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Partnership Centre

- network with other PMs or arrange mass-partners with known PMs
- help with server building and technical assistance
- channels to advertise your servers in
- find partners or staff
- find bots/help with setup for members new to creating Discord servers
- extras, such as Pokécord and Global Chat
- earn global Tatsumaki levels/EXP
- advertise your social media
- staff applications

↳ Looking for partner managers!

We will help you find partners if you are having trouble growing your server!
Just ask in the main chat!

Coming Soon
- maybe a NSFW channel
- featured servers area
Team Kortex is an up and coming fortnite team which is growing everyday with fresh new talents. If you think you have what it takes, you can apply to become part of the team. If you don't wish to join the team then you are still welcome to the server as part of our very friendly community.
So you found our server on disboard. You should join it because its fun in there. We have giveaways, game nights on Friday and Saturday, a good community, and more too come! We play many pc, mobile, and console games, and we also have an active community ready to talk. Currently, we are in need of staff, desperately in need. We will take applications from anyone, and accept anyone in the server. We also have nitro giveaways sometimes!
Come say hi :) (DM for partner)
Welcome to Stop Type, a friendly diverse community discord. We play games and have fun little events/moments together.
🔥 Sammy's "Cat"hedral 🔥
Sammy's "Cat"hedral is an awesome server with super nice people that anyone can join and will fit easily, we have fun events like movie night and giveaways. If you want to know more your gonna have to join!!


💘 Friendly and active staff members
👀 Semi active members
😃 A fast growing community with lots to come
🤖 Great bots to keep you happy and interested at every moment
😆 And self roles so we can know more about you!
💞 birthday role when it is your birthday u will be showered with attention and love
💲A special person that does giveaways
Check Out Our New Website!
We are a fortnite Team. We have 90 members in our clan but not many joined our discord server so i am looking for more members!
We are a non toxic fortnite clan.
¸.•¨•♫ · ,.-~'¨¯¨'·~-.¸-( Catsly Pets )-,.-~'¨¯¨'·~-.¸

Hello! This is Catsly Pets, we are a strong community & hangout, for ALL kinds of people ❤ !

⭐ In this hangout, we contain, positive people, very organized with our chat, we also chats specifically for older people, if you are in-appropriate you will be muted for a little bit of time and sent to our channel that we can allow that attitude in.
⭐ We do not allow online dating no matter what, we have been told it makes people feel bad about them not dating anyone so we won't allow that, as you can tell, we try our best to make everyone happy C: .


)-🌈LGBTQ Support :))
)-✨We allow custom names, no inappropriate names.
)-💡 Very organized.
)- 💦 We will not allow people to bully one another.
)-🈸 We have applications for roles/ranks and we have cooldowns, and reformations.

(´¯·³·¹·´¯)-=-Join-=-(..·²·³·..)(´¯·³·¹·´¯)-=-Now 😃 I-=-(..·²·³·..)
We are kind, and positive.
╚══════.♥. ════════════════════╝
Cove of Memes

A server with memes and other cool things.Yes the server is really dead but I am trying my best to gain more members.But aside from that it is pretty epic and I think you should join.So come on down to the Cove of Memes and have some fun.

⬆️|Ranks on Nadeko and roles you can buy with UnbelievaBoat
J.A.R.F. Gaming and Anime Lounge is a server that me and my friend have kept private for a while, until recently we decided to set it up and go public. We are a friendly people and we are looking for Staff to help upkeep the server and enforce rules while still making it fun for members!
✦》 🍄 League of Legends

✦》 🎶 Music channels
✦》 💵 Economy with rewards
✦》 ⚔️ Active Staff
✦》 🎁 Give-aways
✦》 🎀 Holiday Events
✦》 💎 XP-Levels
✦》 🤖 Bot Games
✦》 🏆 Tournaments
✦》 🎎 Advertisement


✦》 🔎 Looking for Admins
✦》 🔎 Looking for Tournament Organisers
✦》 🔎 Looking for Partnership Managers

It's been three years since the collapse or civilization. The apocalypse has raged on for three grueling years. But humanity hasn't collapsed yet. The zombies weren't the only creatures here. Besides your boring humans, there are half-humans too. Hell, there are even half-walkers wondering around . . . You'll figure out what those are soon enough.

