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The Federation of Danterra is a brand new Server and we are looking to become the most powerful Discord Faction! But, we can not do that without the help of you. All Help is welcome from everyone! We are always looking for new partners and allies. Join today to support us and help us expand! Glory to Danterra!
|Welcome to Bharatiya|
The Bharatiya Commune is a Socialist server based off India, but more specifically the Bharatiya Commune is from the Kaiserriech mod in Hearts of Iron 4.

We have a government

Fun and addictive server with self roles and bots

In this server we welcome everyone here as we are a supportive community.

You should join in order to see this server as it is a good one! Just help us get past 200 members, with also rewards available for inviting people!

Hello fellow Omani People and outside world! Welcome to the Oman server where our goal is to give you a home to stay and chat with many of our cool members! In our server, we want to unite Omani people together and talk about our diverse and cool country. Omani or not, you are welcome here to come chat with us. This is an entirely fun and friendly server with a variety of fun bots, channels, and so much more. However, there is going to be some gentle guidelines to follow in this server, so this server can REMAIN friendly and avoid a huge mess! Hopefully you can understand! :heart:
Have you ever wanted to build the country of your dreams, without the restriction of real life history? Want to interact with other nations, make allies, and create rivalries? Well, this is for you, my friend!

International Custom Nations is a simple RP server where you can play as any kind of country you choose! It can be a fictional country, a real country, or even a country straight out of the history books!

It's a simplistic country RP server with simple & easy to learn systems for annexing land, and inventing new technology. Here on ICN, you don't have to worry about unwanted extra complexities. There's no economy/work bot system, and there will not be any armies.

That means that nations like Liberland could take on nations like Yugoslavia and win, but this doesn't have to be focused on real life things and such, just enough to spice up the server.

You can invent new technologies that affect the dice whether it's for war or for annexing unclaimed provinces, and speaking of which, you can annex unclaimed provinces in the earth to be a country that the rest of the world relies on its hands, or you can be an empire and start your conquest of the entire earth! It's all up to you!

Use our template to create your nation! (Please make sure your nation follows our creation guidelines.) We have a healthy community, an active & helpful team of staff, a simple war (With a few additions to mix things up) and annexation system, and so much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump in and experience the world for yourself!
Welcome to Scenixia! This is a mock government set in a fictional country which itself is set in a fictional world. We have lots to do here such as voting for as well as joining one of the many political parties!
If by chance you are unhappy with the pick of parties then you can even make your own! Below you can see just a few things that our server offers.

- 100+ members

- Money Bot

- Friendly Community

- Elections

- Unlockable roles

So don’t delay, join today!
Welcome to SimGeopoliticsRP!

The Cold War has ended and a new millennium has begun. We are a nation roleplay server set in the early 2000s, where you can create the nation of your dreams! Be it Uyghurstan, Chad, Belgium, or Iberia, if it's free on the map and make sense, you can make it!

In this rp you will worldbuild, develop, forge alliances, wage warfare, and race for space. In this new era of diplomacy, will your nation be a superpower, or will it fade into obscurity. That is for you to decide in SGRP!
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
The Adorian Republic is a political discussion server and simulation of a new country in real world. Represent your party as MP, Governor, Minister, PM, President, Judge and other functions. You can also be member of the different committes, Diplomat, News Reporter, ceo. We refer to our real world events and to events we create.

We have 900+ members and growing.

We have:
🕶️ Self-assignable reaction roles

🗿 Fun events

🎲 Minigames

🔊 Voice chats

🏃‍♂️ Active community
Join the Confederation Of Antarctica today! We are an expanding mock-government becoming stronger every second! In Frigiuis Obscurum!
Hello world! This is Pope Benedict XV speaking to the fellow smart people interested in my server! This is my nation built with hard work and faith, I believe when you join the server you will enjoy it as it has tons of opportunities in many fields you might as well be chosen to become Pope! So enjoy the stay!

Our Add ↓↓↓↓

🇻🇦☩ ▬▬▬♗🇵 🇦 🇵 🇦 🇱 🇸 🇹 🇦 🇹 🇪 🇸♗▬▬▬ ☩🇻🇦


🗝️This server is based on the Papal States!
⛪We are ruled by the Pope
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Come build your family in the Papal States
✝️Take part in the upcoming crusades
✊Rise to power in the Papal states
🌟Get the opportunity to become pope
⚔️Join the military we have the Swiss Guard, the Cavalry and the navy
🤝Dm the pope for partnership!
🏭We have many job opportunities other than the military
🌐People of all races, caste and religion are allowed here in the papal states
🏛️Join the Senatorial Princes of the Church and rise to power!


