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The Crafters Guild is a community of makers and crafters come together to have fun and help one another with projects! Join and enjoy exclusive live streams!
Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free with 3k+ members and a advanced anti-raid/spam system that doesn't blanket target every new member but only those who have shown to cause issues in the past.

Kon’nichiwa, my fellow Otakus!

Ascension is an anime server but that isn't its only entire focus. We enjoy gathering a community that lets people connect and make friends with one another. We encourage members to interact with the server by hosting events and competitions. We all welcome friendship with open arms but discourage mean otakus from attacking each other.

Be civil with each other and make sure everyone opinions are respected espically to people's waifus and husbandos.

Join the server and make yourself comfortable but don't be afraid to express your opinions, there's no such thing as a bad idea just opinions.

We have everything you want!

For example:

• Color Roles •
• Movie Night •
• Kraoke •
• Emotes •
• Custom Roles •
• Leveling System •
• Economy System •
• Waifu Roulette •
• Anime/Manga Discussions •
• NSFW •
• Roleplay •

An amazing community, indeed. - Permanent discord link to our server if you wish to share it to your friends ^c^
A Discord server for members and interested recruits of the 501st Legion and supporters of the first Galactic Empire.

Join us and serve your Empire!
Hey. Unruhestifter oder leiser Poet? Lautstark oder schüchtern und leise, dick oder dünn, Homo oder Hetero... Genau dich suchen wir. Sei, wie du bist, fühl dich frei. Sei aktiv.

Ob Gaming, Cosplay, Roleplay, Politik, Kunst, Probleme oder Sex - hier wird über alles gesprochen. Neue Freundschaften, Flirts, Spaß und Gespräche - suchst du das, bist du herzlich willkommen bei uns.
Friendly food-eating, music-listening, artist-exhibiting, anime-watching, game-playing cafe drinkers welcoming you with 0.0011m+, 1:1 loco to wise ratio

We have text and voice channels for Arabic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Chinese (Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian, Malay, Mandarin, Norwegian, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Sinhala, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese conversations.

3d Modeling, Angels, Animation, Anime, Artists, Audio Engineering, Chatting, Colors, Colours, Cosplay, Crafts, Dancers, Dancing, Demons, Drawings, Emoji, Filmography, Food, Gaming, Graphic Design, Hangout, Instagram, Jpop, Karaoke, Kpop, Legendary, Literature, Manga, Memes, Mixer Streamers, Models, Musicians, Mythical, Neko, Paintings, Performing, Photography, Picarto Streamers, Pictures, Questions, Roleplay, School, Sculptures, Selfies, Sharing, Singing, Smashcast Streamers, Snapchat, Socializing, Sound Production, SoundCloud, Stories, Teatime, TikTok, Twitch Streamers, Twitter, Videography, Voice Acting, Vote, Work, YouTubers
A discord DEDICATED to POPULAR TikTok Cosplayers!

We offer unique RANKS with new privileges as you level up:
☄️| Level 5: Comet - Just Respect
🌙| Level 15: Moon - Exclusive Channels & Ability to Add Reactions
🌟| Level 25: Star - Exclusive Channels, Ability to Change Nickname & Move Members
🌎| Level 32: Planet- Exclusive Channels, Earn Priority Speaker
🌌| Level 40: Galaxy - Exclusive Channels, UwU Servant™ DJ Role, & Ability to Mention everyone (abusing will result in permanent demotion).

OH... Server Bots:
This server has multiple bots to make your stay on here a bit more pleasant:
• UwU Servant™ - Maintains order and control in the community... also plays music!
• Dank Memer - Simply say "pls meme" and a fresh, dank meme comes your way!
• General - Ensures you rank up upon leveling up
• OwO - Hunt for animals and fight other players with them!

Still Reading? Join! OwO
[150+ Members] The Anime Lounge is a community created to meet new people, post your creations, tons of emotes, and much more!
♚ ℌ 𝔢 𝔫 𝔱 𝔞 𝔦 𝔈 𝔪 𝔭 𝔦 𝔯 𝔢 ♚

Hello! Hentai Empire is a fast growing 18+ server, and obviously, revolves around hentai. We are an all-around great server, with various NSFW channels- everyone will find what they like. There are
other channels as well though for art, selfies, self-promotion, pets, and the works.
⊱━━━━━━━━━.⋅ ⛧ ⋅.━━━━━━━━━⊰
↬ Our server has: ↫
✢ Friendly staff that's easy to talk to
✢ NSFW channels
✢ Channels for art (drawing, cosplay, music, etc.)
✢ Self-Roles so you only see what you want to see
✢ Self Advertisement/Partnerships
✢ Giveaways
✢ E-girls/E-boys/E-dating
✢ Loads more!
⊱━━━━━━━━━.⋅ ⛧ ⋅.━━━━━━━━━⊰
Join today and have lots of fun!~
🌺A fun community for girls to make friends and join :3
99:1 female to male ratio lol🌺
Coucou à tous ❤
Je vous présente notre groupe Discord dédié au roleplay/cosplay/cosplayeurs/fans/manga/jeux vidéos etc.. ✨
Chacun est le bienvenu tant qu'il s'amuse et qu'il reste respectueux des autres et des cosplays
Bienvenue à vous🌸
#Luna 🌙
Welcome to the Cosplay Club!!! (THIS IS A GIRL'S ONLY SERVER BTW)

-In here you can show us your creative side by showing us your cosplay skills!!!

