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This is a Hi5 studio server, this is a fan-made server for the amazing youtube channels ran by Matthias. This is a new server, it's kid-friendly. You can advertise your own fan art or fan pages here too! I hope to meet you all, I would love to talk about the people I love with you. Please join!
Hello! Welcome to the Fairy Tail server, where we talk about the series' canon and fan works. All people looking to talk about Fairy Tail, fanfiction, and fanart are welcome.
O objetivo principal do grupo é ajudar escritores a terem ou desenvolverem boas ideias para escrever.

Está preso no meio da história há meses? Não sabe como começar? Ou já começou e não sabe como concluir o texto? Seus problemas acabaram!

O grupo surgiu justamente para interação, jogos de divulgação, troca/doação de ideias, brincadeiras/jogos, divulgação de writing prompts, etc. Entre e fique à vontade \ô/
Olá a todos os recém formados! A grande guerra shinobi esta chegando e pedimos sua força para nos ajudar a vencer!
Entreguem suas vidas e seus corações de ninja ao entrar no universo shinobi agora atualizado e com novas funções e uma narrativa bem competente. Espero que goste do nosso server e que seus dias de ninjas não acabem no campo de batalha ^^
Fanfic server for everyone to share their fanfics and more.
Welcome, one and all, to Hentai Fanfiction! This is specifically an NSFW server for all those fanfiction writers who aren't allowed to post their NSFW fanfictions in regular servers! Anything is allowed (except raiding, bitch). You can also relax here, just listen to music or casually gossip, you know?
Taboo readers and writers connection is a community for people who like writing NSFW fanfic or like NSFW fan art. We are home to talented artists and a growing community. We are also apart of the Omega network.

We hope to see you soon!
This is a server for fans of the MCU. You can talk about the movies, TV shows, actors, actresses, theories, listen to music, talk about the comics, fanfics, people you would love to see in the MCU, NSFW channel, also costume emojis, commands, and yes it also has Pokécord.
Come along and talk about whatever the hell fandom you want to talk about! This server is for the purpose of sharing fandom content and love for your favourite fandoms. Exceptions include all RPF. Has an NSFW channel, but otherwise SFW.
A place for Doki Doki Literature Club! fans to share any sort of fanwork they've made, whether it's fanart, fanfic, a mod or something else entirely! Whatever it is, we guarantee that more eyes will see it! We also do a lot more activities, such as gaming and roleplay!
My server is a fun server where all of ARMY can come together to roleplay. However, my server isn't just roleplaying. I have several other channels for just normal socializing amongst ARMY! This is also a place that you can write and read fanfictions posted by fellow members! Please come join my server to have a good time!

Love, your fellow ARMYs~
Share your writing or find new things to read! Meet people who write on the same platform or just join and hang out.
An in the making kpop server, lgbtq+ friendly. We have self-assignable roles, fanfiction channels, channels for memes, support, etc!
This is a fanfic server from mlp, furries and bronies are all welcome, we play games once and awhile too if your a gamer, along with rp-ing
Somos um server totalmente dedicado a leituras, histórias, fanfics, mangás. Temos tópicos sobre outros entreterimentos, entretanto desejamos reunir todos aqueles que adoram uma leitura em um lugar casual, venha fazer parte <3
A discord for people into Harry/Hermione <3. Harry/Hermione, Harmony, Pumpkin Pie, fanfiction,, h/hr, hhr, etc.

This server allows members to listen to fan fiction read by our auditioned and applied readers we take Suggestions on what to read. Hope to see you soon.
A server for smut writers, smut readers, and everyone in between! Waddle on in for a comfy community of lewd people talking about lewd things.

We take requests and ideas for a variety of fandoms, share lewd art/material that inspires us, and support fellow writers with our varied insight.

Come join us, and let's create together!
Somos um server de fanfics, temos alguns escritores que postam fanfics de diversas coisas aleatórias, vocês mesmo podem ser algum personagem da fanfic caso o escritor deseja. Seja bem vindo <3
Welcome to a friendly new Creepypasta server!
We welcome writers of all kinds <3
We have a wide range of channels, music bot, fun games and other options!
Why wait? Join now!
welcome to cloud puncher hub! the number 1 place to:
-read, share, and write fanfic
-talk about anime or manga
-make some cool new friends
-do furry stuff (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)
-and a bunch more
we hope to see ya here soon!
A chill server that promotes socialization between fans of the manga and anime series Fairy Tail!
We are lonely depressed people, we are Weebs and our favourite anime is Tokyo Ghoul we write fan fictions and chill. We play Fortnite on the daily. We are closely partnered with The Weebs Corner.