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A US Politics server that begins in the year 1929, and plays through the Great Depression. There is potential to diverge greatly from history as we know it. Join in for an active and vibrant roleplay community.
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is a socialist government based server, where you can have fun in the community, talk with others, and even rise up the ranks easily. Come join us today!
Hi! Thanks for looking at this message!
The North American is a NEW Discord Server which is fast growing! We're so new in fact that if you join today, you'll be joining in to some features you won't get anywhere else!

What can you do here?

Use fun bot commands!
Join the staff team!
Run for a political office!
Run a business!
Meme around!
Make new friends!
Working Economy!
And much, much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us today!
This little community is based on role play, with the freedom of your choice of role play, whether it be NSFW, funny, dramatic; we love it.

Asharia is a country on the West Coast of Northern America. She has been marred by a recent civil war that killed many, and now; a communist regime has taken over. The first General Secretary suffered from a coup, and the second one died from a cerebral hemorrhage not long after. The current General Secretary is now Byelorussian SSR.

Will you be a member of the goverment and surpass all of your rivals in popularity, make another civil war or stay out of it all and live your life peacefully?
The United Chats of Stephen (UCS) is a server that has its own government with elections, and its own made up political parties, news stations, Congress, economy, positions and more. It has chats for all kinds of people. If you don't like something in the server, then vote for a new president, new governors, or new people in our congress, to see those changes. We have an entire legal system with courts and judges, and much more. We would really appreciate it if you joined the server.
Want to join a Fun and Entertaining Server?
Join America, a fun server with a Mock Gov, Role playing, Fun Activities, and a constitutional Convention.
Join Today!
Carthia is a micronation that is also experimenting with it's own political system and is always looking for new members.
The Tsardom of Sibir, a micronation that blends democracy and monarchy. A growing server that was recently rebooted and upgraded.
The Political Nexus is a political discussion and debate server where users align themselves according to an ideological team and compete against other teams in the form of debates, trivia, or games. Earn points for your teams house, and establish your team's ideology as the dominant represented ideology of the server.

Members may submit topics for daily discussion and vote for topics that they like! The staff has no say in what topics get chosen, as it is a fully automated feature.

Whether you're a big brain who enjoys debate, or you're a gamer with a competitive spirit, you'll find yourself among peers here as we compete against each other in the Nexus!

What our server offers:

- Daily discussions are suggested and led by community vote; daily discussions are entirely automated.
- Server-wide team events. Select your team and then compete to earn your team points on the leaderboard.
- Server credits system to buy roles that allow you to perform official polls, immortalize member quotes, and more!
- Custom bot developed by staff to handle many other fun specialized features.
- Fun server-wide events.
- Active and friendly staff.
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A Cyber nation, organized and a ambitious military,multiple positions, and a influence in many other nation's, we are constantly implementing reforms and growing to expand our empire!
Ruayano was made 5/17/2019 and is a micronation situated in the United States of America. We have elections every 2 months and a full constitution. We also have a subreddit and a google site website until I can get a true website. We also have an ideology called Ruyanism and a 2nd language called Torsheen.
Welcome to the Kasteynian Federation, the best Discord Nation out there!

What we offer:
-A full government system which includes Congress, Court, Prime Minister, etc.
-Monthly Elections
-Unique channels such as Debate and Meme channels
-Share all of your art in the Map, countryball, and flags channels
-A court system to punish Raiders, trollers, hackers etc.
-And most importantly, a safe and fun community where freedom of speech is guaranteed.
Westhall is a government role-play server which takes place in a fictional world. In this world, the nation of Westhall vies for internal stability and international security. From massive hostile nations threatening invasion to nefarious Secret Police waging a dark campaign within our borders, Westhall is sure to excite and entertain.

We have:

An Active Moderation Team Which Comes Out With NEW Features Regularly
Frequent elections!
Fast growing community!
An interactive lore universe! Make your own mark on the country, or the world!
Exciting and action-packed movie-worthy scenarios!
International relations, including warfare and trade deals!
A whole world of conspiracy and subterfuge!

Join up and run your Campaign, then influence the world!
We are a mock government founded on the US Constitution. We have a fully functioning Congress, Presidency and Supreme Court. All positions are elected or assigned using the system of executive appointments. Anyone can come in and join our new and growing server. Come for debates, a good civics lesson, and practice making legislation.
A server about rebuilding. Unlike most post-apocalypse servers, which are just about survival, we want to go through reestablishment of government, long term economic ramifications, so on and so forth. We're a small bunch, but we're looking to grow! Hopefully, you won't pass us by without at least stopping to check us out.
-active parliament and cabinet!
-functioning departments!
-realistic military!
-community servers for games!
Dívasa is a life and politics roleplay based on a fictional world with 1950s technology! We have many different political parties spanning nearly every ideology there is.
Regions are sort of like your home; you can choose a region to solidify your place in the server.
Politics are optional, you can do some shenanigans in RP or just hang out with memes, etc.
Nearly anything is acceptable; just make sure you ask mods before doing drastic things.
You can spread religion, commit various crimes (but be prepared for the Security Bureau!), join militias, talk to people and do much more!
A political role-playing server set in an early 1900's America, where Manifest Destiny never took hold. Run campaigns for Congressional, Presidential, and state-level positions, and pass bills!
Discord's fastest growing, most realistic, model american government. All ideologies and people interested in politics are invited.

Become a State Legislator, Governor, Congressman, Supreme Court Justice, Cabinet Member or run fr PRESIDENT.
The Kazakhstan Soviet Socialist Republic promise freedom, equality, and safety to everyone. Just please, if you have a different opinion or belief, keep it to yourself or DMs please.