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Uno de los servidores españoles de Minecraft más grandes de Discord. Aquí puedes encontrar gente para jugar, charlar, enterarte de las últimas noticias de Minecraft, divertirte con amigos, jugar minijuegos, recibir soporte, etc. ¿A qué esperas para unirte?
**DevStylxs Community**
*A small, active forza community*

DevStylxs Community offers a wide range of things to do, from promoting your server to your forza photos, livery’s, tunes and more! We have a wonderful staff team always there to keep you safe, with a friendly non toxic community for you to chat within. Come and join us?!

- Self Promo Channel

- Staff Team

- 50 Emotes

- Friendly Community

- Share your work!

- Level 1 Boost!

- Helper team always hiring.

Join today,
DevStylxs Senior Staff Team.
We are a gaming community, called Team N0X.
Founded/Owner by: Icez and Co-Founded/Co-Owned by: HopezYT.
We have lots of friendly people and good staff that moderator the server. They help the server by protecting it from those who do not abide by our rules and TOS.

Any inappropriate content will be dealt with seriously by our staff, and can lead to a ban from our server. This is a friendly community, where you can meet other people and chat to one another. A community for other people to join!

Lots of roles
Friendly people
And more!
What can you do for Team N0X?

We take pride in our Team name and our motto!

Clan name: Team N0X
Motto: Exploring new Players (ENP)

Founded: Icez#5102, Senpai.#4900, HopezYT#8864.
Owner: Icez
Co-Owner: HopezYT
EX Co-Owner Senpai.

We look forward to meeting you!
FR :
Bonjour Bonsoir, voici la pub du serveur !

Communauté • Fabien Ferrari
Rejoins-nous sur Communauté • Fabien Ferrari

Qu'avons-nous sur ce serveur ? :
🌍・Une communauté en or et active.
👮‍♂️・Des STAFFS responsables et à l’écoute de sa communauté.
🕹️・Des animations afin de gagner des petites choses.
🛒・Des rôles spéciaux a gagner avec les invitations.

🎫・ Voici ton ticket d'entrée pour t'amuser et prendre du bon temps :

EN :
Here is the server announcement !

Communauté • Fabien Ferrari
Join us on Communauté • Fabien Ferrari

What do we have on this server ? :
🌍・ A golden and active community.
👮‍♂️・ Responsible STAFF who listen to their community.
🕹️ ・ Animations to win small things.
🛒・ Special roles to be won with invitations.

🎫・ Here is your entry ticket to have fun and have a good time :
Salut. Noi suntem Monkey Oasis. Suntem un server de discord cu grade, topicuri despre jocuri, chat si eventuri cu premii, si multe altele ! Serverul este mereu in dezvoltare pentru a fi cat mai pe placul tuturor. Daca vrei sa faci parte si tu din aceasta aventura , nu ezita sa ni te alaturi !
Come and vibe and play with people in the server in Fall Guys -ultimate knockout- it’s an amazing game
Join Sticks The Community Discord Server ⚔️

Chat And Socialize With Friends 😊
Make Friends 🤝
Make Memes Together 😜
Join Giveaways 🎉
Play Games Together 🎮
Make Art Together 🖌️
Hear Music 🎵
Advertise Your Stuff 📢
Partner up With Us 😎
100% Safe and Family Friendly 👍

We Offer:
Game Bots 🤖
Memes 😜
Art 🖌️
Music 🎵
Self Promo / Advertisement Channel 📢
Partnerships 😎

Dank Memer 😜
Idle RPG ⚔️
Idle Miner 🔨
Myuu 🔴
OwO 🤗
TacoShack 🌮


Join Us And Help Our Community Grow 😀
Spotlight Gaming
Active • Friendly • Non-toxic community • 24/7
Self assignable roles
Fun, useful & music bots
Regular events
Dedicated Active Moderators
Donator Roles
Channels for Nekos
Channels for Furries
Give it a try and join us, you may even like it there! :wink:
This is a server where you can talk:
You can find your gaming buddy's and get staff...
There are bots that crate a leveling system....

First to get rank 10 gets Member +
(no spamming for levels)

Have fun in our server!

If you like airsoft then join! We also offer channels about real firearms and more! we have some pretty cool staff too. :)
hey tout le monde!
je vous présente mon serveur discord multi-gaming!
on debarque sur le game donc venez nombreux svp!
dans se serveur vous trouverez

-un staff a l'écoute

-une commu sympa

-plein de jolies rôles

-et un serveur pas fini x)

(on recrute des modo/admin ou je plutot)
Welcome to ATK's Realm
What we offer.. :gift:
-Active Chat :pushpin:
We have lots of people to talk to if you’re ever bored!
-Fun Channels :speech_balloon:
For all interests such as Video games, Music, Art and more!
-Bot Games :robot:
Tons of bots to use!
-Giveaways :partying_face:
We hold lots of nitro giveaways all the time for everyone!
▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ▉ ▊
Still not convinced?
-Helpful Staff team :wrench:
Always there if you need anything
-Frequent Server Updates :hammer_pick:
We’re open to any suggestions so let us know!
-Lots of Emojis :slight_smile:
Over 250 emojis to use anywhere with nitro!
We have a level 3 nitro boost and would love if you could boost us! :gem:
We hope you can join and come hang out with us! :tada:
Invite Link

Looking for a safe place to vent and maybe find more friends? Well you've found the right place, we are a 1000+ server full of nice and unique people.

☁️ -- Looking for Affiliate Managers & Partner managers, also support members.

☁️ -- Friendly staff & owner, don't be afraid to dm the owner !

☁️ -- Fully SFW (Swearing is allowed)

☁️ -- Welcoming & Semi Active community <3

So what are you waiting for? Join now and meet others that may have the same interests as you! :)

Server used to have 1k+ until it recently got nuked and everyone was banned, please join so we can regrow !
≡;- ꒰ °𝑫𝒆𝒔𝒊𝒓𝒆𝒆 ꒱
⋆ Est. 7/18/20
⋆ Friendly staff/members
⋆ Aesthetic

- ͙۪۪˚ What We Offer

⋆ Fun bots
⋆ Self-assignable roles
⋆ Colors
⌇─➭ Currently looking for partnerships

: ̗̀ We welcome everyone! We’re looking for active members to help our community grow. We hope you’ll come join us ◡̈
Hello everybody. If you like anime please join. In this server, there are so many nice people, who are ready to welcome you at any moment. We all have the same interest and hobbies, ANIME and games.
What makes us so different than all the other professional discord servers is that we allow people to partner and advertise even though they might not have over 100 members. So please consider joining. We love HENTAI too. aahahaha.

Welcome to Fosh's Pinke Palace!
We are a newly founded discord looking for active staff and members to add to our community! We welcome people of all aesthetics!
Use our text channels and voice channels to discuss your interests and show off your hobbies.
We are taking suggestions on what to add to improve the discord for a more enjoyable experience.
This server doesnt revolve around a specific topic, its a general hub for people to come and chill, everyone is welcome.
We love music, we have events and so much more!
We are a small server, but we are growing!
The server is 100% PG, no NSFW ever.
Zabava, igrice, meme-ovi, botovi. Ma sve na jednom mestu! Uzivancija zauvek, Udjite i uzivajte i to je to! Imamo nekoliko pravila i to je to.
Do you like watching livestream, gaming, taking part in fun events and giveaways? Then you'll fit right in to the server.

We guarantee you'll enjoy the server which has some very fun channels, level ups, commands, music and giveaways happening ALL THE TIME! Fun events such as Setup wars where both most upvoted and downvotes win money!

Join now, don't miss out!!