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Hello, we are a community of gearheads of all kinds, whether you like cars, trucks, racing, motorcycles, or anything with an engine we are the community for you
This is an automotive discord! I do hope we can build a strong community here, and have lots of fun at the same time! Here we talk about cars in game, or in real life. I did however manage to type up a little sorta map so to say. I hope it is useful! You know, so we don’t get lost, or anything like that. c:
This is growing server for people who love everything cars. It’s technically the official discord for my Instagram page but it’s become more of a community.
a server ran by myself and a friend to try and welcome more people into the car community with open arms, we dont want people to be displeased when they share their car so we will try to keep it all welcoming, we also welcome any in game cars too, so me for instance, i have made my irl car in a game and share pics of that along with my irl car, feel free to join!
On this Discord Server we talk about Automotive Gaming! We play games (mostly Forza Horizon 4) and share our in game cars as well as our favourite reddit posts! All ages, however most of us are quite eDgYyY. Oh and Mary is a weeb.
This server is a good place to share anything. We like cars, you can share anything about them. We play games, and we also have a one NSFW chat for anything NSFW. We have a very nice and welcoming community here. We accept everyone here and if you need to vent just DM any staff members (This is not a safe space)
Hello, we are a community of fellow rev-heads, we accept all (people and cars) feel free to have a good time, meet new folk and talk about cars.