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A welcoming, inclusive and open Aussie server. Chat about your interests, make new friends, or shoot the shit. Keep it reasonably nice. Bullying, harassment and drama from other servers not tolerated.
G'day Mates! We're the largest Australian Discord chat community where many people from down under and around the globe have called home. Active chat and great banter daily. Recommended age is 18+ and you don't have to just be from Australia to join, everyone is welcome!

Server includes:

🐨 Active, helpful and approachable moderators/admins
🐨 Over 30 bots!
🐨 NSFW channel
🐨 Custom and private voice channels
🐨 Self assignable roles
🐨 Memes
🐨 Various channels dedicated for gaming, movies, art, cars, food, pets etc
🐨 Partnerships
🐨 Leveling for unique roles
🐨 Dedicated gaming & karaoke nights

Look forward to seeing you there!

+++++|True Aussie Teens|+++++
>>>We have nice staff that will talk to you about your problems and wont abuse you.

>>>we have the usual bots like carl-bot, Dank memer, groovy bot and nekado bot, all these bots are here to enhance your time while on this server and to provide help.

>>>Welcome our new Fun Chats you can unlock while texting by leveling up and unlocking new chats, 8+ chats to unlock.

>>>We also have a fun leveling system with nakedo bot, while leveling up you can unlock fun chats to use when the server is in its quiets moments or use them with your mates.

>>>Anyone that has been on the server for more than a week can apply for staff and work for us to keep our server a nice and healthy server.

>>>This is a friendly server which means racism and bullying is prohibited in this server and you will be warned or banned.

>>>If your being bullied or harassed ask staff or owners for help, if no staff or owners are online try to fix the situation yourself in a nice way.

A fun and friendly community for Aussie teenagers, doesn't matter if you're Australian or not! We'd be more than happy to have you! We also have an official Minecraft server to join!

The server is welcoming and the staff are constantly working to make the server a better experience overall by updating server with different channels, rules and extra settings to make sure that you experience the best you can out of the server.
The Insane Asylum, a great community, with great bots and channels, weekly events, frequent giveaways, cold ones with the boys, snags, and a beyond friendly staff team! Join the fun!
This server is where bored Aussie's come to have fun. it is full off memes, and dodgy people. This server is rather small at the moment, which means we are VERY bored. we need you to come have fun with us so we can stuff around and be dodgy humans!

We have LOT'S off staff who are very memey and VERY australian. However more people than just Aussie's are allowed here, since we're mega bored we don't really care who joins, as long as they are as memey, and dodgy as us!
Aussie Discord is a new server for aussies to chat about sport, gaming and so much more while connecting with others.
hello, it is me, the big boss Bear,

if you wanna join then don't be a cunt an also make sure you read the fucking rules and don't ping me all the time and don't beg for the Kpop stan role.


This is a duck themed server (for some reason...) for teens. It was originally for Aussie teens but others are welcome. It was made on the 22nd of February 2020 and its my first public server so go easy on me XD.

We Offer:
-Introductions to meet new people
-Age group of 15-20 years

Be nice, see ya around xx
You tryna play some
Or maybe want to watch a movie?
But there's no-one around?
Then you should join Australia 1.1!!
Come give it a go!
hello we are a seriours roleplay community and we are looking for members everyday! we have 40+ so far and rp every day!! come join us xbox one
G’day Mates! Come join Barry's Mad Cunt Discord, a friendly, growing, international community with many active members, here are a few things our server has to offer:

✧Don’t join if you’re sensitive! Our server if meant for joking around and having fun, a few racist/sexist jokes may be thrown around and it’s not meant to offend anyone!
✧A meme and TikTok chat for some great laughs! (of course)
✧30+ bots/
✧Heaps of very entertaining Australians!
✧Just fukn join
✧A selfie channel to show our community your beautiful faces
✧Venting channel to let off some steam
✧Gaming associated channels
✧Art and photography channels to show off your talents!
We are an Australian Discord Community who love to game and have fun. OTHER REGIONS ALLOWED TO JOIN.
A place for Aussies to get together, and overcome the masses of foreigners on discord who think Vegemite is nutella but black. Most importantly you have more homies to shit on ScoMo with. So come join us and have a good ol' time.