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Hey Welcome to the Server Buddy.
The server is mainly for interecting,Gaming and for Anime fans.
There are many ways to entertain yourself in the server.
You can use various bots for entertainment.
The server has several bots like AKINATOR, TRIVIABOT, POKEĆORD, Etc to keep you entertained.
Welcome to Edgy MFs!
Here we offer a wide range of bots and chatting areas and not to mention, our staff, the ones we currently have although are less, are more than likely to help you out when you need.
So cmere and lets work on making this an edgy yet active place where we can spend our boredom away :'))
This server is still at its beginning point SOO please stick with us while we grow!!
We look forward to see you become a member of our community, remember to stay on the edge of life and have fun!
this is a sever for dating but mostly for teens and young adults which are 18-19! and we wouldnt mind if u would like to come along and make friends or mingle (aka get urself a partner in crime)
Hello and welcome to Chill & Hangout. In this server, you will be able to meet members of all kinds. Members who love gaming, food, etc. This is a community server, which means that you will able to make friends with our fellow members, and possibly even more. Feel free to join, tell your friends about it, and most importantly, enjoy!
Just a server for teens to hang out and meet new people! Talk about music, games, technology, and much more. We have a few bots here, no-furry zone, m e m e s, and pretty cool people so far. It's pretty small here at the moment, so help us grow and join! Have a fun time, and make new friends! :)
Awesome server! Active VC with Hilarious people, memes and fun.
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Welcome to █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
Home of the best nsfw material, come on down and greeted by mutiple admin's, mod's and e-boys and e-thot's who will make sure you enjoy your stay :)
~> we're lgbtq+ friendly this is a safe place
~> we have dank meme, and other fun bots:)
~> self-roles and colours!
~> we host gamenights and movienights!
~> we have art channels, etc
~> voice and music channels!
Hello fuckers~
This server is a non-toxic great community with amazing active members and a stable staff team! We have gaming nights and we blast minecraft parodies. We have amazing people to talk to and become friends with. We Accept people and care for others. So come on down to my mums basement! 🍒
-General/chill server
-Friendly, kind, funny members
-Venting Channel <3
-Mild Italiano theme (pasta uwu)
-Story-times (the best part)
This is a server for young guys and gals who identify as LGBTQ+ to hang out and have a good time.
heyo so this is just a server for teens where you can just be real and sh*t and hopefully make friends (even if your irl social life is pretty much nonexistent)
**This is the successor to teen friends zone**

Includes SFW and NSFW (18+ only) channels

Please enjoy your stay at teen friends zone 2!
A server full of depressed teens who can be funny at times, join if you're looking to meet new people and just have fun or chill, + supa active
We are a smaller fairly new server, made up of mostly Bi/Gay young adults and teens. We game, talk about shows or anime together, or just chill. It's an awesome community. Anyone is welcome! No requirements other than don't be an asshole.
↤♡♡Welcome to Rainbowly!!♡♡↦

Here we chat,make friends,and perhaps find a partner...♥

↡Here's what we can offer↡
⇛We are a LGBT friendly server
⇛Self assignable roles
⇛Accepting community
⇛Caring staff
⇛And we always are here for you when you need someone to talk to
⇛ALSO WE ARE LOOKING FOR STAFF(staff applications are open)
⇛Updated channels and roles
⇛A server in progress
⇛Emotional support
⇛We don't judge
⇛Cool emojis
Team Emissary

Welcome to TE, in this server you'll find

* General Conversations
* Friendly Staff & Community
* Memes & Shitposts
* Debates
* Self assignable roles & display colors!
* Voice and music chats
* An array of bots.
and so much more !

Our link:
This is a server where you and your friends can you. You can also join to make new friend are maybe the only one that's up to you.
Welcome to ℭ𝔲𝔩𝔱, a cool server so you can meet new people. Just to hit up people, talk to others about your achievements maybe. Be active, laidback staff. #gang
I have made this server to help those in need. I am the developer for the bot that uses this server as a dump for people in need. In the server there is a channel that the bot will put usernames of people who need help! Please join if you wish to help us out.
Welcome to Hawt Tacos my nibbas
•Hangout •Dating •Looking for active peeps •Make Friends
•Not very strict rules • Memes & gaming • Self Roles
• Depressed nibbas• Cool amount of Emojis
• Looking for promotions please dm owner
• Also looking for active staff
Join or u a big gae ;)
Heyyy so this is a new server and it's basically just for teenagers to talk and make friends, and unlike other servers like this, there is no nudes channel bc that is illegal (child porn), but if you would like to be lewd you can be lewd in the dms

but anyways please join, i swear we are nice
This is a new server, and we would be really happy with you if you join! In this server you can meet new people and talk to them. Maybe you meet new friends :)

About this server:
- The people are kind.
- You can have a lot of fun here.
- We can do activities together: games (like videogames, but also like truth or dare etc.), watch something together and more.
- Your ideas are always welcome!
- We are open for partnerships!

This server is made for people who like to have fun or want to meet new friends. Everyone is welcome! Tap that join button and have a nice time heree!