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💠A rapidly growing Discord community with over 1,500 members! Home of the Frostfire Twitch team & community. ☆ Active Voice & Text Chats ☆ Giveaways ☆ Music Bots ☆ Events and more! ☆
What we currently offer:
▸ Small, yet tight-knit and rapidly growing community.
▸ Active Discord Voice & Channels
▸ Wholesome & Friendly Community/Staff
▸ Variety of Discord Channels to fit anyone's interest.
▸ Engaging Events like Karaoke, Movie/Anime Nights, and more!
▸ Regular free and paid giveaways!
▸ Fully configured music & game Discord bots.
▸ Unique experience and leveling system
✨We would love to get to know you. Join us today!✨
A place for furries and non furries to come to talk, play games, share memes, share each others gigabyte porn folders and more.
A discord art server of artists and member count of 23000 users.

Having thousands of artists advertising their commission service with large portfolios of alot of different art styles that cater to any type of clients preferences and customer demographic ranging from streamers, musicians, corporations, players commissions and more.

Also an art community where we socialize, share artwork, help each other and sharing resources.
Ello liebe Mitmenschen /w/,

wir sind ein ganz frischer Server und gerade in der Kennenlern Phase~
Der Server hat einen leichten "Dark" Touch, was aber nicht heißt das hier alle Despressiv sind :D.

Wir nehmen jeden auf und sind für Vorschläge offen.
Wir bieten eine kleine, angenehme Atmosphäre in der ihr euch über Animes, Games und den Lauf des Lebens unterhalten könnt!
Das Level System mit automatischer Rollenzuweisung rundet das ganze vorerst ab.

Schaut doch einfach mal vorbei owo7 !
A community for artistic, creative and imaginative peeps!

***Looking for active artistic/writer staff.***

For anyone who loves to create art and appreciate art in it's various forms--
Traditional - painting, drawing, doodles, etc
Digital - same as above but with digital tools
Writing - word
And much more!

Aspiring and experienced artists and writers, let's support and grow together. ^_^ b
Jhekielandia is a community server filled with silliness, creativity, gaming (console, PC, online, game development, etc), anime/movies/theatre/musicals, manga/comics and other possible interesting stuff.

Join and maybe we could find something in common to enjoy and have fun together. Be seeing ya!
A gaming Discord server with dedicated channels for any games such as survival,fps,mmo,simulation,strategy,fighting,moba,rpg. trying to get a feedback? or just wanna showcase your own arts! A server for artist, designers, illustrators, programmers. with self-role. Currently looking for members. This server contains giveaway, fun bots, radio, music, friendly members, good entertainment, leveling perks, global emotes. join the fun!
Heh, yeah. Welcome to the Slam Hole. The most alright pit you could fall into.
You like art? What about E-Girls and E-Boys? We've got it all!

Come hang out and share your art! Just watch out for the bot at the door. So what're you waiting for?
Get IN here
Arts and Stuff is an interactive discord server with art, writing, contest and more. It's for all the small time, big time and, part time artist and writers willing to participate in a server and have fun. We can't wait for you to join us here at Arts and Stuff!
Welcome to the kingdom!

Here we participate in the Royale Olympics, (video games) and royal art!

We are constantly taking suggestions on what to add from our Royal Court Channel and we would be happy to make the monarchy madness a little less mad, and a little more glad.

Everyone is welcome!
Terrarian's Haven is a Terraria themed gaming discord server.
You can talk about Terraria and it's mods here with other members of the server!
We also have artwork channels if you want to share art as well.
If you're looking for someone to play terraria with, you're in luck!
This is the furcurious server, for people who are tired of the more traditional furry server full of degeneracy and pettiness. It's a chill place to hang out
Welcome to THE LEGENDS OF KRAYEDØN! My name is Camsapheron, and I am looking to add more members to my discord, as well as meet new people in the process. Krayedon is the name of my made up universe (it was originally based off of a LEGO series called The Legends Of Chima), and I wish to further develop that universe with the help and support of others! Please consider joining!
We're a new community here to rise up from the ashes.
We're the mothership preparing for the end of our journey.

Jokes aside, we're a small and warm community of furries, we're just trying to grow our community to something bigger and even more beautiful, feel free to join us and have fun :)
Shattered Equanimity is a fantasy medieval roleplay server. We are semi-literate, have a main plot, and we are also LGBT+ friendly! You do not have to roleplay if you do not want to, though the main focus of the server is roleplay. You can just chill with us and share memes, artwork, and even music if you would like to!

Mod applications are also open for this server, so if you would like to become a moderator then feel free to join and apply!
Our sister server is up! Down to giff! Its this awesome idea i had in the works for a while. It's a collaborative discord server that will support the furry, pokemon, scalies, and pony fandom that focuses on artwork, gifs, roleplay, and social media. It brings all the fandoms together on one platform together!
Feel free to join our furry community! We accept everyone! And if you need art inspiration, this is the server! owo
Welcome, welcome to the Creative Corner! We are a server that accepts all art, from painting and pottery, to singing and woodwork. If it's art, we accept it! We also have advert channels for you to advertise your social media, store or any other place you store your artwork! We have low moderation, as we think creativity should not be restricted. As long as you respect our few rules, all are welcome. Join today and join a growing community of artists!
This server is for all things art, mainly drawing, but we welcome all here!
you can buy artwork from me for steam skins
This server, Cyclisediurnal, Is a Discord Community server made for anyone who'd like to join, here we talk about Tea and Cats, Politicial talk and other topics are allowed also, here you can suggest improvements for our server and have fun, if it grows fast you will probably make friends, anyways if you do join then Welcome, Person.
We are a fun and friendly server all about art! And we need your help to make it bigger!!! Also need tips on your latest work? We are always here to help!! We hope you have a fun time!!
Were a community in the dinosaur games lol. We got a server up for The Isle and the Beast of Bermuda games. All are up to date and hope that you join us in discord or in game. All servers are named "Jurassic Kingdom"
Hello there!

If you're looking for a place to share your artwork or join a thriving community of artists, then this is the right place for you! With chat rooms for people to share their own artwork (SFW and NSFW) as well have the freedom to ask for and give constructive criticism to one another to allow everyone to improve their skills!
And if drawing isn't your thing, we also have a general chat room where you can chill out and just discuss whatever comes to mind - as well as rooms for memes, music, etc.

Pop by and give us a visit - I promise we're all friendly~