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A roleplay server dedicated to a cool and awesome series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
In the year 2022, the government has officially recognized stand users as a threat to public safety. Because of this, special prisons were built to contain stand users all over the world. One of the most secure prisons in the USA is located in Rock Castle, Washington, under the watch of someone who is rumored to be one of the strongest stand users alive.

If you like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and you are a fan of Roleplay servers, then this server may be for you.
Giorno Giovanna's Identity was leaked through Trish to some other gang members, which caused a widespread of information through Italy. Now, the opposing gangs must take on Giorno, using this new info as an advantage...
This is a JoJo RP that takes place in a separate timeline from both Part 1-6 and Part 7-8. Staff positions are open.
Hello! We're a pretty chill, fairly active jjba kin server! Double friendly with lots of active members; must be 15+ to join, no older than 22.
Hello everyone. Come jump into a slowly growing server where we have fun talking about all things Jojo. We have all canon characters to pick from as well as OC's are allowed, we even allow rule 63. We have RP rooms including private rooms for more detailed posts. We even have bot games and more. So come and join our ever growing friendly server^.^
【Welcome, new buddies

Welcome to 【JoJo’s Eccentric Escapade】a server for anyone and everyone!

We are a growing, literate-leaning roleplay server based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and (loosely) its game Eyes of Heaven.
What sets us apart from other RP servers is that we allow all canon characters to play alongside OCs.

The timeline is Vento Aureo (2001) and is currently set in Italy. After a surge of Stand users, Passione’s Boss is dead-set on eliminating any threat to his position and identity. But he is by no means the only threat: DIO, who is ever-focused on attaining Heaven, is hunting the Holy Corpse...

We offer lots of things to set us apart from other RP servers!
• Canon characters from Phantom Blood to JoJolion, as well as AU implements!
• A character- and plot-driven lore centered around Eyes of Heaven!
• Lots of freedom in OC creation and Stands!
• We accept LGBT+!
• A friendly, relaxed, growing userbase and approachable Mods/Admins!
...and much, much more!

Please understand that we are committed to making sure that everyone’s experience is as enjoyable as possible!

we are F6
you have done the right choice of joining us comrade thank you for doing so as well, we are mainly a meme comunity with a little bit of other fandoms as well.
these are just some of the things you might enjoy in our server:

☠➠ Self Roles
☠➠ Anime Channel
☠➠ Gaming Channel
☠➠ JJBA Channel
☠➠ Meme Channel
☠➠ Promoting
☠➠ Non NSFW
☠➠ Fun Bots
☠➠ Friendly and fun community

We just really love Jean Pierre Polnareff! This is a server for anyone who likes JoJo, but mostly targeted towards people who love Polnareff.
We are a decently big jojo server for anime onlys. Manga bois are welcome to join as well, but no spoilers, outside of the designated chats! Please respect the anime onlys as well!
If you're struggling to find a place to talk about JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, a place to hang out and feel welcome or just a place to game with some friends in a fun, chill, and safe environment then come check out my server. Simplistic and not bloated with tons of commands and bots, this is the perfect place to make new friends and have a good time.
Welcome to Bizarre World, this is a small JoJo's Bizarre Adventure role-play server. All people are welcome to join
A JoJo's bizarre adventure server. You can also discuss things about JoJo here. We want the best expirience for everyone!
A custom universe with custom stands and an active, friendly community. Come to stay or just look around, we're glad to have all kinds of members!
This Roleplay server is for anyone looking for a fresh and simple, yet developed experience created with the best in mind. We aim to provide the best Roleplay server possible, with a good community and friendly and experienced staff. As for Specs that we offer, we have Stands of course, but even have Spin Users becoming more common, Ghosts and even the mysterious Rock Humans!
The current year is 1994, within an alternate universe’s version of Athens, Greece. The Greek Mafia had always been present, but began to gain a larger presence throughout the city as soon as it started to fracture into pieces of gangs fighting for territory. Alongside this, cliff-sides rumored to have mysterious properties appear to have risen from the coast seemingly overnight. Gangs struggle to maintain their place in Athens while bizarre occurrences seem to become more common, all without an end in sight or an explanation.

