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The Vincent Artists Club is an artist community with real talent and passion. We are devoted to learning and improving our craft, as well as making new friends who can support each other emotionally and intellectually. We hope to become a meritocratic community with monthly contests with significant rewards.
Artelot is a creative discord made by artist gumleet to serve as a platform for a community centered around art. All skill levels are welcome! Artelot is a slow-growing, relaxed server where we aim to support each other in our artistic endeavors!

The community features a wide variety of art discussion channels from doodles to original works to even a channel for posting your super old stuff! We have a biweekly prompt channel where we host biweekly challenges (or more less) to help push artists to try something new! We also participate in world wide artistic events like Inktober and Hourly Comic Day! The server also functions as a large reference library full of tutorials and reference images of various subjects - everything from human anatomy to animal anatomy, color theory - you name it!
Welcome to your getaway! We're a growing community centered around- you guessed it- art! Here's what we have to offer now:

🐧 Reaction roles!

🎀 Experienced and kind staff!

🐧 Open partnerships and staff positions!

🎀 Custom emotes!

🐧 Voice chats!

🎀 Question of the Day!

🐧 Weekly Challenges!

Here's what you can expect in the future!

🐧 Weekly events!

🎀 A server mascot!

🐧 More channels!
Creative Village
**This Server Is Dedicated To Talented People Ranging From 3D Designers To Painters, Traditional Artist To Digital Artist And People Who Want To Improve Their Skills In Art! We Also Welcome Singers, Beatboxers, Rappers, Gamers, YouTubers, Musicians etc! Lots Of Variety Of Channels To Show Your Artworks To Everybody! Each One Of Us Here Support And Teach One Another!**

Looking Forward To Seeing You Around Doing Great Stuff In The Server!
A german server for all forms of art. Drawing, writing, photography, etc.
"Kunst-Choas" is a server there you can talk about all forms of art. Present your art to other users and get feedback!
New server with the goal to get a close community of artists who share their art and learn from each other to grow as artists together
A server for sharing & enjoying Bob Ross content
Artfallen is an art server that focuses on improvement and giving helpful advice. We have profesionally working Illustrators and Concept Artists who are here to answer your every question and want to help you grow.
Welcome to ✏️Creative Mode✏️ !
Get inspired, grab that trusty pencil, and get ready for one hell of an adventure. Meet new friends, hang out, listen to music, or draw! We are very accepting, so feel free to invite a couple of buddies. Hope to see you there!
An art server for music, painting, sketching and graphic design.
We have -
-> Good moderation
-> Quality bots
-> Levels system
-> Custom commands
-> Self-assign roles
-> Unique fonts and styles
A place to talk with other budding artists, share work and inspiration, and enjoy each other's company. Help us make a positive community!
server set up by the legend bob ross himself come and meet him
Welcome to Paint Your Boat! We are linked to Promote Your Boat.
What do we offer?
😃A small friendly community
📢Advertising channels
🥇Staff applications and awesome roles
🤖Bots for fun and moderation
Join Paint Your Boat today to find out more and have fun!

This is a place where all levels of artists are accepted. With an age limit of +14, and rules against NSFW and crude artwork, this is a safe place for younger artists to improve their artwork. IF you want to improve, or help others, then you might consider joining.
This is a server for all artists. You may come here to show off your art, you can find art refrences here and you can sell your art here
Hello! Welcome to Artistic Angels. We are an art based server with plenty of fun things to offer!


•special roles for what you do (including writers, painters, animators, and photographers)

•offensive memes/nsfw art channels

•host events ex: art, photography, and writers contests with different themes with special rewards

•a place to post your artwork, photography, and stories for others to see

•a roleplay channel for all you roleplayers out there!

•art tips and info channel


Join today, we hope to see you there! 💜
Community made by artists, for artists. Creatives of all sort are welcome to join.
We are a group of artists that wish to share our art, and help others share their art and improve. We do contests for fun. Though we are small at the moment we hope you'll be willing to stop by and check it out!! <3
Doodle Department is a community based upon all types of art, including painting, photography, drawing etc.
We have custom roles and MEE6 level roles and 4 other bots including Rythm, Dyno and Yui.
Anybody is available to join and post their art for people to see!
Attention artists!
The Arts is here as a rep for the seven visual arts!
From photography to ceramics, from drawing to sculpting, we (almost) have it all!
-Our motto? "Questing for Camaraderie"
-Our morals? Cooperation, respect, and support.
-Our goals? To make an art oriented community where people can feel free to share their craft with us!
If you do decide to join, make sure to share us with your friends!
Thanks for your time!

Epichroma is an art community that's ideal for artists looking to grow and improve. Users are rewarded using two progession systems: One for personal skill advancement, the other for how much you give back to the community. We have a sizeable professional userbase here.
Vasburg Armoy is a community centered around learning and improving art. Show off your works, receive and give critique and boost your skillset.
hey, i am ☾ᴅʀᴀɢᴏɴ ғʀᴜɪᴛ ☼ and i am from ☾ORB OF NIGHT ARTS ☼ this is a art server that just can't grow, we have all types of art music,singing.drawing,painting,repainting, instruments, pictures
and Photoshop we accept all ages for staff apps, we have memes and we support talking about games, all games!
[====INFINITY ART====]
🎨 Everything about art!
💵 A market channel.
🤝 Partnerships.
🛡 Good moderation every day.
📸 From sketches to photography!
📡 Bots to keep you entertained.
👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 Family Friendly! 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧
[====INFINITY ART====]
Join today!