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Heya! Artist's Nook is a friendly community for all artists, traditional, and digital alike. We are family friendly, which means there are no NSFW channels <3. Staff is helpful, and happy to help always! We hope you consider joining our server :3.
Strawberry Fighters is a mainly art and furry based server. If you aren't furry, no worries, you're still welcome here. Ask us questions, come partner with us, share your art, and make friends! We would love to see you there!
Art Cafe is a server dedicated to making a supportive community of artists. This community intends to help each other improve and to motivate creativity! We promote a friendly and safe atmosphere for people of all skill levels.
A community for artistic, creative and imaginative peeps!

***Looking for active artistic/writer staff.***

For anyone who loves to create art and appreciate art in it's various forms--
Traditional - painting, drawing, doodles, etc
Digital - same as above but with digital tools
Writing - word
And much more!

Aspiring and experienced artists and writers, let's support and grow together. ^_^ b
With thousands of verified artists by staff, specific drawing/graphical styles, we offer clients huge database of artists to select regarding commissions. Clients from E-sports, Streamers, Companies, Gamers, Server owners updating their website and many more.

Also an art community where we socialize, share artwork, help each other and sharing resources.
This is a server which welcomes a lot of artists, beginner or pros, no matter your skill level you always need a reaction as an artist right ? This is not an anime or manga specialized server because There's enough of them out there. Come, share, chill and laugh with us !
This is an 18+ sever for you to meet new people, share artwork and music, roleplay, or just simply share life stories with one another!! remember! there's no such thing as too many friends!
A gaming Discord server with dedicated channels for any games such as survival,fps,mmo,simulation,strategy,fighting,moba,rpg. trying to get a feedback? or just wanna showcase your own arts! A server for artist, designers, illustrators, programmers. with self-role. Currently looking for members. This server contains giveaway, fun bots, radio, music, friendly members, good entertainment, leveling perks, global emotes. join the fun!
Arts and Stuff is an interactive discord server with art, writing, contest and more. It's for all the small time, big time and, part time artist and writers willing to participate in a server and have fun. We can't wait for you to join us here at Arts and Stuff! Also we are slightly vulgar so beware of occasional cursing, etc.
A pretty chill art and media server. Rules are pretty lax so don't expect bans unless you intentionally do bad things. We have special optional roles (pronouns, etc) and a music bot for VC.
Just a server for artists to share their work and promote themselves a bit! Its a work in progress but I hope it'll be good.
We allow:
-NSFW art
-ocs/ original creations (species,etc)
-any sort of paintings
-digital/traditional stuff
-any level of artist you are
The server has a theme of SPACE!!! Cause I thought it'd be nice suiting the icon n all but don't worry ur art doesn't have to be space themed.
I do recommend reading #about-the-server once you join it'll gladly explain everything and is very important and will tell you things you need to know and check out the #rules to know what you have to follow so you don't break em
A new fun server for anyone 13+ to join and share their amazing artwork! Share anything from drawings to music to photography, it's all here :O Come join us now!
A place where gamers can join and connect to form an amazing force. Each mythic here contributes to videos across many channels. Join and see whats poppin!
A server for artists to chat, discuss original characters, and overall just have fun. Keep it chill, no offensive memes, hatespeech, or discrimination will be tolerated. Have some fun with chatting with other artists, sharing your art, and so on and so forth!
Welcome to the new Royal Suite, we are a community of friends who come around and hang out. This place is our home and little community of close friends who love to chat and joke about, as well as share memes.

Like to draw? While it's not the focus of the server, we do have a personal artwork section where you can share drawings you've done, photographs you've taken, etc. Have a body you wanna show off(it must be YOURS), we have several nsfw sections for you to do so. Like video games? We love talking about our favorite games, as well as playing games such as truth or dare, and others

We have several roles that you can get, to help people get to know you better. These are just your basic information: gender, where you're from, etc...

While we have our moments where it's slow, we're a very laid back server, and love to meet new people, so come on by and say hello, and maybe stay for a bit!
𝓜𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓸 𝓑𝓪𝔂 is a server dedicated to getting normal people into art and to help each other learn and make art. We stride to make people learn different art genres (graphic art, painting, drawing, etc)
This discord server is a community of over 300+ people who are mostly just gamers, graphics artists, or just normal people looking to make some new friends. Our server strives to have a top of the line experience when it comes to a community and works to have a highly active and non-toxic environment. Our server also hosts giveaways often and has a custom leveling system showing your activity which gives you more permissions as you level up.
Welcome to Visual Labs !

If you're looking for any type of graphics made by designers with experience you're at the right place.
We are a studio based in Paris and are offering designs services like User Interfaces, Webdesign, Social media design (Headers,Banners...), Logos and more
Join our Discord Server to find and discover our talents !

-Visual Labs team.
We have a small server with the main focus on talking to people having fun and playing games together. we make small events like karaoke, beatbox battle and more.
you find it intresting? Come to our server and have fun.
Hello there!

If you're looking for a place to share your artwork or join a thriving community of artists, then this is the right place for you! With chat rooms for people to share their own artwork (SFW and NSFW) as well have the freedom to ask for and give constructive criticism to one another to allow everyone to improve their skills!
And if drawing isn't your thing, we also have a general chat room where you can chill out and just discuss whatever comes to mind - as well as rooms for memes, music, etc.

Pop by and give us a visit - I promise we're all friendly~
Jhekielandia is a community server filled with silliness, creativity, gaming (console, PC, online, game development, etc), anime/movies/theatre/musicals, manga/comics and other possible interesting stuff.

Join and maybe we could find something in common to enjoy and have fun together. Be seeing ya!
We are a new DND dedicated server working to express the love of the game with any and all people into it.
We offer Voice channels and the tools necessary to run your own DND game over discord or find a group and maybe some new friends. If you’ve never played don’t worry! We teach the basics as well!
Heh, yeah. Welcome to the Slam Hole. The most alright pit you could fall into.
You like art? What about E-Girls and E-Boys? We've got it all!

Come hang out and share your art! Just watch out for the bot at the door. So what're you waiting for?
Get IN here
! Welcome to The Moon Base !

This is a Steven Universe server dedicated to sharing canon character and oc fanart for everyone to see ! We have an easy to use self role system as well as a variety of channels that let you put what you want, where you want. Come in and enjoy the laid back general chat or go super in depth with show discussions behind our spoilers role.

We hope to see you there !