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UND is a social, non toxic, clean server with a growing community and amazing staff members who take pride in their work. There are many things you can find at UND such as; giveaways, role-play, game nights, movie nights, and much more! Join today to start ranking up! We use a one of a kind ranking system.
13 hours ago
Most of how we got here has been lost to age. The few surviving documents all agree on this much however, it started in the humano-elf wars. The Humans and the Elves were constantly at war, no one knew why they were fighting, just that they were. These wars were on and off, constantly, but it was the 21st Humano-elf war that changed everything. The elves were winning, like usual, but everyone expected them to break their assault on the first barrier wall of the humans. They didn't. They overran the wall within hours, using magic that had never been seen before. The human royalty was thrown into a panic, with a massive conscription program being enforced, to the point where some soldiers weren't even given weapons, and instead had to pick up their fallen comrades' weapons to continue fighting, but it was not enough. the elves got to the capital city, and attempted to enter it through a cave system. But they woke something, a great and terrible power, up. From out of the ground, dragons burst forth, slaughtering the elven army and the human cities. But this was only the beginning. Monsters began to crawl out of the tunnels, everything you could imagine from hydras to gryphons, all acting exactly how they would if you knew the mythologies behind them. (so anything from any mythology except christian, hindu, and muslim religions because those are way too powerful, like, they're legit unkillable except by God(s)) The monsters overran the sentient beings within a few years, leaving no sentient beings alive in their wake. Now, all that is left of the sentient beings, pre war, are small, and sparse settlements, trying desperately to survive. But whenever people attempt to travel, they carry the danger of being attacked by these monsters, or at times even just disappear all together. But it seems that settlements are being created.. so maybe one day we'll see the great empires of the old world come back once more. For now though, this is the Storyteller signing off.
21 hours ago
We're a very small community that has just started and are looking for fellow friends that we can talk to and hang out with.
3 days ago
Hi, there I know most likely not many of you people who read this will join my server, but Im just going to say this is my first real server and Im really new at a lot of things so please if you do join this server I hope you'll enjoy your time here. Yes this is a fairly new server so I dont have many people in this server, but I should hopefully be active during the day or night. If you find any errors or anything thats wrong please report it to a mod, admin or the owner. Thanks for your time reading this please take you're time and think about joining this server. :)
3 days ago
An anime and gaming server for everyone! Giveaways, events and much, much more!
3 days ago
Come join Neko Nation! A great server for hanging out with other weebs and gamers. We are dedicated to build a great community along with your help.
4 days ago
This server created the 2018/8/10 and me the owner of the server is searching for current helper to set up the server be serious i will recrute only people that will be alright with this the server will be to represent a game called Nekopara i decided to make a server about it so feel free to join to see the server getting made or to support this server will be using a unique bot for the server various other detail to come soon current recruting (5~7 Moderator) and (2~3 Administrator) this recruting wont last for long so be sure to be experimented in being someone mature and respectful as a moderator or administrator it how it is
8 days ago
We are a roleplay community open to any characters of all types. we are based in a made up world full of gangs and mischief. but not all are bad!
11 days ago
This is a new server I made for anime/manga lovers!
Lets make a friendly community!
We have naruto based ranks with a xp system!
We have text channels for memes,art,youtube vids and much more!
22 days ago
Heyyy! I made this new small server for others who love anime , nekos and gaming! I hope to see really friendly boys and girls on this server! -Raikko (uWu shy boy owner)
25 days ago
In Neko World you can be a Neko! Own a Neko! Interact with others! Be a variety of races because I don't care to list any restrictions! Neko, Kitsune, human... Um.. I forgot the others but then again I can't list every single race there is can I? Anyway this is an ERP like no other... Actually we're quite like the others but we're different! So whatever fetish you have it's acceptable, Neko pet! Neko owner! Kitsune pet! Kitsune owner! Weird dragon human crossbreeding? Whatever it's up to you what you want to do in this world!
35 days ago
- Basis -

One day, suddenly a human child in Malaysia was born with cat ears, a tail, and somehow, the ability to grow claws throguh their nails, then growing longer and sharper. Slowly, more children were born liek this, and some people even formed this in their sleep, at first, people thought it was an epidemic, but science couldnt explain it, they seemed to be growing fine, better if anything, having enhanced senses and an enhanced body.

- Features -

- Fair Staff
- Friendly Community
- Helpful admins and mods
- Original Lore
- A Maid Cafe
- You guys control how the rp goes!
56 days ago
All is welcome to our sever. We might be a mlp fan group, but we welcome neko's, pokemon fans, furries, yandere's, hentai lovers, and more!
67 days ago
Fantaria is an uprising discord rp server filled with lore thats been worked on for a whole year!!
76 days ago
A community for Anthro, Furry, Neko and anyone in between.
101 days ago
Neko Café

I'm @here to introduce you to a source of unlimited coffee and goodies.
Neko Café is mainly an ANIME and NEKO server.
You can meet new people and talk about literally anything.
Everyone is invited. You may even give us suggestions on how to
make the server better. We're a very friendly and well maintained community.
We hope you enjoy the server and are happy with your stay.

:cake:Interested? Here is what we have to offer!

◉ Cute emotes & Animation emotes for nitro users
◉ Active & Hardworking staff
◉ Self assignable roles(WIP)
◉ Giveaways & Events
◉ A clean organized environment
◉ Active chat & Voice channels
◉ Full of welcoming and friendly users
◉ Leveling system
◉ NSFW verification system

We're in need of some staffs
Accepting partnerships with servers of any size.


We hope to see you around!
114 days ago
We are a new anime and gaming server that loves neko's so please feel free to join nyaa~
120 days ago
Neko Worshiping is a server that is all about hanging out, Worshiping nekos sometimes, And just having a good time!
130 days ago
Meow! Mewfia School! Mewfia School is finally open and all students,yanderes, senpais, lolis, club leaders, nekos, ect! Welcome to Mewfia School! I'm SmolBun! But just call me SmolLoli! or Ayano! Or Kat! And my older sister! Misaka! or call her Nikki and you can Call her.....idk? But it's going to be a fun school at Mewfia School!
166 days ago
The Neko Realm! Anime, Gaming, Music and pretty much anything else!
176 days ago
191 days ago
Join for a good time and an even better community, lots of friends and a cool atmosphere!
202 days ago