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The Art broZ Discord server is THE place to share your work, get critique, and make new ART FRIENDS! Who doesn't want that? Every month we create a monthly challenge prompt, and at the end of the month I will do a critique / paintover video showcasing the work. We also have a bunch of other cool features set up, like an XP system for those of you who thrive on the rush of leveling up your skills!
Heya! Artist's Nook is a friendly community for all artists, traditional, and digital alike. We are family friendly, which means there are no NSFW channels <3. Staff is helpful, and happy to help always! We hope you consider joining our server :3.
Artists of Discord is a new global server for artists of all kinds and experience. Share or sell your art, practice, get critiques, find an artist for commission work and more! A relaxed server where everyone is kind, you'll be able to connect with other artists just like you, participate in fun art challenges or just hangout, listen to music and chat life. Featuring an adorable and tidy all-gender friendly theme with even more adorable emotes, there's no place more beautiful to make your new home. Come join us and get inspired!
Hello! Welcome to Domination Era. We are a roblox community/group and one one of the newest territorial conquest painting groups/games. Currently, our game is in development. And it will be finished soon. We're in need of new active members. We are hoping to see many of y'all!
We are a small community open for all types of art. From pixel art, painting and graphic designs to music production. Come down to our Server to have a chit chat, post some of your stuff, talk about your love for what you make with people who have the same amount of passion.
We're all funny people here, and we like to joke around.
We are a new dedicated Art server looking to help artist with their art!
We aim to build a community of motivated and positive artists who strive to grow into the best artist they can be!
Critique is never to be taken personal but to grow from! We are also here to help encourage the less confident and struggling artist! All levels of art are welcome to join! Must be 16+ or older to join!
Hi- The Gallery is a peaceful place to share, critique, and talk Art and Photography. My name is Adrift, and I am the owner. I strive to achieve a positive and peaceful environment for Artists and Photographers to share their work, and be able to improve on the basis of other's opinions. So please join, as we are a growing community!
Acest grup este dedicat doar pasionaților de artă din România. Aici poţi găsi locul perfect pentru a prezenta ceea ce scrii, desenezi, pictezi, fotografiezi sau cânți. Te aşteptăm la cafeneaua noastră!
The Vincent Artists Club is an artist community with real talent and passion. We are devoted to learning and improving our craft, as well as making new friends who can support each other emotionally and intellectually. We hope to become a meritocratic community with monthly contests with significant rewards.
Welcome to the Pennsylvania Artists Guild! All visual medias are welcome. We are an LGBTQ+, NSFW art, kin and kink friendly. Come share your art, or you place of business if you are a gallery or shop owner!
A fun server to share your art, improve, and make some friends!

haha just kidding we're all sad
This is a Work In Progress server that is looking for devs and staff. Join and be a part of our community now!
A place for writers, book lovers, and artists to get together and have fun. Lots of art memes :P
Welcome, to bob ross server this is where you are a brother or a dark sienna

We don't make mistakes we just have happy accidents!
Welcome to Artist's Cove! We're a server where you can share your drawings with friendly people, and also just relax and enjoy the community of like-minded artists! There's a new drawing challenge every single day, so test your skills and maybe you can even win something while you're at it!
Welcome to ✏️Creative Mode✏️ !
Get inspired, grab that trusty pencil, and get ready for one hell of an adventure. Meet new friends, hang out, listen to music, or draw! We are very accepting, so feel free to invite a couple of buddies. Hope to see you there!
If you have an interest or you've been an artist for a while, whether it be painting, drawing, digital or manga, we support it here! Join Honey Art for your daily arty needs 👑
Artelot is a creative discord made by artist gumleet to serve as a platform for a community centered around art. All skill levels are welcome! Artelot is a slow-growing, relaxed server where we aim to support each other in our artistic endeavors!

The community features a wide variety of art discussion channels from doodles to original works to even a channel for posting your super old stuff! We also participate in world wide artistic events like Inktober and Hourly Comic Day! The server also functions as a large reference library full of tutorials and reference images of various subjects - everything from human anatomy to animal anatomy, color theory - you name it!

Join Artelot today and get full use of our special Monty emotes!
Welcome to your getaway! We're a growing community centered around- you guessed it- art! Here's what we have to offer now:

🐧 Reaction roles!

🎀 Experienced and kind staff!

🐧 Open partnerships and staff positions!

🎀 Custom emotes!

🐧 Voice chats!

🎀 Question of the Day!

🐧 Weekly Challenges!

Here's what you can expect in the future!

🐧 Weekly events!

🎀 A server mascot!

🐧 More channels!
Do you paint Warhammer, Middle Earth, or paint miniatures generally? Well, look no further.

We are a Discord server that attracts miniature painters to get inspired and to join in with other miniature painters!
We're a server who loves art of all shapes and forms. Join us if you wish to share your art with others and make some new friends who have similar interests. A dedicated community of artists, writers, musicians, designers, and others. We do hope you enjoy your stay here if you decide to join us.
New server with the goal to get a close community of artists who share their art and learn from each other to grow as artists together
Artfallen is an art server that focuses on improvement and giving helpful advice. We have profesionally working Illustrators and Concept Artists who are here to answer your every question and want to help you grow.