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Currently looking for staff and regular members for our new community. We currently have two servers, a Jailbreak and a SWRP.
Welcome, our server is a small but growing community. We invite everyone to come join and chill with us. Meet new friends and make new memories. And memes
Apex Legend Tournaments is an independent tournament and eSports Apex Organization, focused on hosting tournaments and events for APEX LEGENDS join this server for Apex Legend players meet up with new people and launch yourself to victory. Update Info.
Welcome to Gaming Central. We are a pokemon based server for those who want to learn about pokemon

- Server Features
Multiple unique bots
Friendly staff
Multiple gaming channels
Welcome to The Lounge!

The Lounge is a friendly fast growing discord server that's looking for more members.
We hope you will have a good talk with one of our members soon!
We're currently also seeking for more staff members!
Hope to see you soon!
Cozy's Coffee Shop is a up and coming server that is growing in members day by day and also we have a roblox group and also our games are a work in progress we look forward to having you here. As well we are looking for staff!

Welcome to A Factions minecraft server this server is for you and your friends we will be making ranks. We will also have a minecraft server for you guys to play on

**__What we are looking for__**
YouTubers with over 100 subscribes
Website developers
IP: coming soon

Invite link:
Zombie Roleplay is a server about the survivors in an apocalypse. After you create your character you can make choices about your survival. Will you try and survive on your own fighting off the zombies? Will you team up with other survivors and make friends/enemies/lovers? Or will you join a faction and together fight the zombies and the other factions? Join for a fun and active rp server looking for more staff and members.
A server where you can talk about life, video games, etc. It is currently at 70 human members, but is growing somewhat.
Minevera is a new upcoming server. There are multiple gamemodes, including Skyblock, Factions, and Survival! We have a great staff team who can be as active as possible, and who are willing to help you out if you ever need help. With multiple Custom plugins and Custom bosses, there's so much you can do in this server!

We hope you enjoy!
Minevera | Community Manager Solstice_Witherbrow#7120
Welcome to Infinity Studios!

We are a small developer group on roblox, we are currently working on a game called “Those Who Stand,” and we are planing some more games in the future.

We mostly make horror and survival games, though we take suggestions for the games and suggestions for new games as well.

We will welcome you with open arms!
We're a community server who loves to get along and chat about our favorite games. We have a very nice staff team that'll help you through out your stay at our server!
Chillest place in all of discord. Make friends, have fun, and lets build a better community. [Bots/Events/Social System & more!]
A fun and new server to hangout and make new friends!!
This a friendly server with Giveaways, Bots, And open appilcations for Staff
🔰 InfiniteZoom 🔰

⫷▬▬▬▬⫸ DESCRIPTION ⫷▬▬▬▬⫸
Welcome to InfiniteZoom! InfiniteZoom is a server with people that love memes and want to share them! We have a ton of meme channels, so you can find type of memes you are looking for! We are also going to be voting for the Meme of the Month! The winner will get free the Dank Memer role! We want to provide members with fun, entertainment, and make everyone hail to memes.
⫷▬▬▬▬⫸ DESCRIPTION ⫷▬▬▬▬⫸


• Daily and good memes ✨
• Active membership ✨
• Dank Memer Bot! ✨
• Off-Topic channels ✨
• Open suggestions ✨
• Welcoming community ✨
• And much more...! ✨
This is a general chatting discord where you can find new friends and play with new people, we are about to hit 50 members so if we could get this dsicord to 50 members that would be lovely!!

// Founder. Wick
A Xbox DayZ only Server. We have a good staff team and joinable squads if you want to play with others. Or you can be a lone wolf. We also have a Store open to buy certain in game items with currency in our Server.
Place to chill, have fun, talk to people, friendly, play some bot games or other games solo or together, whatever you prefer. We welcome everyone!

Friendly 👋
Fun bots 🤖
Leveling system 🎚️
Self assignable roles 😄
▶️ & much more! ◀️
It's a chill, fun, gaming and YouTuber community.
This is a chill server with amazing staff and lots of bots!

Introducing "Need Some Staff?", a community where users can advertise job positions and gain a staff role on their favourite servers!

We are one of the only staff-registries on Discord, so why wait? Join now!
Hello everyone!
This Discord server is made so you can find new people to play with or help you with stuff!

🛡 Staff
🎶 Music
💬 Chat rooms
☮ And a peaceful community!
__Welcome to One-Stop Market!__
This server is a place where you can hang out and has all your market needs!
- Fun staff (Open staff positions currently)
- Nice community
- Hosting giveaways
- Counting
- Partnerships
- A lot more!
- Over 130 members!
Permanent invite link