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Just Do It is a server based on the idea that if you need help with a project, you should have a community to back you up! Just Do It is a server that wants to build a thriving community to help your art goals
For individuals to find individuals interested in working with each-other on projects, for any sort of reason. Be it programming, statistics, mathematics, penetration testing, etc. Also a great place to hangout with people of similar interests! Come join us, we'd be glad you did.
This server is all about helping creators share and create new content, whether you're an up and coming artist, a seasoned game maker or a superstar musician!
This server is owned by a developer who loves programming in multiple languages and even has channels if you're struggling with some code. We're always still trying to improve our server (we even take suggestions). Adding some fun bots for other users to use.
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Все Оффицальные Проекты от SeCReTiC
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Здесь находятся вся Информация о проектах
SeCReTiC#4256, Если Заинтересованы то
Заходите и Переходите на Проекты!
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The Nibbahood was created as a safe place for friendly, approachable people with ideas to build each other up, give feedback, and play games. The more engaged you are, the higher role you typically receive. Come be a part of the hood!

• Workshop for sharing projects and progress
• Channels for playing games both inside and outside the server
• Regular voting that actively involves the community
• Music reviews, memes, and more!
SuperSploit is a roblox exploit projext with lua and quick commands!

Join our project today!

We have amazing members and bots to have fun. also memes too lol
➤ Winterbolt Studios is opened by Group of People that are interested in Coding, and they want to release awesome Games,Programs,Apps,Discord Bots & more for Public to use and enjoy!.

➤ Winterbolt Studios Discord Server is not just about our projects, its about coding,gaming and fun. On our Discord Server you can find friends, post your coding problems or even learn to code.
AuroraCode's official server! Come and join to meet cool people, have fun and keep up to date with everything AuroraCode has to offer!
Do you want an idea for a project? Is one of your projects already completed or in progress? Do you want feedback? This server may be for you. Project Sharing is a server for sharing projects with 10+ categories to choose from plus some community parts.
The Wii Hacking House houses many hacking projects that are not only for the Wii! Developing homebrew for the Wii U or Switch? Making a mod for a game like New Super Mario Bros Wii or Mario Kart 8? Post them here! We are also the home of modtendo! where you can download hacks straight onto your Wii without a computer! We also bring support for the Gen7 Engine, which brings simple block programming for novice users to the Switch, Wii and PC! (Other Nintendo consoles will be supported soon!) Also includes extra features for more advanced users!
This discord is a fan discord server, where we showcase our projects to many different people on the platform of YouTube, we make, short films and animations and lot more unique and cool projects. We all like many constructive criticism comments which as a group we can improve.
Hey !
T'as envie de suivre les projets et les rêves d'un petit gars ? Alors suis-moi !

Sur mon serveur Discord MemerK's Projects, tu decouvriras tout mes projets tel que :

📌 Des serveurs Discord
📌 Des bots Discord (actuellement en développement)
📌 Des jeux vidéos (actuellement en développement)
📌 Des pages Wikipedia écrites par moi même
📌 Plein d'autres choses !

Tu pourras également m'aider à développer mes projets, et en échange, on fera pareil avec toi : un système de Mise en Avant est sur le serveur, pour récompenser le meilleur projet proposé.

On t'attends nombreux :