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Welcome to The Lounge!

The Lounge is a friendly fast growing discord server that's looking for more members.
We hope you will have a good talk with one of our members soon!
We're currently also looking for more staff members!
Hope to see you soon!
4 hours ago
An experimental server to see what would happen if EVERYONE had admin powers!
9 hours ago
Welcome to Sniper Gang. Here you'll find laid back mods, fair rules, and an overall active, fun, and welcoming community. You can talk about anything here, there is no main theme to the server. This is mainly a place to meet new people and make friends!
9 hours ago
The Debate Club is a Discord server where many different people with different views come together and discuss different topics and ideas.
12 hours ago
Here on Team Firestorm we offer a safe community for Fortnite players to communicate, advertise their twitch channels, and share epic games content with others. We have many fun and informative bots available for users to use.We also have many voice channels for chatting, listening to music, and playing the actual game of fortnite! LOOKING FOR STAFF
12 hours ago
Welcome to Pokécord United! Enjoy your stay because that’s what we are here for, make sure to read the rules so you don’t get punished for anything and over all just have fun!
6 days ago
Join our Minecraft server to chat and for updates on the server and the release date!
12 days ago
This is a place where members of the furry community and no in the furry community can chat and have fun. We have friendly staff! NSFW Channels for ages over 16! We also have self-assignable roles so come and join today!
12 days ago
We welcome everyone, make friends, have fun, play games!

Need staff ⭐
Partner with us 🤝
Friendly 👋
Fun bots 🤖
Leveling system 🎚️
Self assignable roles 😄
Feedback channel ☄️
▶️ & much more! ◀️
14 days ago
Chillest place in all of discord. Make friends, have fun, and lets build a better community.
14 days ago
SWM Gaming is a community for all gamers to join. This server is hiring staff.

SWM Gaming offers channels for Fortnite, Siege, Overwatch, PUBG, Squad, Arma, and more!

This discord also offers a safe place for gamers of all types.

So come join! Have some fun.
15 days ago
We are a small but growing community. 100 members and counting!
Our staff is highly trusted and responsible people who will enforce rules, but still have a lot of fun.
We have a variety of channels and roles for more interaction with other members.
We have a very informative rules and info section for you to read more about the server! If link fails:
(Mind you, there are nsfw sections in this server, but this is only accessed via request IF you meet the necessary requirements)
21 days ago
A server trying to gain users everyone is welcome. We play games and just chill, chat. We have voice and text channels. We also have good bots.

our staff team is always looking to improve ;)
21 days ago
A doctor who Roleplay server for us hardcore fans of the British television series.
You can be any character from Doctor who or make up your own
22 days ago
This server for chill, make a friends from different countries
Make sure to join and enjoy your stay
- DragonBoy
24 days ago
Join our amazing server filled with,
+Active owner and admins
+Literally hitler is in this server.
+Kind people from around the world!
+Lots of bots coming your way!
+Starting Events when we reach to 30 members!
+Trying to get more admins to help the owner!
+I heard if you come around in the beta testing, you might be a noted customer! * • *
+Special rules!
+Trying to get the color roles ready!
+Waiting room chat!
26 days ago
Fun, NSFW, events, anime we have it all join this server if u wan mess around or have your session in our NSFW
32 days ago
A brand new discord server, Hoping to make it a safe and friendly community for all to join, anyone is welcome!

Currently looking for dedicated staff to be able to help the server grow :P
So come join us and lets have some fun
33 days ago

We currently have a invite competition going on at the moment top inviter gets $300 Buycraft! We are also looking for staff members, feel free to apply once you are on our discord! We have an innovative outlook on Skyblock and have currently put hours upon hours into setting this up at the moment and have spent $500+ On this currently and hope to spend more to bring a new feel to skyblock and make people happy! So far everything is set up and we are just looking to get a playerbase now. We also may have stolen your General Manager

Invite rewards
10 invites - 5$
20 invites - 15$
35 invites - 5 alts and 5$
50 invites - 20$
75 invites - 40$
90 invites - 100$
120 invites - 150$
200 invites- 250$
Pays out on release

100$ Dollar Giveaway at 150 members!
34 days ago
A democratic gaming community, where anyone can be elected admin, and the most active users get cash! Including custom user rooms, custom leveling systems, and more!
43 days ago

Q: What is "Sernity"
A: Sernity is a discord community based on peace and care.

Q: How can I become staff?
A: You can become staff by staying active and helping the community in any way you can.

Q: How do I get the "YouTuber" role?
A: You can earn the rank by having an active YouTube channel community with at least 200+ subscribers.

Q: How can I become partner's with sernity?
A: You can become partner's by having an Active calm community.


There are many special ranks on the server that everyone can earn, all the ranks that can be earned in any type of way will be listed below.

Donator: This can be earned by donating to the server to help the community grow.
Donator Features: With the donator role you will have Color Changeing Name, Access to special channels, Special CMDS.

[VIP++]: This can be earned or bought, you can buy it for 2.50, or you can earn it by being active on the server for 2 months or more.

[VIP++] Features: Color changing name, Special Channel Access, and more.


Sernity is a place to chill hangout and have fun, we provide numerous amounts of activities such as Music Events, Giveaways, Giveaway Parties, Karaoke, Movie night ETC.

We treat our community members like family, we try to keep everyone happy and the community itself strong and active, we have no drama whatsoever in this community server.

NOTE: Sernity is still a server that's under development, please note there might be some errors that needs to be fixed, if you do find any make sure to let us know in the #staff-support channel so we can fix it as soon as we can.
46 days ago
:fire: We are a community of people that just want to chill out, play games and make friends, we don't go into arguments or debates as it just ruins the fun, we are chilled, the rules really do not need to be read over and over again because we are all chill here and we really don't need to go over the rules too much...

:fire: The owner is currently @Frenzy and will be unless he for some reason changes his mind about the server and throws everyone down the drain which we hope he won't do else we will have some beating to do!

:fire: The staff members are in #staff-applications and the rules are below! You know what to do its common sense.

:fire: The staff shouldn't be needed too much as we want chill vibes here, they should be allowed to chill and go into the hot tub without little children moaning
54 days ago
-Find support, get answers to questions, and receive advice that can help improve your Discord server
-Look for help (hire staff,web,graphics,bots) for your Discord server
-List your Discord server

List your talents and see where you can help out, get paid!
61 days ago
Hello there. Looking for a server that has trained staff? Respectful members? well, you're in the right place. Join this server today! we do giveaways and more!!
69 days ago