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*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ 【ねえ┇ nemawashi.】 ˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚*

nemawashi is a cute and, welcoming server. We love to see new people join! We take staff applications, and partners!We have indepth rules; it’s just to keep our members safe and happy! We hope to see you join and enjoy your stay!


Heres what we offer.

* tons of self select roles!

* lots emotes!

* friendly staff and community!

* bots that satisfy your tastes

* well-moderated chats

* and much more!!


Invite :
🐝 b u s y 🐝 b e e s 🐝
* •̩̩͙ ✩ •̩̩͙ * ˚

welcome to busy bees! here you can socialise with people, show off your greatest art, take a look at the greatest memes of all time, and play games such as truth or dare, rock paper scissors, and tic tac toe! all in one! enjoy! <3

* •̩̩͙ ✩ •̩̩͙ * ˚
╔═══ ꒰・---°⋆꒰♡꒱⋆°---・꒱ ════╗
— ⋞♡ aesthetic layout
— ⋞♡ non-toxic community
— ⋞♡ active and friendly staff
— ⋞♡ meet and socilise with new people
— ⋞♡ frequent updates
— ⋞♡ sfw server
— ⋞♡ mess with the bots and have some fun!
— ⋞♡ lots of roles, games, channels and more!
— ⋞♡ minimum pings! unlike most servers, you can either have all, specific or no notifications
— ⋞♡ everyone is welcome <3
╚═══ ꒰・---°⋆꒰♡꒱⋆°---・꒱ ════╝

♡----{ looking for partnerships }----♡
♡----{ looking for staff }----♡
* •̩̩͙ ✩ •̩̩͙ * ˚

we hope you enjoy your stay! ^^

* •̩̩͙ ✩ •̩̩͙ * ˚
🐝 b u s y 🐝 b e e s 🐝

Hello there and welcome to Rocky's Rodeo, the coolest family owned in the entirety of discord (disclaimer: this may not be entirely true). We are just a server for anyone looking to hang out and meet some new people to chill with, why don't you check it out?

We have:
•A friendly community that enjoys joking around
•Staff that keep an eye on the server
•Fair rules that should be respected
•An automatic role system
•Voice and music channels
•and finally partnerships

All homeschool kids and teens are welcome to chat, play games, and just hang out. We have members from a over the world so please be patient with us!

Our server is fairly active but we're always looking for new homeschool kids to join us!
We are a Furry community server full of wholesomeness, kindness and cuteness =w=. We accept you no matter who you are, as long as you respect us. Feel free to join and make this community even more wholesome. Everyone is appreciated, everyone will be loved c:

What we offer:

-Active members
-A venting chat
-Really good artists
-Nice and Kind staff members
and last but not least Wholesomeness c:
- Actively controlling toxicity. It IS an anime server so lewd talk can't be avoided, but rest assured people are not toxic.
- While this is a welcoming server, it isn't really accommodating. If you join and want me to write new rules like profanity offends you or whatever, just know that this server is pretty free spirited and I'm going to allow people to talk how they want as long as it isn't racist, anti-LGBT or overall hate speech. I just want people to relax here and not have to worry about much.
- Custom programmed bot by server admin. Flexible and willing to program new features upon request.
- While this server is supportive of people who want to roleplay, it is NOT 'only' a roleplay server. You do not have to roleplay and roleplay channels are hidden from view for normal users who do not wish to participate or see them.
- Fully supportive of traditional RPing where the RPers are in control of the story and world. I believe in freedom of creativity and therefore I try my hardest to be as unrestrictive as possible, when you make an RP, everything in that RP is yours to create.
- Formal Paragraph style and Casual style RPing separated by different channels. Bot keeps track of exp and levels earned by RPing both styles, each style of RP earns different roles when you reach certain levels.
- Fully supportive environment for roleplayers including custom experience and levels with bot and custom roles. Bot even tags the next person whose turn it is to reply in paragraph roleplay.
- Only one moderate which is the admin. Very laid back, only a few basic common sense rules, other than that it ain't too strict. People can talk about whatever. Want to drop an F bomb? Go for it. Admin does not care and believes in freedom.
- If you are studying Japanese, a couple of our members are helpful with it and there's a channel for Japanese talk.
- The server does not support NSFW content however, it is worth mentioning here. There will be NO Erotic Roleplaying (ERP) nor support for a NSFW channel.
- Actively discourages and potentially removes circle jerks.
this is shining and its a server to help you cope with some things if you're going through alot, like depression. don't worry. we're here for you <3
anyone i welcome so come along.
Kingdom of Nerds, is a budding new community server that is a great place to be! Come one and all! Whether ye be Nerd, Geek, Gamer, Dork, Mad scientist, or knight in shining armor, you'll find a home here. We're open to any and all suggestions to make the Kingdom a better place. I hope to see you there!

