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The main focus of this server is to provide an atmosphere in which civil discussion can take place over issues of politics across the globe.The goal here is to work together to form a better understanding of reality, not to simply argue our positions; to treat hot debate topics with tact and respect in the hopes of finding better solutions, instead of dominating our opponents. Feel free to change your mind here, or remain rooted in your positions, so long as you genuinely believe what you say and give others a chance to impress upon you their own worldviews.
This is a new space themed server about you controlling a nation and colonising space and different planets
A Fallout server where you get to create your own custom nation in the post apocalyptic wasteland. Make your own leader, found, backstory and rewrite the future of the wasteland!
In the worlds first Great War, engulfing the world in 1905, the Russian, French, and German Empires (Austrian-led German confederation) were all brought to heel by the Byzantine led Coalition when the Russian headed Entente thought the fledgling Empire would be an easy target. However, this would be the opposite of true, as ferocity not seen since the Spartans, the Byzantine Empire began a war with Her allies that would encompass the entire planet with its fire, spreading from country to country until it was truly, a world war. Despite the Entente's overwhelming numbers compared to the Coalition, strategic victory after strategic victory set them on a course that would allow new Empires to rise, and old ones to fall. This, is. A Different Course.

The year is 1925, pick a nation, be it small or large, and lead it to prosperity!
The focus of this server is to discuss issues of political, economic and social affairs. We strive to maintain a certain level of standard in our discourse. High effort discourse is prioritized and welcomed.
There was a another server like this that got ruined :c

This is a Geopolitical Roleplaying Community Although we are small we hope we once might be a bigger server with multiple members and staff.

We start in 1603 (since that is when the year the last server finished in) and we slowly go to the future although we welcome alt history historical events will still happen and all the actions you make might impact the future for example you might do something in the year 1800 and your nation might explode in 2019

In the Seven Years War, the great powers, the United Kingdom and Prussia were brought to their knees by the French and Austrians. This would start a great chain reaction leading to the Pax Francia. However, french dominance is slipping as a recently unified Germany by Austria rises in Central Europe and the United Kingdom in their mereroic rise for empire. The Americas also shaken by the appearances of the United States and Columbia who would declare independence from their Spanish overlords.

Choose your nation and guide your people to Glory!!!
World of Empires... at least that’s what it used to be, after WW2 it seemed as if it was the true end of Imperialism and conquest but some remain optimistic. In this world you can play as any nation during the Cold War and cement your legacy on the grand stage... fight wars... do diplomacy... whatever your play style is it can be done within this server so I ask you my fellow friend... Are you willing to join?
➠ 2019 Alternative Future
➠ Make your Great Empire!
➠ Dominate!
➠ Diplomacy!
All of these things you can do within the server and roleplay!
Welcome to 2000: Start of a new Millennium.

Have you ever wanted to lead a country? Conquer the world? Solve world hunger? Cure cancer even? Well then, come and become a country! Make the next empire of the world or die peaceful and see if others will follow...

We are a Geopolitical server set in the era 2000 and want you to come!
Altered Earth RP is a fast-paced geopolitical and nation leading roleplay centered around the simulation of your own country, be it real, alt-historical or fictional.

You get to make choices, and you can get to watch your nation develop politically, diplomatically, culturally, economically, and militarily. But remember, every choices have their own consequences.

We also also have a pretty chill and light community of memes and discussion, to help keep interest and activity. That, and a mod team that is ready to help you everytime and anytime when you lead your own country to greatness. Or not.
Welcome foreigner!

The Odyssey is a new strategy-rp server set in an alternative-history ancient greek world. You will be the leader of your own Greek city state and compete with other players for dominance over the Aegean Sea. This game has the following features:

- Ressources
- Population
- Complex combat system
- Research and tech tree
- Economy and trade
- Religion
- National ideas/traditions
- Happiness/Stability
- Espionage/Sabotage
- Colonization

The testing phase has ended recently and we are inviting people for the actual game now.

Join and have fun!
The Chronicles of Aegia takes place on the planet of Aegia in a fantasty world. Various nations and races fight for control of the land, and as a player you get to create your own unique civilization to enter this war torn world. Join us and lead your civilization to the top! (Magic Exists)
Pick up your nation, build it up and overwhelme everyone who gets in your way! Be realistic and Don't take it too seriously! Have Fun!!!!
The apocalypse is coming soon... Choose a nation and maybe win the game, have fun while you are destroying others. Good luck ...
Are you tired of bad "Geopolitical" server that die after few days, have no mechanics and all your actions are actually meaningless? Would you love to join a server which allows you to experience history with you at the head of a powerful nation where you actually have control?

Well them the Birth of Geopolitiks is there for you! The server starts at 1654 ( soon after the Thirty years war... although you likely know that ) and goes on for... however long is fun. The server has mechanics which are easy to understand, quite realistic but most importantly engaging and interactive!

( we are also searching for capable staff if you are into that sort of thing... )
New Civilizations is a brand new geopolitical Minecraft server that is still in development but will include an interactive economy with people needing to trade with one another instead of buying from an admin shop. NeoCiv also will include some fun plugins like Slimefun, Quality Armory, and more. The founders of New Civs/high ranking staff are determined to get this server up and running. NewCivs is set in WW1 with some plugins fitted towards that time
This is a server where you can play as a custom nation on earth with very little realism. The only realism is warfare within this server.
A brief history: this is a reset of a geopolitical server which failed due to an idiot making the Cold War go hot,

Currently after the end of WW2, due to Germany focusing all efforts on the USSR and not attacking European countries or occupying France, and leaving their homeland almost entirely undefended they were overwhelmed by a force of Allied troops, in a 2 pronged attack from a British naval landing at Kiel and a French and American land invasion from the west.

As a result, Europeans still have all their colonies as well (Yes france owns a shitload of Africa still) several of the Middle Eastern countries also had high Growth due to the lack of conflict in their region, the Soviet Union although it endured heavy losses it also was granted generous reparations and most of Africa is still colonies.

it’s basically if all the countries in the world still had their colonies 1890’s esque (bar America).
The split up of Germany and Europe was determined by the same outcome of the Potsdam conference (east and west Germany and east and West Berlin)

the already chosen countries are listed, have a nice time here and we hope you enjoy your stay.
Hi welcome to terra a made up planet where you yes you can start their own country build alliances, declare wars etc
We start at the stone age then bronze age then iron age etc all the way to the singular age