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This server is about making new friends! doing whatever you want except for 3 simple rules! (I guess basically no rules except bullying and no drama) and anything, get to make new friends, vent about your problems and listen to music or watch new uploads from Omega Blue or NightcoreDiamond!! :D I hope you have fun!
One of the best servers for making friends, and maybe even find yourself an e-boy or e-girl ;)
Super chill community and very active. We’re also looking for new staff at the moment, so feel free to apply! And welcome to Alex’s WooHoo Shack, where all them dreams come true ;]
[15+ Years Old]
In a galaxy far, far away...
A Hub owned by a man named 𝑶𝑹𝑰𝑶𝑵 has just been set up. The hub is big, but empty. It's in need of people to visit and become regulars.
This Hub is made for all people and things. Every species, creature, race, everybody... as long as everybody brings respect for everybody else with them, too!
Come and sit and have a fun time, meeting new people, creating a new friendships, possible even finding your soulmate? Who knows? This Hub is small and is need of help from across the cosmos, and is welcoming of everybody!
If you're at all interested, come and join!
Welcome to Chat Roulette a very relax server where you can not only make friends but maybe more!?!
🔷This server is a server where you can meet new people🔷

🔷The community is friendly and welcoming🔷

🔷You do have to be at least 13 years of age🔷
A new server which serves as a place for everyone to hang out and feel comfortable in! We have cute server aesthethics and cute emotes and are mainly focused on games and anime/manga. We have a lot of bots and everyone is welcome, so it's sure to be fun!
Events | Games | Bots | NSFW Section for 18+ | Perfect for meeting new friends ~
┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐
Welcome to Ren's Secret Lair!
✦ Active Chats
✦ Minecraft!!
✦ Friendly People
✦ Active People
✦ Active VC's
✦ Games
✦ And much more!

We accept any and everyone here in our server who wants to make friends!
Our server is specifically teen made for 13 - 17.
└─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┘
≻Welcome to "Official Thunder©"
≻We are one of the Best Mobile Legends players
≻You can make friends for both ML and Discord
≻You we have 24/7 working staff ready to make this server suitable for everyone
≻Enjoy your stay and if you feel uncomfortable talking to someone Tell a staff immediately.
We are very strict with rules so we can keep everything running smoothly
Our vision is to run a very smooth server with very little trouble and so much fun,and remember we are all part of one Family so we are going to do everything together to man left behind.

Join now!
We're a friendly server that is here to help you, there is always a active admin if you need them..... we can help you with your depression and we are here for you when you need us and you can come make some new friends and just HANG OUT, so if you find my server interesting why dont you come join
Welcome Darlings of our fair and sometimes sucky world. We hope you join us on this server to lighten the mood and provide entertainment for our dull dull lives. We are a growing community of friends. Offering many themed Text Rp options, places to hang out and talk about hobbies, anime, what have you. We offer some nsfw content for 18+ but also have plenty of fun and chill options for All.
Hope to see you soon!
Hello! This is a small community for dog lovers and breeders alike! We have channels for all and even a general channel for talk other than our furry babies.
Here in this community we are a family and will help eachother through anything. Please take this seriously as its for dog lovers and breeders. Even if you don't own a dog you can join and just talk about dog behavior, training, dog society and so on! We have channels for any and everything!
we also listen to our members and have a channel for recommendations to help improve the server!
The Social Club is a new community and was designed for making new friends and having a good time.
-Friendly members
-Music bots
-Helpful staff
-Always looking to improve
-Owner open to change
This is a place where you can make art and make friends. simple as that!
This is a server for people who just want to hangout , and game together. Not only that but to also make new friends, and have fun with each other. It doesn't have to be just gaming though , you can come talk about whatever you want, and hopefully find others who have the same interests. Hope to see you soon, don't hesitate to join !
A Server for meeting new people to play games with!

This server has
-Active and Friendly Staff!
-Custom Emoji's/Gifs!
-Frequent events like Game Nights and Karaoke!
-A Friendly Community!
-Bots such as; Dank Memer, MEE6, Tatsumaki and Groovy!
-Plenty of Text and Voice channels for all you need!

Hopefully we will see you in the Dreamscape!
Originally created for my memepage @memezinyodreamz on instagram by @anishnehete for meme sharing and stuff 👌but later on it evolved to more of a community and now we talk about science 💻⚗️🔬⚙️, gaming 🎮🖱️, life experiences, 📸 photography, adventures and of course memez 👀and platform to share almost anything you like and make new friends.
Some features of this server are -
⏺️LOADS Of Fun bots to spend your time with and battling other users.
🤖Our members usually spend a lot of time playing with bots.
⏺️Many mods taking care of the server to avoid abuse and Harrasment.(bots prevent spam too)
⏺️Many channels are provided for your usage and you can talk bout anything you like - music, TV series, movies 🎥 , games, selfies, pets, science, motivation and memes
⏺️Many gamers you can meet and play Games with.
⏺️Chance to meet some professional people in their field and get their life experiences.
▫️Respect everyone
▫️Don't ping everyone and give us bt(bad trips)
▫️Try to use bots at bot commands channel
▫️Many channels have been provided for various topics Make full use of them.
▫️Support us by giving suggestions and tips and also inviting people so we can make this one big community.

This server is about Everything! If you are looking to join! Then glad so!

Looking for some mods!

Looking new people

Auto Roles

Rank Level
Hello, guys and girls. This is a new server meant for meeting new people and maybe even dating for teens.
As of now we may have no members, but I am hoping to be a bigger server in the future.
anyone is welcome also emos are welcome
we have active staff
make new friends
have fun
hey there, are you bored and browsing disboard to find good servers to join?
if so please concider to join the dungeon of boredom, so instead of being bored you could make friends or just come and hang out for a while (its free dont worry)

*please note that the server is starting up and might not be functioning perfectly, tips are always welcome*
Hello you random Otaku!
You looking for some server where you are accepted as you?
Then you came to the right place !
I have made this server for people like us and other people to be together in.
I'm an active owner and change and add new things to server .
Join now !
And i remade the server so i recommend joining now because i need friends
If anyone wants to play with me u can !
Feeling lonely and looking for people to talk with? Join here, chill & Friendly server. Make new friends and have fun. Use the channel accordingly to the description. We have staff applications for you to apply! Join now!! This server is quite new and is working hard to grow and be active. We love Yu Gi Oh