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The Beheaded Bar is a chill little server with artist, gamers and people who just want to chat and chill. With active staff and great community. If you just want to chill than this is the place for you.
a simple server where u can chat and meet new people. there a lot of debates and it is mainly about anime. so if u like anime this is the right server for you. but you can still talk about other topics. hope u enjoy
.•°~☆{ Welcome to the Cresent Moon }~☆°•.

☆~ We are a place for anyone to come, talk, chill, roleplay, and make friends. LBGTQ+ and furry friendly, only a few rules, that are updated every now and then. We are small as of the moment, just a small group of friends being crackheads. It's a 13+ server, no lewdness, unless you count the occasional lewd jokes by me or one of my friends. We do hope you stop by and enjoy your stay in our little community, its alright if you dont. We shall be hosting movie nights, events, giveaways and other things soon enough, once we grow a bit more anyway. Friendly Admins, Many anime bots and things to mess with, many channels to fool around in and chat, you can even purchase your own private channels or vcs. Or just hop in Public VC and chat with everyone! We are currently quite dead at the moment, but I'm trying my hardest to get it alive...if you wish to join I do hope you give us a chance...I'll try my hardest to make you feel welcome in my little server..!~☆

.•°☆~{ We do so hope you stop by! }~☆°•.
This server is cursed

But also join if you play IdentityV

Read the rules or staff hangs you

Hope you vibe with us crackheads

Raiders are welcome (?) We'll find out
Hello!!. We hope you can and join and have a great time with us. (ーー゛)
What we have
-lots of gaming chat rooms and vcs
-meme chats
-Marry your wife or husband!!!
-lots of emojis
-supporting and nice mods!
Hope to see you join our sever!!!!
!!We are also looking for mods and partners!!
This is a friendly free for all community ^^. Here we share games, music, videos, pictures,....a lot more. We hope you join us for many more fun activities and bring a kind heart to our server ^^
This is a server for anyone to join and have fun and chat and make new friends and do things lmao
Bun venit in comunitatea Odyssey Gaming ノᴼᴳ !

• Un loc foarte bun pentru oamenii care doresc sa isi intalneasca cat mai rapid posibil viitorul squad cu care sa se distreze!
• Server-ul/Comunitatea este inca in formare insa mana cu mana putem sa devenim mai puternici si mai numerosi!
• Echipa de staff este extrem de matura si capabila sa rezolve orice fel de conflict si sa elimine toxicitatea sociala in cateva momente.

Va multumim pentru ca ati ales comunitatea Odyssey Gaming ノᴼᴳ si va rugam sa cititi regulamentul!

This is a place where everyone can chill.
It's a place of food and drinks.
We have different roles .
And we maintain a nice format.
Ever wanting to just be a server to relax and have some enjoyment? Well you came to the right place! Talk includes lots of fun activities that will never stop the fun! Maybe get new friends!
We include:
•Friendly staff
•Feedback will be appreciative
•We have lots of channels to play around with

We ask you politely to consider joining our server and support us by staying and being active. Talk chill and get new friends
[ ]
this is just a really fun cool anime server with anime manga memes and so much more so we would love for you to join us^^
ბევრით ტვინი რო არ ვღუნო, "შებრუნებული სიმულაცია" ეს არის გარემო სადაც არასდროს მოიწყენ. ეს არის გარემო სადაც ყველაფერზე ვსაუბრობთ რაც მოგვწონს და არ მოგვწონს. ქართული community სადაც ყველანაირი იდეოლოგიის მატარებელ პიროვნებას მივიღებთ. გარდა ამისა კარგი და მეგობრული ხალხი ვართ :დდ
ჩვენთან მთავარია იყო აქტიური !!
Age Control: 16+

დამატებითი ინფორმაციისთვის ეწვიე სერვერს.
Hey ya disappointments!
Why not come down to our server and chat with other disappointments in life? You see, we're just lonely people who want friends. Here's some stuff what we offer!

✰ We have various bots like OwO , Yggdrasil , Groovy and much more!

