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Hi everyone! I would like to introduce to everyone ROBLOX Developers, a discord for ROBLOX Developers! :D
Why should you join? Well, let's talk about the server:

A Discord for both Scripters and Builders (Or else)! ✅
Talk about ROBLOX Development with other developers! ✅
Hire developers! ✅ Ask for help to other developers! ✅
And much more... ➕

Our server is currently focusing on gaining more members! Thank you!

Join today! :3
A community where you can hire developer in every category.
GFX, Programming, Scripting, Builders (Roblox), Music Producer and many more!

It is based under the roblox community but may be used for other reasons than roblox such as ytb channels and more.
Planet: Code is a planet full of programmers that are willing to help you with whatever language you're programming in! We have loads of beginners, intermediates and even experts! Do you need help with your homework, discord bot, fun program, or anything else? Then this is the perfect place to be! ❤️

✔️ Welcoming server!
✔️ Competitions for rewards!
✔️ Personal help for anything you need!
✔️ Friendly programmers
✔️ Chill
Welcome to Developing Roblox, where we are a community of Roblox Developers! We provide a safe and secure server where people can hire developers, or join a community with developers and become a developer themselves! Join today and experience what we have to offer!
Come and enroll to the one and only Writing Academy! The place where writers, beginners and experienced, can come together and learn develop the art of writing a story. Here we have:

-> Daily Lessons, each day of the week a different subjects
-> Channels where you can share your stories
-> A writing bots that can give you challenges, character/worldbuilding questions, and you can keep track of your wordcount per project.
-> A fun point system with rewards and leveling up.
Hello! This is Soul Renaissance, a Soul Eater server to roleplay or be you! We have many places and you can make a OC! Opportunities arrive here with imagination and Bravery so please join!

We need people in the server as it’s currently very new so we need staff members!

This server is also NOT family friendly so you have been warned! The channels have been labeled as so.
General discussion about programming languages and coding. If you have a problem, you can head here to ask.

We have community of most advanced Java, Python, Node.JS and Unity developers and game designes.
PhanToM holds many projects. Our focus currently is mercury. Mercury is a huge project which was started months ago that began as a Roblox serverside/backdoor that turned into a universal game cheat for every pc game.
Sadly enough, the discord was deleted along with wyatts account. (the other owner of PhanToM)

Some services mercury ss offers are:

Minecraft (ghost client), Roblox serverside, MAYBE a CS:GO cheat, not sure on that one yet probably some GTA stuff and a lot of other universal modules that will work with all pc games. Aimbots, auto clickers, memory editors, macros, .etc

If you're unfamiliar with what a server side is a backdoor script planted in a game allowing mercury buyers to execute Lua serverside bypassing FE as well as avoiding any memory editing or touching the Roblox process as the script is already running in the game
A new discord developing server made to aspire developers, tech enthusiasts etc.
Either game developer or applications or discord bots or website developer. Any kind if developing

✥ {/} Programming ͔
✦ 👩‍💻 Technology
☆ 🎮 Gaming
♦ 🖥💻 Or anything tech related
✧ 🎶 Music
☆ 😆 Fun and cool little games (In the server)

➕ And many more
This server is also a the help server for the bot 'Daxar'
which you can get here:
Minature is a minecraft minigame server.
We provide services such as scripting and developing.
Join today!
this is a server that you can get a custom discord built for you.

join here to contact the staff and we can build you a discord for your gaming, streaming, youtube, or just a regular community discord we do it all :)
Community italiana per sviluppatori di videogiochi: news, blog, forum, chat discord, risorse, guide, tutorial e molto altro!
One is an Indie Game Development Studio funded in 2018 and based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. One Game Studio Team is talented and passionate in Game Development. One Game Studio team is working hard to bring awesome games to this awesome world.
BloxCord is a new, uprising discord experience. Meet new friends, play games with others, and so much more! Enjoy an entertaining, delightful and enchanting experience with us at BloxCord. A new take on ROBLOX.
Its the Discord for everyone who wants or who is a ethical hacker! You can share information and talk about other stuff. I am not responsible for any damage done with the knowledge you get from this server!!!
After the release of a Corrupted Eternal One upon the planet, the world was plunged into the Tainted Age, corruption spreading across the world and taking over the surface slowly. After roughly 732 years, most of the World has been consumed, leaving very little free from the grasp of darkness. The force of Creation has finally retaliated against its corrupted creation, creating the Chosen Ones. The World has two balances, life death, dark and light, warmth and cold, wrong and
right. The Chosen must pick a side, or risk the destruction of the world. They must defend the planet and all life, or seek to destroy it. They have no choice.

The Prophecy has finally been fufilled as the first Chosen One was born. It was believed that they would lead the path into the future around the year 600, however, they chose darkness and only helped to accelerate the spread of corruption across the World. Slowly, civilization rebuilt however. Cities with rusty metal walls and soliders armed with makeshift guns and sharp blades. With the arrival of the Chosen, the darkness has been temporarily kept out, the forces of Creation assisting them in warding corruption. How long will it last?

What do we offer?

~ RP and Casual chats
~ Semi-literate to Literate rp
~ Suggestions channels to better suit your needs
~ Safe place to express your issues, make friends, or talk about interests
~A developing world slowly evolving over time. Your choices matter.
We are a developing agency that builds your maps! We got low prices depending on how big the map is.
Small/Minigame Map: 35R$
Medium Map: 75R$
Large Map: 100R$
Hey come join us we are an active growing community and we are welcome to new members we love to play videogames and we love to help
We have a really nice staff team and we like to chat. :D
Hello! This is a new and improving server for any robloxians. We are a studio which creates simulator games and much more different games. Staff applications!