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Hello there! I love cats and I made 💕NEKO~ネコ💕 which is a dating server because I felt like all the other servers are pretty bad because bullying appear and I was bored, I hope you will join this server, we have:


And much more!
☆ This is a Feudal Japan Fantasy roleplay server! Come join us!
☆ We have nekos, dragons, ookami, oni, elves, kitsune, samurai, shinobi, and so much more!
☆ Join a clan for special perks and events! Also, possibly work up to create your own clan!
☆ We have fun bots to play around with outside of rp!
☆ We have dedicated staff and are looking for more moderators and admins!
☆ We will have server events (big and small) in and outside of RP!
☆ We welcome ALL sorts of rpers.. casual, paragraph, brand new and veteran RPers.
☆ We always welcome new suggestions for new races, classes, areas, etc!


The year is 1559. The Japanese island is divided by numerous clan territories. To put it simply, 混沌 (chaos). It's anybody's game. European traders swing by selling weapons and other valuables. There are Ninjas training in the art of the 忍 (shinobi), samurai fighting for their clans, and ronins the ones that were led astray from fighting for their clans.
Even though drama, war, honor, and betrayal are commonplace in this world, there is another threat. In this world, all of the stories and myths you heard about from Japan are real. Yokai, oni, and other monsters and spirits live in this world. Even cat-eared people roam the lands. This all lead to the humans being less and less active with their clan wars and strife. Instead, it is survival against the unnatural and also against your enemy.

Welcome to Alterative Feudal Japan. We do have some historical elements, mixed with fantasy for an alternate timeline.
Join Neko Heaven, we are a friendly and a neko server! We have FREE ROLES for new members and we welcome all who joins! This server includes:
Custom Reaction Roles
Fun Bots
Catch Nekos
Growing Community
Friendly and Experienced Staffs
We interact with our community unlike every other servers, and we're looking for staff and active members as well. What are you waiting for? Come be a part of the growing community with nekos!
ProjectNSFW, the new generation of NSFW servers! We allow you to make your experience as personalizable and customizable as you want! We have a lot of categories and channels designated to NSFW and RP/ERP but we may perhaps move that to a separate server! In future, we will also be adding a premium server in-which may possibly be purchable.
This is an amazing server!! You can level up to be a different Tsundere!! And the longest you stay and the harder you try to level up, you could become a Tsundere Child!! You can make friends and have fun!! Enjoy your stay at Tsundere Kuran!!
Welcome to the Neko house where all the Nekos can join up and have tons of fun together! This includes normal RP and expecially ERP. We also have plenty of channles and roles to keep you entertained so please join our house of lovely little Nekos!
General server, come talk about whatever, rules are pretty loose.
This server primarily is a hangout server for like minded people. Our main interests are cats, nekos, art and gaming. I also have to add here that we are NOT a furry server. While the theme can be taking as that, it is not in our interest to be one.
We prefer the appreciation of art, in any form there is: physically drawn, digital, written and photography.
We also do have our own public nsfw channels, the one with all the questionable artworks being hidden.
A very small server looking to grow a bit.
We enjoy discussing:
♡ traps
♡ Nekos
♡and also were all depressed

Were all here to make friends. ~
A quickly growing anime & art community! We host art contests and hold giveaways for all Twitch followers of KaptivateTV! Currently at 680+ members!
Hello and welcome!
This is the Neko Café, a 16+ new server that revolves around ERP and the like. We hope to keep expanding our numbers and add in new features as we go along, but for now enjoy your fine selection of Hentai rooms, general chatting, memes, and more!
We have a place for everyone, so even if you’re odd, you can find your niche!

Server was just made so we have no members however if you'd like to join feel free to help expand the community with us!
WE ARE GIVING $20 AT 300 People! We are a gaming community and love to interact with people and play games, listen to music, and have anime! Come join and have fun!
Welcome to this anime roleplay server where you can roleplay as a: Neko,Centaur,Vampire,Dullahan, Dog person, Dragon person and Ghost person!

We bring lots of fun stuff like:
~and your own house!
There is more so come on down and hang out!
A small, organized fantasy roleplay server! Xarophen is a large, in-depth world with eight core races, based on half-beasts!
We have a lot of fun lore and many rooms to RP 1v1 or group in!
We support artists and writers alike, and have rooms for sharing creations!
Once we get a good number of people, we plan to start events and introduce a server economy! We have a few bots already, like Pokecord and IdleRPG! Can't forget the memes, either!

All I request is we stay 15+, as Xarophen will have darker themes in play, such as gore and sensitive topics.

Come have a fun time in a- once- magical world! ;)
It Second life hot spring spa, where people relax, hang, chill. We have games and gacha's, we have cat aka neko to pet and cuddle with. Base idea on real Japanese hot springs, we hope to grow in time, we accept all races, sex, ages.
Hello! We're an small community made up of Weeaboos, Nekos, and Furries! We also accept people who are not one of the three! Come join today!
A server people who like to chill and post nekos and stuff
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Welcome to ANIME ADVENTURERS R18+ ♥
This server has a lot of features such as:

Roleplay: This server is mainly roleplay, We have introductions to the characters that you have made which you are roleplaying as and lots of rooms to do the roleplaying. The roleplay is 18+ due to sexual things can be done
Chats: We have multiple Roleplaying chats as well as a chat for when your not roleplay, where you can just talk.
Houses: Every person that joins gets their own house with multiple rooms such as, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living room, ect.
Please join our server which is always adding new features
Fun for the whole family. Not really. But please join!~
Instagram: @Wxxb.mp4
a new cute server with Multiple text channels and a gaming channel too. we watch an anime movie once a month and gacha bots. Free emotes and a cute cafe atmosphere
Very chilly Discord server with lots of friends and fun.
We all love cats :D
Please come to join us and post your cats with us.
Hope you love it here!!!
Wanna be less lonely? Well join our cafe and find some friends that you will be happy to be with! <3
Come join us and own your own neko