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A fun, friendly JoJo's Bizarre Adventure server for discussing the anime, manga and other JoJo related media! The staff are all friendly and willing to help with anything! We offer a variety of activities ranging from tournaments, contests, weekend events, and more! We have something for everyone so if you're a hardcore JoJo manga fan, anime fan or just getting into the series why not give us a try?
『New York, America, 1992.』

The city is ravaged by corrupt politicians and businessmen who only care about money and power, not for the people they lied to. They commit crimes like murder and get away with it just because they're in power. They promised better prosperity for the city, but they lied. Poverty hasn't changed at all. They promised to improve the police force, but they lied. Police brutality and misconduct still happens. A lot of people are still having their lives taken by the hands of another human being. They don't care about the people they're supposed to govern. However, this corrupt government is a puppet of an even bigger threat to the city. There is an outside force pulling the strings. There is only one hope—the people. The ones who can make a change. To help make a difference and save the city.

Will you stop this corruption or will you join in on the selfishness, turning a blind eye to the people's well-being?
hello! this is a pretty new server for JJBA kins and fictives.
- double friendly
- any characters/ships/canons welcomed (even the problematic ones)
- channels for games, music, art, vent, etc.
- we're fairly active and friendly!
Hi welcome to weebs. we have both weebs and don’t have to be both, you can be just a weeb or just a “gamer”. anyone is welcomed (:
✩ -We hope for this server to grow into an awesome & friendly community where everyone can feel like they're accepted.

Some things we have to offer!
დ - Fun bots for people to mess around with
დ - Friendly staff & community
დ - Self assign roles
დ - Emote suggestions
დ - We also take any suggestions for the server(any bots you’d like to add etc.)
Hopefully you’ll enjoy your stay (:
Welcome to The Torture Lounge!
This is a server of Jojo fans, that get together and hang out!
We have:
- A pretty friendly and supportive community!
- Regular contests with Nitro rewards!
- A self promotion channel and artist alley!
- Our fun bots, Paisley, a bot where you claim your favorite stand, and battle with friends or participate in quests, and Mudamaid, a bot where you collect your favorite waifus and husbandos (It's actually really fun)
- Our other bots, Mee6, Dyno, Marriage, NotsoBot, Rhythm, Groovy, and much more!
- Lots and lots of Jojo memes
- Gaming channels and a minecraft community!
- We have a NSFW Channel, for all of your sinning needs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
- Way too many horny teenagers
What are you waiting for? Come along and join in on the fun!
Just a small server where you can chill with new people. Beware of the Jojo fans, for they will eat your toes if you disrespect JJBA.
BoBo's Bizarre Adventure is a server dedicated to individuals interested in the medium that is "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure". With a small and friendly community we play games, discuss JoJo, listen to music and many more.
Prepared to prove your strength? I, Mike Ael personally invite you to the Post Heaven Fighting Tournament! We are a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure roleplaying server primarily focused around combat roleplay, with polished and refined mechanics centered around the concept! We can guarantee that you'll have a good time even if the server isn’t your cup of tea. We offer;

-A detailed, well made tournament system ensuring every fight flows smoothly

-Balanced power scaling ensuring that everyone is on the same playing field

-Encouraged literacy to assure that you'll be roleplaying with skilled opponents

-Expansive submission system to narrow down all the intricacies of what you want

-A setting that can be moulded to your liking

-An active owner who can even help with your school troubles

And more! We here at the Post Heaven Fighting Tournament are gradually expanding our horizons and strongly encourage that you come on down and check it out for yourself!
Welcome to Passione! If you are interested in Jojo or just being in a mafia, welcome! Even if you don't know what Jojo is, you can still enjoy your time here. But what do we have here you may ask?
-Customizable teams such as La Squadra (Execution Team), Tax Collection and other teams.
-A hierarchy that is specific to the Jojo Passione. It goes Boss, Advisors, Capo, Lieutenants, and Soldiers. You can get promoted if the Boss likes how you are doing.
-And we take suggestions! We are always changing to match YOUR expectations.
So come take a dive into Passione, you won't regret it. I promise.
A Jojo RP server currently in the making! Come on in and have fun! We offer:

-45+ RP Channels

-Friendly admins who will help you and solve any questions you have

-Rythm Bot, Paisley Park, Tatsumaki and Dank Memer bot to entertain you while not RPing

-A developing plot which offers you plenty chances to play a role

-We don't only allow Stand. We also allow you to be a Hamon or Spin user, a cyborg, Rock Humans, and even a Vampire, You choose!
Hello Fellow Users,Welcome to "Daydreaming Weebs!"..♡
♡We got tons of bots : Groovy, NotSoBot, OwO, TupperBot and More!
♡You can discuss about any anime here , For Example : JJBA , Bnha, Sword Art Online and Alot More..
♡You can share your Creations and Artwork , We would appreciate to see things you Created!
♡We accept Suggestions,Opinions and Requests on this server, So dont be scared to ask if you dont know something💖
♡Venting Channel to let your feelings out , We are here for you..
♡Share your Interests! We accept everyone and Anyone
♡We hope that you will enjoy your time in this server, for now..♡

♡A r r i v e d e r c i♡
We are a decently big jojo server for anime onlys. Manga bois are welcome to join as well, but no spoilers, outside of the designated chats! Please respect the anime onlys as well!
Welcome to to the city of Aurum!

