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🦈 Join our growing community for access to a multipurpose server filled with some pretty fun people. This server is primarily for those in the Oceania region but isn't limited to. We have many members from all over the world and looking to grow more.
✅ Self assignable roles
✅ Self promotion
✅ No toxicity
✅ Partnerships
✅ Nekobot and Pokebot channels
✅ Verification
✅ NSFW channel
✅ Dark humour channel
✅ Gaming channels and voice chats for 18 different games and open to more
✅ Includes League of alegends, CSGO, Rocket League and more!
✅ Multiple social voice chats and fun staff members
✅ NO roleplay
✅ No chat restrictions (be smart)
✅ Music channels and bots
"Arte et marte"

For all people of the Oceanic Region.

Synthesized information on current events within the Gaming community.
Reviews and Youtube channels posting allowed and encouraged.

This is a group made by devoted Gamers from Brisbane, Australia. Everyone in the Oceanic region is accepted, we only ask you follow a simple set of guidelines and try to maintain a positive attitude.

#1 No ostracizing other platform Gamers.
#2 Political and/or social debates prohibited, keep it gaming related.
#3 We will not tolerate people being attacked. Differing opinions is fine but it has a line. Don't be a d**k.
A Discord Server for OCE League of Legends players.

At the moment we are running an event for Worlds 2019. This includes a call to watch the games and a Prediction Tournament
henlo, welcome to 𝖈𝖔𝖑𝖚𝖒𝖇𝖎𝖓𝖊 🌹


Make sure to read our rules carefully to avoid getting banned/kicked.

Enjoy your stay 🥀!

• Grape Complaining every 3 seconds.
• Self assignable roles
• Colour roles
• Active server
• Lots of bots
• Memes
• Too Many Bots

Perm invite links: &

columbine owned by Grape#6209 & metal.upurass#5857


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Discord based in the Oceania region. Pull up a chair, mates! joining the thriving Oceania Breakpoint community that welcomes people of all regions and backgrounds. This server features events and LFG sections that will enhance your experience in Breakpoint.
Hi, we are a a Fortnite clan named Cliqks, we only accept people in Oceania and mobile players, We hope to see you in our clan, bye!
Our belief is that players in the Oceania region should be able to easily interact with each other. They should be provided with the opportunity to be a part of a group, with a similar passion for videogames to what they have. A community based on the principles on camaraderie, integrity and enthusiasm. We would like you to join us whilst we establish an awesome, friendly environment for gamers to socialise within. For more information, check out:

Welcome to the COSMOS Oceanic Gaming Community!
This server is for people who play league of legends on the oce server and would like someone to play with either ranked or norms we have a lot of players range from iron to master and since they joined im sure they would be happy playing with u. :)
A destiny 2 LFG discord server for Oceania region. Come join and meet some cool and chill people!
A relaxed, chill, fun server for ages 15+, ideally those in their late teens and young adults. Featuring Trivia, self-assigned roles, music, and channels for all one could need. Staff are friendly and helpful, and the server is for those in all regions but particularly Australia & Oceania. The server is not explicitly for dating, but for meeting new people of similar age to you, and if you want to date go ahead, We won't stop you. We hope you join, and we hope you have a good time! We are also LGBT+ Friendly.
Hub for COD MW in oceanic region

Feel free to join and find a squad
A fun server thats based around League of Legends! (OCE) We also play different games together, talk about anime, memes, etc. A really cool chill-out place with loads of people to meet!
Vikings, welcome to the the official VALHALL Oceanic discord server.

The aims of this server is to provide a community to the players of Valhall (An in development game that you should definitely check out if you haven't heard of) who are located in the Oceania region. The server strives to create a central hub of activity for players of all skill levels and playstyles to enjoy and be involved in.
A server for all Oceania gamers who would like to communicate with friends or to make friends to play games such as csgo, dota 2, rust and more
Please join and play minecraft with me ^3^
Give me your cat pics
VC with me
Don't make fun of my accent
I'm really really bored just entertain me
If you join I'll do the exact same to you ^w^
I created this Discord to help bring the Oceania players closer together and overall just have fun. My goal is to create a semi-competitive environment
where toxicity is not allowed.

This is a place where you will be able to vs one another on the Discord and climbs the ranks based on your Elo. Everyone will start on 0
(seen on the side of the Discord once you register up) and once you hit 50, 100 and 150 Elo you will be given an Elo role on Discord for your achievements.
Hello, gamers. Welcome to Republic of Nerds! A place where you can play games with others, meet new friends and watch movies together. This server is based in US, but we welcome everyone else across the globe.
A new server that finally gives Oceania players a good server for Scrims and creative gaming I'm fortnite!
Welcome to Sector 7

- We are an eSports organization based in Oceania.
- We are hoping to compete in leading titles such as Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, CS:GO.

We're currently in the lookout for the following:
- Rocket League Champ 3 - Grand Champion Roster
- CSGO Roster
- R6S Roster
- Staff
- Designers
If you're looking for:
- An active Asia/Oceania playerbase
- An organized market
- Fun events to join in with peers of the same region
- Waifu bots, leveling roles and up-to-date news

This group is just for you!
New RP Server in the making, just got some roles looking for admins to help that's all we have for now.