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Welcome to the one and only Indian Study Server. A simplistic server where we hangout and study together.
- There are Study Events where you Compete with others by studying to get the top spot in the leaderboard of the server.
- plant trees together using Forest app.
- Share your daily to-dos and progress with us.
- Listen to Lofi music while studying.

Have fun with your Indian study buddies :3
Homies Hangout is a well structured and fairly active international server, mainly dedicated to connecting with people from all around the globe and chill out!

Our server has a lot to offer, including:

-chill staff members
-active voice channels
-numerous fun bots to enslave
-a separate multilingual channel so you can text in the language of your preferance
-channels to showcase your art&photography, share memes, spamming etc.
-regular updates

You can also gamble away all your money, vent, goof around, lurk in the channels and a lot more!

On joining the server, you can find all information you will need to get you started in our server! If you still have questions, just contact one of our staff members!

Be respectful and have fun!
suck it
Community based server.
We welcome everyone.
Come , talk with everyone , hangout and chill.
Mostly Asians.
Anime lovers and Gamers.
Don't be shy.
Make real friends and maybe more
United Indian Gamers is the best Indian gaming Community.
-We host Competitive/casual Gaming Tournaments on a timely basis
- well established Indian Gaming Community engaging in a wide variety of games who strive to build a non-toxic friendly gaming environment
-We keep our community well-versed with the current developments in the gaming industry
We provide quality and transparency to our members with an actively moderated #complaints channel.
UIG was founded on 5th of January 2017 by a group of 3 friends Saransh Sehrawat, Sagar Choudhary & Sushil Wadhokar
Managed by @Saransh#0001
A Chill Discord Server.
If you are a Bengali, you should definitely join our Server.
We have members from both India and Bangladesh and even people living abroad. I bet you would love to chat with all of us.
Hi to all and Welcome to BOLLY CHAT✨
For people that love to chat, socialise, Listen to music and make friends.. We have mix Community but mostly Asians/Desi people but Everyone is WELCOME.. A public server open to all.. We have great members and relaxed mods - Hope to chat to you all soon 😊 Tag admin when you get to the front desk
Official server of Insta influencer/memer, Gajodharsinghcool

A wholesome indian community filled with literate and welcoming audience...

😍Aapka server😘bohot khubsurat 🤒laga mujhe,mai toh 4 ghanta ya 5 ghanta server pe chat aur vc me chat khub kru🥛

Ok join or imma kiss you😡 and I'm ugly
Everyone Loves Power ? Be Active, Level Badhao & Get Powers !!! Isn't This Fun ?!
e.g. If You're In Level 5, You Can CHANGE NICKNAMES OF OTHERS !
Hindi Server Hai ! (If You Can Understand Even A Single Sentence Of Hindi, Please Join !).
Just Read The Server Info Once, If You Will Not Like It, You May Leave :(
Anyways Good Bots, Good People & Maybe Good Me :/ Thank You <3

We are a chill community which mainly provides:

• Interesting currency game bots
•Non-toxic and friendly community to chat
•Voice channels including music bots
•Fun meme bots, mini-game bots
and much more...

We are continuously growing and improving. Come join us have fun and help us get better!
**❝ Welcome To FAM ❞**

Introduction :
The name of the server "FAM" stands for the owners of the server Fasih, Aqui and Mexter.

We're a family of non toxic and friendly people looking for more people to join this community. Gamers and non gamers come to this server.

If you wanna join the family just be active and the management will give u the roles you deserve.
Fellow weebs and nerds of india༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ
We are a postive and chill community looking for active members
We have (╭☞•́⍛•̀)╭☞ memes,gaming,anime and nsfw channels,where you can meet like-minded people and make friends(✿ ♡‿♡)

Why you should join:-ᕦ⊙෴⊙ᕤ
Are you bored of watching those same old boomer memes?Do you want to talk with people with similar interests as you?Do you want some free space where you can be whatever you want with anonymity? Or are you just hunting for some sanskari nsfw?
Then head on in our DANK PANCHAYAT !