***What we offer***
-Lots of self roles
-Channels to talk and hang out in.
-Plenty of fun bots to play with
So come join Kingdom of Nerds and help us become the best community out there!

Also, I am attempting to create a unified discord empire. If you are someone who has a server idea, and would like some backing, become a colony of the kingdom and receive aid! If u own a small server that is hardly growing and not super active speak to me about a merge. U will get mod powers on my server and a special unique role.
-------Mistysky (Owner by: ~-Lolly-~) -------
Heyo! Interested in friendly servers? Check ours out, we include:
- Meow Playground users
- competitions & challenges
- friendly Leader, Co-Leaders, Seniors, Members and more
- Mini games that include: Counting, pokemon etc
- Meow chatting, randomness
*We hope this server will grow into community, and we also accept suggestions! For more information, join our server or DM ~-Lolly-~#0130 in Discord, have a great day~
We are a new casual social server with a friendly, LGBTQ+ positive atmosphere, self-assignable roles, gaming, events & more! Come hang out with us!
Welcome to The House. It’s warm inside, so stay a while!
This server is a friendly and chill place, excited to meet new people. We’ve got lots to offer and we hope you find yourself excited talking to our community!

Why us?
➳Special leveling system with rewards
➳Welcoming and loving community
➳Surplus of channels
➳Aesthetic feel to make you feel satisfied!

Join us!
loved ones. is an active community server for everyone! Established in October of 2017, we have amassed many kind members through spreading positivity and sound server engagement. We have many awesome features and are always taking suggestions to better the content we provide! This is a place to be yourself without fear of judgment. We are an extremely kind, welcoming server, and we love to meet new people! There's lots of activities for everyone here, including those who love anime, k-pop, gaming, bots, and more!

Server Link:
! ~ Welcome to Beans ~ !
This server contains:

• Wonderful members
• Amazing bots
• Great channels
• Astounding voice chats
• React roles
• Level roles
• Adorable emojis

I may be the owner, but I've had many people tell me that this server is the best they've ever had. I suggest joining, as long as you're and active member and you're wanting to meet new friends!

And if there are ANY problems whatsoever then contact the owner, and tell them what the problem is.
And thank you for your time and please consider joining and maybe even adding some friends!?
Hi! Welcome to Juulers anonymous, it may seem like were all vapers, but it's just a joke, were just a welcoming community or all sorts of people from all around the world, so dont be afraid to join as you'll find someone you can relate to! I really hope to see you there soon!
This is a server for everyone, everyone is welcomed here, NO NSFW ALLOWED! You may show your art and creations here, lots of fun events are up, and partnerships open! We have lots of fun and interactive bots, and lovely members and staffs, come and join us! 💝
A safe place for anyone of any community
come and hang out make new friends
or just stop by for some compliments and fun
Hope to see you here :3
Welcome to our server with quite a bit of people but not a lot, and you can help make it bigger! We have memes that can make you nose exhale and a place where people can nerd out to their favorite video games. This server has currently (at the time of posting this) 17 humans and 10 bots, I hope that the number will change in the future. Come and meet some amazing people to talk to, I have known these people for a while and let me tell you that they are some of the chillest people I have met. So what are you waiting for? Come and get some new friends because your old ones were too busy being not existing. We are always welcome of new guests!
Heyo! My name is blade, and welcome to Buncha Peeps!
In this server, we host events, game nights, movie nights, giveaways, and much much more!

We have a venting channel with people available to help you out around the clock!

We have a semi - active community and it's only growing!

If you decide to join, I'll be happy to welcome you to Buncha peeps!
Hello! This is a server dedicated to the Boy group STRAYKIDS we welcome you all even is you dont stan!!
Hey wanna join the wolf pack good come and join and hang out with your fellow pack members and chill we have a few bots to mess around with we also have a music channel hang out and listen to some music also everyone is welcome to join we don't judge we are all cool with who you are so come as you are bro and stay awesome
‘To be a true poet is to become God.
I tried to explain this to my friends on Heaven's Gate. 'Piss, shit,' I said. 'Asshole motherfucker, goddamn shit goddamn. Cunt. Pee-pee cunt. Goddamn!'
They shook their heads and smiled, and walked away. Great poets are rarely understood in their own day.’
This server is for all femcels who seek to improve their lives and receive help from fellow femcels, including others who are not femcels. Everyone is welcome, although the server is mainly for discussing femcel issues. 🤗
Join us at Exousia! Discord's newest server. A small, but steadily growing community of individuals with different interests, looking to be genuine, and have somewhere they can call a safe place. The lonely, outgoing, funny, shy.. anyone is welcome!
We are mostly specialize in Smash but have other games and currently looking for new game requests to add to the server. Hope you have fun and enjoy.