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The server is based in modern time, a town close to ancient ruins that tie back to the towns history and mysterious tunnels that seem the have the whispers of a long gone man.

For years the town of Yama has been quiet and peaceful, people with magic roam everywhere but one specific person bearing a rare magic of future prediction has had a vision, a vision that a great shadow was going to take over the town and launch everything in to a darkness that blocks out even the brightest of stars. The prophet called it a 'Omen of Shadows' but nobody believed him. Deep below the town, an ancient tunnel system that travels throughout the town and further something or someone is whispering, gathering strength...
Hello and welcome to the Ferncombe, a modern fantasy RP with original lore, playable quest lines and arcs, as well as cast characters to interact with for information! Choose from a wide range of playable races and create your characters. Join groups, gangs or cults, fight the government or aid in their goals and don’t lose track of the war raging in the west. Become a revolutionary rebel, military sniper, potion maker and everything in between!

This is a 333 site, so 18+ only please. Staff is happy to answer any questions you have.

We have a discord server as well as a forum site (

Our Discord is used for OOC plotting and character development, all lore and RP posts are located on the site.

We look forward to meeting lots of fun, creative writers and artists! We're not scary, so drop on in!
Hello and welcome to Nadore Academy! This is a place meant for the naturally gifted and the harbingers of the exiled gods, to learn, study, and train together.
Here you will be paired with another student, if you are a gifted you will be paired with a harbinger and vise versa. You will share many experiences with said partner and hopefully learn from one another as well as the staff here. Good luck, and enjoy your time here at the academy. -Principle Rykenue
**Warning: This RP is set in modern time though you can be a futuristic thing as long as it’s fair like with everything. Now that you have been warned let’s got on to the general lore.** Welcome to Kaldon city. This city has just about everything, and I mean everything. There are many species here and you can even create your own if you wish. There’s criminal lords, hero’s who stop them, merchants, mercenary’s, hackers, normal people. The list goes on and on and you can add to it. In this city there’s many places to get a drink but there’s one that is more significant and well known compared to the rest, the name it goes by is simply "The Bar." In this world there is no main lore, no main story, you can have events and your own stories and other things if you wish as long as you ask either The Owner or any of the Admins of the server. We will also be making events for this server that could involve the whole server so if you wish to join, press that button and enter Kaldon City.
Servers often display their contents in the name of the server, but with this server, it isn't exactly the case.
First and foremost, this is a Modern Fantasy world, meaning technology and everything exists just as it is in the modern world, except magic, fantasy, mythical beings with powers, etc, exist. That's the setting. The roleplay itself is focused on the academy within this world, but you can also roleplay outside the academy and as a citizen. This server is currently REALLY small and I recommend reading the lore for more information.
What’s popin, homeskillet, now lemme tell you, my favorite friend. This is the most bodacious urban fantasy server you’ll ever witness, dawg. Now sit those sweet cheeks down and prepare for the most radical discord rp server out there, bro! In some way past cool town down on the border of Cali and Oregon you gotta climb to the top to shine or fall down into the unforgiving, cold pits of hell and become a sex obsessed demon and get the fun times flowing with everyone you meet. That’s about it. See you on the floor side, dudesicle.
You receive a blank book; how you received it does not matter, what matters are the instructions it comes within. The book has 100 pages, writing complete stories on them will grant powers from the core of the story.

A new faction of power arises, made by a wish! Why? (The owner done goofed and thinks it would be downright mean to just take Johan's power away... Argh!) He got access to a wish through convoluted (sloppy owner mistake) reasons and gave himself the ability to give himself and others abilities without limits! And a power that cannot be overcome by any other! He seeks to get rid of all the powers in this world with his abilities, that power shouldn't exist. The question is, do you join him?

Discover the 51st State of America, as you use your newfound powers or abilities for the sake of others or yourself. While no power can be given in absolution: All powers are possible in some way shape or form.
Abilities on the other hand can be given in absolution, and given by a power hating teenager, head of the Anti-Booklets. This group's leader will eventually take your abilities away, so be wary.

How powerful you are is all about how clever you really are with what you are given. Booklets have each other and a network of others with supplies and powers to help each other out. Wished are individuals with massive power, destined to have what they were gifted taken from them.

... And as soon as I allow, read the what's going on channel

3 of 5 Events have been completed for this server where you can gain 10 Extra Pages for participating in role playing. Whether it be just starting your character's journey, or going all the way and interacting with everyone role playing. These events will be held on the first Saturday of each month (Pacific Standard Time)
This is a ERP&Rp server made for the sole purpose so passionate roleplayers... Are able to show their true colors of The erp/rp they have to offer.. What our server provides:

♡Active staff
♡Events once every 3 days [Real life]
♡Economy&Gambling bot
♡Tolerable Staff
♡As long as you apply by the rules you pretty much have freedom to do what you want.
♡NSFW District
♡Trial admins role[You can get this by being a active member and at least a tolerable person, and or by becoming a partner with this server.]
♡We hope to see you in the server![Didnt want anybody to copy the lore, that is why it was not shown.]