-We are a small community and we plan to stay that way (so it's easier to make friends)

-We plan on going to events in some near future like comicon etc.


-Custom Emojis


-And loving Mods

-Awesome bots and commands!!!

We hope you can join our family, see you soon!
**Hello there! Welcome to Aesthetic Chill!**

A server with more than 20+ members!
What are we you ask?

We are a Fun, SFW, Friendly community in which people can join and meet new people with similar intrests!
It's a fun hangout zone!

We have a range of channels for members that are intrested in,







and more yet to come! (yes memes channel too. we know you love your memes.)

We also have bots that members can use and enjoy!

>mee6, XP leveling up role
>Rythmn bot, Music
>Suggestion bot, Tell us what you think we should add/change!
So come! join us and talk to new people and make friends and be chill fam.

The Madhouse

💥💎 ɪɴꜰᴏʀᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴ 💎💥
Welcome to The Madhouse! 😈
A place of insanity with great and diverse members to help everyone fit in, and get to know each other. Here we offer you a place to stay and have fun with bots and crazy members. Karaoke, Movies, Games, Music and lots more! We also have some political or art discussions so be on the lookout!
And as always, we hope you enjoy your stay!

💥💎 ꜱᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟᴛɪᴇꜱ 💎💥
🍸▶ Active and friendly community, No toxicity.
🍒▶ XP based ranking system.
🎨▶ Channels for artists of any variety
🎭▶ Channels for gaming and anime discussion.
🌐▶ bots to keep your money in the bank and play fun games

💥💎 ᴘʀᴏᴍᴏᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴏʀᴇ 💎💥
⛰▶ we promote Loyal or helpful members
📣▶ Artists, Gamers, Cosplayers etc.. are all welcome!
Hoihoi! Wij zijn een fun & casual anime/manga server met self-assignable rollen, creatieve channels en boterhammetjes. Iedereen uit Nederland en België is welkom!

(je wordt niet gebanned zomaar)
just a fun little server to talk to global fellow cosplayers and make some friends! we respect all cosplayers here no matter if theyre a beginner or professional. theres not many rules, we just ask you to be respectful to everyone uwu
A rapidly growing Discord community with over 1,500 members! Home of the Frostfire Twitch team. Global Emotes ☆ Active Voice & Text Chats ☆ Giveaways ☆ Events!
Want a server to just talk about whatever, with a nice member base and diligent staff? You're in the right place!
We have many channels to talk about numerous topics, i.e. anime, cosplay, art, k-pop, games, the like.
We have fun contests and even partnerships to get your server out there!
Come join us! You're missing out~
Hoihoi! Wij zijn een fun & casual anime/manga server met self-assignable rollen, creatieve channels en boterhammetjes. Iedereen uit Nederland en België is welkom!
So this is my first discord server and i want it to be nice and chill! no 18+ content, and in desperate need of admins and help to run my discord! Please join if you want to find friends in the cosplay/anime community! Very small right now but hopefully it'll grow!
Hangout room is a server dedicated to anime, videogames, cosplay, advice, it has people from all over the world and many more. Join now!
💖 Self Roles!
🌸 100+ Members
💖 Active Staff
🌸 Levelling System!
💖 Cosplays!
🌸 Growing Community!
💖 Meetups!
Good day, everyone.

We've finally reached over 1000+ members in only a month!

I'd like to invite you to our Discord server. You're free to talk about anything but we, mostly, talk about Animes and Mangas.

These are the things we usually talk about with my fellow otaku/s:

• Anime •

Our main topic is about Anime, to talk about what type of genre do you prefer when watching.

• Manga •

There a lot of Manga/s to talk about. Some prefer the Manga more than the Anime that is. . .if the Anime is shittake. Tell us what are the ones you've read and liked.

• Games •

We would like to know the games you love. Any kinds of games. It can be RPG/s, dating simulators or what.

• Cosplay •

If you have cosplayed before. Feel free to share it with us on the chatroom. We would love to see who you cosplayed.

• Roleplay •

If you want to roleplay, feel free to do so. There are different types of role players. For example: One line, paragraph, multi-paragraph and novela.

• Vocaloid •

We love Vocaloid! Tell us who your favorite is and what songs do you like the most.

• Otaku - couple •

If you're looking for an Otaku couple, you've found the right place. We have a channel just for otaku dating.

“We, otakus, need love, too.”

• K/J - POP •

Feel free to play the songs you like in the music room.

• Memes •

Share the memes you like with us. May it be anime memes or what.

• Musicals •

Musicals are the best. Especially, Hamilton The Musical and Heathers The Musical.

• Movie Night •

We're currently planning on having a movie night, together with our members. It's more fun if you have someone to watch with.

• Otaku •

This is what we usually call ourselves. Some say that it's an insult in Japan but for us, it has a different meaning. Only true Anime lovers can be called by this nickname.

We would be happy to see you there!

That's all, thank you for taking the time to read this long message!

This is the permanent invite link to enter our server.
✨Kitty cafe is a kawaii hangout for:

✬Girls & Guys
✬Hentai addicts
✬Lonely peeps lookin for friends
✬Memes & Skwl Shooters

And just casual people because we love basic pepes ^.^ Please don't be shy feel free to join we're a good bunch although we may contain a few offensive jokes and memes in which case.. idk. But let yourself go here ;) Join :3✨