✠—————————✠ 👑Glory to the Pope! 👑✠————————✠
✠—————————✠🇻🇦Glory to the States!🇻🇦✠————————✠

A puppet of Soviet Arsonia, located in East germany. East Trevelteus is the primary fulcrum of modern society in europe. join to become anything, an soldier, police officer, nuclear engineer or politician! part of a larger rp universe involving more then 10 other active roleplay server's!
Hello and welcome to my new Nation RP server! Here we provide the upmost realistic world / nation RP. We are currently small and are looking for members. We can provide:

- Music Bots
- Upmost professional and active staff
- Realistic Roleplay
We hope you join us, and we really thank you for your interest in our community, we want to make the experience fun for everyone no matter what. We hope you have a great day

This is a non-turned base mapping strategy game that has really unique and cool mechanics.

we have indepth game mechanics with country:ideologies, policies, in-depth military and much more! We have easily layed out and explained them all for you in the info category. We are open to staff and suggestions:)

🏳️Be ready set away in the history books of this world!🏴
Hey! Welcome to UPGRADE! It’s a fictional RPG, where you build a nation and UPGRADE it to it’s max capacity! Join in and we hope you stay as active as possible! We hope the best from ya!
Welcome to the Micronational Assembly, an organization for micronational leaders to meet with one another and form diplomatic relations. If you want to form diplomacy with other nations or are creating a new one, join the MA today!
Have you ever wished to run a country? A fictional one at that? Well then, this is the server for you, taking place in 2000, almost every country in the world is free, so come in and take one
Discord Nations is a role-play/simulation server where you take up the role of the leader of a country and run it to rise to the forefront of the world. Run the economy, military, and political events while interacting with other players. Create alliances and strategize your supremacy at the forefront of your nation.
[MINECRAFT JAVA NEEDED] MegaNations/Brave New Nations is a game about making your own country. It has a large roleplay aspect to it. The main objective is always to just have fun being in charge of your own little country! We play both on discord and Minecraft Java Edition. This season, the theme is real-world nations. All corresponding population, technology, weapons, diplomats go along with whatever nation you choose.

We hold seasons that run for a few months with different themes (our most recent one was medieval). We have mechanics that allow you to attack other nations and such. Diplomacy is also a big part of it. If you have any questions, just DM an owner :))
Welcome to Geopolitical RP!
Have you ever wanted to put yourself in a position of power and attempt to either rule the world or help it? Well, now you can! Come rule the land as your favorite country or a mega corporation! Civil war against countries you hate, and rule the lands!

Grow the biggest military, economy, and infrastructure, but beware, other people might try and take you down!
Relève de France est un projet politique et patriote. Créé le 5 janvier 2017, ce rassemblement indépendant et populaire veut rassembler les Français patriotes et nationalistes. Nous avons voulu faire émerger ici un lieu de discussion où se retrouveraient des gens de toutes les tendances politiques, conscients de la nécessité des débats arguments et de la confrontation des opinions éclairées. Venez nombreux !
The Mauristian Republic

The Mauristian Republic is a political simulation of a new country in the real world. Represent your party in the different branches of the government or a member of a council, a Diplomat, News Reporter, CEO. And loads more!
Started in 2013 on Skype, we have since moved to Discord and an e-nation that has been in development for a long time. We have a detailed history of major events in the past 6.5 years and basic rules!
Hey, you! Yes, you! :wave:
***Broken Promises*** is a multi-option modern roleplay server where you can get a premium roleplay experience! You can do alot of things in this server such as *becoming a dictatorship*, *starting a civil war*, *getting independence for a nation*, *finding jobs*, *forming your own company*, *and much more!*
__Join to find out all the different possibilities of Broken Promises!__

You may roleplay as a:

**o** __Nation__
**o** __Leader of a nation's military__
**o** __Citizen__
**o** __Company__
**o** __Rebellion__
**o** __Terrorist Organization__

*This server is for you to become whatever you want!
Our friendly staff and community will aid you in all and any questions!*

***We are currently looking for partners and staff.***

After the fall of the soviet union a military junta would take power, and by 1996 would be overthrown in a popular revolt. After 2 major revolutions' the people feel they can write their own history as warlords, ideologues, demagogue's, and more take up pieces of land in the ash's of the old. The largest forces being under the Iron Guard of Fascists, but even they are unpopular within all but Northern Wallachia. Far Left Communists, Anarchists, and others increasingly form cells to prepare for open resistance against each other, and capitalist governments as terrorism becomes a daily occurrence with the transitionary government quickly failing to go to democracy with them losing favor in the populace.