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Are you BORED? Do you want to make FRIENDS? Are the capital letters CATCHING YOUR EYE? Welcome to Jakjak's Cult!

No but like for real, we do fun Cult stuff and we have Bots if you're into that too. If your Discord is looking dry, hang out with us and you'll make friends! We honestly have a great community that you'll probably enjoy. Have fun!
The sgg server is a gameing/hanging out place we also have the news we have rules we have questions that we ask everyone so we get to know you better ,the server is kid friendly we hope you enjoy it ^^
welcome to making friends! we are a friendly server aimed at helping people make new friends 🌷

• what we have to offer •

- self assignable roles, along with color roles for your name and roles you can buy with our currency in our role shop

- lots of fun channels such as gaming, pets, food and more!

- a nsfw topics channel

- nice staff and two people controlling the server (owner & co-owner, however soon applications for mods and admins will be available)

- an easy to navigate server

- fun members !

- lots of bots to play games with

join our server for more ! 🌿
🔷This server is a server where you can meet new people🔷

🔷The community is friendly and welcoming🔷

🔷You do have to be at least 13 years of age🔷
Hello! We are a small discord hoping to grow some more that is attempting to get every country in the world on one discord server I really hope you all enjoy it if you come on! Thanks!
A place where people out of school and don't know what they're doing in life can meet.
Homeschooled or public schooled it doesn't matter.
Come on down to the bread cult where you can meet lots of new friends... We also have heaps of e girls here.. With so many different channels and endless possibilities..
A really good hangout for people that like to chat to people and making friends and having fun!
We like to have a fun and good time here. Our staff is laid back and can cater to all of your needs. Looking to make friends, find a partner, or just have some fun? Join Chill today!! :D
welcome to this factory where we have: autoroles and more go check it out ;)
We're a friendly server that is here to help you, there is always a active admin if you need them..... we can help you with your depression and we are here for you when you need us and you can come make some new friends and just HANG OUT, so if you find my server interesting why dont you come join
Tea & D&D is a friendly community for D&D players to relax and make friends.
in this tavern you can find:
*advice, help and ideas
*D&D playing sessions
*New Friends
*Active Staff
*An involved community
*original homebrew content.
Hey there! Are you looking to make some friends, but don't know how to even get started? We're the place for you! We're a friendly, non-judgmental community! Come hang out, meet new friends, and be yourself!

What we have to offer:
~ Friendly members
~ Many bots
~ Self assignable roles
~ Categories filled with interesting things to chat about
~ This includes, TV Shows, Music, Games and Movies. Is anything you like lacking? You can request it to be added!
~ Friendly staff
This is a Everyone and Making Friends Server. We Suggest you to join and invite other friends to get some roles while Inviting your Friends. Mod Applications will tell in the Discord Server!
Just a small community looking to grow! Come join us and talk about anime, books, movies, really anything you heart desires! We pride ourselves on being friendly. :)
This server is for people who want friends or just someone to talk to mostly this is a new server so please be patient with us! Don’t leave and join it gets very annoying. Have fun i hope all of us can get along and be friends.
The last 4 bucks in my wallet server is a brand new server that has friendly staffs and owner :).If you want to make new friends from other region that will help you no matter what happens just be sure to check out the server. It's true that we are all broke mentally. We would like to see you around us. And btw owner really needs friends.
this server is for medical help anyone can join you can chat make friends ask about medical stuff we help you can find new tricks to stay healthy and so on i hope you have a good day and feel free to come talk about your problems we will not tell anyone anything
Hi!!! Welcome to the best discord ever
kinda just lonely hoping to meet some rad new people
and just having fun
Hello Im Meat I have a Server that is needed of players. We usually are active when we have a game that all of us play. Recently we played monster hunter im looking for members and well also some staff. the server is new and could use some love i am willing to change almost anything that is requested if reasonable we are a friendly group and well i always wanted a server that could be active and i could have friends on. I love playing video games and well games get boring when you play a lone so come help out by joining us today thank you for your time hope to see you in the server!!!!
This server is just starting so we need a-little help, don't be afraid to join we're all friendly
Welcome to Chat Roulette a very relax server where you can not only make friends but maybe more!?!