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Hello, this is a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Role Playing server. If you're into it, everything you need to know is the the server itself.
An RP group set in the same universe (the first one) of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!
The sleepy town of Rush, California is about as perfect as a little town can get. If you do your best to forget about the corrupt mayor, regular gang wars, disappearances, and psychic street fights that break out from time to time!
...but if you're into that, it's DEFINITELY the perfect town!
The best Jojo rp server in the world! While that's not the best achievement in the world, you're sure to have fun! Create your own fictional stand and character suitable for the world of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure! This server is located on the island of Shokata, you can find out about it in #lore. Undergo the training of your personal teacher and learn various techniques! Will you follow the guidance of the sun and become good? Or will you follow your ambition and stray to the path of evil?
A JoJo's bizarre adventure server. You can also discuss things about JoJo here. We want the best expirience for everyone!
A custom universe with custom stands and an active, friendly community. Come to stay or just look around, we're glad to have all kinds of members!
☮️ JoJo's Bizarre Lounge 💛
A server dedicated to JoJo worship but is open for all discussions.

- Fun bots
- Relaxed, friendly users
- Approachable staff members

⭐ What's special about us? ⭐
- We're mainly about JoJo, but we love to chat about all anime and manga.
- Admins are open to suggestions to make this the best community for our members.
- Weekly game sessions and events to make people feel involved and included.

We're a chill community, so come check us out!
A server where you can hang out with other people who like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
Everyone is welcome.
Hello everyone. Come jump into a slowly growing server where we have fun talking about all things Jojo. We have all canon characters to pick from as well as OC's are allowed, we even allow rule 63. We have RP rooms including private rooms for more detailed posts. We even have bot games and more. So come and join our ever growing friendly server^.^
A rather new jojo roleplaying server with a custom setting and a separate timeline, with some reincarnations of canon characters, and lots of new characters. It is based in a custom city in Canada Ontario with its own lore and such. Its a chill place to hang out, post memes, and chat too.
Hello, and welcome to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: City of the Moon! Aka, The Biggest JoJo Rp Server on Discord! We’re a rp server based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. We’ve got wonderful staff and members here. Just like JoJo, our server will have different parts. This means that each part is going to have a story that’s completely unique! However, we do have a set of rules that we will expect you to follow. If you make sure that you follow all of them, then there will be no problems! So, we hope you’ll consider joining us, and help expand this server even more!
Welcome to JJBA: Alternative Universe server! We’re a brand new RP server based on the anime and manga named JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Just like JJBA, we have different parts! But the all the parts are going to be original and unique twist! We also have awesome mods and bots so come join the family and make your original JoJo character!
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Bottled Death takes place in an alternate universe. The year is 1943 in New York City. Crime is rampant, the police have no control the main mafia The Struts rule the city will you change that or will you join them and gain power. Since this is alternate I will allow people to use character surnames but I'd like all characters to be original. I just started this server and would love to have anyone join.
• JJBA (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)
• Pokemon
• Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy
• MHA (My Hero Academia)
• Choose Your Own Roles
• Large assortment of channels to post in with self-assignable roles for clutter control
• Roleplay section with the Roleplayer bot and a discussion category
• Friendly server staff
• Bots such as Tatsumaki, Mirai, Roleplayer, etc
• Channels to send things such as reaction images, memes, media, and more
• A music channel and bots so you can jam out to your own tunes
• A meme-filled starboard, basically
• Places to vent and share your interests

Welcome to the Spacelands, Astronaut. We're a laidback, humor-filled community server filled with an assortment of things to keep you interested and connected with similar people. Rules will be sent to your DMs once you join.

Reviewing and rating us would be greatly appreciated!

The premier Discord server for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure community.
Always looking for new members that are up for some fun and games.
We are a small (very small, we just started) jojo server for anime onlys. Manga bois are welcome to join as well, but no spoilers, except for in the spoilers channel. Please respect the anime onlys as well!
This is a server for all things JoJo. Fans, roleplayers, people who have just recently discovered the series or play the games: are all invited to this server to chat among fellow JoJo fans and have a good time! There is some NSFW content but it's kept to special channels. We're always looking for new members!
A small but fun JoJo Roleplay server it is small at the moment but it is a great community to be with, admins that care and members that love the JoJo lore. Please help me grow this server by joining and having fun!
Welcome to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure RP: The Gold Expedition! This server's kinda dead but I've been hoping to revive it through Disboard. Let me give you a quick rundown on what this is all about.

This is a roleplay server based in the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. If you don't know what that is, you should watch/read the series; you won't regret it! We've got bots and stuff and also a lot of cool people if you want to get along with them. We've got various selections of diverse roles for different roleplayers depending on what kind of fighting style they choose for their characters for the pure sake of server organization and a feeling of uniqueness. There's gonna be more added onto the server to stay tuned for more!

Anyways, let's get onto the overall lore of the roleplay. The Roleplay takes place in 1855, a few months before the end of the Gold Rush. People are traveling during the last moments of this historical event, trying to get as much gold out of their travels as possible. However, there's been reports that innocent people have been disappearing due to some sort of group in the cave. They're believed to be vampires, but not many have lived to see what they were, unless they pledged undying loyalty to these people and also keep their existence a secret. But it all comes down to what path you take: would you rather look closer into this mystery, or would you rather join this gang of unknown people and wreak havoc until the gold miners run off? The decision is yours once you join JoJo's Bizarre Adventure RP: The Gold Expedition!

P.S. If this server is successful, we might have more parts in the future that follow a different lore and also take place in different settings and times. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates.
Islands located in a hidden sea known as the void sea that no one has ever returned from and barely knows about. These islands are filled with oddities and dangers could your character survive this part?
Part 1Verda island
A island filled with plant life a wrecks of planes and ships that get sucked into the void sea
Could you survive these enemies on this island?
A friendly, welcoming and active JoJo's Bizarre Adventure set immediately after the events of Vento Aureo in the coastal Japanese city of Kōwan where 98% of children since 1980 have been born with Stand powers.
A small server meant to share a community of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fans. Additionally, you may share your stand ideas via an integrated format created by the previous owner. Furthermore, you can request any role you want to look heckin duwang.
What more do you want?
Do I have to lend you a hand?
Or [The Hand]?
Hurry up and join!
This server is based around the universe of the Manga/Anime called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. This is a RolePlay server that takes place in a timeline different from the original adaptation(s). You will need to join in order to find out more.