & those with other roles in the roleplay.

Something you should know right off the bat about Aphelion is that we don't have dice rolls. We expect roleplays to be worked out between parties. Universal Laws are in place to keep wars and the like fair, and basic roleplay etiquette is expected. Also, this roleplay more or less happened on accident. This means we function differently from most RPs - There’s no true “owner”, and it’s more or less a democracy.

We'd be delighted to have you join our ever-changing omniverse! Open for partnerships.
Choose your nation during the 19th century to role play as.
Welcome to The Falling Nations where nations are at war! Choose a nation to be a citizen with.. we accept and character that’s in the proper rules and any rp can join!
Orpheus Roleplay is a world-building and roleplay server where everybody is free to contribute to the fictional world of Orpheus. Users can create their own nations and control it in the world. There are other things to do on the server outside of roleplaying such as chatting, sharing memes and playing games with a bot. Come join us today and be a part of our welcoming community!
A Discord RP all about Nation building and character building.
A nation sim set in the Victorian era, for people not interested in the nation rp, you can also do a regular rp
The United Citizens’ Republic is a Discord “micro nation”, which is heavily loyal to its citizens, and allows them to play an influential role in society. We’re still growing, so if you have an idea for how to make the server better, please let us know. We hope to see you on the server!
Welcome to Political Server
Here You Can Debate About Current World Politics. We are New Server and We Still need People to Join.
So Feel Free to Join
R.S.S.F. Is a upcoming nation apart of the Discord Nations Server. You get to build up cities and armies and currently we need people for our nation. Plenty of jobs available for war and advisors for the government.
We begin our tale in the Third Galactic Era, Cycle 2330. With the newest and most advanced civilizations discovering for themselves space travel in the hyper-lanes, that is faster than light travel. These new empires must now strive for their place in the new order of the galaxy. Who will win the day and be prosperous? Who will decline into decadence and implode? That has yet to be decided.
Welcome! Do you want to live in isolation, dictatorship and misery? Do you want to serve in army where brainwashing is common thing? Do you want to live in country where children want to die for their state? Do you want live there? You can try typical life of ordinary people on this server!
New nation rp! Introduction may be a bit slow due to only one mod, but we are looking for new RP mods!
We have a global map, so you don't have to be stuck in one continent. This is set during the start of the colonial era (in this fictional rp)
This is Conquest: ALPHA, a nation roleplay.

In this roleplay, you can create your own nation to build a great army to fight, trade with other players, build hospitals/schools for a better stability and create alliances.

Join today!

NOTE: The server is new so at the moment it is very small.
A small server at the start, may be down time.

You start out in the musket era, the world an unclaimed buffet. You must quickly advance your technology, claims your land, and ready your defenses. This is total war.
The United Nations of Peace and Prosperity (UNPP) is a Nationstates based Server. In The Game Nationstates we have a region of the same name. Nationstates is a Nation RP game where you lead your people and RP with others. we also have Bots such as Fredboat and Notsobot.