Hello and welcome! This is a friendly little server that is welcoming to new people. We are looking for a few new members to spice things up. We have a mix of heavily story driven RPs and less plot heavy, just-for-fun rps. Come and join, we are lax and want to have fun.
In the society that you live in, people forge their own groups to do certain tasks to help themselves or other people, because the president leading the country at this time is failing catastrophically. There are also people who don't follow the groups, usually cast aside and forgotten about. What group would you be in, if any? A group that fends for themselves, or a group that protects others?
A magic factory is nestled in an abandoned city, The Magic Plush is created, and a dragon destroys mankind.
Hello everyone! This server is as you can see New Horizon! This server follows a good bit of story, whether that be Season stories or personal stories! We would love for you to come and join in on the fun! We have staff who are willing to work with you on your ocs and even offer private character approval by dms. We are in a bit of a revival so why don't you come by and join in early!
We hope you enjoy your time here and if you want to leave just because of the greeting message or because the server looks small, fear not and just dm an administrator telling us where we went wrong! This server has unlockable channels so don't judge the size right away!

Is your character transferring factions? or are they new to the magic world? will they unlock hidden powers or features when they enter this world?

"Holoville is a hidden-world style city-state in a mountain pit in Montana. It is under a concealing force field which means the outside world cannot just "see" the walls.
The state (faction) exists in a modern world with magic. This allows witches, demons, etc. and mythical unplayable creatures such as a griffin, hippogriff, etc. But they also have modern technology. Everyone who enters a portal to it lands in the dirt flat outside the state (faction) walls." - ♓ Dog The Banana Shaman ♓

In case you actually read this far down, Yes we DO have NSFW content, however, it is safely censored. I mean, we want the little kiddies to stay innocent to we try to stay PG publicly.
**Modern Fantasy RP**
The year is 2051 and the world is engaged in a battle between man and myth. The Anti Mage Armed Forces (AMAF) and the Pro Mana Federation (PMF) are fighting a battle to decide if those blessed with mana deserve to be exterminated or reign supreme over those who mean to suppress them. Those blessed with mana are labeled magicians and the higher their reputation, the more power they can gain. The same goes for the AMAF troops. In this world of war and strife who will win.

*This server has unique ranking card system for your OC and cool ways to inventory and earn powers giving it a true rpg styled feel along with having a shop filled with awesome items.

*The staff are friendly and helpful, they will also listen to any suggestions made. There is also a suggestion bot that the populous can react to so we know when something is needed or a change is wanted

*We have many cool custom bot functions along with a working random encounter system. There are quests and bounties. As an example, if a character gets negative standing they will be made a bounty target as well

*we all hope you'll give us a try and enjoy yourself a little. Also if you don't like it please give feedback on whats wrong before you leave so we can improve please ^_^
Welcome to Draco City! It's a city-life RP, but with fantasy monsters like orcs and goblins! Anything possible IRL is possible here! Wanna open your own fast food joint? go ahead!
Welcome to Modern Fantasy RP!
We have:
-Two very fun Owners that will allow a lot of custom stuff!
-The ability to suggest changes to the server such as new channels, towns, cities or even countries! [You can also suggest a large number of other things.]
-Custom Races, Magic and Weapons!
-An OC Job List that can be edited by staff!
-18+ Area for those within that age range! [younger people are allowed to be in the server, but they cannot enter these 18+ areas]
-Custom Housing for OCs!
-You can have up to six OCs!

Come join us today!
Im not one for long setver descriptions, so here goes nothin'.
This world is much like our own, only a few things are different like the fact that magic exists, amongst other things. Your magical talent is limited only by your imagination, so if you join....Be creative.
Haven was created to provide you the chance to create something along the lines I provided you with. Like Cyberpunk? Heavy Tech-based worlds? Modern Fantasy? Sci-fi? You've reached your place. This is exactly where you need to be. Feel welcomed and join all you wish, You won't regret.

We offer you:

- Private and public channels submission
- Breeds and factions pre-done, as well as descriptions
- An active staff and ready to answer questions
- Music bot
- Art and editing channel
- Assistance in writing.
This server is a roleplaying server! It's pretty new, however. There may be a few things out of order but we're working on it! This is the whole description of what the RP is about: Slyford, founded by the McMahon and Weber families in 1803, is where you all live. There's always been random killings in this town that have gone unnoticed by the public and surrounding towns, the police have never gotten involved with any of the murders and the McMahon's and Weber's have always been covering them up. Both families had large estates right next to each other and the Weber's always had masquerade parties. In 1857, the McMahon's left Slyford after they had a fight with the Weber's.

It's now December, 2024, the Weber's are throwing their Christmas Masquerade ball in a week.
A "new family" has moved in.
Right next to the Weber's.
Plot twist it's actually the McMahon's??-
Welcome to the hunt. In this world you just don't hunt animals you hunt the supernatural itself. You can also be the supernatural be the hunted and kick some Hunter but if you wish. So come join the hunt.
Enjoy the option of picking many races including some of the most common supernatural creatures or some of the more obscure stuff.
Welcome to Ventus, Draevin, an urban-fantasy role play server where magick and contemporary technologies intermingle. Our setting takes place on the mythical continent of Draevin, which is divided into seven individual provinces governed by a matriarchy. Ventus is a temperate, costal state with high mountain peaks and dense pine forests bordering the Pacific Ocean. The super-natural has long-since been common knowledge to the world but there’s something about these ancient Draevic lands that acts as a beacon for all things magick.

Roleplay Perks:
📜—Complex World Building
🏔—Diverse Settings
🏢—Cities and Towns
🔮—Magick System
👑—Royal Family, Mafia, Guilds + More!
🧚🏽‍—50+ Race Options & Variations

Community Perks:
🏆—Custom Leveling System & Role Awards
🎭—Music & Memes
🎨—Art & Photo Channels
📝—NSFW Channels
🌞—Tons of Sick Custom Emojis

Enter a world as vast as your imagination.
This is modern fantasy, set in the fictional city of La Enmeca. Enjoy rp with a kind community.