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The Republic of Discord is a mock government server that offers:

•Legal systems and court trials
•Legislative voting
•Executive Power
•A friendly political debate environment
•And much more!
★● Welcome to the Greater German Empire ●★

History and WWII Roleplay together will make the perfect Roleplay experience!

▪ 🌎 International Community, make friends from all over the world!

▪ 🏛️ Political Parties, become one with the government!

▪ 🏅 Medals, earn yourself some of'em!

▪ ⛏️ Minecraft Server, have fun!

▪ 🗡️ Hearts of Iron IV games!

▪ ⚓ Fleet battles!

▪ ⚔️ Faction RP, play as either Axis, Allies or Comintern member and fight against each other!

▪ 🏅 Be a German Soldier in the RP and live the life of a soldier!

▪ ❤️ A Server made with love, just for you!

▪ 🏆 Events with prizes, earn yourself these prizes!

▪ 💡 Suggestions, your idea may change our future!

▪ 📝 Quizzes, test your historical knowledge!

▪ 🗣️ Roleplay, become someone else!

▪ 🛡️ Active and nice staff, always there for you!

▪ 📜 Military Branches, work your way to the top!

▪ 🏗️ Always new Features, we work hard for your joy!

▪ 💰 Economy, become the richest one!

▪ 🔮 Huge Item shop!

▪ 📭 Open for partnerships, even small ones!

▪ 🕹️ Game Nights, just for you!

▪ 💻 Website, yes we have a website!

▪ 📚 Question of the week!

▪ 📊 Polls!

▪ 🛡️ Border, raid proof!

★● And even more...:D ●★

Why are you still waiting? Join today, we are waiting just for you!
Hi! Thanks for looking at this message!
The North American is a Mock Government Role Play which is fast growing!
What can you do here?

Use fun bot commands and get ideology and party roles!
Join the staff team!
Run for a political office!
Run a business!
Meme around!
Make new friends and join our chill community!
Working Economy and Stock Market!
Accepting of all ideologies!
And much, much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us today!
Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambyn.
This is a Roleplay Nation Server set in the current years, Modern Age.

Cambyn is where you can fulfill all your political fantasies. You can roleplay as a Prime Minister/Mayor candidate and win the elections or fight against corruption as a fierce journalist or just be a normal citizen! Or what about hosting lavish parties while living the life of the nobility, being an Ambassador to other Server Nations, or being an Army General!

Our welcoming community is now of 100+ members, with an active and helpful staff.

Join us in running this nation, the modern Kingdom of Cambyn!
Welcome to Venerable! a net-government based in the UK. it's current goal is more members/activity! if you're smart, good with computer, political or just feel you'd help us, then join!

We have:
a nice-ish, growing community
staff that won't ban for no reason

we need 1 more leader and 2 more co-leaders
Join the Model United States today!

The Model United States is a Discord-based mock government simulation of the US federal government. It is looking for members. If you are interested in American politics, this is the place for you. The community realistically simulates the doings of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the US government. All people of all ages are welcome.

If you are interested in joining or want to learn more about the Model United States, please feel free to join our Discord or email us via [email protected] Thank you.
An attempt to reorganize the US government by experimenting with different laws and regulations.
📝 Voting 📝

🖋Law Making 🖋

🏛 Government 🏛

🏙 Nation Building 🌃

🌎 Travel to other Servers 🌍
A military server that emulates the Stratocracy form of government. We have four branches of military (army, airforce, navy and spaceforce) and a functional chain of command!
Welcome to the Galactic Empire! We are a mock government server that offers:
- A chance to the server in the Imperial Armed Forces.
- An interesting roleplay experience.
- A community for Star Wars fans to chat with each other.
- A functional legislative branch.
- 24/7 staff.
- And much more!
Do you ever want to...
...become any nation from around the world?
...rage wars and conquer land with other nations?
...come together under an common alliance?
...Own the seas, build a galactic empire, or unify the world?
Politinations has all of that!
We are a country based roleplay server that emphasizes realism, and strategy.
We have a great community, great rp experiences, and best of all, an active chat!

Join now!
Have you ever wanted to join a simulation of the United States Government? Perhaps a roleplay based around it? Well, you’ve found it! Here in our server we have the following:

Character Creation
Plenty of positions within the US government
A military
A government based off of the US constitution
People interested in mock govs
An economy
Political System
And more!

