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Do you love Obama?
Well, so do we!
Join for a AMAZING OBAMA EMOTES (nitro users only but non-nitros can still use our emotes in the server!)
♡ Join Bubblegum Cafe, a Social Emote Server full of friendly weebs that make their own emotes! ♡

♡ Over 1000+ Custom Emotes in Nitro Servers; everything from KonoSuba/MHA/Chuuni^2/Gurren Lagann/Kancolle/Granblue/FATE/Zankuro/WoW/Overwatch/Gaming/Foxgirl/4chan/NSFW & more~ ♡ Community gaming with 100% Orange Juice, Jackbox and a NA-West Maple Story 2 (MS2) Guild ♡ Aesthetic Cafe Server Design w/Minimalist Server Layout ♡ Experienced 21+ Server Owners; Few rules, no favoritism/edgelords/dead memes~ ♡ Unique Gachapon-based Custom Role System; earn materials, spin for COMMON to ULTRA RARE colors, similar to mobile games like FATE/GO ♡

♡ Let us take your order! ♡
Our goal is to raise this boring 2D waifu game together. Because really, this game is boring without a proper chat room to talk and share common weeb-interests. Just like the anime Saekano! We are in this together to raise a boring server and waifu! We play games like Azur Lane, and other waifu gacha games!
RO: Bine ati venit pe server-ul! Pe acest sv avem:
> 100 de emojii faine (GIF INCLUSIV)
> Avem partneriat!
> Gaming!
> Si altele!

EN: Welcome to the server! On this server we are:
> 100 cool emotes! (GIF INCLUSIV)
> We have partnership!
> Gaming!
> And other!
📣 Ariana’s Nitro Lounge 📣


Casual-social kpop server, closeknit//w. many group channels and non-kpop ones as well! :) we have a channel with many emote servers to join
Vault 91 is a vault open for all residents inside and out in the terrible forsaken wasteland! Our key for survival is to not hide, but help those who need the comfort of Vault-Tec. This is the key to saving and rebuilding America from its roots! So join us here at Vault 91, there are tons of things to keep you occupied!

Chatting in the lobby.
Gaming with others.
Drawing art.
Participating in contests.
Handy help from the bots.

And so much more!

Join us today!
Club Cirno aims to be your other home! No longer do you have to go bowling alone, come join us in our comfy club of Cirno! This server promotes a neutral ground to converse in and widely is accessible to those who want to have some nonchalant fun. Included with your club membership is access to exclusive nitro Cirno emojis as well as a server rank that reflects your loyalty to the club. Come by and chat in your home away from home!
Emoji World is a server dedicated to finding high quality global emotes and nitro emotes for all users to use. Feel free to chat with any of the members, use the channels at your leisure, and just have fun! There are events for special roles and privileges from time to time as well, so don't miss out!
We hope to expand and gain many new members along with new features, ranks, badges, and more! We hope you all join! Anyone is welcome!

The Pepsi Emoji Hub provides Discord Nitro users with an outstanding amount of Pepsi-themed emojis. We have numerous amounts of Pepsi emoji packs ranging from random Pepsi emojis to Pepsi Pokémon emojis, Pepsi blobs, and so much more! You can also listen to the Pepsiman soundtrack on loop forever so you can genuinely feel the Pepsi emoji vibe. So, hop on over to the Pepsi Emoji Hub today and enjoy yourself in a sweet, sweet Pepsi emoji paradise!
Depression, anxiety and apathy server | Incudes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emotes.
Depression, anxiety and loneliness server | Incudes 500 Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emotes.
An uncluttered, minimalist server that strips Discord down to its bare essentials. For those who value simplicity. Includes 50 ツ emoji for Nitro users.
Gudetama (melancholy egg yolk) emote server with 500 Nitro emoji.
[Biggest Pokemon Emote Server 2] This server is for people who love Pokemon! We have a lot of emotes to choose from, that are just Pokemon! Come hang around, and have fun!
Are you an artist looking to showcase your talent? Are you a producer looking to share your music or collaborate? Even if you're someone that simply enjoys music or looking to share and discover new artists, we're a server for all your needs.
Hi~~ Welcome to Lolis Live here, we are a friendly group of people who talk about everything from politics and feelings to unconventional kinks and fetishes. We have many fun emotes and channels to play around with! We have fun and supportive staff, and open staff roles! Come join and chill~~
Hallo Leute von Heute,
Dies ist ein deutscher Community Server mit schwerpunkt Anime Coding programmieren und einfach nur spass haben
We are currently find LWA fans all around Discord!

We have our own discord custom bot where it constantly adding new information about LWA stuffs and characters,plus with 32+ quotes!

We also have our own emotes!

We are a family friendly content server where everyone will get what they want,this server is a house of alot of youtubers that has 1k+ members!

What are you waiting for?Join our community and get into Luna Nova!
Are you hyped for Season 2 of Kemono Friends? Then come join my Season 2 Emote and Discussion Server! All Friends Welcome! Sugoi!
A Nitro based collective animated emote server.
Can also support normal users at times.