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Community 11
Open to all! [Dedicated Staff, Bots, Personal Lounges, Plenty of Text/Voice channels, Active-Membership, Role-play area, and more!]
13 days ago
Community 17
We are an active Minecraft Community that is here to improve Your Minecraft experience, We have Active and Experienced staff that are willing to help at any time, Cool Bots, Music, Partnership with other awesome servers, Regular Events,friendly members And a lot more cool stuff for you to enjoy.
38 days ago
Computers 50
Acct Cracking | Free Accounts | Kit | Apply-Staff
Learn how to crack accounts such as Hulu premium, Spotify premium, Netflix, and more.
44 days ago
Community 6
EliteMC 👾
• Startup Minecraft Server
• Features:
⚔️ KitPVP
🤝 Peaceful Factions (SMP)
💸 Economy
☁️ Skyblock
▶️ YouTubers [ RECRUITING ]
🔨 Staff [ RECRUITING ]
💳 Store
💰 Giveaways
🎵 Music
and much more
• Invite your friends for an exciting adventure
• Why not join? Let’s make this community active!
53 days ago
Community 36
We just wanna chill here
61 days ago
Community 38
Munchy's Corner is a very unique server design.
ATM, we have around 70-80 members but I would like that number to grow.

This server is based on finding others to play with, gta v modding, technical support, and having accounts for all premium services!! We understand how it sucks to pay for subscriptions like hulu, netflix, por... i mean spotify, pandora, or minecraft. I provide that for all of the members of the server.

My wish for this server is to have a community that members can easily come together and join to play games, talk, or just have fun in general.

Services we provide:

*2 Music Bots so many people can listen to music.
*Account Requesting service when you ask for an account in the specified chat and pm it to you when ever I am available or if I am available, you receive it immediately.
*Free GTA V Modding Services
*Cheap Paid GTA V Modding Services(really cheap)
*Giveaways for Steam Keys, Modding Jobs, and Accounts
*A way for you to promote your YouTube, Twitch, or any social media. (sometimes even discord upon staff permission as a partner)
*Hardware & Game Support
84 days ago
**Proxim Community
Invitation Link:
We're a relaxed community, which allows anybody to join and chill. You can chat about gaming, latest trends, coding, graphic design, music and more! We also have a category dedicated to fun-related things! We're also looking for staff members!**
113 days ago
LOOKNG FOR STAFFERS Story World is a place for writers and readers! A place to be yourself. We try to be open-minded

Please note: This server is still in development, and still has a long ways to go before it is even finished.
155 days ago