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Friendly community, gaming channels, owner will always be at least 80-100% active, moderator and admin positions available at level 10+ and application in DM is required.
Are you tired of having stable rights and freedoms? Are you sick of not having your entire life controlled by a random number generator? Allow me to introduce, No More Free Will! In this server, everyone’s fate is left to a random number generator that picks events. Everyone has to follow the events, and they apply more than the rules. It’s a fun game! Have a wonderful day!
A VERY friendly server, join to make new friends and just have an overall good time. Mostly teens. Normally no swearing. Join NOW!!!
this is avacado toast. we are a group of very intellect people looking for some amazing members like us. we hang out, post memes, and much more. we are currently in development, but having active members early on would be a great starting kick!

Zilox is a Minecraft/Gaming community with their own minecraft server, Custom bot, Giveaways and Amazing community and staff!

+ What makes this server better then others? +

Just like most servers we have an amazing community and staff, How ever we see users as the most important thing (Not making money etc) We heavily suggest user to suggest ideas for the server as it helps the server be more enjoyable for the users experience

-=+-_Tell me something about the minecraft server_-+=-

The minecraft server is only on as long as theirs a user online, The IP is in the discord (↠mc-announcements↞). We recently added Duels with some AMAZING maps!

-+=(!)How long is the server online for on average?(!)=+-

Most of the time the owner will be on it so it stays up for more then 4 - 5 hours how ever as the server grows it will be on all the time!
Welcome to Treehouse! This server was created by achuuo and is a chill, talkative, server that can be anything you want it to be! We encourage fun and silly conversations or serious and interesting conversations. Of course you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to😉. Come for the friends and stay for the entertainment. See you at the Treehouse!
This server is a child-friendly with an interactive chat and a Halloween theme!
Hey there! Today you have the chance to join owo.
What is owo all about, you might ask?
It is a very chill place where you can chat with many people, meet new friends, and relax at. We have many activities here, so feel free to express yourself :). We are a very chill server. We have good moderation, and staff.
We hope to see you at owo! Take a look, stop by! Why don't ya stay awhile??
We're an active community, and we enjoy new people.
Most of us here are pretty darn weird, but it keeps everyone on their toes and makes it a fun place to be. Please, enjoy your stay with us while we sit by candle lights for those long nights :)
hi. this server is for chillin and hangin out with nibbas and it has no rules. so yea join it or ill slit you
Kachow a friendly gaming server and an overall good place to hangout! We have incredible staff and members! Join and become apart of the community!
Greetings and welcome to my server, **The Five Elements**. Here you can meet new people, plus getting new updates throughout months/years. If you need help with something please contact the administrator, moderator or an admin. We hope that'll you like everything here and besides by that **adios amigos**!
If players or you are active in this server, you will get greater roles and even more permissions. As **Level 1+** you will be able to react with the emojis theme in the most channels. If you are a higher than**level 5+**, you'll be able to upload pictures. Everyone who is at **Level 10+** can apply for moderator and as not too many have this role, it's easy to get accepted if you write a good application as of right now. If you're likely to want to strive to become the next level, be active if you want to gain experience.
`1)` Do not spam in chat sections. (Ban)

`2)` Do not reject/disrespect anybody. (Mute)

`3)` Do not text with racist texts. (Ban)

`4)` Do not randomly ping. (Ban)

`5)` Do not break Discord ToS rules (Ban)

`6)` Do not self-promote (Ban)

`7)` Do not ask for any roles (Mute)

Other rules may not appear in this section, however, if we detect negative words that relate to the text, **Rule 3** the consequences for this that you'll be banned rather than being kicked. Although, you're still able to return to this, however, once we have seen your text with an inappropriate language you'll be permanently banned from this and won't be able to strive to return to this server.