The survivors in the Maple Grove area, a small town in Ontario, Canada, do not know if they are the only ones left in the world. Or if they are the only ones with the walking dead. You can create a character that is human, or you can choose several approved species. If you dont like those, you can send the description of a new half species you would like to use.

With your character, adventure in the town of Maple Grove. Fight for your life, fight for others, join a faction, make a faction, find love. Though your priority probably shouldn't be finding love. But hey, do whatever you want! After all, there isn't any pesky laws to stop you now.
This is Bumble's Hive. It's Bumble's Hive, where he does Bumble things and it's in a hive.

It's also run by Bumble. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT a hive.

We talk about vidya games. Basically. And I also like to talk to people in voice chat.

So yeah.

Join please.


°·.   · ✦       ·* . •   · •. ✶˚ .  ·✧ ˚    · . ·* . ✵.    ✧✵ .·    ✵ ✫˚ · · . ·✦ ˚  ·   . ⊹ ·   . *    ..      .  °

────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────

Welcome to -ˋˏ The Diamond Galaxy ˎˊ- , a remake of the server -ˋˏ Space Babes ˎˊ- which was an inspiration for me to make this server before it was unfortunately shut down, just short of 1,000 members. Let's get this one to 1k in rememberence!

────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────
We have lots of awesome features, such as:

🌈 Self assignable roles

🎉 + Giveaways

🌍 + Level roles

🎈 + Fun bots

😋 + Friendly staff

👥 + Partnerships

🎂 + Birthday celebrations

😈 + NSFW channel

🎶 + Music

🗓 + Events

🌐 + Pokécord

And much, much more!

────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────

This is a fun and safe place for all! So what are you waiting for? Fly up to the space station now!

────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────

Owner: @itz_cjdunne#9999
"Space Babes" owners: @bbykiwi#0069 & @julia#8286

────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──────

-ˋˏ Invite:ˎˊ- -
-ˋˏ Banner:ˎˊ-
The Space Station is a gaming community discord. We love to gather up in multiplayer games and have game nights. We are a very friendly community and have several fun little bots.

The server features:
- A leveling system!
- Multiple games to choose from.
- Lovely, decently active and growing community.
- A wonderful staff team & staff applications available.
- Plus more!

Server games:
- Unbelievaboat
- Pokecord
- Game/Movie Nights
- Count to 10,000
- And more!

the place you want to be!!
What we can offer you!!
❤- a dating chat
👮- a good staff team with good rules
👌- plenty of emojis and animated emotes
😂- a memes chat that posts every few seconds
😎- a chat that changes every day
🔥- nice community
owner: Partner Dude#1234
If you want a good place to hang, chill and make friends join us
Welcome to mix!❤️

❤️ Social / gaming server ❤️

😍 Strong / active community 😍

❤️ Staff ranks ( you can apply! ) ❤️

❤️ Level ranks based on activity ❤️

💭Fun bots such as counting game 💭

😜 Nsfw / artwork / face reveal channels 😜

🎶 Multiple music bots 🎶

450+ members**
Come join Holden strong exclusive in the server we make free logo's websites cad's and more our staff will love to help you with what ever you need.we make sheer our staff know what there doing we our open 24/7 we our always updating our server and website.we hope to see you soon from Holden .

⮚ Lots of bots
⮚ Community Server
⮚ Share controversial Topics
⮚ Free Ranks!
⮚ Invite Rewards
⮚ Mee6 Leveling System
⮚ Looking for Staff Members
⮚ Chatting made Quick, Organized & Easy!
Hello, I bet you are a server owner or maybe an admin heh? you've been searching for a while for a server to join to meet others, maybe gain advice, mainly to hang out, maybe a little bragging. WELCOME TO SERVER OWNER LODGE O_O!!! we are your place to stay and chat and be awesome! we also accept admins to servers to enjoy our lounge
We are a server foucused on s solid community, gaming and art! we are open for new ideas and we have role rewards for invites! we are seeking good staff and more mebers to join our jurney! Hope we will see you soon!
Whats up gamers, this discord is all about having fun and playing roblox, we have not too many rules, just ones that are just not acceptable, join to see the rest of the goodness!
This is a safe server to join with a caring staff team that’s always looking. We have a range of bots in to be used. (We are also always working to improve the environment of the server)