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Hey hey, thanks for checking out Streams and Shenanigans. We're a small server of people trying to stream and talk trash in a low moderation, no censorship environment. No power-tripping mods, no sensitive SJWs. Come make bad jokes and stream yourself badly playing a game.
Welcome to the Sustainable Living Hub. This server was created recently to gather people all around the globe that believes in, and are finding ways to act on, creating a more sustainable future for us and the next generations.

The world has never needed green innovation and alternative ways of living more than it does now. We cannot afford to let apathy rule while our ecosystem collapse, but it can feel like a monumental task with the current order of the world.

We believe that the most powerful thing you can do is to seek out new ways and lead by example. So join us and let's share our ideas, show our progress and inspire others to create a greener, more just and sustainable world for all of us. We need to act so we can hope.
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆Get all ur spooky fun here. Lets get into the fall/ halloween spirit! Share costumes, diys, treats, and vibes <3。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
The Crafters Guild is a community of makers and crafters come together to have fun and help one another with projects! Join and enjoy exclusive live streams!
Come and join this dedicated cosplay server!
Mostly geared for cosplayers in the Southeast USA. But anyone can feel free to join.
From beginners to veterans, we’re a group of friendly cosplayers and other con goers, who love to talk about and share their cosplay works.
Like building machines? Programming applications? Making designs?
If so this server is for you. All creators, builders, and designers of any skill level are welcomed. Come get inspired and share your awesome projects.
About CraftiFolk

CraftiFolk is a server dedicated to Artists of all experiences and subjects. We aim to help other Artists and Craftspeople by:

Helping them gain confidence in their own abilities as Artists/Crafters.

Give constructive criticism and advice.

Give them a chance to learn new things/ improve their own skills further via sharing tutorials or videos.

Plus, we help advertise their own online stores to help them sell their projects, raise money for charity and even livestream to others.

What kind of art does CraftiFolk support?
In short, A LOT!

Traditional and Digital (NSFW currently **MUST** be censored)
Photography (Nudes not allowed as this is a 13+ server)
Ceramic, Woodcraft, Metalwork, Glasswork
Mosaic, Decoupage, Jewellery
Embroidery, Knitting, Crochet
Baking/Food Creations
Beauty and Make-Up

(NSFW art must be properly censored)
Her eksperimenterer vi med forskjellige verktøy, temaer, hvordan vi kan lage ting og utforske forskjellige ideer sammen. Så bli med å spørre spørsmal på hvordan verktøy/gjenstander kan brukes. Og opplev de ukentlige nysjerrighetene, der vi utforsker ukentlige emner som vi kan jobbe sammen på å lage.
Alle er velkommen!
A place for furby fans around the world to connect and share their work and love for these adorable creatures

- All furbys welcome
- Accepting and welcoming
- Variety of channels
For those interesting in solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, solar hydroelectric, wind, and the battery systems that support solar related energy such as hydrogen fuel cells, lithium, graphite, lead acid, and all others.
Ce serveur discord, à pour but de pouvoir regrouper les personnes intéressées dans les domaines comme :
La permaculture, le jardinage, potager, verger, agroforesterie, forêt nourissière, etc ...
L'autonomie, off grid, survivalisme, autoconsommation, autoconstruction, low tech, diy, etc ...
Les EnR : solaire ( photovoltaïque et thermique) , eau, bois, vent, etc ...
Le changement climatique, changements économiques, sociaux, etc ...
La collapsologie, et risques majeurs comme le dégel et la fonte du permafrost ... Les ruptures d'approvisionnement énergétiques ... Etc ...
Etc ...
(Liste donc non exhaustive ... !)

Salons textuels et vocaux ...

Bienvenue à toutes et tous !!!
Bonne journée à Vous !
Auf Ronjas grüner Bücher-Blog gibt es nicht nur Rezensionen zu vielen gelesenen Büchern, sondern auch Fortschritte bei Wollprojekten. Ich möchte eine Community fernab der sozialen Medien aufbauen. Neugierige, Buchjäger, Blogger, Autoren und die, die es noch werden wollen, sind gerne gesehen.
A server for noise music, power violence, vapordeath, chainsawcore, more violence, and otherwise extremely uncomfortable sounds. We provide spaces to do work on projects, get feedback (sic) and spam your dang campclouds and reverberation stuff. Rym and discogs. Semifriendly community. Lots of wonderful community made noise every day.
ESC is a group that works to help provide an escape from whatever we find vexing or subjugating about daily life - socially or otherwise and centers around a common appreciation for the sciences. The heart of our community revolves around our shared interests in retro tech, cyberpunk, and utopian progressivism in the vein of Star Trek with just a dash of the licentious.

Here, in our little electronic escape, anonymity creates a sort of second identity, and everything about your physical form is stripped away and you are reduced to text. Ideas can flow anonymously and the ethos generating them can be rendered inconsequential. In time, a generous well of information is born and people can work together on projects and discussion. We can escape from the serfdom of sociological norms and be whatever we want to be and choose what people know and don’t know about us on a whim in a purely artificial existence. What's so great about this puritanical reality lead by myopic demagoguery anyway?

If any part of what I have said here has peaked your interest, then I suggest you check out our Text Only Discord channel:

If you are to participate, it is suggested that you create a second identity for yourself, so as not to interfere with your real Life.
A community centered around homebrew computing, both hardware and software (logisim or in games)
Welcome to the Florida homemade diving club we are a group of divers diving in the state of Florida and we would like more people to join us in our adventure of diving send in your diving diys and adventures also come check out our YouTube channel
This server is for everyone to share their fingerboarding clips and get help. We also have a lot of irl skaters in the discord to help you with anything you might need.
Are you interested in fashion history? Perhaps you'd like to learn a thing or two about it? If so, why not join the Fashion History Gang? This server is all about the history of fashion, from the Ancient Greeks to the Victorians!
The Crafty Corner is a growing community of crafter friends! Share your work, advice, knowledge, or just hang around for a pleasant chat.

We welcome both crafts and arts, and we like a good conversation about the business aspect of our hobbies too, so feel free to pitch in!

It's a 100% SFW server and we welcome all ages, we only ask that you follow rules and respect moderators/admins decisions.

Come share your creative side with us!
Welcome to the World of DIY! A builders playground to share your latest projects, theorycraft designs, discuss techniques with others and support beginners on their first project. We support 3D Printing, Models, Arts n Crafts, Stop Motion and more!
Crasslands is a punk based server. Now what does that mean? Whatever you want it to mean, because it means different things to people. That being said, however, this server tries to define punk in its broadest definition, encompassing all forms of art 'n' action. Music, graffiti, cinema, diy culture, philosophy, gardening projects, photography, illegalism(yes). Possibilities are limitless, so why narrow it down? Here you can converse with similar minded people, share your own art or the art of others that have influenced you. Discussion and interaction are key.

TL;DR This is a radical art server with a punk focus/aesthetic. Weird is more than welcome here.
A place for woodworkers of all levels to come together and share each other's work, and help one another. Come enjoy woodworking with others.