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Welcome to Galactic Senate RP

Officially Launched: 5/25/2020 We are still new and looking for more roleplayers!

Start off as a Senator representing a planet of your choosing. Guide your people in the Galactic Senate and shape the future of the Galaxy!

For those seeking a fun and interactive roleplaying discord that primarily focuses on politics and intrigue surrounding the Galactic Republic. New members will start off as a Senator who can engage in corrupt activities or serve as a beacon of justice. The choice is yours!

Rise the ranks of the Galactic Republic by roleplaying. Ascend to the position of Chancellor, serve as a court justice, oversee the Judicial Forces as an admiral, or serve the Galactic Senate as a member of the Jedi Order.

We strive for inclusive and imaginative roleplay. If you have an idea, you can bet staff will try their hardest to accommodate you. We are very Coruscant-Centric on location however random events, personal roleplay, and galactic intrigue will allow members to travel to new planets.

We follow our own ever expanding timeline through events caused by members, staff or the Galactic Senate in full.
Here are some of the things we offer you:

20+ ranks that can be achieved simply by roleplaying.

We welcome any and all types of roleplay but we do focus on live interaction between members.

Join Political Factions/Committees or create your own!

100+ Planets to choose from

Roleplay in extensive locations such as: Senate Building, Executive Building, Republic Military Complex, and Jedi Temple

Incredibly fluid roleplay
We are a growing community who are eager for role-players who are interested in political maneuvering and interactive discussion.

Join us! We are eager to meet you and your character!

"Which is why we must vote for this resolution, to promote more diplomacy, and to bring an end to this killing and hatred" - Senator Padme Amidala

The Adorian Republic is a political discussion server and simulation of a new country in real world. Represent your party as MP, Governor, Minister, PM, President, Judge and other functions. You can also be member of the different committes, Diplomat, News Reporter, ceo. We refer to our real world events and to events we create.

We have 900+ members and growing.

We have:
🕶️ Self-assignable reaction roles

🗿 Fun events

🎲 Minigames

🔊 Voice chats

🏃‍♂️ Active community
** 15 Nitro Boosts and counting **

A political simulation where you can create legislation, debate policy, run campaigns, and serve in the various branches of the US government.

- Voice chat is heavily used on a daily basis for court cases, debate, and general discussion!
- We also have a stock market that you can invest and trade in!

Join us to start your political career today!
US Politics Simulation
:star: Start off as a City Councilman!
:star: Run for state house, US House, Senate,Governor, and President!
:star: Campaign during election season!
:star: Debate smart people
:star: Write and vote on legislation
:star: Play games
:star: Share memes
:star: Meet good people
Join the Confederation Of Antarctica today! We are an expanding mock-government becoming stronger every second! In Frigiuis Obscurum!
We've created a game called “Virtual Congress” (VC) on Discord. You start out as a member of Congress that can create and vote on legislation and nominations to the cabinet. You could also be attorney general, solicitor general or in the supreme court.

You also can run for president or try to become a leader in Congress. It’s a fun way to debate policy or create policy and see how other members think about it.
• A super chill server for all of us to come together and obsess over this wonderful show.
• Full of memes and quotes from the show.
• Has channels to share Parks and Recreation fan art and fan fiction.
This is the most active UK Political Simulation on Discord, there’s always plenty going on with features such as;

Join a party
We currently have 7 political parties and some independent candidates.

Stand for election
All members can run for election within their party as well as on a national level. We have an election every month.

Write for the news
We have 12 different news outlets that stretch across the whole political spectrum.

Stay up to date with current politics
Current events form many of the conversations on the general chat as well as the voice chats.

Debate others
Debate about current events and sim events is a big part of the server as we have lots of people with differing political opinions.

House of Commons
The House of Commons is a chance to take part in the role-play aspect of the sim and sits most nights depending on who is in government.

