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Welcome to the Neko house where all the Nekos can join up and have tons of fun together! This includes normal RP and expecially ERP. We also have plenty of channles and roles to keep you entertained so please join our house of lovely little Nekos!

We have a few fun bots
Our staff are very friendly as long as you follow our rules
Homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals and asexuals are welcome here along with any other kind of person that wishes to join us!

We are also at 100+ members now and slowly growing still so please do help us grow more nya!
Welcome to The Kingdom of Kemonomimi's and Furries! Here you can make lots of friends and mess around with lots of bots! We are a small server but we are here to have fun and meet new people! Here there are lots of roles for different kinds of Kemonomimi's! For example
-Nekomimi (cat-human)
-Inumimi (dog-human)
-Ushimimi (Cow-human)
-Usagimimi (Bunny-human)
-Kumamimi (Bear-human)
-Ōkamimimi (Wolf-human)
-Kitsunemimi (Fox-human)
Everyone is welcome here! Please try to be active in the server if you do not get a response right away please be patient we will respond as soon as we can. We hope you have a great day!
In here all species are welcome to rp and erp but for now it’s in wip You can join if you want but it won’t be the best. FOR NOW
A quickly growing anime & art community! We host art contests and hold giveaways for all Twitch followers of KaptivateTV! Currently at 1020+ members!
Set In the world of Azur Lane, our roleplaying server offers an intense and gripping roleplay system, we offer nsfw and other property's of that sort.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us
Hello and welcome! Do you like Nekos? Especially in maid outfits? Well, this server is for you!
This is a Neko Café, a 16+ new server that revolves around ERP and the like. We hope to keep expanding our numbers and add in new features as we go along, but for now enjoy your fine selection of Hentai rooms, general chatting, memes, roleplay rooms, venting rooms, tons of roles and more!
We have a place for everyone, so even if you’re odd, you can find your niche!

Server was just made so we have no members however if you'd like to join feel free to help expand the community with us!
This is a public Roleplay server! If you don’t want to RP you don’t have to, you can suggest for more things but we have a few activities and the normal chat to just have fun and talk to people! The use of bots is completely fun and it’s really nice to just have some community chatting! You can be a human or an animal and if you want more animals just suggest them, you can be half or full animals, whatever you’d like :3
I like anime and loooooove hentai! I'd love it if I could share with you ^-^
Welcome to NEKO WORLD this is wjere you can talk about nekos and find out how to become one irl. Im new to this so.ill need some i hope you.enjoy!
❤ ♥ +:。.。Welcome to Neko Adoption! 。.。:+ ♥ ❤

The caretakers are excited to meet you, both kittens and caregivers! We are a welcoming community of catgirls and catgirl lovers interested in pairing everyone with either a lover or a parent.

The server was originally a group chat on the app "Geeking" and if you're also coming from there then you may just run into an old friend!

Everyone is welcome ~ it's just the leap to join that stops you!

💯We have a self-assignable role system💯
⛓Raid protection⛓
🔞NSFW channels🔞
✍Roleplay channels✍
🎰Fun mini-games such as fishing and slot machines🎰
💖Entertaining people, and vibes!💖
🎼Places to share your favorite art and music🎨

So come check us out and we'll welcome you with open arms!
Welcome to college please dont spend all your time partying.
We are an nsfw furry server.
We are friendly open minded roleplay community.
Orleander Highschool is a roleplay where your fantasy comes true! Nekos, werewolves and of course humans come to this school. We have music channels, bot channels, good staff, games and lots lots of roleplay fun! I hope to see you soon on our school! :33
Essentially we are a community to talk, vent, make friends, and lewd around the place. We are a server who is here to have fun and just to be like the rest.
Hello, Welcome to 2 Nekos Discord server, we are a Discord server based on Nekos, feel free to meet new people or a partner on our Discord server!
General server, come talk about whatever, rules are pretty loose.
╔═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╗
╚═══════ ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ ═══════╝

Hello! We are a server about SFW petplay of
any type. Of course, since this being a server
about petplay, it is semi-RP, but we are mainly
focused on building a nice little community.
We have many lovely channels, such as a
positivity channel, and lots and lots of fun
bots! Since the cg/l and petplay community
often overlap, we also have a category
dedicated to littlespace. If you're looking for
more info about us, here you go!

╰🌺 16+
╰🌺 completely SFW.
╰🌺 friendly admin.
╰🌺 tons of fun bots.
╰🌺 reaction roles.
This server primarily is a hangout server for like minded people. Our main interests are cats, nekos, art and gaming. I also have to add here that we are NOT a furry server. While the theme can be taking as that, it is not in our interest to be one.
We prefer the appreciation of art, in any form there is: physically drawn, digital, written and photography.
We also do have our own public nsfw channels, the one with all the questionable artworks being hidden.
This is a Neko rp/erp server right now we are a small server but we are hoping to grow. The minimum age to join is 13
we protect the nekos and nekos are cute join me to protect them and we will also talk about different topics.
welcome to the Hellish Agony! I hope you will enjoy your adventure in a medieval world where humans are almost dead and some of the survivors mutated into nekos...
WE ARE GIVING $20 AT 300 People! We are a gaming community and love to interact with people and play games, listen to music, and have anime! Come join and have fun!