The only thing we need is you, so come on, join us today!
A community for political discussion (and religious discussion) for anyone interested in said topics. Avery's Political Server offers simplicity mixed with good discussion moderation so that it doesn't all go to anarchy in an instant.

Please be aware to read our rules before hopping right into discussion.
US Gov Sim is a mock US Government. All are welcome to debate in the House of Representatives and start parties and organizations.
Basically, this server is an experiment I am running. I want to see if it is possible to recreate the inner workings of a nation within discord. I have set up a rudimentary government framework already however, it will be expanded in the future. This server is somewhat roleplay focused, with everyone partaking in the government of Belogorzka, a nation ruled by the Belogorzkan People's Party which is a militaristic communist party based loosely on that of the Soviet Union. I would love to see how this server develops. (The first 5 to join will become members of the Central Congress, the highest authority in Belogorzka)
This little community is based on role play, with the freedom of your choice of role play, whether it be NSFW, funny, dramatic; we love it.

Register a character, and you’re in! We are an accepting and open-minded community with a staff that is there to make sure that you don’t shed a tear.

Of course, this server is massively centred around the countryhumans fandom, and if you don’t know what it is, I suggest you look into detail as to what it is before joining.

The role play is based around the nation of Asharia, in which you will live, if you become one of her citizens. You may become a child, adult, soldier, doctor and anything that makes the role play seem full and lively!

We are undergoing a period of inactivity, so keep your standards down.

If you have any question, feel free to ask!

And by the way, feel free to stay here more than three seconds, thanks.
Want to join a Fun and Entertaining Server?
Join America, a fun server with a Mock Gov, Role playing, Fun Activities, and a constitutional Convention.
Join Today!
Our server is a simulation of a new country in our real world, once in 2 weeks we have elections and then we choose our parliament which consists 100 MP, the biggest coalition building the government. we refer to our real world events and to events we create, JOIN US!!
We have been nuked before, but we have returned! Here was our previous server:

Welcome to the Third Reich! This is a casual roleplay server with mock government structure based upon Nazi Germany, but do not worry, we are not toxic. This server is a micronation where you can chat with fellow citizens of the Reich, get an occupation in it, or maybe join armed forces or the government. The Reich needs you!
This server counts with:
-Dedicated staff and active community.
-Good and organized place for socializing and roleplaying.
-Structured government and military forces.
-A multitude of bots to deliver the best experience.
-An economy system.
Join now! The Führer is awaiting you!
Let's Talk Elections is a community of people who love American politics! You can chat/debate politics, or participate in our roleplay mock government elections! Run for political office, and make friends!
Dívasa is a life and politics roleplay based on a fictional world with 1950s technology! We have many different political parties spanning nearly every ideology there is.
Regions are sort of like your home; you can choose a region to solidify your place in the server.
Politics are optional, you can do some shenanigans in RP or just hang out with memes, etc.
Nearly anything is acceptable; just make sure you ask mods before doing drastic things.
You can spread religion, commit various crimes (but be prepared for the Security Bureau!), join militias, talk to people and do much more!
Westhall is a government role-play server which takes place in a fictional world. In this world, the nation of Westhall vies for internal stability and international security. From massive hostile nations threatening invasion to nefarious Secret Police waging a dark campaign within our borders, Westhall is sure to excite and entertain.

We have:

An Active Moderation Team Which Comes Out With NEW Features Regularly
Frequent elections!
Fast growing community!
An interactive lore universe! Make your own mark on the country, or the world!
Exciting and action-packed movie-worthy scenarios!
International relations, including warfare and trade deals!
A whole world of conspiracy and subterfuge!

Join up and run your Campaign, then influence the world!
Dixieland is a server for the We The People United States Government Simulation!. Come join and be a part of the Southern United States.
Welcome to Political Debates! Do you love history, politics, maps and geography? Then Political Debates is the server for you! We have a political parties roleplay where you can create your own parties and compete with other in order to get a majority! You can also simply discuss political topics and share your opinion. Every ideology is welcome here and we have self assignable roles you can give yourself. We do not censor opinions and try to be as unbiased as possible. We also have a big number of bots for memes, music and more. We have a lot of voice channels and text channels.

We hope you swing by!
- Political Debates Management Team
A Roleplay Server that hasn't started yet, but we are hoping to get people to join in and have fun. There's a checkpoint system so be sure to read the rules