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Come and join COSMOS - Oceanic Gaming Community! No doubt you have ventured far and wide to find a network of beings that share your passion for video-games, in a casual or competitive environment.
✧ Made For You. Made, With Love.

✨ You come first here.
✨ Your opinions and concerns matter.
✨ Leaders that listen and aim for the best.
✨ Friends to find. Family to hold; A place, to belong.
A server for all Oceania gamers who would like to communicate with friends or to make friends to play games such as csgo, dota 2, rust and more
A destiny 2 LFG discord server for Oceania region. Come join and meet some cool and chill people!
A fun server thats based around League of Legends! (OCE) We also play different games together, talk about anime, memes, etc. A really cool chill-out place with loads of people to meet!
Please join and play minecraft with me ^3^
Give me your cat pics
VC with me
Don't make fun of my accent
I'm really really bored just entertain me
If you join I'll do the exact same to you ^w^
Oceania, Tongan gaming community for tokos and usos out there!
I created this Discord to help bring the Oceania players closer together and overall just have fun. My goal is to create a semi-competitive environment
where toxicity is not allowed.

This is a place where you will be able to vs one another on the Discord and climbs the ranks based on your Elo. Everyone will start on 0
(seen on the side of the Discord once you register up) and once you hit 50, 100 and 150 Elo you will be given an Elo role on Discord for your achievements.
Hello, gamers. Welcome to Republic of Nerds! A place where you can play games with others, meet new friends and watch movies together. This server is based in US, but we welcome everyone else across the globe.
A new server that finally gives Oceania players a good server for Scrims and creative gaming I'm fortnite!
The oceanic hub for The Division 2 - Squad up and get that loot!
Welcome to Sector 7

- We are an eSports organization based in Oceania.
- We are hoping to compete in leading titles such as Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, CS:GO.

We're currently in the lookout for the following:
- Rocket League Champ 3 - Grand Champion Roster
- CSGO Roster
- R6S Roster
- Staff
- Designers
If you're looking for:
- An active Asia/Oceania playerbase
- An organized market
- Fun events to join in with peers of the same region
- Waifu bots, leveling roles and up-to-date news

This group is just for you!
New RP Server in the making, just got some roles looking for admins to help that's all we have for now.
Community server made for OCE players to find teammates for the Battlefield V title - both FIRESTORM and classic! Come and find your squad :)
This server is not affiliated with EA, but ran by passionate community members who dream of getting players from all platforms together in one place to chat, talk about the game, make friends and play together. some channels have their own rules. Read all rules thoroughly before participating in the server, by posting in the server you have agreed to all the rules.
Welcome to the NEW OCE Energy Clan!
This clan is an Oceanic clan, and is looking for players to recruit to help in scrims and recruiting other members. We can also start other text channels / voice channels for any other regions if requested. This clan will can also be used used for not only scrims, but fun creative lobbies and if your ever looking for another squad member, or a duo partner. The members who compete in this clans scrims and are interested, just note that you must be a console player, have a decent working mic, and should have scrim experience. No toxiticy will be promoted in this clan. (toxiticy: the form of being toxic :)

Thank you for reading this,
Clan Leaders, Xretic & Krsaux
We are SMITE. SMITE is a Clan that plays Fortnite: Battle Royale and some members play Fortnite: Save the World. We have very nice members like SMITE Poasa, SMITE William, SMITE Timothy, SMITE Jayden and SMITE Wolf. If you want to Tryout for SMITE, Say in Main Chat if you want to (See Apply Bot)! (We will host scrims at 200 members)
•.¸♡ 🇴🇨🇪🇦🇳🇮🇦 ♡¸.•

come make friends and have fun here!

⤜ fun roles
⤜ fun bots for entertainment
⤜ content in designated channels (3am-thoughts, games, etc)
⤜ other fun stuff

server still in development.
Beasts of no Nation is a strong community that generally covers gaming and music having roots in the underground music scene with various artists who come and go.
A cool Oceania fortnite scrims server, anyone is welcome, NO TOXICITY
Freshly made oceanic-based server orientated to both furs and non-furs.
A community driven server for Australian and New Zealand Developer's. Feel free to ask questions or just hang out and chat.