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Hello lovely we welcome you to our adorable server~

It's adorable, friendly, cat loving server. Don't worry other animals are welcome too

Come make friends, cuddle in the cuteness, talk to other people about anime and games. Roleplay with others in our roleplay channel. Participate in our events. And the most important thing is to have fun!

♡We have♡
🎀Active owners
🎀Custom color roles
🎀Leveling system (roles have cute names)
🎀Growing server
🎀Cute emojis 💜
🎀Fun bots (Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and more)
🎀Plus more~ (we're happy to read if you have any suggestions)

Come check it out, don't be shy. You'll be welcome with open arms~
Partially based on the Warrior series by Erin Hunter, THE ANCIENT VALLEY TRIBES roleplay server is a server where you can roleplay as a tribe cat of one of the three tribes that dwell within the Ancient Valley of Light:

SUNTRIBE - Sun On Shining Waters
SKYTRIBE - Sky Of Falling Snow
MOONTRIBE - Moon In Dark Skies

This server is currently quite new, so new members would be awesome! We have our own naming system, territory map, and even lore! Of course, we also offer channels that can help meet you nonroleplay-based needs! These include:

-ART channel (for posting your lovely art! We are very supportive of artists of any level, and we love to see your work!)
-COMPETITION channel (depending on the comp, it can range from art to designing your own herbs!)
-WRITING channel (write plots for your OC, unrelated topics, or even just some poems)
-MEDIA channel (for posting those sick memes)
-GORE ROLEPLAY channel (for when things get a little too bloody for others)

We want to grow and expand this server, so if you're feeling adventurous, please, feel free to come and join us! May the Valley's Light guide you!
Welcome to The Eyes of Horus! This is a feline roleplaying server based around the Warriors franchise, owned by Erin Hunter. But with a twist, this takes place in ancient Egypt, where modern civilization was nonexistent. We have a diverse assortment of ranks for your characters to obtain, and many more to suit your needs as a user!
Never had the opportunity to have a cat?!
Now you can have a virtual one in discord!
Come and join us.
We have:
♥ Coin System
♥ Items to buy
♥ Giveaways
♥ Friendly Community
..Slighty inspired by Warrior Lemons..
Elite is a WIP, diverse species erotic roleplay server made by Tucker. We are semi-literate and literate, and currently have wolves and feral cats with their own hierachy to roleplay as, and as we grow in members, there will be more species, more territory, and more unique hierachy.
Based on Erin Hunters series, Warrior cats, our roleplay community is perfect for all your warrior cat needs!
As a long term roleplay, you can choose to roleplay in either of the 5 main clans, with the other options of kitty pet, rogue and loner. Furthermore, we have a variety of our of character chats where you can get to know our community, with over 2000 members, we’re always open for new people!

Activities you can get involved with-
-Art- An art chat where our large community shares each others art, we love seeing each others talent and creativity!
-Get to know our community! We have plenty of out of roleplay chats to make friends with
-Roleplay!- We have a vast amount of roleplay chats for you to enjoy roleplaying in. As long as you follow the rules, we can all have fun
- and so much more! - Book club, Adoptables, gaming areas and voice chats!

So join today and start roleplaying! With a large community, we’re always active and ready to have fun!


\ \° ✦
✦ \ \ \❈
°\ \ \°
\ ✦ \
❈ *𝓌𝑒 𝓌𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓉*
**Shadows of Dusk**

*An unique Warrior Cats roleplay server.*

❖ ── ✦ ──『✙』── ✦ ── ❖

↬ *So, what do we have to offer to you? Why are we better than any other old Warriors server?*

➽ **A Literate server, with roleplay requirements being three or more sentences.**

➽ **Note that we are a semi-fantasy to fantasy roleplay**; *Each clan has their own (Non-OP) 'powers'. Moorclan is extraordinarily good at stealth, Orchidclan has venomous fangs, and Tempestclan has frosted claws.*

➽ *You have the ability to create up to six characters (determined upon activity), which can either be regular cats or foxes*