Play a role in policy making
Within your party you have the opportunity to help put together a manifesto and in the Commons the Government’s bills are debated.
Welcome to the Micronational Assembly, an organization for micronational leaders to meet with one another and form diplomatic relations. If you want to form diplomacy with other nations or are creating a new one, join the MA today!
Let's Talk Elections is a discord political community.
⭐DISCUSS many topics ranging from elections, to current events, to sports with an active community!
⭐ELECTION PREDICTION CONTESTS hosted weekly for primaries
⭐TRIVIA EVENTS based on topics such as current events and government.
⭐COMMUNITY POLLS posted daily
⭐REAL LIFE NEWS coverage channel
⭐RUN for positions in our new roleplay government.
Join today!
Hello there. Are you tired of the war? Do you want to make your voice heard? Well, you can do ALL of this in our server. We will try to stop the military, the war and things like that. And we'll also try to make everyone understand that Our skin color doesn't matter, #BLM. You maybe think that this is impossible, but let me just tell you that NOTHING is impossible. I have worked on this project in 4 years, so I know what to do, I'll be your rebel leader, but you are important. You can change things. Help us grow bigger, and change the world.
There is different plans we have, one of them is to write a letter to Putin or Trump, and we have more plans.
You always have a choice.
Join the movement.
We are a unique and engaging mock government that emulates the 3 branches of government with jobs and a custom economy system. You may run for office, start a political party, create your own business, and many other fun things.

Our community has been around for over 3 years, we welcome you to join us!
Welcome to United States 1940!
This United States Government Simulation will start in January 1940. In this server, you can:

-Roleplay realistically
-Experience the 1940s
-Serve in Government
-Become a politician
-And so much more!

Join today!
The Mauristian Republic

The Mauristian Republic is a political simulation of a new country in the real world. Represent your party in the different branches of the government or a member of a council, a Diplomat, News Reporter, CEO. And loads more!
Virtual rada is Ukrainian parliament simulation. You can fight corruption together with Zelensky, move Ukraine closer to Europe inside Soulidarity, join Opposition Platform to stop the war, and even more! Don't worry if you know little about Ukrainian politics, everyone's welcome here! Join!
An intricate Washington DC / US government Roblox roleplaying group. Choose your job, role-play as that job, become a police officer, a secret service member or serve in the military! Join today!
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn.
This is a Roleplay Nation Server set in the current years, Modern Age.

Cambyn is where you can fulfill all your political fantasies. You can roleplay as a Prime Minister/Mayor candidate and win the elections or fight against corruption as a fierce journalist or just be a normal citizen! Or what about hosting lavish parties while living the life of the nobility, being an Ambassador to other Server Nations, or being an Army General!

Our welcoming community is now of 100+ members, with an active and helpful staff.

Join us in running this nation, the modern Kingdom of Cambyn!
Join Virtual UK Parliament simulation

Join Virtual UK

🇬🇧 🏛️Virtual United Kingdom🏛️🇬🇧

A British Server with an engaged, friendly, and thoughtful membership!


- ✍️ Vote for Prime Minister, or Become Prime Minister!

- 📕 Standing Orders of Parliamentary Procedure to ensure votes and debates run smoothly.

- 🗳️ Monthly Elections for Speaker, to oversee debates, votes, and server operations.

- 👥 Cabinets/Shadow Cabinets allow MPs to dig into particular political topics and interests.

-🎙️ "Question Time" gives the Opposition the chance to advance their agenda, keeping government Ministers on their toes

Join by going to
Looking somewhere to share your thoughts, creations or just to hang out?

Well you have come to the right place! 10 Downing Street welcomes everybody and encourages people to talk in this server! (Don’t worry, we won’t force you if you don’t want to. But we would encourage you to do so!)

You can also order food and listen to music. Sounds cool, right?

Are you convinced yet?

If you are, why don’t you go ahead and join? We’d appreciate your company and your time!

