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Hi Guys🍹

We Welcome Everyone To Your PARADISE 💐

Once U Join You Will definitely find it attractive🗼

This Server is dedicated to HD collections💃

If you are an adult loving Good HD- Hentai/Cosplay/Nudes/ GIF collections🎁📁
❌No Brutal/ InHuman stuffs
✔️Only Pure Awesome & Lovable Stuffs😍

This server is For U then ✌️

Join and Enjoy 👍
Friendly food-eating, music-listening, artist-exhibiting, anime-watching, game-playing cafe drinkers welcoming you with 0.0007m+, 1:1 loco to wise ratio

We have channels for Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Korean, Latvian, Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese conversations.

3d Modeling, Angels, Animation, Anime, Artists, Audio Engineering, Chatting, Colors, Colours, Cosplay, Crafts, Dancers, Dancing, Demons, Drawings, Emoji, Food, Gaming, Graphics, Hangout, Jpop, Karaoke, Kpop, Legendary, Literature, Manga, Memes, Mixer Streamers, Models, Musicians, Mythical, Neko, Paintings, Performing, Photography, Picarto Streamers, Pictures, Questions, School, Sculptures, Selfies, Sharing, Singing, Smashcast Streamers, Socializing, Sound Production, Stories, Twitch Streamers, Voice Acting, Vote, Work, YouTubers
Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free with 3k+ members and a advanced anti-raid/spam system.

No paid ranks, no asking for donations just passionate fans of anime looking for other fans.
***🍬🍸The Multiverse🍒🎉***

 Hello there everyone!
Welcome to The Multiverse!
A very friendly and helpful server where we'll do our best to serve you and make you feel welcome. Joining here will become like your home away from home! This server is for everyone to enjoy, relax, and chill.
So come join us and be yourself in our different channels! Just make sure to be respectful and follow the rules! Enjoy life in The Multiverse!

***__Most channels are invisible until you set up your roles even nsfw because we follow tos very seriously if you want to see channels or nsfw set up roles and or verify your self in mods dms or chat__***

***200+ members <Rising fast>
This server has EVERYTHING you want and/or more
☯️Snapchat and social media🎲
🎶Music and art and cosplay🎨
🔞NSFW--18+ nudist👄
👫New nice funny people to meet😆
🎮Fun gaming🕹
🍨Cool chill mods🥂
***We also promote Twitch and Youtubers***

The Geg Cult is a server where people of all different interests come together to have fun and talk! Our server is always open to new people, and we are a kind and loving group. We enjoy the occasional meme, and talking with others! We are also LGBTQ friendly and have our NSFW channels separated from our general chat channel. Hope to see you soon!
A newly open Anime Discord Community!
Bots, games, new aired anime announcements.. and more!
Join our community now! ^-^
A brand new server dedicated to everything aesthetic and fashion! We also have sub groups for cosplay, gaming, and many fandoms!
Hello everyone!

We're a small but friendly anime, gaming & ecchi community run by a couple, I know weird right? We're looking forward to see you in our server!
Hangout room is a server dedicated to anime, videogames, cosplay, advice, it has people from all over the world and many more. Join now!
💖 Self Roles!
🌸 100+ Members
💖 Active Staff
🌸 Levelling System!
💖 Cosplays!
🌸 Growing Community!
💖 Meetups!
Welcome to the Canadian Cosplay Discord! We have Anime, Gaming, Meetups, Prop making, Costume Making and many more.
💖 Self Roles!
🌸 Awesome Members
💖 Active Staff
🌸 Levelling System!
💖 Cosplays!
🌸 Growing Community!
💖 Meetups!
We are the Trap Army a bunch of lovable guys (and girls) Sharing a common interest that is traps and femboys. If you have the same interest as us please don't be shy to say hi! we have Friendly staff, A warm community and cute traps.
Random server i made, meet new people to talk to and maybe play games with.
Nothing much to it, just made so not alot of peolpe but hopefully it picks up
Nico's Coffee:
If you are an anime fan and you would like to meet more friends and talk about your tastes, this is your server, here you can find:

- Anime memes
- Weeb talks
- Lewd content
- Events and Giveaways
- Activity roles
- Custom bot
- And much more!

We are an active server where you can have so much fun!
bu sunucu türkiyedeki anime seven/izleyen herkese hitap etmekte, tabi herkese açığız.
Starry Sky is a Discord & Twitch community designed for Gamers, Streamers, Artists, and to easily connect!

100 High Quality Emotes, 24/7 Music Bot, Karaoke and Anime/Game Nights, Weekly/Monthly Raffles & Giveaways, and more. Join us today!
Welcome to Ferocious Furs. This is a server dedicated to the furry fandom and a place to chat and roleplay, share art, music, cosplays and much more. WE encourage all sorts of Furry activity, and would love new additions! Come join!
A new and exciting server for all fandoms to meet and create! Run by amazing staff, helpful and easy to navigate while also being safe and friendly!
A discord server dedicated to sewing and crafting of all kinds. We're here to share you latest or ongoing creations with as well as just discuss sewing all together. Come here when you need a little extra help or just want to talk!
A server for, memes, cosplay, anime, cute things, gaming, art, nsfw, music, and just to have fun :) New server looking for people who will stay
This is a decent server! Implemented rules to make everyone happy! It recently had a reset! At this time we are voting for mods! Please join this server and make it a community!
This server was created for all cosplayers who just wanted to talk and hang out.
Linearis is a Discord & Twitch community designed for Gamers, Streamers, Artists, and Cosplayers to easily connect with each other.

50 High Quality Emotes, 24/7 Music Bot, Karaoke and Anime/Game Nights, Weekly/Monthly Raffles & Giveaways, and more. Join us today!