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Crunchy Roll & Egg Roll is a server for Asian to gather, talk, post memes etc. ( Everyone is welcome however Asian or not!!!!)
•Friendly, people who joke alot•
•Memey af•
•animals & pets channels•
•advice/therapy etc •
Join the server, and enjoy all the different channels and people!

*:.。..。.:* ✨𝓌𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒✨ *:.。..。.:*・

Honeycomb is a server where you can meet people all around the world! Although most of our members are Asian, we welcome anyone to join!! We aim for a place that’s fun, chill, and very relaxing. We’re looking for active members as well!!

✨server features✨

〜 fun bots

〜 active & friendly staff

〜 events, games, & raffles (give aways)

〜 gaming friendly

〜 cursing

〜 memes

〜 egirls

〜 active VC

Hope to see you there!!
Sup lads, if you're looking for a fun and kinky time then this server's the place for cunts like y'all. Come here share the cancer, flirt with e-girls, and yeah you're not gonna be censored for anything so y'all can go wild
Join EAST CITY, a brand new exclusive but friendly community. This server is geared toward East Asian and Southeast Asian teens and young adults (ages 16-25 only), but those of other races and ethnicities are welcome to join the fun. We've got tons of roles, 14 of which being Asian ethnicities, as well as separate channels for each ethnicity and individual categories tailored for those interested in anime, k-pop, music, art, gaming, and reading. Let's kick it!

★ LGBTQ+ friendly
★ Safe space to vent
★ Study space
★ Language learning help
★ Partnerships
◜                                               ◝

depresso espresso

1:05  ───|────── 2:53
|◁              II             ▷|
                          ∞            ↺

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 %

◟                                                ◞

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Server Info*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
♡ Depression/Mental Health Based Server ♡
♡ Self Assignable Roles ♡
♡ Friendly Community ♡
♡ Non-Toxic Environment ♡
♡ Active Staff and Support ♡
♡ New, Growing Community ♡
♡ LGBTQ+ Friendly ♡
♡ Mental Health Support ♡
♡ Chill Conversations ♡
♡ Staff Needed ♡
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
"Closed doors
Locked in, no keys
Keeping my feelings hidden
There is no ease"
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
We're a very friendly server open to all ages . Meet different people with different personalities and make convo. We are mostly all Asians but we welcome non-asians too. :))
🌸 Welcome All Asian 'DRAMA' & 'MUSIC' Lovers 🌸

Join our safe, friendly and non-toxic server,
to discuss and share your love for ASIAN DRAMAS and MUSIC, with other like-minded chingudeul, from all around the world! 🌐

Our server features:
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ 49 Channels (❦ 12 Categories ❦ 48 Texts ❦ 1 VC ❦ 18 Bots)
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ Self assignable roles (suggestions of new roles)
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ Partnerships
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ Server boosted level 2
⌠🌸⌡❣-⫸ SFW server

ƇHIƝƓ💝S IƝ ƊRAMALAƝƊ unites people of different countries, colors, ethnic roots, genders, ages, and faiths. ☮

Our awesome chingudeul know that ƇIƊ is a BIG CLOSE-KNIT FAMILY, where all of us understand and support one another, share our joys and sorrows, and are there for each other in time of need. We are more than just friends. We are chingudeul and proud of it! 🤗

💕 So come be a part of our family! We are waiting for you! 😍

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ 💞 Thank You 💞 ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
An Asian Social Community Server. A relaxed place that welcomes all Asians and non-asians. Hangout for gaming, chatting, video calls, or any hobbies within the Asian community. Well regulated with organized events and hosted bots. Self assignable roles. Broad range of text channels. Join us and have a look!

Bots: Nadeko Mee6 PokeCord (Fast Spawns) Tatsumaki Miki Unbelievaboat MusicBots Minecraft
a community (mainly Asians) that just wants to chat and talk and share with each other..and if your not Asian your welcome to join!! (Gays and homos r invited) mainly everyone is invited!! Just plz be active

things in the server includes:
♡ fun bots

♡ friendly staff

♡ hot Korean boys (for real dou)

♡ partnerships

♡ active chats and vc

♡ advertisement friendly

♡ gaming friendly

♡ cursing

♡ and alot more

♡ (kinda) non-toxic community

♡ ready to add new features and or channels, to make everyone's experience better

♡ We are a little but fast growing community

♡ Custom emoij's

♡ Hope to see you there!

please join (uwu) cause im asian so are you??
Looking for friendly members or asians to talk about their daily experiences. Everyone is allowed to join.
The more souls the more fun.

Server is around 110 members+
Let us invite you to the freshest Indonesian creative community & entertainment server who has 5000+ members already on board.