✰ We have online staff that are willing to help if you have a problem

✰ We have NSFW channel for those who are looking for some action ;)

✰ We also have a channel to talk about anime, manga and some spoiler stuff!
Hi !
Rainy tea room is a server for Utaite fans and Manga addicts !
I am new to making server so forgive me if I make mistakes !
✞ 𝕷𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖍 𝕾𝖆𝖓𝖈𝖙𝖚𝖆𝖗𝖞™ ✞
𝖂𝖍𝖔 𝕬𝖗𝖊 𝖂𝖊
⛥We Are A Semi-Toxic & Chll Community.
⛥Giveaways & Merchandise.
⛥Nitro Roles & Special Roles.
⛥Red Grunge Aesthetic To Spice It Up.

𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙𝖘 𝕺𝖚𝖗 𝕲𝖔𝖆𝖑
⛥To Grow Our Community Huge.
⛥To Show Off Our Merch And Such.
⛥Plan Giveaways For People
⛥And A Ton Of Other New Updates

𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝖂𝖊 𝖂𝖆𝖓𝖙 𝕱𝖗𝖔𝖒 𝖄𝖔𝖚
To Just Stop By Honestly And Check Us Out, Other Than That We Hope To See You There.
✞ Don't Be A Stranger ✞
Hey there!
You found it... This server is what you're looking for(IG)! We have everything: from active chat to E-girls/boys... If you're lucky you might get lucky and find yourself someone to share you're E-sheets with!
And it's also a server to chill and make new friends...
This server is made for peoples of 13-17 age ranges. But 18+ are allowed too!
Hope you'll join and enjoy.
No Fkn Rules At All!!!
༺───────Coffee-shop ───────༻
Hi! Welcome to the Coffee Shop! We are a nice Hangout server for everyone and anyone. We have numerous channels, many self roles, and plenty of bots to mess around with! Come on join us and sip some coffee ☕
╭──────ஓ ๑ coffee ๑ ஓ────── ⊰
│➵ ‧₊˚. ☁️level 10 self promo access!
│➵ ‧₊˚. Easy Partnerships!
│➵ ‧₊˚. ☁️Hiring staff!
│➵ ‧₊˚. Cool emojis!
│➵ ‧₊˚. ☁️ we have awesome staff!
│➵ ‧₊˚. Active chat!
╰──────ஓ ๑ coffee ๑ ஓ────── ⊰
. . . C o f f e e
In questo server si parla per la maggior parte di anime e manga, insomma, roba da weeb.
Ah, e si gioca anche a un po' di tutto, se si può dire così.

This is a chill place, for every chill and decent human! if anyone needs help with anything, like issues DM one of the admins, (ilyt) or if it's a problem with a staff DM the owner. now please join and enjoy your stay!
Hi, This is a community server where members can chill out!! .
We want you all to become a part of this Chill N' Hangout family.
There are many stuffs to check which will keep you entertained.
We also take suggestions from our members of what more can be done in the server so that all members can be kept entertained.

Do check the server, stay with us as a member of our Chill N' Hangout family.

Thank you all☺
👑👑 Season’s End 👑👑
The humble little village of Season’s End is
Here for all your hentai, roleplaying, and emotional needs.

👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 About us 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
This humble little Kingdom is home to many fun-loving folk that enjoy the general chatting, Gaming and detailed roleplaying.

⚽⚽⚽ Our Goal ⚽⚽⚽
To build a community that can enjoy each other’s company as well as some fun together.

💕💕What we offer💕💕
🔐💕 we offer a safe and welcoming community
❤💛💚💙💜 LGBTQ+ Friendly
🎬🎬 Movie Nights (Nsfw or Sfw) 🎬🎬
🎮👾🎲 A Game Corner with multiple Bots 🎲👾🎮
😎🤐🐻 Plenty of self-assignable roles 🐻🤐😎
👰👰👰 Waifu Wars with the arena Bot 👰👰👰
💲💲💲 Nitro Give away for competition winners 💲💲💲
⚔🛡💈 Dedicated RP Role which is assigned by a mod 💈🛡⚔

🗣🗣🗣A Word from the Owner🗣🗣🗣

Heya im KuroNeko the server owner, I would first of all like to invite anyone who feels like they need a place to just feel welcomed and accepted as I know personally life is more enjoyable with others in it, I hope you’ll be a part of mine.

On a more serious note I am very against any form of bullying or harassment and will instantly ban anyone without questions asked if I see it.

Server where you chill and have fun. Become boomer zoomers. A place where people hang out and eventually meet other people!