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A server with multiple channels dedicated to discussing different conspiracies. Sources and definitions are provided to better explain each conspiracy. Multiple voice lounges and off-topic channels are included. Users may suggest new channel additions.
1 days ago
Humanity has gone to the stars! What shall they discover there? Who will make a difference in this new era? Will you join sides or make your own way? Make a difference in a totally original universe!
27 days ago
Come join us at Phoenix Drop a RolePlay server about 2 multigalactic teams fighting. You can join in the fight or be a Citizen of Phoenix Drop!
43 days ago
Politics, elections, political party role, country role, many other roles, music, free speech, no banning or kicking, JOBS!, nsfw, spam, general, voice chats, no verification or waiting, bots, self promotion, world news, constitution, memes, free country, for everyone ages ∞. Join to find out ...
46 days ago
A server that supports Federal-Syndicalism, a mixture of Federal Structured Syndicalism and Market Socialist Economy. Syndicalist, Social Democrats, Market & Libertarian Socialist welcome. Discuss and chat around in the Syndicate!! - The United Syndicates of America
79 days ago