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Are you a Caregiver or Little personality type? Or both, (Switch)? Come join this 25yo+ community, find adults just like you living the CG/l life alone or with their partner(s). Our server focuses on the daily adult life with our personality types, how we enjoy ourselves whenever possible, and is open to all genders (LGBTQ+ friendly) as well as open to non-monogamy and poly people! No NSFW taboo, as long as you adhere to Discords ToS!
Looking for a new place to meet people from the BDSM lifestyle? The Toybox is the place for you! We have friendly people, theme days, and lots of discussions! Come join our community!
For those who like fashion!! Wholesome, sfw community of new friends!! Pastel aesthetic!! Please join I'm desparate˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚
Smol World is a Daddy/Mommy Dom and Little Girl/Boy based server that also incorporates all aspects of the BDSM and kink lifestyle. A place to meet other like-minded individuals, learn and expand your knowledge of all things kink and overall a chill hang-out spot. MUST be 18+ to join. Come and join us on the dark side if you dare! 😉
A new (18+ ) server for kinky fuckery, gaming, and hanging out! Come check us out!
Yucki欲望 is a lifestyle server meant to meet those with the same interests as you, with friendly peers and fun bots.

We offer Pokeord, Rhythm, and Userphone! (Please note that more bots may be added.)

The server is still growing and would love to invite you to invite your friends for all of you to grow with us! <3
✦ Welcome to The Valley! ✦
Welcome to our server! We are new server related to all arts and would like you to be a part of it. We look forward to creating a safe and nurturing community for for everyone.

~ Art ~
~ Crafts ~
~ Cosplay ~
~ Writing ~
~ Singing ~
~ Prompts ~
~ And much more ~

We hope to see you here!
Hello there! Are you looking for a fun and COMPLETELY kinky peice of BDSM heaven???

Then this is the place for you! Here at Kinky Basterdz Dungeon 18+ ONLY, we provide you with quality! NO ONE get's through the door without being 18+ verified first, so you can rest assured that who you are talking to is legit!

We also cater to a WIDE range of kinks and fetishes! We have channels specifically dedicated to Littles, RL Public Humiliation, Incest, and so much more! We also offer and encourage member nudes and teases! So no matter if you are one who likes the milder things, or one who enjoys a more hardcore side. We welcome you! There is NO cap to what you can post here, as long as it complies with Discord's ToS! So, Come on in, you know you want to! We know you want to!
Here at LGBTQIA+ BDSM, We are a welcoming community, who all share a common interest of BDSM and the Lifestyle.
Here you can brush up on the basics, dip into our advanced classes, learn, evolve, teach and grow, alongside our ever growing communititty!

We have our rules, we are an 18+ Sever. No exceptions.
☽ ˖° Hey everyone, Mei & Tem here! ☆˖°

We created this server so we could have a common place to chill chat with our new friends. ✨
Feels free to join! ♡

• We try to create events (movies, gaming, contests...) so you guys could never be bored ✧
• We have plenty of bots that can entertain and of course more can be added ✿
• We are always open to listen to all your suggestions to make this a better place for everyone 🖤
We are a maledom bdsm style server. We wish to provide a good place for people of similar interest to meet up and have fun. We happily accept anyone who wishes to join and try out their kinky side.
A safe space for 18+ members to hangout and discuss kink and the bdsm lifestyles.
We're a new born server with a community for everyone to express their feelings with no worries. Everyone's is welcomed and there will be a lot of future updates since it's a new server! Thanks~ <3
the server is a server of like-minded drones in Android as they are hypnotized converted into a neural network you will be welcomed into the body in mindset of your dream please join today
A more RL approach to subservience and misogyny. This server is for like-minded people to congregate and explore their kinks regarding male domination and female subservience.
Hi, I'm Vee ^^. I am the creator of 🐭 Lil Wild Life Society🐰 We are a 13+ SFW server, with an 18+ section strictly for 18+ roles .(More info about 18+ section below) We welcome all who are part of the Cg/l Community! We have rules for respecting all! We would love to welcome you to our wonderful wild life server :3.

Lots of roles to identify with such as; Personalities, Hobbies, Relationship status, and so much more. We have 150+ self-assignable roles!

Tons of voice channels to talk in, even chat for doms and littles only.

Trigger/Self-care category to vet, and get support.
Chats specifically for Doms/Cgs, and chats specifically for Littles/Pets.

We have a Media category where you can share; photos, writings, pets, cooking, memes, or you can talk about; music, movies/tv, food, gaming, or even ask for homework help!

We have Pingable roles sucha as; QOTD, Little school, Movie nights, Story time, Baby sitter, and much more. Also, when you do Little school There is a section for a chart when ever you do your school work you get a gold sticker to add to your line on the weekly rainbow chart!

~If you're interested we also have a paranormal and conspiracy category~

(Please note we do have an 18+ area, but it is strictly for 18+ roles only. (the rest of the age roles are prohibited/Unable from entering.) We keep close watch of that section. We also have specific age rules, and specific rules of 18+ category.) However, all the bots and so forth are in the 18+ section as well! ^^

There are many things you can do, for you to be you! ^^ Here, in our own Lil Wild Life Society!
A community server for all interested in BDSM and Lifestyle. Are you a Kinkster? We welcome you.
The server is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and general social communication between friends or acquaintances. It includes the acquisition of language skills, sharing fun while playing various games or even the evenings for movies and series that members can suggest at any time.
Hi!!!, welcome to our server. This server is here for people to help each other out and boost each other's motivation with Glow-ups in Fitness, Skincare, Makeup and pretty much everything around the topic lifestyle. The community can give each other tips in every category, and will keep each other updated if something is effective or not. The staff will try to post Weekly Workout-Plans and Diet Plans. We also have alot of channels around the topic school and studying, where the community is able to help each other when someone is struggling in a certain subject. Mind; This server is welcoming EVERY type of person, doesn't matter what gender you are, what religion you believe in or where you are from, we respect everyone! Thanks for reading this, and thanks for joining!

What we feature :
➤Fitness 💪
➤Selfcare 👄
➤Studying 📚
➤Dailycare 💅🏻
➤Fashion 👗
➤Daily workout and diet plans
A safe online BDsM community where all are welcome; share, learn, grow, flourish.

ID verification is required to join.
This server is whatever you want it to be and can be used for almost anything it should be used for
We are proud gamers who know having fun comes before being the best. With an emphasis on being social and helping one another. We know that the gamer playing the game is just as important as the games themselves.

Cimmarian is all about the lifestyles of gamers! From game reviews, gamer grub (cooking), healthy lifestyles and more. Some of the topics we tackle are.

Game Reviews
Software Reviews
Service Reviews
and so much more!

Cimmarian also offers group events and activities, Cimmarians can review what we review and help show the overall score within the community. Review recipes and submit their own. Take part in monthly votes, Cimmarian award shows and even monthly events all controlled by the Cimmarian community!