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This server is for you to go ahead expressed your feelings and just being you, we are a big community that care about other's and that we are a family to go ahead and show you love and by being nice to is what we have
And more!!
must be 13+ or older to join
Hold up a second dont't scroll down just yet! im here to introduce Ho Lee Zone to you, we are a community where we chat with each other about random topics and talk about anything we like. We also have a friendly community that helpes solving each others problems. We have lots of features (Further info will be in the server desc) and we will love to see you here!

Looking for a place to chill? Well, you’ve found it!
【Welcome to the Ho Lee Zone!】❆♡♡

✯ Self-Assignable Roles :bust_in_silhouette:
✯ Quotes :100:
✯ Stories :book:
✯ Advice :raised_hands:
✯ Venting :pencil:
✯ Debates :speech_balloon:
✯ Daily questions :question:
✯ Recommend something :ok_hand:
✯ NSFW :underage:
✯ Selfies :iphone:
✯ Photography :camera:
✯ Pets :dog:
✯ Share your artwork :art:
✯ Memes :smirk:
✯ Food :ramen:
✯ Events :tada:
✯ Gambling :game_die:
✯ Giveaways :loudspeaker:
✯ Truth or dare? :see_no_evil:

☏ Warm, Loving and Welcoming Staff! ☏


Summerland is a small but strong community based server where people hang out and chill with. Us here on the server are very welcoming to new people and we like to keep our community strong.
Everyone is welcome here in Summerland and we wish to expand our small little community into something bigger and better and it really would mean the world to us if you joined to hang out <3
It's a server run by yours truly maddy made for erp or just normal rp of any kind really were not very strict but rules are rules still and has for the weed tag :3 we like to do a little more then just rp ;3
We're a server named the banished realms if you want you can join and maybe get some new friends and help up grow and make a stable committee if you are willing to help then we'll be willing to chat
This is a server for a youtube channel called The Unknown Atomic Soldier Gaming. this is a Community server for gaming and chilling. The youtube channel that its made for is
We're quite a new server but we've really high hopes for the server.
The server is a place for people to come together as a group and chill with a friendly atmosphere, peeps from 12-19 can join us.
Looking forward to see you in the server, partner.
Welcome to Chill, cooler than Frozone, hotter than Cytheria, this place is open to everyone who is looking for someone to play games with or someone to just chill and chat with!

We are a newly set up server looking for new members and people to have fun, chill and talk with!
Come join and chill with us no bullies here this is a server for like everything (gaming,irl problems etc.) hopefully u will enjoy your time in our server
Hello, Welcome to The Chill Zone, a server just for chilling! We have fun bots and nice admins, come join for a nice time! List of things we have

•Active members •Fun bots •Self Assignable roles •Secure Verification Process •Friendly staff team •Level System •Feedback form available •Open to Suggestions
Wanna join a server to just chill in? Well you are in the right place! We also evolve around all types of games. We have ranks and we need staff members. If your interested join here:
Welcome to Vortex, a Discord Community!

We're so glad you could join us as we have a wide variety of content for you to enjoy and explore! We have the following content:

1) Online Dating
2) Debates
3) Hobby discussion w/ HW help
4) Chill and relaxed community
6) A variety of custom content

All we ask is that you follow our rules and invite your friends! Oh! And to have fun!
Chill Academy welcomes you!

We're glad you join the group!

🏵️ Partnership 🏵️
🏵️ Giveaways 🏵️
🏵️ Music/Karaoke 🏵️
🏵️ Nice People 🏵️
🏵️ New 🏵️

Come be the one to stay and invite friends!
Hey guys join my discord for dankmemes, anime and hentai. It's just a place for people to chill and talk about their interests of anime or exchange the dankest of memes in a warm and welcoming community.
We have:
A Rule34 bot for fun
Aki bot
Dad bot

This server is all about making friends and enjoying games. there will be game nights.
We are an all out chill server, anything goes really so feel free to come and talk make friends and talk shit and join our cult of the underground! enjoy stay with us!

We have a music bot and a ranking system!
Whaddup Everyone my name is Storm, Just created a server that includes some people I meet on kik(pretty much a dead app now) and people I meet online through gaming. Uhh well I wanted to make a server where people can just chill and talk, share memes, game if they want to and or watch anime together. Kinda like a family I guess. You guys are all welcomed to join :}
New server for lewd and non lewd content. Enjoy yourselves.
Welcome to Nu!
A Nu Goth styler server for anyone to join!
We offer:
♡-Kpop Channel
♡-Cute/scary Emotes
♡-Friendly staff/memebers
♡-A place to talk about anything
♡-Movie night
♡- Game Night
♡-Soon to be XP roles!
& much more!
We are a new and soon to start growing server, I hope you enjoy your stay.♡
**Hello! You have been invited to 'Chill out hut' !**

Chill out hut is just a server made by @Not that crow#7501 for chilling and talking with other people!
The server has a lot of great utilities and here they are :

:ballot_box_with_check: A misc. channels category for selfies, posting pet's picture and posting about your favourite TV series! **__There is a venting channel too if you want to get something off your chest__**

:ballot_box_with_check: A custom bot specialized for the server and many other known public bots!

:ballot_box_with_check: A helpful/friendly staff team!

:ballot_box_with_check: A category for you to show your talents like graphic designs, art and even poems made by you!


Welcome to the ou sever these are are rules that are important to follow or we will have consequences @everyone :

1.  No offensive names. 🌺

2. Inviting unofficial bots is **NOT ALLOWED** without administrative aproval, any bots that are found will be **INSTANTLY BANNED** without warning. 🌼

3.  Do not use the everyone / here ping without permission.wilted_rose I will really kill u if you don't follow this rule Bc it's annoying when you ping @ everyoneeee

4.  Do not argue with staff. Decisions are final. 🌸

5. No begging or repeatedly asking for help in the chat a lot , please! 🍬 🙏
6.  No advertising other sites/discord servers (Permission must be requested from Staff). 🍀💕

7.  No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat. ✌🏻

8. No racist or degrading content (racial terms are not allowed) 🚫❗

9. No spamming or flooding the chat with messages. Dats only in #【✨§ᴘᴀᴍ✨】❗💕

10. **Don't judge** in how people look physically because people have hearts 🔥Be kind to other!!! ❄

Just follow all these role and we will be ok! If not they will be consequences🤗, Please be kind in this sever💐 I will be adding more Rule soon!

Also new rule is no drama
Just a simple gaming and chatting Lithuanian server
We're a nice and friendly server for all so we can get bigger and get friendly members