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The American Legislation Assembly is an actively-roleplayed Mock Government consisting of several mock ups of the United States Senate, House of Representatives, Governorships, and Presidency. It's quite easy to get started, and we are currently at the founding of America for those of you interested, please consider popping in!
Black Ram Debate invites you to join us in good, clean, civil discourse. Through debate, we grow as people, expand our worldview, and refine our arguments. Only through discussing what plagues us as individuals and as a people, can we overcome them.
Welcome to Soviet Hawaii!
We are a growing server with many opportunities, activities, and events to participate in.

-Active Government Simulation
-Hell of a long bot list
Vryland is a micronation based in the United States. For more info, please visit our website at
In the People's Government you can become a representative, justice, or even the president in this government. It's a fun experience for all who wish to join!
This server is a really fun server, once you join you will get all the information you need, we have news channels a complete election system and much much more! Join to see it yourself, have fun while your here!
This server is a place for people to come together in the Region of Balmer and form nationstates. You will be in control of your nation’s destiny. Will you become a great rules to have thier name forever etched in the history books. We are new and looking for dedicated players. WE ALSO NEED SOMEONE WITH GOOD PHOTOSHOP SKILLS!
The United Chats of Stephen (UCS) is a server that has its own government with elections, and its own made up political parties, news stations, congress, economy, and positions and more. It has chats for people who like memes, and has gaming calls. If you don't like something in the server, then vote for a new president, or new people in our congress, to see those changes. You can also run for those positions too. We have a supreme court to stop people in power from abusing their power too. Come join the server!

We are a world dominance simulation game! Get with your nation and try your best to conquer all the land!
Welcome to a complete World War 2 Simulation server!
-Join a community-
-Play and dominate other countries-
-Participate in wars-
-Learn about the history-
-Gain control in your enemies-
-Custom real-time history-
-Socialize with your teams-
-Grow an endless bond-
**Work in progress**
Come be our first soldiers!
A Roleplay Server that hasn't started yet, but we are hoping to get people to join in and have fun. There's a checkpoint system so be sure to read the rules
Glory to The Nation, dedicated to keeping its citizens within the protecting hands of justice, dependability, peace and freedom.
Join for chat of all kinds and a friendly community.
We're an Irish Government Roleplay Server, in which people play as Government Officials, run for office, negotiate budgets, treaties, laws, etc.
Join Soviet Japan for a realistic Nation RP.
In this Server you will see:

1. Real Political Elections
2. Realistic roleplay
3. Good people
4. Events

And more to see if you join SOVIET JAPAN!
In this server, we argue. A section for civilized and uncivilized arguments. There is also a section for memes, general chatting, etc.
A server with multiple channels dedicated to discussing different conspiracies. Sources and definitions are provided to better explain each conspiracy. Multiple voice lounges and off-topic channels are included. Users may suggest new channel additions.
International Containment Facility of Unkown
This is a Lab roleplay server, you can be a experiment or a security guard. Also, different humanoid species allowed.
Experiment's Backstory: You are living a normal life, just a kid with some cool superpowers. One day, men in black suits arrive at your door, they're from the I.G.P.A. Laboratories saying that you must come with them. You try to fight them but they shoot with sleeping darts. You wake up in a white room. Hours later, scientists come into the room and tell you how its going to be, you either do what they say or there will be consequences.
Will you escape or do what they say, the choice is yours.
As a guard: Your job is to keep watch of the Expierements, make sure that they dont step out of line or try anything funny.
You are allowed to use force if necessary and use your launchers that will shock them and paralyze them for a short time. Remember: Your job is to secure and contian them, if you try to help them escape or anything, anything at all, you will regret it...
From the same people that brought you Anarchy Kinda(Deleted) and Communism, comes Oligarchy. In this server, there are a group of leaders, called the Council. The Council votes for everything they deem is necessary to vote for. It is the middle ground between the Dictatorship of Communism, and the Anarchy of Anarchy Kinda.
-This server is for testing a form of 'anarchy'. In this case anarchy means no government.

The goal of this server is to make everyone as equal as possible without a government.

How it works:

-People vote on any matter related to the server, including but not limited to:

-The people also pick people they trust to become police.
--The police are trusted with enforcing rules and punishing people that break them.

-This server could almost reflect how it would work in real life.
--It doesn't because the worst that can happen on this server is a ban from the server. The worst that can happen in real life is a ban from being alive.
---Because of this, people are more likely to break the rules, or vote for rules to create a more toxic community, which brings me to the last point,

- The goal of this server is to see how long we can go without making the server a bad place to be
Humanity has gone to the stars! What shall they discover there? Who will make a difference in this new era? Will you join sides or make your own way? Make a difference in a totally original universe!
Politics, elections, political party role, country role, many other roles, music, free speech, no banning or kicking, JOBS!, nsfw, spam, general, voice chats, no verification or waiting, bots, self promotion, world news, constitution, memes, free country, for everyone ages ∞. Join to find out ...
A server that supports Federal-Syndicalism, a mixture of Federal Structured Syndicalism and Market Socialist Economy. Syndicalist, Social Democrats, Market & Libertarian Socialist welcome. Discuss and chat around in the Syndicate!! - The United Syndicates of America