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Hello, Welcome to The Chill Zone, a server just for chilling! We have fun bots and nice admins, come join for a nice time! List of things we have

•Active members •Fun bots •Self Assignable roles •Secure Verification Process •Friendly staff team •Level System •Feedback form available •Open to Suggestions
5 minutes ago
I would like people to join my server and I would like to expand my server with everyone
12 hours ago
**Hello! You have been invited to 'Chill out hut' !**

Chill out hut is just a server made by @Not that crow#7501 for chilling and talking with other people!
The server has a lot of great utilities and here they are :

:ballot_box_with_check: A misc. channels category for selfies, posting pet's picture and posting about your favourite TV series! **__There is a venting channel too if you want to get something off your chest__**

:ballot_box_with_check: A custom bot specialized for the server and many other known public bots!

:ballot_box_with_check: A helpful/friendly staff team!

:ballot_box_with_check: A category for you to show your talents like graphic designs, art and even poems made by you!


9 days ago
We're a nice and friendly server for all so we can get bigger and get friendly members
11 days ago
This is a server for a youtube channel called The Unknown Atomic Soldier Gaming. this is a Community server for gaming and chilling. The youtube channel that its made for is
17 days ago
Hey all humans! We are a chilling/community server always looking forward to new people! We are yet small but well set up with over 16 bots and amazing staff. If you would like to join feel free to.
20 days ago
Hello everyone, this is the Macronia Community, willing to get papular, this server is only for chating with new and friendly people, please join and have fun there
25 days ago
Welcome to The Chill Pill! We're starting out, but we aim to be a place where people of all kinds can come and just simply chill just like the namesake.

Come and join, make some friends, and together we can grow and become a place where everything around you freezes. Whether you like gaming, anime, reading, movies or anything at all. This is the place where you can be yourself. Let's enjoy some chill pills.
29 days ago
:heart_eyes: Join my server, See my community rapidly grow and be apart of it along with my twitch live streams, Come and play with me all the time and in my live streams. This is a small but fast-growing community so any suggestions have a high probability of coming true!
49 days ago
This is a naruto roleplay server which was made by me only. It took 2 days to make it but it has finished now. If you do see this please join so y'all can have fun role-playing with me and other members
71 days ago
Pro GamerZ (PgZ)

A brand new server that just started and wants to be most popular on discord!😃

In this server we have a LOT of VC channels with different games so you can always find someone to play same game as you! We have Fortnite, pubg, cs go, overwatch, paladins , critical ops and more!
Maybe in future we gonna organize our own game tournaments 🕹 like PgZ cup,etc.
Join our server and be the first one to join.
P.S we are also looking for staff members 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ . They have to be good, respectful and not toxic (duh)
So join and have FUN!
NE link👉
76 days ago
Just a small server trying to grow, we accept all people of background, gender, and etc. The Underground is basically for anyone who is wanting to meet and befriend new people.

The main theme is just chilling but we accept all who play different games. We usually talk about firearms, automotives, etc. Feel free to leave me suggestions also towards making the server better. I can also become partners with anyone who wants to sponsor, please let me know so we can have a fair deal.

Benefits given from the Underground:
-Friendly Staff
-Plenty of given roles (Will add more, please suggest)
-Music bot feel free to use
-Firearm talk only legal place to talk about firearms, no libtards allowed
-All are welcome, we do not hold any grudges against any type of person or background
-Sponsorship sponsor your own server in return of sponsoring mine, will need to negotiate first
-Help wanted need more active staff members for the job
78 days ago
We are a Community Chill out with other members love to join i like to have 300 Members
like to be staff for The Chill Lounge
81 days ago
Cool |タ

Owner: Hax#7933

About us:

We're a small new chilling community discord server that is helpful when people are in need of help. Join and become one of the first members of a great server and you have good chances of getting a staff member.

Our Simple Rules:

Be nice.

Do not promote websites or servers.

No harassment of: names, genders, country, ethnicity or religion.

No NSFW content in general.

Listen to Staff members.

Follow the Discord guidelines.

What We Allow:

Having Fun
Making Friends
All Cultures / Colours

What We Have:

Steam Key Giveaways
High Moderation
Friendly Members
Helpful Staff & A Support Channel
Many Cool Roles & Channels
Cool Emotes
Our Own Bot
Self Assignable Roles
A Vip Server
Many Fun Bots
NSFW for 18+

After You Join

Read Rules
Read Info
Be nice to the members and staff and follow the rules.

We're Now Accepting Partnerships & Staff
88 days ago
Kai Kai home of ZenoDex Bot !

Fun place to hang out. We offer :
- Gaming ( Pokemon , And other types of games )
- Healthy Vegan lifestyle ( recipes , workouts )
- Giveaways !
- And last but not least just overall a fun place to hang out.
94 days ago
Hi, I'm Poppinq#3963, I own a server called Gaming [Eng], the server is about Gaming, Chilling, Community, FPS Gaming, and Music! There is a channel for ♪ Music ♪ so you can listen to your favorite tunes!
We have very basic rules, a great community, a great admin, and bots!

Me and the admins of the server are trying too make a discord for all the gamers out there too meet each other, and meet different people from around the world!
We have a text channel for all of you too share your favorite music!
A AFK channel so if you have to go get some pizza you can go AFK!
And many roles for you guys (and gals) to be apart of!
We hope you feel free too join the server @

And if you have any questions for me or just want too talk, feel free too message me @ Poppinq#3963
Have a great day!
95 days ago
Laidback community with weird culture and plenty of emojis to use. Small hangout place with people that have known each other for years. Would love to add new friends to our community. Almost anything goes in the chat, so you probably shouldn't come if you're easily offended or do come and let us have fun at your expense.
148 days ago
The server is very new and looking for new members daily, i try to be online and talking to people as much as possible and try to keep the server active.

on "LimitedLuck" you can chill, play games, be a part of the community and just talk about your day, we don't judge

Owner: ImSynthex#1515
149 days ago
We are a small gaming community that thinking about going global to make people have fun with each other. Remember we are a community that made with and for people! So if you are interested with joining our community and supporting our effort on it just join our discord server.

But after we sew that our community is growing so fast we decided to put a lot of effort on it to make it the best experience you have ever had.
169 days ago
It’s pretty dead rn since i’ve only just made it but welcome! We have music bots, self assigned roles and I’m also looking for some admins too :))
210 days ago
Place to chill and talk to fans of Squadgoals and we do have a YouTube channel which is in Squadgoals
258 days ago