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Feeling lonely?...Then this is a perfect little server for you! We accept everyone and you are more than welcome here!
Hello, and welcome to The Roleplayers' Hub!

At the RPH, we strive to keep an active and welcoming environment, encouraging roleplayers and writers alike to come together and gush about original characters, talk plot, find one another to roleplay with, and simply have fun! With our wide selection of organized channels, we offer many places for people to come in and chat even if they're not a roleplayer, or if they're trying to get into roleplay!

We have friendly staff, an active member base, and weekly events to engage with our members more personally! With fast acting staff, we keep the Hub running smoothly and handle sensitive topics that are brought into the Hub quickly to avoid user discomfort. Come stop by, have a chat with us-- you might find some long-term friends here at the RPH!
We're a small, tight community of furries who love fruits and berries

💖 Safe and secure! Our intuitive but powerful verification method makes sure trolls and raiders never get through!

💖 We're welcoming to everyone! We'll get to know you quickly!

💖 We love art! If you're an artist you'll find lots of opportunities to promote your work!
With attentive admins and a relatively laid-back attitude, The Dragon Keep is a furry server that manages to have a welcoming community. We take pride in our flexibility and listen to our user base. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to stop by and give us a quick look!
Our goal at Project Rainbow is to provide a safe, friendly, enjoyable, harassment free space for anyone apart of the LGBTQ+ community. We’re a small server right now, but our hopes is to expand into something much bigger and better!(edited)
We Are A Family Mofia From The Soviet Era And is looking too grow and make new members so please come join my family
If you have decided to check us out here is some of the features we offer!

Variety of bots with fun commands.
Multitude of nsfw channels for 2D and 3D content!
Welcoming staff without an ounce of powerabuse.
Friendly members that are equally nice and welcoming.
Always open for betterment and suggestions.

A huge thanks for checking us out!
Able to do whatever you wish if the rules are applied. You can talk, play, invite friends. As well as a server which is under many categories such as Anime and Games as well as channels where you are able to talk languages that comfort you the best.
Welcome to Procrastinators.
We are a friendly community, looking for new faces to join in on the fun, just to chat, have fun, and fool around!
We take pride in keeping an active, somewhat moderated chat, with friendly staff.

We are open to partnerships, look in the partnership info channel.
Hey, we are a Rust Clan called {GTX}. We are a small community looking to grow bigger in size to compete in tournaments, challenges and community activities.
Hello! Welcome to the Chilly Cafe~! Where we give you the most yummy foods! You can roleplay, do memes and more! Enjoy your vist!
Want a friendly and welcoming MTG server!
Well we are your thing! From making decks to talking about your games we do it all.
We hope you sit down and join us sometime!
Hello! We are a new server that is still WIP, however the essentials are set up and we're looking for people to join our community!
Murasaki is a welcoming community and we hope to grow it into a thriving one, we have plans to make sub communities within one, purely to maximise the experience for every individual, after all, it's the people that matter- not the size.
Sea Peppers is a welcoming community-based server which has a wide range of channels and subjects. We are still growing and will welcome anyone who wishes to join. Feel free to come to Sea Peppers!
Haya, we’re seeking new vict- I mean members ^^ we’ve got:
- Friendly Staff ❤️
- Rp Channels 🎂
- Normal Channels (Obviously)🎊
- Friendly members 🦄
- NSFW 👀
- ⛓🔥Punishment! 🔥⛓ (my personal favorite 👀)
We’re open for partnerships and open for any kind of members =p please join and have fun!
Just a lil ol server I put up for Females, Males, Furries, and others alike, oh and I'm also searching for Admins and Mods, if you think you have what it takes DM me and I'll ask you a few questions, I'm hoping to add more things to the server, so be prepared for updates
Those who are in dance or love dance are welcome to join! This includes real life dance and dance video games.
Buddies is a group of furries, just wanting to meet new people! We are friendly to everyone, and we are caring and accept whoever joins. A stranger is a friend you’ve never met!
welcome if you dont mind sexual content and curses this place is for you
Rae's Royal Pet Café is a server that helps grow your server by posting your server descriptions for everyone to view and join! We will help you promote your server! We also are a loving, friendly community that has wonderful staff, friendly people (and pets~) and we have a place to discuss anime and manga.~
A fun, laid back cafe, promoting a mature, relaxing environment.
Hi, welcome to moon garden! This is a non-toxic place where we all chat and hang out! We're also Kpop and LGBTQ+ friendly! So, come out, we're so excited to meet you!
Welcome to c o c o a, a welcoming and warm server with extensive bots and friendly staff. Come say hi and get involved with weekly events and music channels! We're a very new server with minimal members and we are currently looking for **staff members**. We thank you for taking the time to read this, and hope you will join us!