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One Of The Fastest Growing Communities Out There.

★ 27k+ Members
★ Active Chat And VC
★ Fun Events For Prizes
★ Welcoming Community
A new discord, just looking for members. Please have common sense, you don’t have to be the most mature person ever just have some maturity....that’s really it other then following tos for discord
Silk and rope is an 18+ server made for people new to the BDSM community or even veterans of the community! We’re here for you to make new friends and have a good laugh and maybe learn something new! I hope you consider joining in on our fun!

We are a new server where you can:

1.Play games

2.Have fun

3.Meet new people


5.Post various pictures

6.Jerk off if you really want to,we have nsfw chanels

7.Chill and relax

We have in plan to make this server big so join and have fun.
Chill Bro

What we offer!
~ 24/7 Active chats and voice chats :clock12:
~ Accepting anybody from anywhere :earth_africa:
~ Multiple bots for different uses :satellite:
~ Media channels :tv:
~ Self assignable roles :clapper:
~ Partnerships with no requirements :bar_chart:
~ open partner managers and chat moderator spots :wrench:
Links located below
Pings: @/everyone
Welcome to The Car Club! This server is here to dedicate time to those serious petrolheads and gamers alike! Here we have Forza Motorsport/Horizon + Real Life Cars and other Off Topic things for entertainment. So get involved with this awesome community, be yourself and have a great time!

We also have active giveaways, so be sure to join for that! :D
The Matrix Commuity:
Come and join me in the matrix Commuity, this is a server to chill out and make friends and meet people to play with, it has loads of stuff like:

:video_game: We offer A unique gaming experience.

:mouse_three_button: We have a easy to use website

:pound: Money and economy to use in the casino or to buy perks in the server

:clapper: We have different youtuber's and streamers creating and sharing new content.

:date: Different events and giveaways

:part_alternation_mark: You can partner with my discord server

:robot: Fun Bot with fun channels and command's

:shield: We have the most respectful staff that any company can ask for! They are very reasonable and actually use their brains in situation.

:microphone2: Our Support Team is very knowledgeable and helpful with any situation!

:notepad_spiral: We are constantly looking for new staff all the time! Join our server and go to the designated chat for a form and a scheduled interview!

:trident: Become a V.I.P Member and get great things such as:
Priority Support
Early Testing
Priority queuing
Exclusive Giveaways
Cool Roles
Sever Money
Game Servers eg Minecraft,Gta Iv
Welcome to Discord United! We are the ultimate community server, we're brand new, see for yourself.

What we do??

>> We do giveaways, games, music nights, chill'n'chat *New*, Mentoring Week *New*, Guess The Country *New*, Photoshop Battle *Under Review*.

What do we have??

>> We have a NSFW Channel (For all those 18+ peeps), we also have tons of self-roles, colour roles, and more, we also allow people to meet and date others, regardless if it's Boy-Boy or Girl-Girl, we respect everyone for who they are.

Respect is always the key figure in this server and bans will be issued for those who don't.

Join now and discover!
Dynasty is merely nice place to hang out without having to worry about toxicity. It's Incredibly small right now, but hopefully you join our growing family.
"Cloud'ys Gaming Room" is where you could meet new people and make new friends ! So come on over and join for free. !
✧ Introducing Breakdown Central! We are a growing Discord community looking for new members to give our server that special dash of pizazz it needs! Come chill with us and make some new friends! ✧

💬 | Active Community
🎯 | Fun Chats
📡 | Cool Bots
🌈 | LGBTQ+ Supporting
🆓 | Self Roles
😹 | Custom Emotes
💕 | Friendly Members
📚 | Organized Server
📍 | Ads & Self Promo
👀 | Currently Hiring Staff!

Go on! Join us today!
A discord server made to unite people who would've never met otherwise! Make cool new friends here. This server also includes fun bot games and commands
Welcome to the house, this is a server dedicated to bring social and meeting cool new people. A small portion of the server is dedicated to NSFW but that can only be accessed through a reaction role.
🌹 Welcome to The Zen Garden 🌹

🌾 TZG was designed with you in mind. Meet new people, make new friends & enjoy yourself! 🌾

What we have to offer:
▫️ | Active Chats: Many active chats on many different topics. 👋
▫️ | Giveaways: Giveaways for things such as Discord Nitro and steam games. 🔰
▫️ | Great Female-Male Ratio: 😘
▫️ | Invite Rewards: Help us grow & get rewarded for inviting new members. 🎊
▫️ | Entertainment: Many different channels made for the purpose of entertaining members. 😂
▫️ | Custom Emotes: Full set of emotes, 50 non-moving and 50 moving. 🐉
▫️ | Friendly Staff: Always putting our members as a top priority. 😉
▫️ | Custom Bot: Custom bot made and designed for TZG. 🤖
▫️ | NSFW: NSFW content only in certain NSFW channels. 👄
▫️ | Bots: Wide range of bots from music to entertainment. 🤖
▫️ | Self Roles: Self-assignable roles which represent you. 🎭
▫️ | And Much More: With much more coming, this is only the tip of the iceberg of what's already here let alone what we plan on adding. 🌺

🎀 Hope you decide to come and check out the server, if you do join, be sure to say what's up in the general chat, we want our members to feel welcomed and enjoy the server as well as make some new friends and meet new people. 🎀

Filled with Epic Gamers Anime Weebs And League of Legends Panzies Join and experience a good time whilst meeting new people and exploring are many Discussions
Just a simple server to make friends, meet new people, and chat. There's roblox. There's also slight nsfw. 13+
Priove is a country, founded on love and brotherhood. It's a place to roleplay, or just talk and meet new people, we aspire to grow, and we're taking in recommendations and ideas all the time too. Priove, is a place to just be yourself.
The CDS or Central Discord Server is a close and well organized community we’re people can joke around, have fun, and meet new people. There are also many opportunity’s for high ranking roles because the server is so new. In the CDS there are multiple sections were people can relate to others about there interests and we will occasionally run different games as a group or two groups competing and there is usually an ongoing RPG and there is always the memes chat were people will post funny images and gifs. If there really is nothing in the server you can simply talk to the owners and they will be more than happy to add it. We hope you will join us at the CDS😁👍
⭕️⭕️This is a server that you can meet new people and play games. ⭕️⭕️ ♟BE FRIENDLY♟
Many mods are active so you don’t have to worry about spam. We have NSFW and an anime chat 💭
A wip of a rp server, which i hope will grow into a big and active one. In this server you can meet new members
A community server that boasts a clean design, a level system with actual rewards, friendly staff, plenty of topics to discuss with more coming, group activities, members from all walks of life, and a SUPER RARE secret feature! Come check us out!