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Waves. is an aesthetic themed server with friendly people. We are dedicated to growing, come join us!
Hello! (Not a dating server, just for venting and making a friend.) Don't be afraid to join and vent out ur feelings if you need to, we are here to help not to judge. *In need of staff, please dm owner if you would like to apply!*

🍪~Server About ~ 🍕
A server for people who are going through some tough times, to vent and find a friend. We have a nice community, a lot of people that'd like to have a friend by their side. Feel free to join and do whatever. ❌except we do not allow self promotion!❌

🎨Entertainment & Interests Category😹 - To share memes, music taste, and art! 💙

🌸Selfroles🍉 - Pick out roles for yourself for people to know things about you! 💛

💛Random Events & Contests💙(Coming Soon) - Fun Events for people to enjoy! We would like some suggestions for events & contests, so dm the owner! :)

We are looking for partnerships, we only allow servers above 90 members. Dm the owner if you would like to partner.
Want to have fun and wanna meet new people. Read what we have below.

- Kind community
- Kind staff
- Mature Staff
- Mature Owner
- Giveaways
- Special perks from donating
- Respectful community
- Bullying is not allowed
- Set rules
- Custom Cars/Scripts
- Custom made liverys/Textures
And much more

Like all that, Then join us today.
A great server, with great potential. If only it had more members and staff *wink wink*. But seriously tho, we are looking for more staff to lead the server! Join now if your interested!

❀if you join remember to read the rules and get roles
❀the owners are fucking assholes and so are the staff
❀come join us! the owner hands out staff like candy, we all have no lives and would love to talk to ur bitch ass.
❀we advertise Youtubers and twitch streamers
❀i do giveaways whenever i can afford them
❀we have occasional game nights/movie nights
This a new server I’m looking for staff mainly then we can develop the server so if ur interested in being staff please join , I won’t give co owner yet doe 😔
Sunrise is an amazing, growing server that not only you can play and chat about games, but also talk about anime, browse memes, post art, take part in friendly giveaways, and more! There’s a lot Sunrise has to offer. Join now!

*Note: If you join, unique suggestions will be appreciated :)

*Also note: This server is still growing!

Thanks for reading!
Hey! are you cool? JOIN this server if you are! we have NSFW chat, great staff and more!
°·.   · ✦       ·* . •   · •☄️. ✶˚ .  ·✧ ˚    · . ·* . ✵.    ✧✵ .·    ✵ ✫˚ . · · . 🌙 ·✦ ˚  ·   . ⊹ ·   . *    ..      .  °

╭─━━━☆- About Us -☆━━━─╮

Join us and explore -ˋˏ The Diamond Galaxy ˎˊ- space station, a community server inspired by Kiwi's server -ˋˏ Space Babes ˎˊ-


╭─━━━☆- Highlights -☆━━━─╮

🌈 Self assignable roles!
🎉 Giveaways!
☀ Level roles!
🤖 Lots of bots!
😋 Friendly staff!
👥 Partnerships!
🎂 Birthday celebrations!
😈 NSFW channel!
🎶 Music!
🗓 Weekly Events!

And much, much more!


╭─━━━━☆- Other -☆━━━━─╮

We are looking for active partnership managers, members & staff! 😋

This is a fun and safe place for all! So what are you waiting for? Fly up to the space station now! 🚀



-ˋˏ Invite:ˎˊ- -
- -ˋˏ Banner:ˎˊ-


°·.   · ✦       ·* . •   · 🚀•. ✶˚ .  ·✧ ˚    · . ·* . ✵.    ✧✵ .·    ✵ ✫˚ · · . 🌍 ·✦ ˚  ·   . ⊹ ·   . *    ..      .  °
This server has everything you could ever want.
Apply for staff today!!!!!!! :)
-Great community
-hard working staff
-Fun conversation
-awesome commands
➼ Cet avec honneur que nous vous annonçons un
nouveau serveur communautaire Français.

• Sur ce serveur vous trouverez :

★ Des salons dédiés

★ Une communauté active

★ Des minis jeux amusants !

★ Un Staff agréable et motivé !

★ Des animations !

En plus nous recrutons du staff en ce moment même alors dépêchez vous n‘hésitez plus !
Hi! My name is hxneyrxses and this is my garden! It is a family friendly server with memes, pokecord, a small leveling system, and plenty of staff! I hope you enjoy my server and please feel free to leave any of your recommendations in the recommendations channels! Have fun and remember this is FAMILY FRIENDLY NO SWEARING ON MY MINECRAFT CHRISTIAN SERVER! Thank youuuuuuu! UwU
Hello! Welcome to Blossom Land. This extraordinary server comprises everything you aspire. Such as the cool bots, neat avenues, chill people to chat with! If you have any suggestions, come here and we will add, add, add! Are you unemployed at the moment and looking to become a staff? Lucky for you, staff applications will be open for ages!