If you’re interested at all, come join us! We’ll be glad you did. We’re even accepting moderator submissions at the moment!
Hello, and welcome to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Ballad of the Acrs! We’re a rp server based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. We’ve got wonderful staff and members here. Just like JoJo, our server will have different parts. This means that each part is going to have a story that’s completely unique! We’re currently on part 3 of our ongoing story. However, we do have a set of rules that we will expect you to follow. If you make sure that you follow all of them, then there will be no problems! So, we hope you’ll consider joining us, and help expand this server even more! If you do come in and join us, our wonderful community will welcome you with open arms!
Roleplay server for canon characters Make sure to read the Taken Canon characters before jumping to conclusions, we allow cussing and having fun! Love Jojo? We’ll talk about stuff and share art and etc etc have fun !! No ship wars please..please
Welcome to Jojo's Bizzare Server Part 5; Vento Alabama!

We are a server dedicated to talking about each Jojo part and talk all off-topic stuff too (mostly shitposting and making dark humor jokes).

- This Server Includes -
~ Partnerships
~ Bot commands
~ Channels appropriate for no spoilers and spoilers
~ Friendly Admins and Mods
~ Accepts any kind of humor and conversation ( Only Ironically but those breaking the tos rules are not allowed)
~ Willing to listen for suggestions
~ Vc party ( quite often and wild, often will read fanfictions and weird shit)

Note; This Server is Nsfw for reasons such topics is often discussed that mods cannot see or some moderate in given timezones. But still tried to contain it in Nsfw channels.

We Hope to see you here fellow Jojos!
Welcome to JoJo: Chronos Absolute. this RP adapts the concepts of hamon, spin, stands, and all in all bizzareness of the original series, and mashed it up against the concept of universal collision that creates a singular shattered timeline in a form of future that looks like the past. Involving shards of time that anyone can wield and manipulate it's power. these shards cause anomalies across the world. Visit Waterford Ireland where time related stand users related to these universal shards strike down the common man with ability that seem to have no relate to time as well! - Pillar Panda
A rather new jojo roleplaying server with a custom setting and a separate timeline, with some reincarnations of canon characters, and lots of new characters. It is based in a custom city in Canada Ontario with its own lore and such. Its a chill place to hang out, post memes, and chat too.
Just a chill out server for people to meet new people, we have a very nice staff team and we are currently trying to better the server everyday. we have a lot of people who play video games and watch anime here, meet some new people with the same interests as you. just a small server trying to grow in general, dont be afraid to join now! <3
mothehrfucker unlimited. we have a lot of bots. very small server and very quiet but, people ther r nice. mainly chillout oriented and also jjba + persona + hxh + rhythm games + minecraft
We're the knockoff of The Nutshack and is ruled by Queen Ghiaccio.
Here's everything that's included in our shack:
-Free speech and positivity
-A safe environment for all
-LGBT* support and pride
-Bots like Pokecord, Rhythm and Tatsumaki
-Dutch and English speaking channels
-Ur mom jokes
-And much more!
𝐉𝐉𝐁𝐀: 𝐀𝐥𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 is up and coming roleplay dedicated to the world of Hirohiko Araki's world of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. In this world, you will make your own stands and fight through the world just as the JoJo characters have before. You will make the story of your own bizarre adventure.
We offer:
¬ A good community full of like-minded people!
¬ Detailed characters
¬ Quality control.
¬ And finally, a no-bullshit approach to character making!
Come join this wonderful server, and let your bizarre adventure begin now!
Warnings: 16+, optional ERP.
We're waiting!
An RP group set in the same universe (the first one) of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!
The sleepy town of Rush, California is about as perfect as a little town can get. If you do your best to forget about the corrupt mayor, regular gang wars, disappearances, and psychic street fights that break out from time to time!
...but if you're into that, it's DEFINITELY the perfect town!