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Welcome to the nation of Altearn! We are a democratically run server with a vast community. Here, you can socialise with others, take part in the government, and become integrated with the community. We even have a functioning economy! If you are interested in politics, responsible, or just want to socialize, then this server is for you. We now have a Music Bot with a dedicated channel, a meme channel, loads of areas to talk in about various topics, and responsible admin staff. Come in and join our server.
Hello, and welcome to Discord Countries! We are a small community hoping to become big and with one of the giants! There are many things to do in this server, like....
- Socialize 🗣️
- Role-play 🇺🇳
And much more soon to come! We are a Nation RP, meaning that you can pick a country and rule with an iron fist! The roleplay has not been made yet but that is alright, you can become an observer until the roleplay starts! Please join us and make our server strong!
RealPolitikRP is a worldbuilding server where you choose a spot on the map and then you can roleplay as that nation, develop lore, make decisions, wage war, etc. It begins in 2019 and you can play any nation you want as long as it isn't too big.
There is limited space on the map, so if you want to join in the fun, come in and join!
Wish to join a new and improved space-age nation rp?
We got the place for you!
It's a race to get the 8 artifacts and push through the barrier of the gaurdians of the black hole known as the Xsotan.
We also have:
- diplomacy
- warfare
- trade
- and more!
We are a year old micronation that has started getting online recently. With the Duke and the Federal Council, you can sign up as a citizen and join said council. Glory to the Federation!
A newly created server with custom nations, just join and ask what you want and ta-dah done I guess.
This server is based off of the real-life Philippines. We own a Roblox game and group and we host events regularly. We also do partnerships and more inter-server alliances. Join to show us your support for our nation and be part of our loving community!
This Is The Shell Of The Former Soviet Yeetion As I Have Lost My Main Account And We Have Too Rebuild So Please Helps Us By Joining Nad Inviting People Thank You
Welcome to the Disboard page for the PRL Comrade! Do you wish to join a Nation of opportunities galore? We need Leaders, and we need you! Join today for the Brotherland, And for the Republic!
Join the Kingdom of Cambyn.
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn.

Cambyn is where you can fulfill all your political fantasies. You can roleplay as a Prime Minister/Mayor candidate and win the elections or fight against corruption as a fierce journalist or just be a normal citizen! Or what about hosting lavish parties while living the life of the nobility, or being an Army General!

Join us in running this nation, the modern Kingdom of Cambyn!
A Cyber nation, organized and a ambitious military,multiple positions, and a influence in many other nation's, we are constantly implementing reforms and growing to expand our empire!
A Fallout server where you get to create your own custom nation in the post apocalyptic wasteland. Make your own leader, found, backstory and rewrite the future of the wasteland!
This is a relatively small server, so staff may not be able to register you upon joining. Please bear with us.

We are a simple nations rp server where you and others forge alliances, wage war, and create history.

Custom nations are allowed, just nothing too extreme.

We also have memes.
Democratic Kampuchea is a communist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
Hello there! I am a general from a far away nation in the depths of Discord. Currently we are looking for new citizens because we have few, so we're handing out nationalities for anyone who wants to join!

Join the Revetic Republics, an online Discord nation with a unique ideology based on freedom of expression and respect of ideas. You can just hang out, work for the government or make yourself a name by joining our army to spread our word. We have channels for nearly everything, or we create new ones. Idlers are pruned, so you can always expect activity once we grow up.

You can also always propose laws and vote for them, so YOU have a voice here.

Meet new people and change us now!
Become a Citizen Now!
Join the Biggest Country in Europe,by Military,by population and by land
We are one of the most Badass discord servers that exist
Also a really good community,i swear you will meet the best people here.A really good balkan server that has not only balkan people but people from all around the world

Here we Have:
-Strong Roleplay
- :dollar: A Well Controlled Economy :euro:
- :gun: Really Powerful Army :gun:
-We talk about History and politics a lot
-:map: Map :map:
-:guardsman: Government :guardsman:
-Music Parties :notes:
-Great Allies-
-We are True Communists-

So Join us Now
Aztlan Soviet Socialist Republic is a socialist server on discord and a "discord republic" meaning it is a fictional simulationist nation that exists only on discord. This server does not discriminate between people and priorities equality. Come join us if you want to enjoy mock government and politics and be a member of this large community!
Welcome to the Grand Republic! We are a discord nation server, with some of our features including:

Democratic mock government (that acts as server staff, too!).
The ability to create or join political parties!

The ability to work in jobs.

And more!

If this sounds good to you, then why not consider joining? Anyone can become influential. All it takes is for you to put yourself into its spotlight. Join the Grand Republic today!
Welcome to Diamond-RP, we are a community role-play where the players make and take control of their own nation in an alternate Earth.

The year is 2048; Act out diplomacy, war, and politics in this world to any realistic degree and take your nation to greatness

We also also have a fairly light community of memes and discussion, to help keep interest.

This is the Kingdom of Poland a fictional nation on discord. We have bots, elections, a military system, and an economy. I hope you join!
The Global Fascist Network is an International Network that combines all forms of fascism and wants to advance the fascist community worldwide. Feel free to join, if you're not fascist, don't join.
Solar Edge is a Semi Realistic Sci-fi roleplay. Taking place after a devastating civil war in our solar system. Join one of the many factions, corporations or gangs, you can even be solo. Be anything you want, your actions will shape the roleplay forever! Have fun out there.