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We are a growing community mainly fouced around rainbow six siege , We provide a friendly environment to help new players or players seeking improvement , we host occasional community events such as scrims and tournamnets , you also can easily LFG here as we have people from all around the world
We are a nice team that has a server that is looking for more members on the team. Please join our server and we would like to have you! <3 We are a small team and we are welcome to anyone! Please join if you can. We love everyone no matter what they are!
Bonjour, je vous présente ma team Fortnite nommé sous le nom de Pyxis Gang, ceci est un projet inventer par moi avec un ami qui s'appelle Antd et du coup, j'essaye de récruter et d'inviter un maximum de personne sur ce discord pour vous montrez a quoi va ressembler la team et tout dans le futur
We are a multi-interest server dedicated in bringing many people together to socialise and share interests!
We are always looking to meet new friends who love music, art, etc, because this is what this server offers!
Meet Mr Foxxy, the head admin, who currently runs a music channel on youtube! Join the server to find out more!

~What we offer:
- Friendly mods
- Self assignable roles + earning roles
- LGBT+ friendly
- Multiple interests channels

What are you waiting for then? Come join the foxy club!
This is a discord server for the new Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled game. Come join and find matches as soon you join.
📌 C'est quoi la Olympe :

La Olympe est une team qui a pour but de réunir une communauté de joueurs autour d'un ou plusieurs jeux !

📌 Nous sommes actuellement en période de recrutement !
Nous recherchons des :

• Gérants
• Membres
• Recruteur
• Animateur
• Et bien d'autres

Les gérants sont les responsables de la team sur les différents jeux où la Olympe possède un clan/guilde ou autre regroupement de joueurs sous le nom de Olympe.

📌 Mais la Olympe c'est aussi

• Des mini-jeux
• Un discord avec de nombreuses fonctionalités
• Des Youtubeurs/Streameurs
• Une Team sur de nombreux Jeux : CS:GO | Warframe | LoL | Minecraft | Apex | R6 | Fortnite etc...
Phantom is a strucid clan.
We are looking for pro players, anyone interested can join.

-Clan Scrims
-Clan Wars
-Other Games
-Staff Slots Available!
-We have a Massive Clan Tournament Phantom Showdown going on!

There is no requirements for joining...If you are interested please feel free to join.
Welcome to Divine Clan, come join us and have lots of fun!

Meet new people, contribute to the server, and help us grow!

What we have to offer:
- Tons of popular bots
- People to play with
- Custom Matchmaking
- Competitive Team
- Tournaments and Prizes
- Being featured on YT
- Sponsorships
- Merch
- And much more!
🔥🔥Hi there, we are eXotic! The next big fortnite team that is constantly looking for editors, gfx designer and players! We host skin raffles, custom lobbies and zonewars regularly! Please join it would be much appreciated! Thanks 🔥🔥
We are a pro fortnite esports team named Corrupt! We are always looking for new members that are willing to play in tournaments and scrims for us. If you are interested, join our discord!
Hey, if you read this
Im bored and want to create a server
But i dont wanna create it on my own like i usually do
So join if you want to help create a server and try to make it grow to atleast 50 members
Join Subpar Central to find players that match your play style! Assemble your optimal squad and dominate the competition!

Promote your creative content, laugh at memes and game with your friends!

We offer apex legend roles, so now everyone can see your main, no more confusion!

Meet new people, contribute to the server, and help us grow!
Je vais te présenter le serveur. Alors tout d'abord c'est un Discord d'une team prénommé Hypery, c'est une team Esport sur le jeu Rainbow Six Siège (R6).
Nous sommes principalement une team PC

Recrutement :
Tout est expliqué dans #📝recrutement

Mise à jour prochainement de la présentation du serveur
MetriX e-Sports is a newly founded growing clan with a large variety of games and a non toxic community. We feature a huge amount of channels for you to talk in about games that are only talked about in those channels! Also, if your looking for a certain game and you can't even find it here then be sure to recommend it to us in the #•》request-games channel! We are together, we are MetriX.
This is a Team for the top shottas, Peen Shooters only, Scrims for $, Team scrims, and more. Xbox, PS4, PC.
-Cortex Gaming-

- PC Players Only!
- New Members Needed!
- We can offer experience. Confidence. Reconization. Much more
- Sponsored By Xidax PC's & Rogue Energy
- No Try-Outs (We just want stats!)
- 300+ Points in Arena
- No Earnings Required or social reconization
-14+ (Depends due to skill level)
Interested?? Dm @ctx proxy

Our old discord was recked so heres our new one!
This server is for Developers, Artists, Investors or people looking to learn their trades.
Our goal is to match people together so they can build amazing projects and form teams for future work.
This is a SEA Fortnite team discord server with a very active community. You can have fun playing any games in our server with everyone! I hope to see u in our server!
Moon est une team e-sport fortnite fr !
Nous cherchons de bons joueur !
Nous ne jugeons pas au K/D
Vous n'avez rien à perdre à tenter votre chance
On est un serveur de gens sympa et chiants qui font du gaming et qui se tape des bonnes barres. Pour rigoler on a créer une team (Les FOKZ) rien de bien sérieux la dedans mais si vous êtes sympa et que vous voulez nous rejoindre c'est avec plaisir. Avoir au minimum 15-16 ans c'est mieux
Welcome to our server! Here you can test our custom bots which are 24/7 and if you want, you can invite them for fun in your own guild!