Perks of joining :- ✧\(>o<)ノ✧
-dankest of memes
-darkest of humour
-coolest of members
-freshest of content
-a cool star wars themed role system
-and ofcourse dont forget sanskari nsfw*wink wink*

(We are strict on harassment ರ╭╮ರ
Religious or political hatred is not allowed in here)

See you in server partner ! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
we are a new community looking for more poeple to join so that we could discuss JEE problem's Nd Olmympiad too so plss help us grow and join also we are lookg for some people.If u are into maths and physics u could join JEE isn't a specific criteria we are open to any maths or physics or any sicence
Welcome To One Of The Most Interesting Discord Server!
Welcome to INFERNO ESPORTS™ ! We are a new Entertainment AND Gaming Server That Welcomes everybody to the Community!

⌑━━━━━•『𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓 𝐖𝐄 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐃𝐄』•━━━━━━⌑
☆ A welcoming and safe community!
☆ Active staff and members!
☆ Fun and daily events!


» Looking for a new hangout spot? Or meeting new people?
» Just chill out and talk to others about your interests!
» Come make yourself feel at home at Chillkone!
» Self Assignable Roles
» Active Text Channel and 24/7 Voice
» Game Voice Lobbies
» Emojis and bots for music, games and more!


🔥 Join now!
A server for anime and manga fans from India. People new to anime and manga and veterans both are welcome. Spoiler channels available. Of course, open to people not from India as well.
Hello there!
Do you want to join a server with active members and fun bots, but you can't find any indian one's? Well worry no more, we at DOT got you, with colour roles, unique emotes, fun bots and nitro drops you'll never be bored again.
DISCLAIMER: 'Republic Of India' is Highly addictive discord server, try to limit your usage for the sake of your real life ;)
Dekho bhaiyon baat aisi hai ki ye bahaut hi alag level ka bakchod server banaye hai hum, bas bakchodi karne waale bando ki talaash hai, zaada bolunga nai, 24 ghante reh ke dekho humare server dimaag ka bhosda ho jayega itne haraami log bhar rakhe hai ;) Aa jao! :D
Official Indian Community Server to hangout and meet with new people. It is a non - toxic , friendly , safe public server for all. Join now to explore and exchange the cultural , lingual , political views here. Multilingual
*One of the largest desi server on discord (600 members & counting!)
*24/7 moderation, friendly and fair admin team
*Fun, sociable and empowering
*Active 24/7 with members from India, US, Canada, Singapore, UK, Pakistan and across the globe
*Exclusive regional chat channels in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada available
*Zoomers, boomers, millennials...we have em all

Welcome to Desi Chillout Center.
¸„.-•~¹°”ˆ˜¨Bored in Quarantine? ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸
Everyone is lmao, F the COVID-19. Join us.
We're a Sweet Homie server where you can talk about your life and share your day with us you can listen music together or maybe make new friends. We are also giving away games, so come join us :-)

¬ Media
¬ Colour Roles
¬ Self Roles
¬ Gaming
¬ Hangout Server
¬ Community
¬ Arts
¬ Music
¬ Fun
Na-mas-tay and welcome to our server.
*gaanja dedo* (literally translates to “gimme weed” :p) is a fun, safe and non-toxic community server for all my fellow ‘iNtElLeCtUaLs’ out there.
Express yourself through poems, stories, art, memes, debates and confessions.
Befriend fellow keyboard warriors, dank memers, gamers, normies, weebs, desis and more.
Everyone is welcomed, just don’t be toxic.
In this server you can chat or talk with other people while playing and to make it fun we put some other fun thing if u got bored . This is my server based on gaming . You can come in this server and enjoy for my YouTube videos and pokemon games etc. I promise you that you will enjoy a lot in my server. We want disciplined members in our server.