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An incredibly friendly Wumpus community build around staff from the best Discord servers.
Let’s set a world record together and get the most popular Discord server. Beating the current world record held by the StreamLabs server (235k Members)! #JoinTheWumpus #Wumpus #WumpusGang
Una fantista Community in cui svagarsi con i vari Bot!
Cerchi persone con cui giocare? Eccoci qui!
200+ Member!
We're a server dedicated to Discord's mascot Wumpus! With custom emoji, and a welcoming community, we hope to make a great experience for all!
We're a newly created, community that is created to make new friends, have fun with others, join in on events, and much more!

We offer:
-Custom Emotes
-And much more!
*Sniff* what's that? A... human? Welcome to my cave :) Here you can have fun with all the other people around and make great friends! Enjoy your stay ^-^ Staff is also needed! is a website where you can play flash/javascript/html5 games for free at home or at school! Here in our discord server you can share your game progression and also chat with your fellow users. Be sure to read the rules and enjoy your stay.
Wumpus World is a community for people to chill with others, game, show your art, and many more! We also have events which everyone can participate in!
Join our a community of friendly users, play games with us, and make friends that will keep you going.
#1- Try and keep topics in their respective channels, keep memes in #memes, conversations about the VC in #voice-chat , etc.
#2- Use your common sense; if you think you will get punished, you probably will.
#3- Keep role requests or server suggestions in the proper channels
#4- No Racism, Sexism, Harassment, Toxicity, etc.
#5- No Spam or Excessive Cursing.
#6- Do not start or bring any drama into Wumpus And Friends.
#7- Heavy discussions (e.g. religion, politics) are permitted, but belong in serious and will be stopped if they get out of control.
#8- Do not bring alt accounts into the server.