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Hey, if you are a Steven Universe fan and don't mind some DragonBall Z in it, then please join here. We made this to share gemsonas, make friends, and share our story/AU. If you're into a series that has action, comedy, drama, and much more then this server might just be for you. It is a Safe For Work server, so please think about joining. ENGLISH ONLY
Anyway, this server, again, was made to be a place where you can be a character from any show, a made up character, or something along those lines. There are SOME restrictions, but we'll get to that later in a rules channel. If I am not around, and you need help, feel free to ask any other staff (Unless specifically instructed not to do so.) for help. And if they DO say not to text them, don't, the only reason you should during those times is if it is something very important or you are both very close. Even if you're close, you should occasionally let them have their space.

A few extra things that won't be in the rules channel, ***THESE ARE THE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO READ HERE!!!*** Stating opinions on characters IS allowed, but don't insult the user for it. Do not get upset over an opinion, doesn't matter how hard you worked on them or what they feel like to you. Do not give off any personal information, whether it's yours or someone else's, which is worse, DO NOT DO IT! Done
ya know we don’t know what’s happening in here there joke nsfw, joke fanfics, just random talking, rping oc’s from any universe ya know idk really be careful 🥴 come check it out
Welcome to the DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club) Fanwork Club, a place for those who love dokis and artwork. You don't have to be an artist or anything as long as you're a doki fan, you're in. We have custom emotes and a small community that wants to grow. We have roleplay, games, and a friendly and unique community, as well as shrines for your favorite doki. So won't you join and become a member of the Literature Club?
Ben 10 Fandom to serwer dla polskich fanów uniwersum Ben 10. Jest on połączony z wiki "Ben 10: Alternatywne Historie", która jest zbiorem fikcyjnych tworów związanych z tą kreskówką. Każdy, który tworzy serie na wiki może dostać swój kanał, na którym będzie mógł dodawać nowości na temat swoich serii. Zapraszamy!
~Welcome to Writers corner!~
Owner: @

── ✨🌸Info✨🌸

Writers Corner is a community server made by writers, for writers! We are open to everyone near and far to help expand their writing and become excellent authors! We even allow non-writers to come and learn! So whether your a pro or a have never lifted a pen, Writers corner welcomes you!

── ✨🌸 We offer ✨🌸
🌸 Helpful tips to improve your writing
🌸Tons of fun bots to play with!
🌸Editors to help edit your amazing writing!
🌸Aesthetic layout

── ✨🌸 ── ──
We are a 13+ (obviously) community server that provides all aspects of a fandom! Pokemon? We got it! Fanfic? We got it! Anime? We got it! GAMING? HELL YEA! Join for an amazing family full of accepting individuals!
My server is a fun server where all of ARMY can come together to roleplay. However, my server isn't just roleplaying. I have several other channels for just normal socializing amongst ARMY! This is also a place that you can write and read fanfictions posted by fellow members! Please come join my server to have a good time!

Love, your fellow ARMYs~
The name isn't set in stone. This is a server where you can come and talk about writing among other things, though it is mainly focused around Wattpad. This is a relatively new server so join at your own peril. The people on this server are pretty cool and we are all glad to have a chat whenever we can.
Un serveur accès sur l'écriture et la lecture ! Une petite communauté très amicale et bienveillante.
We are a server of 'creators.' Our community is of anyone who creates (anywhere from authors to painters to sculpture; even vexillology and heraldry)

Our server offers:
>A few fun bots such as NotSoBot, OwO, and Pluralkit.
>We have a weekly showcase that anyone can submit any creations to and whoever is picked gets put in the showcase.
>Places to post your work and to share others (with credit, of course)
>Community suggestions for the server
>Self-roles for most kinds of creator
>Special roles for message levels (and other various things)
>Helpful admins
Current Theme: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Welcome to Jojo's Bizarre Writers! A server where all writers are welcome.
You write fanfics? Cool! You write original stories? That's cool too! Are you just a reader looking for somewhere to chill? Nice, you're welcome too!

We have much to offer:
>Plenty of channels for writing
>Writing bots
>Events (Coming soon)
>Small Community
>Monthly Theme Changes

We're just starting out! It would be nice if we would be able to partner with other servers!

Owner: ceo of diego#5374
This is for anyone that just wants to have some fun.
Have stuff for writers and readers of fanfiction or stories.
Anime is open as well as Artists.
Might be holding weekly anime episodes on Kast.
La secta de la banana un lugar donde puedes conocer a otras personas y jugar videjuegos, also permitimos ayudar a youtuber pequeños
Welcome to Boys und Panzer!
This server is based on our FanFiction project, Boys und Panzer, which is Girls und Panzer but the alternate universe where Boys und Panzer exists (duh).

In this server there will be roleplay channels, music channels, fun channels and bot spam channels, so for example you don't wanna roleplay, you can check out the other channels or talk with our members!

We currently has few members, which we hope you join our server after you considering whether to join.

*The BuP fanfic is not done yet, so roleplay should be non-canon

Q: wtf is this isn't it GuP
A: Well, this is a server based on our fanfic, Boys und Panzer. Which is the alternate universe of GuP.

Q: ew no yaoi
A: ok

Q: do you have NSFW server
A: yes but you need a NSFW role

Q: is this a new server?
A: Yes, but the Version 1 is old

Q: why version 2?
A: because version 1 is messed up and dead

Q: there can be GuP only
A: ...

Q: can I ship GuP girls with BuP boys characters
A: yes, you can make your character shipping with a GuP girl. But take note, it's non canonical as in he real BuP fanfic there's little and few or even no characters are shipping with GuP girls.

Q: GuP supported?
A: soon.

Q: any partnership?
A: no
Join a new Gravity Falls fandom themed server where you can meet and make friends with like-minded individuals, discuss headcanons, AU's, ships and more, or even RP.

Please bare in mind that we are new and the member count is extremely low.
At our town of everlasting confusion we invite you to come to a server with a little bit of everything, nice people, non crazy administrators and a friendly leader.

Some things include
- fanfic writing channels for people who want an audience and real time critique
- a mod who won’t kick your ass for the tiniest mess up
- a welcoming server with lots of cool people
- we have kyoko , who’s prefix is ky! Who plays music and a lot of other throngs as well
- we accept anyone and anything!
I hope to see you on the server soon!
This is a random server! we have categories for writers, readers, artists, ect. It's a new server, but everyone is nice! please help us grow, and join!
This server is a dumpster fire but at least its nice 'nd cozy. We're multifandom & multiship. Channels are role-specific so join and feel free to request roles or mute channels as needed. As of now we have categories for HQ!!, BNHA, and VLD, and channels for she-ra, TDP, good omens, MCU, and miraculous ladybug, promare, homestuck, and naruto, with general fandom channels for smaller fandoms. We have a big member base of content creators and are currently running a all-fandom creator event hosted at
This server is welcome to everybody, preferably English. Mainly for anime, games and bots, I hope you enjoy the server. Anyone 13+ can join. Alsooooo yea... hahaha ahahahahaha chating lolz
the pigeonhole is a new & chill little place for fanfic writers to hang out and bounce ideas off each other! We have segregated NSFW spaces for adults but they're heavily modded/guarded to prevent any minors getting in.
This is a server made for hazbin fans alike. Also, if you have not read the story ‘Mine~’ it is suggested you do so before joining!

Here you can be yourself, as long as all rules are followed! Looking for staff members to help out, all will be treated equally-it must be earned.

Hope you enjoy!