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The American Union State is a discord server based around politics and Hearts of Iron 4, we like to discuss and play games together. Join if you would like to be part of out small community!
Hey! This is a VERY fresh server. I just finished working on it. Here's the lore: Ink and Error were fightning. They both sent out their strongest attacks, this caused a strange black hole to appear. The hole was called: The Omnisphere. The Omnisphere sucked all AUs inside including Ink and Error. As of now everything is alright, atleast it seems so. The BAD GUYS are planning to destroy this world. Will you choose to fight the villian or become one? The choice is in your hands, and remember: Stay DETERMINED. I hope you join, it would be very, very nice of you.
Howdy! Welcome to UnderTale Roleplayer's Unite! We're a growing community and would love for you to come join our family! Here offer the following~

What We Offer!

×Active and Very Friendly Moderators

×Full-Fledged 3-Tier role play system. Based on your style and length, we group you with a suitable role to find others among your level!

×Great Music Bot!

×Chat Rooms with Voice Chat!

×A place to meet others and play a game of Cards Against Humanity!

×Entire 18+ section dedicated to both your kinky fantasies and roleplays!

×In-Character General chat!

×Community activities like Fanart Friday, Polls, and more!

×Upcoming Wiki for all your creations!

×Group and Private Roleplays!

×EmpireVerse Clans! Join a side and fight the battle between light and dark!

×Art Channel for both your characters and creative needs!

×General Chat to meet buddies!

×Security System built to prevent raids!

×All LGBTQ members are welcome in our Bully-Free environment!

Plus many More to come!
This is a Server made for roleplaying, it includes many universes including those from other games/shows, but it's mostly Undertale so..join if you want.
Come join us in Brawlhalla weebs, Chill out, have a good time and see if you can find a game in our server. Most people are in the Australia and South East Asia region. If you need help with any weapons or help with mentoring, we can hopefully help you out!
Welcome to Crystal Wishes. An Undertale server made to house any and all types of Undertale fans. This isn't just for people who want to role play. We also take AU enthusiast, Artists, Musicians, And even Undertale fans who just want a place to chill out. Crystal Wishes is a place where Undertale fans can feel respected, appreciated and accepted. Come join in the fun!
A server for talking about, making and sharing content for various BNHA AUs
Hi all,

Currently - to my knowledge (; - the biggest AUS/OCE based discord/community

Join up and suit up!
We are an Australian based social and gaming server for teens (SFW ONLY)
Ages (13-18)
Enjoy loads of memes and make some friends
we run events often!
Cards Against Humanity
| Primary Games |
Rainbow Six Siege
Upon joining and being verified users will have access to more channels
1. Don’t be an introvert say something in the #ooc-chat-circle
2. Type in your absent dates in the #logbook
3. This server is international please use English
4. Do not chat in the following channels


5. Foul language is acceptable
6. Do not violate the rules, if violating the rules. You will be placed one week inactive or be kicked out or banned from the server
8. Last but not least have fun!
This is the server where you will get to discover secrets of the Myths we will hold a meeting in a Myth game on Saturday (AUS)
Australian Server for gaming, nsfw and general banter!