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Yancord is a large, multipurpose server for people who identify as yandere, as well as people interested in them. Our goal is to foster and support an active, quality community centralized around yandere culture, relationships, and life in general.

We’ve been part of a lot of other servers and, in our experience, a lot of them can be poorly managed, dead, or chaotic. We provide a structured, well moderated, efficient, and organized environment for people to come together.
With attentive admins and a relatively laid-back attitude, The Dragon Keep is a furry server that manages to have a welcoming community. We take pride in our flexibility and listen to our user base. If this sounds like the place for you, feel free to stop by and give us a quick look!
Hello, and welcome to The Roleplayers' Hub!

At the RPH, we strive to keep an active and welcoming environment, encouraging roleplayers and writers alike to come together and gush about original characters, talk plot, find one another to roleplay with, and simply have fun! With our wide selection of organized channels, we offer many places for people to come in and chat even if they're not a roleplayer, or if they're trying to get into roleplay!

We have friendly staff, an active member base, and weekly events to engage with our members more personally! With fast acting staff, we keep the Hub running smoothly and handle sensitive topics that are brought into the Hub quickly to avoid user discomfort. Come stop by, have a chat with us-- you might find some long-term friends here at the RPH!
Here is a place where anyone can fit in. We've got a little bit of something everyone will enjoy. Like:
*Social bots
*Full time admins for any help
*Different Voice Channels
And much more that you'll have to find out for yourself!
So please, don't be a stranger, come into The Castle today!
It's still under construction, but I am more than welcome to additional help.
Buddies is a group of furries, just wanting to meet new people! We are friendly to everyone, and we are caring and accept whoever joins. A stranger is a friend you’ve never met!
An 80's themed server for making friends and chatting. Most of us are in our 20's but older or younger is no problem! We are a small group and would love to grow a bit and make more friends. We have people from all over the world, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, USA, you name it. Please feel free to join us and say hello! We have a music bot, a level system, gambling and more.
We are an RP server based on the world of superheroes! We are a growing community, with a welcoming environment.

In our server you'll find:

- A group of devoted roleplayers!
- A welcoming community!
- Factions, events, alliances, and more!
- Character stats!
- Numerous eras, for roleplay purposes!
- A place to hang out, if roleplay isn't your thing.

--Join Now to get your choice of hero, villain, vigilante, and more.--
Hey! This is my server. We welcome anyone to join. Just make sure to make an intro <3 Love all of you guys. Thanks for joining, Enjoy your stay. (dark humor, offensive humor etc will be used! do not join if easily offended)
A small server that accepts everyone. Come in and talk with us.
Relax, Unwind, Escape. Step back from stress and overwhelming emotions, and just enjoy life, meet people, and talk to friends
We are a public open server for everyone. We are a bit offensive but in a fun loving way :D
The server is not mainly NSFW. But we do have a Meme and a porn Channel
Hello, And welcome to The Geek Side, this is a diverse server full of welcoming people. We have plenty of ranks you can earn and many text channels to be a part of. This server is open and accepting to all. So this is a safe place to post your opinion and thoughts. We have creative formats including Art and Music. We are very welcoming to new people so please don’t hesitate to join today. And if you don’t like it you are free to leave at any time! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and enjoy your day! -Meg the Owner
Rae's Royal Pet Café is a server that helps grow your server by posting your server descriptions for everyone to view and join! We will help you promote your server! We also are a loving, friendly community that has wonderful staff, friendly people (and pets~) and we have a place to discuss anime and manga.~
If you're looking for a server you can just chill and hang out with other losers, maybe you could try joining this server. As of now it is fairly new and we have a freedom of speech rule; all slurs are allowed, just don't be an asshole with that freedom. We don't have many members right now so it'd be cool if you'd try us.
An amazing server filled with welcoming members and helpful staff, join today to be part of this tight welcoming community (currently slow/calm but you can help make it more active and fun!)
This server is for everyone who is 18 and over. Share your love of BSDM kinks, get to know one another, make friends and just chill and relax.
Welcome to A Place of Gathering. We have four clans for you to choose from!

- MarineClan
- LakeClan
- MountainClan
- ThicketClan

We are welcoming of all ages and all people! Feel free to stop by if you would like to become a part of a clan.
I always wanted to make a own server, so i made this one, i see everyone in my server as family, but do not test my patience i will ban you if you don't behave! We will gladly take you in our family, I'm open for any kind of improvement etc.
**Hey everyone, new(er) Social/Community discord server here advertising! We aren’t quite as decked out as many server, but we are looking and hoping to grow! I hope to see some of you there!**
A server that is similar to warrior cats, looking for admins that would be willing to help around the server. We will have great plot points, A story that keeps you interested and a good community. This will be a literate role play so we do expect long replies and 3rd person. Though other then that we are pretty lenient and would enjoy more people to make this experience fun.

This is my first time making my own server and role play on discord so if you have any tips or anything just tell!
Hey! I am an owner of a nuclear science server , so we can spread knowledge of Nuclear Science! , in the hopes it can become a flourishing community that we can all be proud of <3
We're a new Studio Ghibli themed server looking to have some fun~ Feel free to hop in for a nice conversation about anything. We welcome everyone!
We are a fun community dedicated to just having a good time and making friends. We welcome everyone here, with a encouraging atmosphere, and try to keep the server as less toxic as possible while enforcing the rules and being as laidback as possible.
🍭 Brand-new!
🍭 24/7 Active Staff
🍭 A channel dedicated to you artists and photographers.
🍭 LGBTQ+ Friendly
🍭 Weekly Contests
🍭 Events and fun things to do!