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retarded as all hell
populated by idiots, "redditors", jojo spammers and cringy normies

join or deathpacito from the 😂👌👌💯💯 squad
This is a bread and duck themed discord server. It's semi-active but it can get a little chaotic at times.

We have channels for certain things
such as sharing memes, talking about games, and just casual talk. We offer level roles and color roles, fancy bots, friendly staff, and bread and duck emojis. We also have an exclusive sentience bot that tries to mimic human speach.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Bread Server! or not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

P.S. DO NOT FEED DUCKS BREAD IN REAL LIFE; it actually makes them ill.
🍞 Join the Bread Army today! 🍞

This is a server extended from RL and anyone is allowed to join! Any age is welcome, and we do not have any particular rules regarding spam. The Bread Army is PG but has a NSFW role if you wish to view cursed images! We need more members and lurkers to have around!

Any suggestions are welcome, for roles, channels and bots!

We have almost everything including:

🍞 Dank meme chat with new memes every 3 seconds!

🍞 Music parties almost every day!

🍞 A supportive community!

TONS of bots with interactive games like Pokecord, OcelotBot, ZeroTwo and more!

More information? Just ask Stacey our Discord Assistant in the #information channel!

Around 50+ hours went into this server improving commands, channels and roles! What are you waiting for!
A gaming community where everyone can be themselves also sometimes we play retro games and more please we're desperate and want actual trafic just don't be a total ass
🍞 Breadcord™🍞
Welcome to Breadcord, a brandnew community all about bread! We are a pretty active and fast growing community!
Our server has Leveling Roles (with rewards), smol and big events, epic gamers, active staff team, very epic boosting perks, and even more.

So what are you waiting for, join in for more info regrading Breadcord and maybe to stay with us to chill 🤘🍞.
Hey you! Yeah you, haven't you heard about bread gang? Well, I'll assume you haven't, so I'll explain what it is about. Bread Gang is a server that is friendly and fun, and accepts LGTBQ+! There is a lot of different things like...
Game discussion, community-polls, suggestions, self-assignable roles, free -advertising, events, partnerships, and other things that you wouldn't believe that are there. So many things to do!
So hopefully you will join Bread Gang, and have fun.
Remember to follow the rules too!

P.S. If you have a report on a player please message either crims#1790 or Oskarix for assistance.

Your sincerely,
-Oskarix (Owner)
This is a server for worshipping the holy bread god if you worship chips and water you will be smited
welcome to the bread bank

we got bread

we got loafs

bread on deck

bread on the floo

t o a s t e d

r o a s t e d

shut the fuck up

listen i just need a baguette and a brioche

w e. d o n ' t.
h a v e. e i t h e r
o f. t h o s e.

you can get the gluten white bread or the potato bread

wtf is gluten take that shit out

its gluten free

i dont care if iss free

swear on yo fuken y e e y z s if you wanna fight we finna fight

wut u tryna bee on w o r l d s t a r

wat u finna record it?

yeh i got my dollar store camera o h n

whats the fukin situaaaation

what the f u k do you want

im the mf manager

at the bred store??

b. r. e. a. d.

the him to take the mofuken gluten out the bread

im gomna need you to shut that bullshit up chief

we cant take shit out of the bread

why put it in in the first place

i know y'all smokin that p a c k

we got crackers
no gluten

fuk crackers

its gluten free

you want the gluten or nah

hell nah

you better take the gluten out that damn shit

look we got whole wheat gluten free
texas toast gluten free

what bitch ass country you from
where they got this bullshit at


i knew it

look you can take this yeast
or im calling the police

im going w e a s t

you cant call the police i have a warrant

honestly fuck yall
i aint ever seen someone act this way over no bread

wtf are you saying

all im saying is
fuc yalls bread
fuk the gluten
and fuck them crackers

but the crackers dont havd gluten

oh ill take them

that'll be 5 dol-

no fuck that i aint paying

*slams door*
We need to stop bread abuse, over 12 billion breads have died this year. Without your help bread will become extinct. Please, help us.
Hey Everyone! we are a new server looking for new people to join, we like anime, video games, and memes. Also we are surface level sfw, but for the 18+ we have a nsfw section for you, and we use PS4, XBOX, PC, and Discord. If you're looking for someone to game with, talk about anime or just have fun and start a nice conversation then this loaf of bread might be the right place for you
Kpop Bread is a funny server memes all around, so let’s get this bread!
Hi, This is the admin team to BREAD BRAD, and we invite you to join! This is a place for bread lovers alike!
Here are some of the qualities of the server:
-Nice Admin!
-Special Roles!
-Off-Topic Chats!
-Events! (Rarely)
-Much, Much More!
We ask politely to change your nickname to a bread-related nickname!
We hope you enjoy BREAD BRAD!
-Sunshine (Luki/Bob/uwu)
Hello, this is the instruction of Viktor's bakery.
We are a discord roleplay bakery. You can place an order in #🥐orders🥖 . We are English based, I hope you enjoy your stay!
The place where like-minded birds come and Honk till the sun goes down. (No Ducks Allowed. Bring Your Own Bread.)
Welcome to Ciabatta Kingdom! We are a small server with a friendly community for people who want to find new friends, gaming partners or to just chat.

- 15+
- self-assignable roles
- various channels
- fun bots
- cool peeps

Join and remember to bee cool.
Hey! Bread’s art server is all about sharing your art and having fun! We hope you enjoy are bread kingdom!
Do you lust for crust? Well oh boy do I have the server for you. Our community is filled with beast for the yeast and we'd like you to come be our new friends. We like to talk bread and we like to talk crap about camel spiders. I think you'd like it here :))