Our features:
1. English/Bahasa bilingual speaking site.
2. Verified selfies channel (Optional)
3. Custom music bot without any prefix.
4. Entertainment events & music performance such as:
"Don't Hate Monday!"
Every monday nights (19.00PM +7GMT) WIB
Hosted by HYPEABIS Talents
- Singer
- Musician
- Rapper
- Beatboxer
- Voice Actor
- Comedian
5. Portofolio Sharing Channels:
- Illustration Design
- Photography
- Videography
- Music Produce
- Writing & Scriptwriting

Lebih dari belasan content creator dengan (5K - 700K Subs) dan 5000+ member dari berbagai macam profesi telah bergabung. Server discord ini merupakan sebuah server hiburan dan kreatif yang bertujuan tak hanya untuk menawarkan kamu sebuah wadah untuk mengekspresikan diri kamu namun juga untuk menciptakan lingkungan pertemanan sehat yang terjauh kan dari stigma buruk/negatif yang terjadi di discord Indonesia (toxic member, pedofilia, catfish, art thieft, dsb)

Yuk mari berteman online dengan sehat dan saling sharing ilmu dengan satu sama lain :)
Hello! This is a discord channel for Asian teens around the world. Stop by to hang out, chat, or just chill! It's a great place to meet like-minded people and to make new friends. While this server is geared towards Asian teenagers, it's completely ok to join if you aren't! We try to be as welcoming as possible and hopefully in due time you'll think of this server as your second home.
🈺✨🌸 Far East 🌸✨🈺 - Asian Community

Join Far East!
We're an all East (South-East) Asian community!
Come chat, share & meet other Asians like yourself!

If you're not Asian but, love Asian culture/history, you can join too. ** We are NOT an Asian dating server.**

- Must be 17+
- Chill
Hello! Welcome to Sushi Palace! This server is still developing so feel free to join!! Also we have the dating tag for members. But members are free to date in dms if they would like. Please be 15+ to join the server too!
just a chill server ran by boba addicts for fellow boba addicts. this server is for everyone with a addiction for the drink
🌸▬★▬🌸𝓢𝓪𝓷𝓽𝓪'𝓼 𝓐𝓼𝓲𝓪𝓷 𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓴𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓹🌸▬★▬🌸

😊My server is a community of Asians that discuss their interests.😊Whether you are into Anime, K-POP, Gaming, Manga, the whole shabang you are welcome to discuss it here.😊 (っ◔◡◔)っ


★ Even if you are not Asian its alright, you are welcome to join anyway! ★
★ We have daily polls and discord bots that you can mess around with. ★
👉Trivia Bot
👉Box Bot
👉Groovy Bot
★ Music bots that you can listen to! ★
★ Game update bot that gives updates on the games listed on its website! ★
★ Custom roles based on ethnicity!(unless you're not Asian) ★
★ You can apply roles to yourself! ★
❤ Emotes ❤


👉Currently we consist of:


★ Expand the family! 😊 (っ◔◡◔)っ
An active Asian Community Server. We strive to have a clean and moral based community while maintaining a relaxed and fun environment. If you're looking for a place that's primarily for asians, then this is the server for you. This server is designated for asians all over the world of various diaspora. Members can pick their own roles to describe themselves, mainly based on where thier roots are from or if you are mixed! Chat with people of all different Asian ethnic groups. Learn about Asia and it's culture.
Experience an environment where we are all connected. We try to have a fair and just moderation team. Welcome!
🌋Ze Vent🌋

🧬Life is hard, isn't it? Come vent about it! Everyone deserves a ( Or more ) listening ear! 🧬

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Ze Vent is a famila where individuals from any walk of life can vent about all the absurdities in life. It's 2K19 and everyone deserves to be heard. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

🌋| Let it go, let it go... ( To your problems )

🍔| Re-discover yourself!

💪🏻| Flex your talents!

🏩| Close knitted and loving famila!

🎤| VC Nights!

🤖| Custom Bot and Server Dashboard (Website, coming soon)
·:*¨༺ Welcome to 𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℍ𝕠𝕥ℙ𝕠𝕥༄ ༻¨*:·.
- We're a new active Asian community discord server looking to grow and create a big happy Asian family. Just because you're not Asian doesn't mean you're not welcome. We welcome all nationality.
We have:
- Events, Games, VC, Raffles, Music, Bots
~The Hot Pot is a 13+ Active Asian Social Community Discord Server. We strive to have a chill based community while maintaining a relaxed and fun environment. We strive for a fun, open, and a safe community to help bring new people together. We can be weird, nasty, and toxic sometimes, BUT we're all pretty chill and friendly.

**Come join us and be part of our fam!**
The Boba Café is a +18 mainly Asian server. We chat, we have fun and we make friends. Come over and sing or have a drink with our friendly community.
soju is an ACTIVE 16+ ASIAN SERVER
come join and make some friends, we r lonely
lowkey kinda toxic!!
we do not welcome koreaboos/ppl w yellow fever
Bingsu Box is a Asian 18+ Server (Everyone is welcomed though!). We focus on Kpop, Gaming and Anime. We are a chill, friendly, safe community.
Welcome to ゲーム Paradise We are hoping to become a giant weird family that play games watch movies have great times and the main part to hold competitions.
-Cool anime emoji
-Clan wars
-We help you with your problems
-For the little rules we aren't that strict
-Right now we are new so higher chance of being a higher up later on

The only thing we ask before proceeding with this server is you have to be over 13 (discord law) and you cant be over 30 (unless you really chill)

We also just started so forgive me if I'm not they're to keep you company
We are a community of programmers, who are enthusiast about technology and programming. 🎊🎉
A place for people who intend to learn new stuff, share knowledge and help each-other out.

-- Ask coding questions
-- Showcase your projects
-- Learn new languages