- Moderator


- Admin
- Board Members

- Chief of Board

- Head of Community

It may be a short amount of Staff Roles, but HR roles are incredibly difficult to accomplish.


OwO Bot

Nugget Bot

Yui Bot

We support the LGBT community, because they have the privileges to join. We never judge a book by its cover. Everybody is unique in their own way. So, if you are a furry, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans etc. I promise you; you shouldn't be ashamed. Or, be threatened by staff or members.


- Simon Says

- Spelling Bee

- Discord Got Talent

- Singing Competition

- GFX/ Drawing Competition

- Giveaways

- Who can stay in VC the longest?

Every single one of you are a blossom, a beautiful human being.

We hope you enjoy our server!

✦》 🍄 League of Legends

✦》 🎶 Music channels
✦》 💵 Economy with rewards
✦》 ⚔️ Active Staff
✦》 🎁 Give-aways
✦》 🎀 Holiday Events
✦》 💎 XP-Levels
✦》 🤖 Bot Games
✦》 🏆 Tournaments
✦》 🎎 Advertisement


✦》 🔎 Looking for Admins
✦》 🔎 Looking for Tournament Organisers
✦》 🔎 Looking for Partnership Managers

➵ 🍰hi! welcome to our food bar server...

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚➳ funifumi ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆


➵ feelin’ gloomy? not to fear! our love and support is here!

➵ we accept everyone for who they are! it doesn’t matter how you look or what your born to be. we will love you for the person you are today

➵ we will do our best to bring you entertainment and happiness!

╞ ⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯🍰⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯⎯╡
server privileges:

⑆ self roles!

⑆ future occasional events

⑆ a homework help channel!

⑆ a suggestions channel so we can see what you want to be added into the community!

⑆ we are hiring staff! if you want a job then you can come and apply!

⑆ at level 35+ you get your own role coloured and customised just for you!

⑆ kindest staff ever!

⑆ nitro boost giveaways!

We currently are needing staff. This server is meant for socializing so enjoy yourselves! Meet new people and be the best!
WELCOME TO $Sallys chat and advertising
__**We Include:**__
> ⭐ Advertising Community offering social, server, looking for, and more to grow your server.
> 🤵 An amazing staff team to answer all your questions. (with perks)
> 🤝 Open for partnerships. (partner ranks; No member requirements)
> 🎉 Giveaways. (every week)
> 💥 Nitro boosted (Many different perks.)
> 🤖 **Custom bots!** [Support (private), Moderation (private), and Bump (public).]
> ⬆️ Levelling roles from level 1-50 and Self roles with many different categories.

Server link:

**If your looking to grow your community and chat, this server is for talking and gaining. your discord server(s), social media and more!** Sally’s server is the place for you!
Team Kortex is an up and coming fortnite team which is growing everyday with fresh new talents. If you think you have what it takes, you can apply to become part of the team. If you don't wish to join the team then you are still welcome to the server as part of our very friendly community.
(✿◠‿◠) ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ᴍɪᴍ ᴇɴᴛᴇʀᴛᴀɪɴᴍᴇɴᴛ (✿◠‿◠)
┊   ┊   ┊   ┊

┊    ┊   ┊  ✧・゚

┊   ┊    ✧・゚

┊  ✧・゚


MIM entertainment is a friendly and NSFW free roleplay server for anyone aspiring to be an Idol.

It requires an audition and welcomes anyone who'd love to join, we also welcome suggestions and questions about anything in the server!

Enjoy your stay in MIM Ent.!

[Beta, Season 3]
ABC Network is a small, unique Minecraft Prison Server looking for new players and staff. We've been opened for a while now, but some stuff hasn't turned out the way we planned it to, but we've done our best to turn it around and it has had a major change and it is starting to look like a positive once again. We update our server regularly and try to do fun events for all players to enjoy. Our staff team is extremely kind and are happy to help you in any position. We always try to find new ways to improve our server so that we can make it just perfect for everyone.

Come along and join us:

We have a lot of unique features like:
Mine Bombs
Upgradeable Houses
Boss Fights
Custom Enchants
Supply Drops
and more!
A Hell Chat Community é um servidor para conversas com linguagem principal Português, tanto do Brasil quanto do Portugal. Nós temos níveis por XP da Loritta, giveaways e um sistema de ticket para suporte!
We are a new server with very few members but it would be nice if you came and joined us we have a nice owner and we will have lots of fun VCing and messaging please join to meet new people!