➽ *We are a long-term roleplay, with age-ups and gatherings/medcat meetings according to them. Every Saturday is an age up, along with a gathering, and every Wednesday is a med-cat meeting.*

➽ *We have our own customized lore, clans, plot, and afterlives*

➽ *Art, gaming, memes, vent, and NSFW channel for all your needs.*

➽ *Character bio template for convenience.* [Note: You *must* use our template]

➽ *Welcoming!*

Come join! This server is made for fun and other stuffs! It is still a bit quiet, but over time it will surely change! :3
#1, Dumbshit
#2, Retarded shit
#3, We are lonley
#4, We are held hostage
#5, Can you order us some chinese food?
#6, Great artwork
#7, I ran out of reasons
#8, Have you fucking joined yet
#9, Idfk
#10, dAnk MEmEs
A role-play based on the Warrior Cat series of books featuring 5 clans. It has mountains and an ocean, in this beautifull crafted server made for all. Leaf, hill, ocean, vine, and snow, unite on this breathtaking server!
a small community were you can do some things like meme read strange stories we make and most importantly have fun!
(=◕ᆽ◕ฺ=) We Are A Sever Of Gaming Cats That Play Many Games
-Like (=◕ᆽ◕ฺ=)
(=◕ᆽ◕ฺ=) And More (=◕ᆽ◕ฺ=)

(=◕ᆽ◕ฺ=) We Would Love To See You Join (=◕ᆽ◕ฺ=)
Join this server for the best cats to ever cat. Full of meows and paws
Hello and welcome to Altina RP! We're a semi-literate rp group, roughly based on the written works of Erin Hunter!

Come join our community! We have a Discord server with several chats dedicated to rping, art, and much much more! We also have our very own Proboards website for those who prefer the art of forum role-playing!

Come hang out, make friends, and help us develop the world for the Windclan and Shadowclan cats!
Welcome to the clans that have been forgotten by history itself! Here, vast meadows, charred and lush forests, rushing rivers and much more lays in the territory, waiting to be fully explores. Currently, it is inhabited by 5 main clans.

- 5 clans(Including one that was recently formed).
- Random events that are rolled weekly.

As this server is still working on new ideas, features will be added in the future. Hope that you'll join as we welcome you with open paws!
This server is dedicated to the rulers of the interwebz, meows.
Silly hoomanz can gather here to appreciate all meows.

The meows will change periodically
🌙☀️WE ARE A BRAND NEW SERVER IN THE MAKING☀️🌙 we are looking for new active people to join the family and paitently grow amongst the group.
For Centuries the Two clans have lived in peace amongst themselves and their beliefs. But as time shortens a shimmer of darkness as begun to touch the land. It it’s shadow begins to grow a dark figure has been seen in mystery throughout the island.

The boogie cat stories began to spread, and create folk tales. But none has ever truly seen the boogie cat. Or also known as the God of Death. But the clans prefer not chase a myth amongst the forest. And focus on the fact of problems.

Rabbits are not reproducing, and mice have been hiding for far to long, squirrels are blending in with the trees, and the fish are showing up dead upon the shores. Food has run scares on the island. Cats have had to travel outside of territory lines to catch prey. Bringing the collision of the Aubade and Celestial Clan. Because of their opposite beliefs most cats end up in battles leaving many cats fatally wounded.

As the problem begins to spread the clans must come with a solution and quick. Because time is running out.
⭐️Join Us Today!⭐️
Welcome to this English/Japanese cat hangout server!!~
Welcome to the mystical lands of Yasei'le! To lush jungles, rocky and snowy mountains, serene wetlands, sunny savannas and more lurking outside of the main lands. Many animals live here but a few cat species had created the prides that now reside here.

- 6 Prides that survive among the biomes.
- A monthly plot that is added every 18th of each month.
- The ability to create your own pride.
- More to come

This server is still getting new ideas to add to the server as it is currently small. However, we wish for you to take part among our adventures in the prides of Yasei'le!
a new server all about cats!! join to talk about anything you like with other cat lovers