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An awesome splatoon, fnaf, ssbu or anything that's entertaining like rp, bots, & metying new people so please enjoy new people of this amazing server ^^
This is a erp/rp server for anyone who wants to try it out, we would enjoy it if you joined
Welcome to Among the Okami Palace! where among-st you all new joiners, is I the Queen of this place, where I rule, this place has
-Friendly staff!
Friendly Staff is important to our server and want you to have fun and enjoyable times during your RP or outside of RP in General chat!
-Custom Roles to your choice!
custom roles make us who we are, while we think they are non-needed, our server is quite different. want a role that fits your character? Sure we will give it to you, want your own color, Go on ahead and tell us! (Does not include giving Admin/mod privileges)
-Fair rules
you are probably wondering what Fair Rules are, well our rules are quite different than others, either ones that control your members or make it feel non-welcoming. we tell you even if our rules are short but important for you to have fun in our server, although it maybe new things will change on what people think!
A server for the community surrounding TravelingMan1999’s live-streams! Full of memes, as well as other funny stuff/conversation.
This is SomeServer!

What we have to offer:
-Active Owner
-Friendly staff that are also active
-Always Updating Issues/bugs
-We take suggestions and try to make them happen
-Level up roles
-Staff Applications

So come on and join!

-I, the owner encourage you to bully each other lol
-have fun!
-we have rules but I’m not that strict if you stay on my good side
-enjoy yourself
Looking for a friend, playmate, or just a late night talks?

Then Nocturnal is the server for you!

We keep everyone comfortable with each other here, talkative and friendly atmosphere.

Our server is an AQW and Anime based server, but our top priority is keeping everyone entertained.

We have:
Fun Bots
Fun Roles
Self Assignable Roles
Unique Leveled Roles System
QOTD (Question of the Day)
And More!!

Come And Join us and unleash your creativity and imagination with us!!

Nocturnal is available for everyone.
See you there, Mortal.
Hello!, So bascially just join and use it with your friends or make new ones! We would love to have more creative people on the server wether thats (art, youtube, twitch, E-art, photography, etc.) do anything with the features provided and have fun. I'm trying to turn it into something special, right now its just me and my friends, Enjoy:)
Community full of new people exploring their thoughts with others to gain great communication which includes entertainment. The purpose of this server is to have fun and do productive activities such as gaming or even discuss about your favourite topic.
Elevate is finally here. This group features friendships, memes, games, and many more. Join to meet amazing people and play with them!

Ariana's world is a fun server to stan Ariana Grande

What we include is..

A bunch of bots, A non-nsfw community, A bunch of games!, Active staff and many more!!

Join Ariana's world now!
This is where all the demigods (fans of Rick Riordan) go. We changed the name of the gods so yea anyways have fun and please join we’re a growing server. Camp half blood
This is the Official Kenmore server.

Everything from music to giveaways, you'll do d it here.

All listed below are part of the server.
-homework tutor
And so much more!

What are you waiting for!? Join Kenmore now!
This is my YT Community discord server! Please join, it would be a pleasure. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! My channel name is JoshGamingYT. We are looking for staff and I hope you would like to apply.
Hello, my name is Xavier i'm here to share the server i created. It's a really cozy server with nice people we grind bots games and like to share our competencies to others there is : ***

`1. Multiple Giveaways!
2. Levels to Ascend!
3. Alot of bots to have fun!
4. Suggestion center!
5. Music channel!
6. Reaction Roles!`

***Alot of bots like : Idle Miner, OwO, Akinator and Tatsumaki!
Join here ---> ***
★«Shåd∆w Ç¡†y»★

★°~Welcome to the city of
Shadows and Craziness! We
will try to give you the best time, with
no drama added and let you enjoy
your time in your afterlife. We have
tons of fun channels that you and
other members can play on!~°★

★°~What do we have to offer?~°★

🎨Art Museum: For people
to post their artworks 🎨

⚜Roleplaying: There's regular for
crazy imaginations and even
a dirty one as well⚜

🎭Memes: Because what server
doesn't have memes?🎭

💞Mantauro: Fun all around💞

📸Selfies: Take your best shot and
show it to others📸

💦NSFW: Hehehe~
you already know💦

🦄Pokecord: Gotta catch 'em all🦄

★°~We're still a growing server so it
would be great if you join~°★
This is my YT Community discord server! Please join, it would be a pleasure. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! My channel name is JoshGamingYT. We are looking for staff and I hope you would like to apply.
This is a game-server dedicated and based off on BoxBot. It is a peaceful and dangerous server at the same time. Have fun(and not bet beaten by other players)!
HEY join this server EVERYONES OWNER and you will be to so just go wild and make the server whatever lol
Welcome to SirMers Community! This is my official Discord for my twitch! I host Fortnite Custom scrims and usually host zonewars! Make sure to come check me out at and make sure to join and support my discord server!
Skulled n Killed™

What is SnK™¿¿??

- SnK is a Community and Entertainment discord server that let u meet new people to be friend with! Chat with them! The more Members, the more fun and Friends. Here what we have in this server :

> We got our Own Discord Bot! not 24/7

> We have gaming category so u guys can chat about games in there! DM me to add games channel

> We have Roles to achieve

> and also youtube spot


Permanent Invite :