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Shello people, this is for some lonely pieces of shit, who either want to date someone or just find friends and chill with them.
If you're interested (and if you're a lonely piece of shit) just join.
We are friendly, often. Don't take all so serious what we are saying thx hun.
This server is all new, so be the first who joins.

Our features:
- We have a dating section
- We have a gaming section
- We have a music section, where you can here some of it
- We have NSFW section, but only people 15+ can go there
- If you want a specific role, text me or the other Admin

Our rules:
Even tho we don't have much of them there are some. lol fuckers
be friendly or go, you can swear, but no bullying
admins are gods, so treat us like them (ok no)

bb fuckers
🍜 2500+ members 🍜Moderation🍜Fun & Cute People🍜 Partnerships🍜Pikachu & Eevee & Cat & Noodles Nitro Emojis🍜Bots & Custom Bots🍜
This is just to chill server if you want to join you can have fun and hang out with the other members :)
A well developed community where everybody shares and have fun. We have the gambling bot which is the most thrilling bot you could ever find in our server, we help each other grow as well so if you're looking for gambling, fun and entertainment this should be right place for you
I hope you all are having a good time. Please take your time reading our server's description. We here at The Snugly Galaxy provide much more than just a gaming server. This server is made for chilling out with friends and having fun playing games or listening to the best music/Voice chats

This is what we provide to you all :-

A warm welcome with love.
A humorous and friendly society.
A gaming society.
Self assignable roles.
Many helpful, intelligent and music bots. (if you are bored, the bots will take away your boredom).
People who can help with anything (or at least try to).
Some little giveaways.

Thank You all who actually took their time reading this all. If you like a friendly and Snuggly server, this is the right place for you.
The Great Snugly Galaxy welcomes you all!
Hello, welcome to * `✭AMARE✭` *! Here you can meet new people and chat with people like you! Here you can:
△ Hangout! ✧・゚
△ Talk to new people about your favorite games & music! ✧・゚
△Make new friends! ✧・゚
So, come on over and have lots of fun! ✧・゚
A place to chill, we are a **tight knit community** who look out for each other. We currently hold *events* (e.g. art competitions) and welcome anyone who join. We also have venting channels, music, and more! We are also looking for ***partners!***
Laidback community with weird culture and plenty of emojis to use. Small hangout place with people that have known each other for years. Would love to add new friends to our community. We are a 18+ community.
:Lore of RP:
he island, Ethereal Mayning, has been around for centuries on the planet, Zemoor. Many creatures live at peace here, or they did. Now, something has aroused the creatures. None are at peace. Some violent, some scared. A void of darkness is absorbing the land, slowly at times, but quickly at others. Very few can touch the void, those who cannot touch it either die instantly or are infected. The void shall infect the person, slowly killing them. Or, they can survive. Those who can touch the void can kill it. Can you stop the void?
This is The Mixing Pot

There are many uses for this server including:
-Roleplaying: An interactive stories that we make together
•There are three main types of roleplay, each with thier own themes. There is the City of Coltari (a city based roleplay with many things to offer) , The world of Remnant (A roleplay based on the online show RWBY.), and single chat roleplays with different themes
- Just chatting
-listening to music
-Sharing art
-content sharing
-Catching Pokemon
-NSFW (only for those who chose to partake.)
-And whatever we feel like
-lgbt friendly! :)
Anyone is welcome, jo matter who you are, as long a you follow the rules and have fun.

Please follow the rules and for further questions Contact me. And it's ok if you dont know how to RP (roleplay) we can teach you.
A friendly community server where you can chill and meet new people and i want you to join

Server Created: 24/01/2019
Summerland is a small but strong community based server where people hang out and chill with. Us here on the server are very welcoming to new people and we like to keep our community strong.
Everyone is welcome here in Summerland and we wish to expand our small little community into something bigger and better and it really would mean the world to us if you joined to hang out <3
Tother's hotel is a chill server where you can come to hang out, post memes, and have a good time
Just a simple gaming and chatting Lithuanian server (alone or in a group, everybody's welcome).
⛧ Psychedelic Cult ⛧
14+ Gaming/Chilling server for anyone to join! We’re very new, so we have a small amount of members. Even if you don’t play any games at all, you’re still welcome to join!
Owner: darling♡#8493
Co-Owner: bubbly#9605
What We Offer
⛧Channels for specific games
⛧Media channels for art, anime, etc
⛧Self promo to advertise your youtube/twitch!
⛧Open staff applications
⛧Selfies channel if you wanna show your lovely face !
⛧Self assignable roles to display what games you play, age, etc
Although we don’t have much offer right now, we are open to suggestions and I hope you can come on in and make some friends!!
Just a chill server to make friends, meet new people and have fun
A growing server created by an artist , a place where you can show your art and look at what sorts of great things other members are working on . It's an adventure themed place where you can come and talk with other people and have a good time !
Uhm, I don't really know what to say here, it's been a "little" dead for a while. There is no specific theme of the server, you might talk about whatever you want (most people in the server are interested in politics). Maybe you'll help reviving it. We have some fun bots, leveling system and an NSFW channel. I hope you'll pay us a visit and who knows maybe you'll stay.
want to meet new people grind missions and make money not worry about griffers an drama all the time an just layed back bunch of people then join the La'more crew we would love to have more people to grind with
~aka sisters!~
‣ Welcome to aka sisters! We are a chilled and friendly based server! You can talk about similar interests or different subjects. Consider this your space to be free a relaxing, peaceful home to come to after being out all day and stressed out. Joining is also free! HINT HINT
‣ We have very fun and popular bots to keep yourselves busy and enjoy time in the server too!
‣ This includes Tatsumaki, Pokecord, Yggdrasil, and many more to come!
‣ Like sessions; watching movies, having mini-games, karaoke, and so much more that you can recommend too! This also includes a variety of fun games too!
‣ We also like to giveaway a bunch of roles and other types of things to say a thank you for being apart of the server.
‣ We like to have multiple channels for different functions, it helps organize but guarantee a fun time!
‣ We have guaranteed staff that like to engage in conversations, and generally have fun with people. We are usually active, and easy to talk to! We like to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all! If you need any help, you can always talk to the staff.
‣ We have cool roles for everyone! You can recommend, and gain your own personal role. We use a bot for this system, and if you do something helpful then you can possibly be awarded with prizes or a higher rank!
‣ We like to help everyone grow, and become huge! We would love to help you out.
~aka sisters~
You'll surely enjoy your experience in our server, joining us will guarantee you a fantastic time. Join and start the fun today!
•✨This server is for chatting, singing, listening to music, and much much more!✨•

⭐️Self-assign your own roles (including DDLG roles, animals, NSFW and SFW, colors etc.)⭐️

>Don’t be a snowflake✨
>No gore✨
>No sending nudes outside of the NSFW chat✨
>Send spicy memes✨

🎀Most importantly, have fun🎀
A small server that would love new people, we're all nice here..0% toxic people
Basically Conspiracy theories server.
Chat about conspiracy theories
Post youtube videos
Media channels for selfies/art and other things

This is a (currently) small server with a good and chill staff team! You can chat about anything you want here and even play little mini-games!