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Welcome to Syenrgy Develop, you are a developer or you want to become one, JOIN US, here you can...

-get help with codes
-meet friendly people
-share your scripts and your projects
-talk about technology, music, gaming...

Once you are in you can also check out our other servers.
Looking for staff
1.)active owner
2.)normal chat
3.)kid freindly zone
4.)nsfw zone
TwentyOne is probably one of the nicest and best discord communities. We LOVE developing and helping others. You need help? ask us. You are bored and need inspiration? well, we can help you everywhere. We have the best members and a good staff team, so everything stays cool and clean. Owner and Mods are almost 24/7 available and helpful. And ofc we offer channels to talk about memes, the newest games or just talk to others. So.. why are you still reading? Join us ;)
Legoblox Devs is a roblox developer community server, here you can show off your work, find work, chill and chat with others. If you're a roblox developer or interested in hiring or learning then you should definitely swing by!





❃ - Our owner is @Random_Draig#0325 :slight_smile:

★ - Our server is a gaming server which is mainly focused on ROBLOX at the moment but in the future we may branch out to other games :thumbsup:

:snowflake: - We do giveaways on ROBLOX games such as Ninja Legends, Blox Fruits and much more :wink:

✦ - Our members and staff are very friendly :laughing:

✪ - We are interested in ROBLOX and talk about ROBLOX :100:

✷ - On a daily basis our server does lots of things such as giveaways polls and much more :100:

:star_of_david: - Our server is mainly aimed for gamers but if you are not a gamer feel free to join :yum:

So if you want to join click the join button
We are a newcomer friendly server that wants to provide a platform for user who can code and who are learning to code!
With the little touch of a forum and our own shop, we can provide the best experience for you!
The more we grow the more interaction between coders and newcomers is happening
Roblox Developers

• A Discord for Scripters, Builders, Artists, whoever! ✅

• Talk about Roblox Development with other developers! ✅

• Hire developers! ✅

• Ask for help from other developers! :white_check_mark:✅

And much more...

Join today! :3
Willkommen auf unserem Server. Wir wollen eine friedliche Community dastellen und tauschen uns über die verschiedensten Dinge aus.
Welcome to our server. We want to create a peaceful community and exchange information about various things.
The Dev Studios

The Dev studios is a Community of Game developers and Roblox players! We have game night movie nights and more events and sometimes giveaways. We also have a custom bot for an example could use the command d!report <member> <reason> and this command could be used to report the people that are breaking the rules.

----------------------------------Roblox Developing------------------------------------
The Section "Developing"
is a section in our server where you can talk to other developers and show off your development you can also sell your Roblox models!
---------------------------------------The Dev Studios Games--------------------------
The Dev studios we are currently working on games on Roblox and outside of Roblox we will keep you more update on that in our server. :tools:

-------------------------------------------Our Goal---------------------------------------
Our goal is making a community of small developers and a fun place to hang out with Roblox players too
©️ Copyright
The Dev Studios 2020
Founders of The Dev Studios AlexZedTech Aperre123 and Hades
Informational text.

Discord server:
Roblox group:
Our support channel:
Come and enroll to the one and only Writing Academy! The place where writers, beginners and experienced, can come together and learn develop the art of writing a story. Here we have:

-> Daily Lessons, each day of the week a different subjects
-> Channels where you can share your stories
-> A writing bots that can give you challenges, character/worldbuilding questions, and you can keep track of your wordcount per project.
-> A fun point system with rewards and leveling up.
***__VREF Simulations__***
>>> Welcome to this development.
We want to make the best freeware aircraft for this community allowing everyone to have something to use.

We are new and would be honored if you joined our server motivating us to work harder.

***__Current Projects__***
• Pilatus PC-12
• Pilatus PC-24

- Program Leaks
- Account Leaks
- Promotion
- FiveM Leaks
- Giveaways
We are a group of programmers and developers that decided to come together and collaborate in an attempt to develop and assist in the growth of each other as Programmers and Coders.
This server is a hangout-based server, with multiple more inclusions, such as roblox exploits managed by our 2 amazing staff members, we also have a bot that has a simple game system, and roleplay features!
This is a Roblox Studio Developing/Coding and here we encourage you to contribute and show us you're amazing developing/coding, if you don't know how to develope or code, it's fine! everyone is welcome. Was created for Developers alike and different all across the world to interact with one another easily.
On this server, you can find some professional developers, hackers and ofc script kiddies!
On this server, you can do almost what you want, ask what you want you will always get an answer to your questions!
our Account has been Disabled, please check your email.

**Email Message**:

Hello you have been invited to Developer's Lounge! We teach our students on how to develop and how to be good with coding. We also have a lot of giveaways. Server is brand new and we hope you will enjoy our stay. Support category is closed until we find some really skilled developers. Join us right now or your account will be deleted in 24 Hours!

**Time:** 1 Min Remaining

Invite Link:

**{Close Email}**
Infinite Studios is a community and general group of developers, we sometimes collaborate on games and try to keep toxicity at bay.
Hello,welcome to Code Clan community where we offer Top of the line hackers and Crackers in all of discord to help you with ethical and grey hacking According to ToS and some shenanegins on the side with hundereds of Money Making methods and Much more skills and mastery of coding so come join us now And enter the world of Coding with A loving community And a Helpful staff team & drops + giveaways
Planet: Code is a planet full of programmers that are willing to help you with whatever language you're programming in! We have loads of beginners, intermediates and even experts! Do you need help with your homework, discord bot, fun program, or anything else? Then this is the perfect place to be! ❤️

✔️ Welcoming server!
✔️ Competitions for rewards!
✔️ Personal help for anything you need!
✔️ Friendly programmers
✔️ Chill

-Old RoHUB discord server is here again!
-We re-made server!
-We have Our OWN bot!
-Good Community.

-Discord BOT giveaways + Roblox Giveaways!

-Join Now!
-!we're missing a person without you!-