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We're by far the biggest AOEII Definitive Edition server with over 200 new members since the game's release. What makes this especially significant is our members have almost all been sourced directly from the game itself, meaning a uniquely player-concentrated community.

As a server we're here to just give the OCE community an open space to come together and enjoy the game together.

All people are welcome. Oceanic people (Australians, New Zealanders, etc) are a general preference due to matching pings and time zone.

Regular events, high community engagement, and a friendly atmosphere make this server a worthwhile addition to your AOEII DE experience. :)
The Oceanic hub for Call of Duty games. Providing game updates/info, LFG, events, giveaways and more.
We are a fun and active server that is trying to make a community that is enjoyable for league based gamers, we solely focus on making the server more enjoyable for people who play League but also don't mind supporting other games :)!
A great server to join if you want to chill and have a casual gaming experience. Non-Toxic environment. Anyone can join. Memes and NSFW chats.
A gaming and hobby server for Oceania.


⊹ Self-serving colours and unique roles
⊹ Voice and text channels for different games
⊹ A variety of game bots (Hangman, Cards Against Humanity, Waifu Gacha etc.,) for fun
⊹ A fun and active community

Feel free to have a look around. We hope you enjoy your stay.
This is an Oceania Fortnite server!
We have :

📦 Box fights : 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s and 4v4s
🛠 Build battles : 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s and 4v4s
💸 Wagers are available if you want to test your skills and earn cash
💫 Zonewars created and generated by players such as yourself for others to play, compete with other players in the server
⭐️ A strict list of rules that player would be punish if broken
✨ Friendly, kind and amazing community :)

Make sure to check us out and support us!
•Looking For New Player To Join Our Server
•Follow Rules Or Kicked
•Oceana Server Only
•Have Fun
•We Usually Host Scrims Weekly
•Insane Players In our server
This is a fortnite clan on discord it is OCE only no mobile players i am not always online so don't just leave the server because no one can get to you in time just go to the general channel in the server and say your epic and when you can play and then for tryouts, all you have to do to get into the clan is play with me and i will see if you are a decent player or not or we will do boxfights best of 15 or you will do anything with another person with the role Verified ✓ anyone with that role is someone i trust to do tryouts with, and you also have to be a decent editor to get into the clan, and then if you get into the clan then your meant to put Ghoul at the start of your name, you don't have to put Ghoul on your youtube, twitch or mixer channel but you have to do it on your discord or epic, oh and trust me i am sort-of good at box fights so all i'm saying is don't say i am scared because i want to go in a real game and judge your skill i am only saying that because i am half decent at boxfights
We are a growing team with multiple games. We have 1.2k on Instagram, merch and a website.
A community focused multi-game discord based in Oceania. Must have a good attitude. Must be LGBT friendly. Don't be a dick. We play on Oceanic servers where possible.
We expect people to interact with each other outside of game specific stuff (aka get to know each other).
A Social Discord Server for OCE League of Legends players. Giveaways, Tournaments and other fun things. (Please only join if you are an OCE player)
JUIIICY BOXFIGHTS features tournaments with qualifying prizes and a middleman wager system so you will never be scammed. If you have proof of you paying up then we will give you a trusted role marked with orange. Be first to experience the future of trusted boxfights at JUIIICY
RaveOCE is a Oceanic Fortnite Server
What we have to offer:

📌Box Fights
📌Build Fights
📌Safe Wagers
📌Zone Wars
📌Turtle Wars
📌Custom Scrims
📌Fashion Shows
📌A Great Community
📌And Vbuck Giveaways

⚡Friendly Staff
⚡Active Members
⚡Strict Rules
⚡Quality Control
The Discord Server for OCE League of Legends players.

We recently hit 1100 members, and we have new people joining every day. Come hang out!
This server is for people who play league of legends on the oce server and would like someone to play with either ranked or norms we have a lot of players range from iron to master and since they joined im sure they would be happy playing with u. :)
This is an oceania Fortnite Box fighting community!

We have :

📦 Wagers are allowed
📦 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s box fighting is available
📦 FFA box fights
📦 Strict rules
📦 Off-topic channel is available

Will you be the best box fighter in the server? Prove it to us by joining this server! Have a great day!
This is a scrim and creative discord. We would like players of all skill levels and ALL regions to join and enjoy our scrims!!!
After the loss of one of our largest League of Legends Discord servers in OCE, several veteran admin members from that server and I have come together to rebrand. We are now Oceanic League Lounge.

We are here to carry on what the old server was initially designed to facilitate - a healthy community for players, one that also accommodates for new players. Here, there will be many resources for League of Legends and TFT. Whether you're trying to improve at the game, finding new groups of people to hangout with, or are looking for individuals with a common love for League of Legends, you will find your place inside the OLL.

On August 29, we will be hosting an RP giveaway to commemorate our first month as a newly branded server. Stick around, and react for the giveaway. Invite your friends, maybe they'll win and split the RP with you!

So pop in, say hey, and a friendly member will greet you.

We hope to see you around.
Halo Yeet was forged from the depths of Halo gaming on PC with the rise of Eldewrito (the banned halo online game). Halo Yeet has now grown to a community of gamers heavily involved in memeing, modding and having fun. Come join us for some custom games or competitive play. Everyone is welcome. Australian Server xo