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Hackers and programmers come together to work on amazing and cool projects . Everyone is here to learn and build.

But what do we do differently?

Bi-weekly competitions , 1-on-1 student sessions, Practical lectures on hacking and programming! We have something for everyone!!
1 hours ago
Whether you're an Artist, Programmer, Music Producer, Voice Actor, Writer or just someone who enjoys one or the other, you will always be surrounded by other members who would also like to share their talents and ideas with you!

A place for creative people to share, network and collaborate with others. We also host a variety of different things (i.e Palm readings!) so don’t think that you need to be an artist to be here.

12 hours ago
AuroraCode's official server! Come and join to meet cool people, have fun and keep up to date with everything AuroraCode has to offer!
4 days ago
Do you want an idea for a project? Is one of your projects already completed or in progress? Do you want feedback? This server may be for you. Project Sharing is a server for sharing projects with 10+ categories to choose from plus some community parts.
63 days ago