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⚪ Connect ⚪

• Connect to the world
• Get role
• Meet new people
• Promote yourself or your server
• Friendly users
• Selfies
• Share your own art, gaming, facebook, youtube, instagram etc.
• Get high ranks like VIP or Moderator
• 24/7 support

Be yourself and join
Be a part of 'connect'

Do not wait to much & join now ✓

We see us on the server :)
A server to showcase porn gifs and share your favorite porn!
Come thru and plug basically any content you wish and enjoy the lax, straight forward, basic rules.
Hi ! ÆTHER is a server on which you can chat with people, make friends, or Roleplay ! We have several channels and we are still hoping to grow. We also need staff to help with the channels so feel free to ask !
We also have a few nsfw channels, but the whole server isn't nsfw themed.
Oh, and we have no age limit !

We hope you'll join us soon to build this community !
Hello there,

This server is made to share music that..

-You like.
-You made.
-You didn't like and want to laugh at it with other people.

For more information, you can look at the description of each channel or PM me or any of the staff members.
This server is for anyone who wants to spend a great time meeting people in a safe and fun community.
Kink World!!!
You can have it your way!
Are you a dom looking for them wholesome sub? Or are you just bored and don't know what to do other than masturbate. Join Tears!
Heres what we have!
• E-girls/boys
• Nsfw
• Nudes
• Aesthetically pleasing pics
• Safe space for doms/subs
• Kinks for days
• Self assignable roles
• People from all over
• And a super thicc owner :weary:

We'll be happy to meet you people! <3

a place to share art and get critique, also a place to hang out and make friends.
Come join to get full access to our community!
You will profit on many things like:
-live notifications from your <3-channel of: TWITCH, YOUTUBE & Reddit
-steam trading
-share, what interesst you
and maaany more!

Here you can show your skills in coding and what you are capable of in batch. Welcome to Batch Coding, You may do any type of coding and share your work in this discord server. You may code whatever you want and publish it to this server as long as it does not harm others, then you will be banned. I made this server just to show off your coding and see how others code and what people can do with coding. Thanks for joining the server and participating in this.
A discord server to talk and share things in the most possible calm.
Come join the server! and enjoy some of the girl pictures i have uploaded!

you have to: select a role via clicking on the specific react in order to view the channels!

Feel free and please read under "read me"! thank you.
The place your advertisement should be!

Who are we?
This is a server made purely for advertising anything you like! We have Discord, Gaming and Social Media advertising channels.

Is there a catch?
No! You just advertise your thing. Well of course you have to follow the rules but that's without saying. Heck you can even just post your ad and leave! We won't be sad

You can advertise every day!
It's as easy as that.
Salut à toi qui lis cette présentation et bienvenue dans l'univers de Lucid World

-Dans ce serveur vous aurez la possibilité de monter en grade au fur et a mesure de votre activité ce qui vous offrira certains privilèges.
-Ici vous pourrez faire des rencontres amicales, rencontrer des partenaires de jeux ou même plus si affinité
-Une grande variété d'emotes régulièrement mis à jour
-Des petits concours et tournois avec des petites récompenses à la clef
-Un staff choisi par mes petits soins, donc très compétant

Enfin bref venez comme vous êtes et amusez vous :)
This is a nice place to chat and make friends!
Please be respectful of others and make sure you read the rules!

There are NSFW places within this server but you don't have to go to them if you do not wish to!

This is for sharing stuff, talking, making friends, and role playing if you want. Though please be respectful to others and their wishes! thank you!
Designers Hub

Are you a designer yourself? Do you want to become a professional designer?
Then come join us!

Designers Hub is a server where designers from all over the world come together, and talk about their designs! In this server you can discuss your designs with other designers, or you can get some feedback on how to improve your designs! You can also ask for some help, if you are new with designing. Everyone is welcome! It doesn't matter if you are a master designer, or just starting out! There is a place for every designer in this server! On this server you can earn money, by making designs for other people! You can become a Official Designer in the Designers Hub server!

Some of the basic things, that are shared on this server:

- Intro's
- Outro's
- Transitions
- Twitch overlays
- Profile Pictures
- Logos
- Banners
- Thumbnails
- Photoshops
- Automotive
- Website designs
- Anime
- Sketches
- Coding
- Music Production

We accept almost every type of design.

You can also promote your social media!

So, what are you waiting for? Come join us!

[Discord invite:]
[Images: ]
A General Classical Music Server designed to:
Make friends!
Share compositions!
Listen to music!
Have Fun!

(SFW server, please be respectful and avoid causing drama)
New server, based on selling and sharing nudes, Looking for an moderation team, Server is under construction, help/tips are apriciated.

We try to create an safe place for sellers to do their buissnes, For people to share what they got, with an social aspect.
Interested in reading some love stories?
Want to know about what is happening around the world with other people?
Want to share your life or love stories with others?
So visit our brand new website today! And make sure to ask your friends to do even!
Hey! this is a new community aimed to gather people who like to use free giftcards apps,
We do roblox giftcard giveaways
And more other games giveaways - but to do that we need your help! use our refferal code and join points for rewards sites :D join to see
meet a person and use their refferal codes to earn points in these apps
chill hangout fun ;)
Welcome to Share!
Share Is a server for partnering. You can promote and advertise your server here.

We have:
-Premium Partners
-Automated Partners
-Free Advertising
-Lots of members