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The Team Sonic Racing Discord Server. Host races and chat with friends here for the
ultimate racing experience.
Welcome to the official discord of Team Extreme Control. We are a professional clan that was established in August 2016. We have different teams for different games such as CS:GO, Rocket League and we are focusing on Fortnite at the time.

If you want to participate on contests, events, and more, follow us on our Social Media!

🔗 Discord Invite:
🔗 Website:
🔗 Twitter: @control_extreme
🔗 Plug.Dj:
🔗 Instagram: @teamextremecontrol
A brand new Pokemon Discord game starting to ramp up! Come and try us out!
Dies ist ein gaming server und jeder wird akzeptiert wir freuen uns über jede Art Partnerschaft mit euch
★°°°·.°·..·°¯°·..· Crimson Galaxy ·..·°¯°·.·° .·°°°★
Now.. You may be thinking to yourself. Why should I join this server?
- Gaming Community
- Custom Emotes
- Custom Roles
- Match Making
- Overwatch Based
- Gaming
- Music
- Partnerships
- And Much More
★°°°·.°·..·°¯°·..·Crimson Galaxy·..·°¯°·.·° .·°°°★
We're a brand new clan with plans to make teams in many games and also to make a community!
OAO was started by the former semi-pro Overwatch team Awaken Militia. Now we play a lot more games with more people but still at a high level
Welcome to Galactic Guardians! Galactic Guardians is an active international Overwatch Community that welcomes you all! Our friendly staff and members ensure everyone has fun and gets to join our chats, events, PUGs, tournaments and make friends! The community has grown around our female only teams and our goal is to encourage and help girls within all skill levels in Overwatch. Hope to see you soon!
Unitæ est un serveur qui repose sur le concept de teams. A votre arrivée sur le serveur, vous devrez trouver les coéquipiers avec qui vous vivrez cette aventure. 3 à 6 membres par équipe. Choisissez bien ! Vous aurez une semaine pour choisir les mates qui vous correspondront en discutant dans le channel qui vous est destiné à faire connaissance : #recherche_équpiers ; après quoi, si vous n’avez pas trouvé, vous serez automatiquement assigné à une team. Si, au contraire, vous avez senti le courant passer entre vous et au moins 2 autres membres, il est temps de créer votre team et de s’engager dans l’aventure avec eux. Contactez moi : @Léa#8432, @emil00j#7379 ou @Yuu#0010 en mp en listant les membres de la team, ainsi que son nom, que vous aurez préalablement choisi.
This is Team Assassin, a Rocket League-based organization. We have multiple teams to offer for all ranks, and we have a fun and relaxing Discord server to hang and chill and relax in. Come join the family!
Team 14 are a group of gamers, who just wanna play games and have fun. We are both a competitive and non-competitive group. We play games on PC, Xbox and Mobile such as Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, The Division and much more. All members are welcome once you've shown you can follow the rules. Just remember, it's just a game so don't get too mad if you lose.
For ALBION Online gamers
Main language is Turkish
Second language is English
If you want to come, everyone can come
everything for fun
and you can teach english for us :)
Welcome to our server! Here you can test our custom bots which are 24/7 and if you want, you can invite them for fun in your own guild!
Nous sommes une communauté de Joueurs et de développeurs de projet Rp Game. Nous grossissons notre communauté depuis 3 ans maintenant. Venez entrer dans la Team et jouer avec des joueurs plus matures que ce que la communauté française peu parfois offrir.
We are a GameDev Team join us see the progress of our games and help us improve them! We are working right now in Hyperstacks VR!
the world is in a good old fashion infantry war over resources and the hole of Europe is at each-others necks. with up to 7 classes to choose from and with over 6 playable factions and growing, you must choose a faction and fight along allied troops in both land and air combat, to victory in Europe.
Hello! This is Hell's Hierarchy, where you can chat with other people, find teammates for games, and just hang out if you really want too! Nothing special to get in just join in and have fun. [HH]
// w e / a r e / t h e / D I S C R E P A N T S //
// w e / a r e / d i f f e r e n t / f r o m / t h e / r e s t //
This server is for a team known as skidpatch check us out at, come join our growing community
A Clan/Team Of Member Interseted to joining Tournament (Was Made 10/4/2018)
Hopefully We Can Reach Large Member Counts :)
We will join Tournaments with cash prizes ;)
Join Now
or I be Sad