The server takes place in a fictional city of Aurum, the golden city of Canada! Here you can find all sorts of bizarre encounters. Stands, aliens, ghosts! Anything can be possible in this strange city.

The server has an unique lore built by the admins and fleshed out by the players themselves. There is no main plot, so build your own stories with others! Feel free to join to rp, chill or meme around!
ゴゴゴゴ Prologue ゴゴゴゴ

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a shared universe compromised of many multiverses all connected in some way. There is a Jonathan Joestar in every universe, a Dio Brando in every universe with minor changes like a change in name or a complete rewrite of the character.

What if these universes met?

Enrico Pucci in the climax of Stone Ocean attained the universe bending stand Made in Heaven. He used it to ‘restart’ everything back to zero, creating two new universes after a complete revolution.

However, he messed with powers beyond his comprehension. His actions led to world’s colliding—some similar, and some completely different from each other. A delinquent Josuke Higashikata meets a Josuke Higashikata looking for his memories, a vampire Dio meets a Dio with the powers to morph into dinosaurs.

Join us on this new bizarre adventure.

Note: This server allows characters from pats 1–8. There will be guaranteed spoilers for anime-only fans. If you don’t care, come join us!
A family like server full of Jojo fans. We often play games together and chat. Come meet new people, showcase your art, and participate in events.
Welcome to Kayko's Bizarre Server! This is a server created by (obviously) Kayko in which we discuss about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and alot of other stuff such as Anime, Gaming, TV shows and Memes... you name it, we got it all.
While this server is more focused on the anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, we also do various other things too! We have a Stand Battle bot, Music bot, NSFW bot ;) and much much more! So come in, have fun and remember that ZA WARUDO is with you :>


Original EMOTES!!
Different music bots!
Fun JoJo stuff!
Tons of channels!
Pokecord channel!
SFW/NSFW channels!
NSFW Bots!
Nice members!
Kind and active staff!
No annoying pings
Looking for Staff!
Looking for some jojo fans :D
J O I N N O W ! ! !
We are a chill rp/kin server! Please make an introduction and read the rues when you join! You don't have to be a kin to join!
Doubles are always accepted! Please Remember!
Canon and Original characters are allowed!
We hope to see you there~
~JoJo's Ocean Man~

We are a community server for fans of JoJo and we all laugh at the joke that Jotaro loves dolphins. If you want to partner just DM the Owner. We strive for more members and activity, plus you can post spicy memes.
**OWNER: @!christmas zivo#0069**
**Discord Server ~**
170+ members and counting! Join now!

It's present day in New York City. The Empire State. The Big Apple. You either live here or wish to. It's a great day, and a beautiful time to be alive. The city couldn't be more interesting. There's been an increase in Stand users, however; people who've been wreaking havoc on the city and using their abilities to take advantage of other people. There's also increasing gang activity, with people banding Stand users together to form large groups. The City of Dreams, where hope shines, has a large dark cloud coming its way. Now the big question arises: Will you be the dark cloud, or will you be the protector of others?

Here's what our server offers:
-Based in present day New York City
-Gang system
-Canon stands
-Trustworthy moderators and staff team (all have past staff experience)
-Creative and original Stands and OCs
-Solid RP experience
-Solid community! We'll be a breath of fresh air for you.
-Trustworthy and respectable owner. I'll do whatever I can for you.
-Plenty of channels for you to RP in!
Hello this is weeb castle, we center mostly around all kinds of animes but we also love to talk about the most random things possible.

We have:

-a place where you can put polls

-a channel dedicated to putting an anime a week in

-jojo castle

-plently of friendly (I think) users

Also you best be reading rule 8, dont say I didnt warn ya!

Also dont let the number overwhelm you, only like 12-16 is active.

Also we would love some nitro boosting, not required but it would be nice.
Welcome to Jojo's G.D. Street Prison!

We are a General Anime server but we mainly focus on jojo. You can Chill to any kinds of humor/topics while following the Discords tos
An alternate timeline where Part 6(Stone Ocean) never happened. The year is 2012 and everyone is currently living their lives. Giorno Giovana is still running the Italian mafia, Passione. Joskue Higashikata is stil living in Morioh, but is contemplating leaving. Jotaro Kujo, reunited with his daughter Jolyne Cujoh and restablished their relationship and are on good terms.

DIO has been resurected by Pucci and is now plotting against the world to find the Requiem Arrows and gain ultimate power. Can you stop DIO and his allies before its too late?