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This is my server dedicated to my Youtube Channel. Please consider checking it out! We have:
- Cool Ranks
- A Spicy Leveling System
- Great Talking Channels
- Amazing Emotes
- And A Brilliant Community

Please, come see for yourself!

Enter the world of Hotline Sehwani!

Hotline Sehwani offers a retro gaming aesthetic coupled with horror, pop culture, and remixes. If you’re a fan of gaming or the latest news in Horror films, you will want to subscribe to the channel. Additionally, at Hotline Sehwani, we appreciate video game music and remix your favorite songs from series like Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario into a Lo-Fi or SynthWave style. As the channel continues to grow, I will regularly update you with engaging video game and horror content focusing on topics like Sonic to Evil Dead. My ultimate goal is to establish a community that inspires the content Hotline Sehwani creates for our audience. I am always doing my best to use your feedback and suggestions, especially when it comes to which Remixes we should focus on in the next upload! For instance, the Sonic Unleashed Lofi Mix Remix Series was inspired by the community's response to Apotos Nights! I enjoy it when your interests line up with my passions because from the start, I started Hotline Sehwani as a passion project to create content around my own interests; gaming, horror, and music. I hope that your passions align with mine, and you enjoy the content that I upload every week that will surely satisfy your Nintendo News and Lo-Fi fix!
A fun server where you can chill and talk about music and games!

• Weekly uploads!
• Nice staff!
• Exclusive content!
• Epic roles!

The EddyG DJ Zone is the official Discord server for the Eddy Gibbons YouTube Channel. You don't just have to be a fan to join though, all music lovers are welcome. Have a good day!