Spoiler: There are even more benefits in the server that you can have access to if you join!
Welcome to Plurinational Federative Republic of Roleplay! Our government server choses you! will you grab my hand? join us!

Motto: Choose your own future!

This server was a city state before, we have merged into a Republic. like 196 recognized UN Member states. And this is like a Federal Repiblic like US, Brazil, Germany, Nigeria, etc.

In roleplay, We Feature:
- Nations & Alliances Roleplay
- Countryhumans Roleplay
- States
> each state has a governor palace!
> each state has homes for people
> each state has a service district ( meaning theres schools, police station, hospital, etc )
- International Space Station
- Space Center
- Residences
- Apartments
- Military
- Nuclear Centers
- Government Facilities ( minister of education, defense, agriculture, etc )
> Supreme Court
> The President's White Palace
> Federal Parks and Square
> Capitol Hill
more channels and categories will be constructed in the future!

In roleplay, it has rules.
- No characters like Clyde, MEE6, Dyno, etc.
- Be realistic
- swearing is allowed! but dont do it too much
- using nuke word doesnt make it realistic.
- Character submission ( the first 10 tuppers are entered. if you have more bots, you need to submit them. )

we made our server a republic since we havent reach 100+ members. we want people granting their citizenship on this nation, more people, more active users.

Oh! tired of roleplaying? here! we have Pancake bot, Dyno, and Dank Memer!
more bots will be added soon. NOT NUKE BOTS

Plurinational = Plurinationality, plurinational, or plurinationalism is defined as the coexistence of two or more sealed or preserved national groups within a polity (an organized community or body of peoples).
ex: Plurinational State of Bolivia

Federal republic
Form of government = A federal republic is a federation of states with a republican form of government. At its core, the literal meaning of the word republic when used to reference a form of government means: "a country that is governed by elected representatives and by an elected leader rather than by a king or queen".
ex: Federal Republic of Germany, Nigeria, United States of America, Russian Federation.
The Federation of Danterra is a brand new Server and we are looking to become the most powerful Discord Faction! But, we can not do that without the help of you. All Help is welcome from everyone! We are always looking for new partners and allies. Join today to support us and help us expand! Glory to Danterra!
EN:Hello And welcome to a roleplay server of the French Republic here you can do many things ,start your own business, work in a company, or lead France into glory, I hope to see you soon in my server ( we are bilngual we have instruction in both french an English )

FR:Bonjour et bienvenue sur un server de jeu de rôle de la République française ici, vous pouvez faire beaucoup de choses, démarrer votre propre entreprise, travailler dans une entreprise ou conduire la France dans la gloire, j'espère vous voir bientôt sur mon server (nous sommes bilingues, nous avons des instructions en français et en anglais)

Link to join :
Welcome to the Republic of Dola!
After being part of The British Empire, gained independence as two nations, who reunified!
We strive to bring equality in labor, society, and bring about a Utopian state.
we are further building and improving our wonderful Nation!
We offer many nice activities and services, such as:

- Active Government and Administration!

- Free Housing

- Labor Unions

- A Democratized Economy

- Decriminalization and Legalization of many drugs!

- Legalized Prostitution

- A Prime Minister!

- A lot of bots, to assure you enjoy the server!

- Military: it's a new feature and it's not fully on yet, it will be soon though

- Various fun activities such as Counting and Memes!

- Active community of people and friends!

Join so we will create even more activities! Workers of the world, UNITE!!!
American Politics

*American Politics is a government simulation of the United States. You can either try to become the politician that saves us all, or becomes a hack in Washington, trying to rise to power.*

**- Everyone starts as a Representative**
**- Includes all 3 branches of Government**
**- A diverse mixture of ideologies and view points**
**- Multiple parties while staying true to American Politics through caucuses**
**- Elections for President, which includes multiple campaigning events**
**- Every ideology tolerated, as long as it doesn't call for violence or genocide**
**- Civil debates about legislation and ideas**